Dream 342 – Jesus and the counterfeit army of the enemy

Received Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Dear Father,

Today would be an excellent day for change!  Can this day please be ‘the day’?  It is not over yet.  There have been many doors around us beginning to close.  It is sad actually.  However, something interesting happened yesterday.  It all started after I dropped off my oldest son at the dentist.  I then drove to a thrift store a few blocks away.  It was there that I saw one of my enemies.

This enemy was not a small one either.  This person turned me into a lender when she took my things to sell in her shop under consignment and did not pay me.  Even so, I was still kind to her because I understood the struggles of being a business owner.  What made this even more uncomfortable though was that she was also the worship pastor at the church we attended, the place that our children were baptized.

The hard part is that she and her husband had claimed You spoke to her about things concerning me buying their business.  I knew this really could not be the case as You subsequently told me, and in no uncertain terms, that I was not to buy their business.  All of this was four years ago and, although I had reached out to her a few times since, she chose to avoid me and even acted as if she was mad at me.

Well, when we ran into each other yesterday, it was as if we had forgotten the former things.  We ended up speaking for over an hour.  It was healing.  It seemed as if she had become humbled by the whole ordeal.  Father, I know though that what she did to me, she really did to You, because these were really Your items.  You had given me these items and it was not my place to judge or condemn her.

I have been on the other side and it is difficult and painful.  While she eventually paid me something, it was still just a fraction of the value that we had originally agreed to.  During their later liquidation, an event that I was not told about and accidentally came upon while driving by, a crisis erupted.  My antiques were marked as being on ‘hold’ and were selling for way less than what we had agreed to.  I phoned the woman and told her I was reclaiming my items.  Thankfully, she did not fight me on this.

We loaded the items that were left into our car parked outside.  It was a tight fit, but we loaded all of the items.  I was relieved we got everything into our car.  In the same month of September and just three weeks later, my mom died.  This was such a difficult September four years ago (2015).  Even when receiving final payment, insult was added to injury.  This woman paid me, but then inferred that I should have instead wiped their debt clean.  She was obviously trying to paint me as ungodly.

While I would have forgave the debt if You had told me to, You did not.  Her resulting arrogance and righteous indignation that ensued was truly unfair.  Anyway, it was now four years later and she no longer seemed to harbor any bitterness.  We even ended our great discussion with a sincere hug.  Thank You for this, Father.  This reconciliation was very healing.  I am now praying for my physical healing.

Father, I am worried about something concerning my health.  You said that I would have no more tests, but I see doctors again next week.  What is happening?  I am worried that there may be some that may think I am false if I disclose that I still have some more tests coming.  Someone close to us, a long-time reader of these dreams, has been treating us in an odd way ever since finding out about my pacemaker surgery.  I am just nervous that there may be others who could view these upcoming tests with disdain.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately in the aspen grove.  I looked over at the vineyard and I could not see anyone there.  The angels, the workers and the horses were no longer there.  I cried out to the Lord.  Jesus appeared before me at the end of the path.  He smiled at me with such kindness that I immediately wanted to run to Him.  I picked up the hem of my linen dress and ran.  I was smiling and laughing as I ran into His arms.

Jesus:  “Why did you pick up the hem of your dress?”

Me:  I thought about it for a moment.  “Hmm, out of habit.  I guess I did this to avoid tripping up and falling.”  I started to laugh.  “Well, I guess that’s silly.”

Jesus:  “You do not need to worry about tripping and falling here.  Now try this again, but this time without picking up the hem of your dress.  Go ahead, Erin, it is okay to run.”  I turned toward the path and, out of habit, reached for my hem.  “Uh uh uh.”  He laughed as He shook His head.

Me:  “Oops, yes, sorry!  Okay, here I go!”

As soon as I started to run, my dress automatically picked up to the perfect height for running.  I looked down and could see my feet.  As I ran faster, the cloth automatically adjusted some more in order to meet my expanding abilities.  When I reached the vineyard, I yelled out in glee.

Me:  “Woooo hoooo!  This is awesome, Lord!  Wow, how cool is this!”

He was laughing as He waved for me to come back to Him.  I turned to run back and, just for a split second, I reached down for my hem again.  I instantly stopped when I saw Jesus smile at me and shake His head.  I laughed so hard that I was bent over in laughter.  After getting a hold of myself, I left my hem alone and began to sprint again.  When I arrived, I jumped into the Lord’s arms.  We were both laughing.

Me:  “It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.”

Jesus:  “Well, you are not a dog nor are you old.  However, I agree that habits are difficult to break.  Erin, it is good to see you laughing again.”

Me:  “You make me joyful, Lord.  I discover something new here every time You call me.  You are amazing.  This fabric…”  I looked at it and felt it with my hands.  “…is living and breathing.  It feels like the very best of cottons, linens and silks, but all at the same time.  I have no idea what this is, but it is like nothing on Earth.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but not only that, this does not soil and always remains clean.  There is no need for laundry here.”

I thought about what He said for a moment.  We both laughed together when I finally fully realized what He meant.  No more laundry!  How awesome is that!

Me:  “Of course, Lord, there is no laundry in Heaven as nothing ever soils or becomes unclean.”

