Dream 344 – Jesus will now light our paths with truth

Received Monday, July 29, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for getting us home safely.  A series of events, truly by Your hand as an answer to prayers, got us home by delaying our last flight long enough to enable us to board in time.  If we would have missed this flight, we would have been stuck in the airport until an early morning flight the next day.

Thank You also for keeping our children safe in Washington State.  The adults involved in a planned rafting trip were going to be drinking a lot.  Well, You stopped their plans at every turn.  They had a large cooler of alcohol disguised in plastic liter bottles.  Somehow the bottles were all mysteriously emptied even though several people were always there and the cooler was never left unattended.

Disappointed in their loss, they still decided to go in the water for the long and normally easy-going rafting trip.  This trip is usually so tame that they were going with some very young children.  One of the women is even pregnant.  There were a total of five children five years old or younger.

Well, as they went down the river, they met up with some unexpected rapids.  To make matters even worse, there were also some downed tree branches and other troubles.  As a result, several of the rafts flipped and one raft was completely destroyed.  Every single person lost something as a result.  Well, everyone except for my two kids.  They lost cellphones, keys, speakers, their food and other things.

I knew this must have been Your divine protection for my kids as they were the only ones free from loss.  Thank You also that the adults were not drinking.  If they had, they would have had a difficult time helping the others and keeping all but one of the rafts safe.  Thankfully, not one of the children were lost or injured.

When we were on our trip, my husband and I decided to take a daytrip over to Bend, Oregon.  While we only spent about 1.5 hours driving around town, it was an emotional trip for me.  I cried as I remembered so many hopes being dashed there.  While there had been so many attacks there, I still felt more joy and safety there than any place else.  This was also the place where I met God and began my ‘refiner’s journey’.

While the air was hot, we still rolled down our windows in order to take in the fresh smells there.  Especially scent wise, it was still the same place I remembered.  My husband was finally able to see it himself and he too just loved it.  Sigh…Father, how can a place trigger so many emotions?  The only other place that really does this to me is Sandpoint, Idaho.  However, in that instance, the memories are of my mom.

Now, I assume that, if I lived in Bend or Sandpoint, I am sure it wouldn’t be a big deal after a while.  Given that I spent 10 years in Portland, Oregon, you would think that Portland would do the same.  However, it does not…it is just Portland.  Yes, I know a lot of people there, I know my way around and it is where my children were born, but it is simply ‘just Portland’ to me.  I don’t experience the same emotions.

Then there is the Tri-Cities, WA.  Ugh, this was a desolate place.  My thoughts of this area as being a place of great punishment has not changed.  My crippling injury happened there.  I have had other injuries, but the one that took place there on May 8th, 2014 was the one which stripped me of my health.  It was the final blow.  Still, I am grateful for this place, but only for one thing.

The Tri-Cities was where my dreams began.  This was the place I spent more time on my knees in prayer than any other place.  These were the times of great tears and quivering.  These were my times of brokenness.  These were my times of the desert, five years almost to the day. While I lived in Bend for one more year than my time in the Tri-Cities, it feels like I spent double the time in the Tri-Cities.

In the Tri-Cities, I watched as hope after hope had been dashed time after time.  Still, I believed.  I was abased and then became quiet.  I withdrew from sight.  Still, I believed.  I heard rumors of what people were saying about me, most of which were untrue, and I could do nothing.  Still, I believed.  In my belief, You then sent someone to rescue me from this desolate place.  Lord, You sent my husband and I was soon able to leave.

Still, many things remain on hold.  I still wait on You to send a publisher for these dreams.  However, I know why You have not done so yet (or so I think).  Why would anyone who doesn’t know God look at me and my dreams as credible if God has never healed me or done as He has promised?  Right now, only my Nest friends have seen the miracles and subtleties of our loving Father, all with hopes of what is soon to come.

As I am now, I cannot do normal things without great difficulty.  I also just discovered that I have cataracts in both of my eyes.  While they need to be removed at some point, I am grateful that this is relatively minor surgery.  However, I remain full of faith that Your miracles will heal this, not a surgeon’s knife.  Father, I look to You as my Heavenly Surgeon.  What You can do is infinitely better than any earthly physician.

Oh Father, please consider using us soon.  We long to be used.  The girl’s school starts in just five weeks.  Thank You also for opening a door for my husband.  Thanks to Your continued provision, we have enough to live until the end of August.  However, after that, trouble begins.  Our lives are clearly in Your hands.  By Your hands, please make a way for my husband to find work again and soon.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was right in front of the archway to the beautiful vineyard.  I looked around to see if there were any angels or workers.  There were none.  The grapes were still there though and it was as if they had remained frozen in time.  The grapes were neither more or less ripe than before.  The vineyards were beautiful.  There was also hill after rolling hill.  There truly is no place more beautiful than Heaven.

Me:  “This is so incredibly beautiful, Lord.  Even the place I love, Bend, Oregon, pales in comparison to Heaven!  Oh, how I long to be here soon.  Lord, where are You?”

I sighed when I then smelled the slight hint of woodsmoke in the air.  I ran through the archway to the aspen grove.  As I looked towards the end of the stone path, I froze in place and gasped.  At the end of the path, surrounded by a halo of light, was Jesus mounted on His beautiful horse.  He had a crown on His head.  It was difficult to see Him clearly as the light of the Son/sun and His glory shined so brightly.

I ran to Him as fast as I could.  In the short time before I arrived, tears had been streaming down my cheeks.  His beautiful horse nudged his nose towards me.  I laughed and kissed his cheek.  The Lord looked stunningly handsome on His horse.  He looked like an unconquerable action movie hero, but so much more.  My heart skipped a beat when He dismounted from His saddle to greet me.

Jesus:  “Erin, you are worried about many things, but do not be.  I am here with you.”

Me:  I curtsied and He laughed.  “My Lord, I have never seen You like this on the beautiful path with Your crown and Your horse.  Surely we must be close!”

Jesus:  “I am the truth, Erin, and this is the way…”  He pointed to the path of stones.  “…to truth and everlasting life.  Here, on My side, where I was pierced, is now where the sword of truth rests.  It will soon cut through the lies of men.  While the world cannot overcome Me or My truth, I can overcome the world.  My promises are true.  I love you, but it is not you who first loved Me.  It is I Who first loved you.

“Now, I can assure you that I am not weak and I am not far removed from those who love Me.  You are not forgotten.  How could I forget you?”  He held His palm out and my name illuminated.  “Erin, your name is written on the palms of My hands.”  He smiled.  “However, and even more so, look at what I can do with My hands.  I will use the sword of truth to cut through the lies of wicked men.  Erin, I have not forgotten you.”

Me:  Crying.  “I am sorry, Lord.  Our lives are blips here and time goes so quickly.  So too does my memory fade and even becomes selective over time.  I am not storing memories as I once did.  It appears that my brain’s capacity is much lower than it once was.  I am hoping You will fix this in the Transformation.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, do you not know Me by now?  If I desire you to recall a memory, then you will recall it.  If I want your children to keep their memories from a resurfacing trauma, then it is My Will.  However, I am so much more than all of this.  You are never removed from Me.  While the enemy wants you to believe that I am dead or do not care, he also truly understands that I am alive and he never overcame me.

“I have the keys to life and death and it is I Who set the captives free.  Since he has not had the authority he had hoped for, his time over the land is now coming to a close.  Wherever you go, My light is with you.  See, truth exposes darkness.  A lamp lights a room and darkness flees.  It is by God’s design that you shine because I dwell in you.  While the enemy hates you and your children, he also hates all that is around you.

“While there is an uptick in negative opposition to positive light, you still remain on My path.  This path is My way and is well lit and free from darkness.  There are many names here also.  As you can see, this path leads to the vineyard and there is the late harvest, the greatest the world has ever known.  I have no intention of sacrificing My lights to the darkness or allowing them to be extinguished.

“Erin, this is as written in My Word, understand?  I delight in truth.  I despise wickedness and lying tongues.  Even so, you have noticed that lies are now prevailing and that you are hearing more from the narrative of negative reporting by the liar-in-chief over it.  This is not your imagination as I am allowing this.  Now, why would I allow this?”

Me:  “I am not sure.”

Jesus:  “It is the Great Separation; lambs from goats, the pure from the sinful, the darkness from the light.  See, the enemy has tried to create a neutral gray area as truth to deceive.  You have been given warning of this as you have seen gray ash.  Well, in history, gray ash reflects death and uninhabitable areas.  Gray ash also represents these ‘gray areas’.  However, to Me, there are no ‘gray areas’ as it is either one or the other.

“Erin, not one person is perfect.  Not one.  If I were to save only the perfect and sinless, Heaven would be empty.  However, it is not.  Remember, I see the heart.  I can even cut through the tongue.  This is how one thief was saved and the other was not.  I see through to the heart.  There are saints here you would never expect and there are those who are not here that you would expect.  Why?  Because their lips condemned them.  They were not humble.  In fact, they caused many to stumble.”

Me:  “Lord, You are very serious today.”

Jesus:  “Erin, do not let the enemy tell you that God has disqualified you.  Do not become discouraged.  My promises are true.  I do not judge a man by the shade of his skin.  I judge only by his heart and love for Me.  Do not listen to the wicked as the enemy has stirred them up.  Remember, I came not to abolish the Word of God and His Laws, but to shed light on it.

“I also came to set free those who had been bound by the chains of the Law instead of being set free by it, understand?  It is an evil man who says ‘ah ha, look, see, this is evil…this man should be punished’ when he is guilty of far more.  I came to fulfill prophecies and to shed light on the words of the prophets.  I did not come to replace and denounce them.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord, for all that You do, both seen and unseen.”

He smiled at me and then hugged me.  He then mounted His horse again.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  Do not worry.  Rejoice.  While I must go for now, remember that I am always with you.”

Me:  “Lord, where are You going?  May I go with You?”

Jesus:  “Not yet.  I am preparing a way for you where there was previously no way.”  He smiled.  “Do not worry as there will be much for you to do.  Now rejoice.  You have waited for this.  Remember who I am.  Do not be afraid.”

Just as I looked up, the sun shined all around Him.  His horse then made an awesome neighing sound as he leaped to his hind legs.  Neither painting nor photo has ever beheld a more majestic sight as what I was seeing.  The Conquering Hero is on His faithful steed!  He is truly the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  I could see the Lord’s hands on the horse’s rein.  Even more importantly, I could see His shining crown.

Dream over…

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