Jesus:  “When it is time for you to reside here, this will still take some time for you to wrap your thinking around it.  There were saints who arrived here that washed their linens on the rocks at the River of Life.  The angels then explained to them the heavenly technology of no more uncleanliness.  Even though I am telling you this in advance, do not be surprised if even you still wonder where your laundry room or dishwasher is.

“That being said, some saints still wish to wash their already clean clothes.  However, they should expect the head shaking and smiling of the angels.  When I asked one of the saints why she still washed her clothes, she said, ‘I bathe in the River of Life, therefore I bathe my clothes here too.  I can then hang them up in the light of the sun to dry.  They are then fragranced by the rarified pure air of Heaven.’  This was a good answer, so I blessed her thinking.  Even the angels now smile about this.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, You make me so glad to be here with You.  You make me glad.  The world is going mad right now and I mean crazy.  It is very scary.”

Jesus:  “The time is upon them.  The enemy’s armies are in full battle armor.  As occupancy is now at capacity, you are now witnessing all manner of evil and rebellion.  There is an order to it, but it is difficult to see amidst the strange behaviors you are witnessing.  Look at the underlying advancement of the army of the enemy.

“It is clever, but I have activated the wise to see it.  Those I have called wise are soon to shine as bright as the sun in this great time of trouble and darkness.  This will be unlike anything the world has ever seen before.  Those who bring the Good News will turn many to righteousness.  Those under their care will be saved because I am with them.”

“Yes, Erin…”  He smiled.  “…you are part of this, My dove and sparrow.”  He laughed.  “In the meantime, you will observe the patterns of the wicked as I divide them amongst themselves.  Do not concern yourself enough to engage the enemy as I will soon strengthen you and direct you in the ways you should go.

“Now, you are concerned about your upcoming medical appointments.  Why?  Go back and read specifically what I told you, but do not jump to conclusions this time.”

I took a short break to find the quote that I was concerned about.  I quickly jotted it down and then went back to Him.

Me:  “Okay, so, in a dream on February 25th, 2019, You told me, ‘other than one more medical appointment, you have finished your tests.’”

Jesus:  “Well, it is easy to assume I meant one thing, but, if you are not sure, all you need to do is ask Me instead.  If you look at this again, I told you that, other than an upcoming appointment, an appointment that has since occurred that seemed to bring you bad news, your tests were over.  Now, what do you think I meant by ‘tests’?”

Me:  “Well, I had assumed You meant ‘medical tests’.”

Jesus:  “No, Erin, it is greater than this, a much greater blessing.  What would you prefer for Me to say…’your medical tests are over’ or ‘all of your tests are over’?”

Me:  Smiling.  “Of course, all tests!”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Oh Erin, your thinking was too small.  I told you that your vessel is finished.  This means I am no longer sending you back through the furnace of affliction.  Your refinement is complete.  I am pleased.  I have no need to test your capacity to be able to hold living water and pour out as I call you, understand?  Your trials are finished and My testing for various weaknesses in your shell is over.

“Now, personally, I know that you were thinking ‘healing’, so you are greatly discouraged.  However, do not be.  Your evidence will speak for itself and the witnesses will be too numerous to count.  This is good news, very good news.  Here, with Me, are the prophets of old.  Their names are written in My Word.

“Erin, there are great celebrations here as their prophecies from Me are finally being fulfilled on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Saints here are watching this too.  There is much excitement and preparations, but, for now, I can say no more…well, except to add that ‘I love you’.  I love your heart of reconciliation.  You hold nothing against anyone and this brings Me joy.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  However, I do hold things against those who have wronged me and my children.  I know that I do this.  I am sorry.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you have given these people to Me.  Your vessel will not be fractured under pressure as I am in you.  Being wise and anticipating the moves of an enemy is not holding charges against them.  You have released them to Me, but wisdom does not remove your memory of events.  Holding charges against your enemies would mean you are judge and jury instead of God on the Throne.  Therefore, be encouraged.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but I sometimes imagine their trouble and even their demise.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but how does it make you feel?”

Me:  “I actually feel sad for them.  I want justice, but it is still such a difficult emotion.”

Jesus:  “Well, this is good.  This means your vessel will not be compromised under the threat of evil as you are trusting Me…”  He smiled.  “…even when I say run and don’t pick up the hem of your dress.”  He laughed.

Me:  “Lord, there is no one anywhere wiser than You.  Please fill me with Your living ‘wise’ water.  Oh, and please add some healing too.  Please?”

Jesus:  “I will, Erin, I will.  All of My promises are true.  Beautiful are the feet who brings this Good News.  Those who I place near My altar will not be harmed.  Those I have called will be under My wings, understand?  No enemy will harm them.  Now find joy today.  Soon your wisdom will shine forth like the sun at dawn.”

Me:  Smiling as I pointed to Jesus.  “You mean shine forth like ‘the Son of God’.”

Jesus:  “I see that wisdom is already shining forth in you.”  He pointed at my heart.

Me:  “Only because of You.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “One other thing…do not be dismayed when it seems evil is succeeding.  I tell you the truth…I see everything and they…well, their outcome…one day, you will see them no more, so pray.  The Great Harvest of Souls is written and the time has come.

“However, so has the counterfeit approach of the enemy’s harvest of souls.  This will be the great separation, the great divide.  Do not worry though as those I have called will cross over on a dry river bed, understand?  It is I who parts the seas.  Now rejoice, Erin, for this is good.”

He hugged me and smiled.

Dream over…

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