Dream 345 – Jesus and the Proposal of Peace is here

Received Thursday, August 1, 2019


Dear Father,

I am anxious about so many things.  What is my life about here?  I know others out there are blessed by the dreams and visions You have gifted me with and I am so thankful.  At least my struggles have helped others in their ‘Jesus Journey’.  I would not give this up for anything.  As I sit here today though, I am afraid.  I am afraid of being stuck here alone.

The winters are harsh here.  We live in a remote location.  If my husband goes with our boys to the west, how will we manage?  Even though one will most likely stay behind, it will still be hard on all of us.  If they all go, which I don’t think will happen, who will shovel the snow?  Who will carry heavy things?  What if I become worse?  While I know the Lord has us in His hands, it is still worrisome to my earthly self.

Lord, my older daughter is a senior in high school, while my younger daughter will be a freshman.  I will have to drive them to school daily, at least until my daughter gets her license.  Even if she had her license, there will only be one car.  I will be lonely here.  As it stands right now, I am scared.  I feel that I will soon be alone, possibly for the rest of my life.  As I wrote this, I had severe abdominal pain in my herniated area.

When it passed, I was able to continue.  I thought of my grandparents.  I remember mocking them that they had no mobility.  Well, now my health is as bad as theirs, but I am at a much younger age then they were.  Still, I know You are with us, Lord, even when we are sick, perhaps especially when we are sick.  I feel low today as I just feel no closer to healing and no closer to help here.

Lord, I am ready to live.  I want to run and have energy.  I want to be productive and do things spontaneously without pre-planning every move.  I am in prison in this painful aging body.  Much of my ‘temple’ issues are my own fault.  However, I also know that this has been allowed by You.  Please, Father, I can’t do this alone.  I know what it is like to be alone and it is not easy.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I saw Jesus standing next to His horse.  A halo of light was over them.  He was smiling as He held the reins of His horse.  For some reason, Him holding the reins seemed curious to me today.  I ran over to Him and hugged Him.

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.  My burden is great.  I have many worries and these don’t add to my days.”

Jesus:  “You just noticed Me holding the reins.  Now, why would I need to do this?”

Me:  Thinking for a moment.  “Well, You are one with Your horse.  You are the perfect rider on the perfect horse.  There is nothing in Heaven contrary to You or in need of leading as You are head over all things here.  In contrast, there is rebellion on Earth, but not here in Heaven.”

After saying this, His horse did something unexpected.  He playfully started to buck to make it seem like he was no longer listening to Jesus.

Jesus:  Turning and addressing His horse.  “Hmm, okay, finally, My friend, the rebellion here starts with you.”

Me:  Laughing.  “You are both funny.  Okay, so the reins are here to show me for my benefit that You lead.”

Jesus:  “Very good, Erin, very good.”  Just then, the reins disappeared.

Me:  “Wait…where did the reins go?”

Jesus:  “Hmm, were they ever really here to begin with?  Does it matter?  This was to show you, Erin, that I lead.  Or perhaps you would like to?”

He put His hand on His chin as if to ponder the thought.

Me:  “No, Lord, You are better.  Think of this though…I am an old horse out in a distant pasture, the ground is uneven and each day brings new challenges.  There are gopher holes, heat, storms, arthritis and loneliness challenging me.  There is no rider.  After a while, hope becomes an issue.  As my eyesight diminishes, I become scared.  What if I am left in the field and no one calls me into the stable at night?  Predators will come and trouble follows.  I know that You love me and Your horse, so please don’t bring me this far just to leave me alone.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, what you see in the natural is only part of a grand plan.  I understand and your illustration parable has moved Me.”  Just then, His horse nudged His arm.  “Apparently, My horse has also been moved by your story.”  He smiled.  “However, there is many moving parts to the story.  Erin, you are part of My story and there is many of you.  Consider this day for instance and check it for yourself.  A proposal of peace has officially begun in Israel.”

I did as I was asked and found the following in the Jerusalem Post:  ‘Jared Kushner meets with Netanyahu in Israel as U.S. doubles down on Peace Plan:  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Wednesday evening (July 31, 2019) with senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, who is on a tour of five Middle East countries before Washington decides on the next step following June’s economic workshop in Bahrain.’

Me:  “I just looked this up.  This seems more important than in June as this proposal of peace was made on Israeli soil as opposed to Bahrain.  Lord, I looked at CNN, MSNBC and other sites, but nothing is mentioned at all about this.  Why is the mainstream media not covering this important story?”

Jesus:  “Erin, you must always look to who owns the ability to scribe or testify to a story or news.  I hold the reins to all of this by My Father’s authority.  However, you must understand that these omissions, half-truths and lies are not from Me.  One day very soon, not one lie will be unconfessed and the guilty will be humbled.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord, but, for now, it just seems like a daily struggle just to find any good news.”

Jesus:  “I understand.  Evil has increased.  Lawlessness and rebellion have multiplied and the love of most will grow cold.  Because of the increase in lies and the spreading of these lies, those who entertain the media or take in the material and write these false narratives and teachings on the tablets of their hearts…well, hearts will turn to stone and what is written there will be the dialogs of self.

“The heart is a living organism and is the muscle that moves the flow of blood.  However, hearts will one day fail as the veil lifts.  I have called my servants to die to the things of this world, but, more importantly, to die to self and the idol worship of self.  Those whom I have prepared will be great witnesses for the Great Harvest.

“Now, I know that you are waiting and there seems to be nothing.  To you, it seems like there is very little movement.  Because of this, you doubt your position.  However, think of yourself as part of an invading army instead.  The enemy clamors, gets drunk, has unlimited resources and, night after night, you have to listen to their lies and bold claims under the cover of night from your hidden position.

“For now, your Commander and Chief…”  He pointed to Himself.  “…and the Holder of the reins has said, ‘wait, stand down, only observe the wicked.’  However, day after day, you hear them defile God, defile your Commander and defile you and your children by their words and displays.  From your position, you then wonder, ‘how much longer must we hear this?  How much longer must we endure this abuse?’

“Meanwhile, the enemy camp believes you are useless and not a significant threat.  They even say ‘look, God has abandoned His children.’  Now, what is better…to be silent until the day My trumpets sound and My mighty army descends from on high or to reveal your position, thereby exposing your rank, prior to the perfect day?  Erin, let them celebrate and continue on their course.  They do not see that this time is like that time of the days of Noah and that day of Lot, understand?  While they make their foolish plans, look to the hills.  Who then is there over and around the valley?”

Me:  “Do You mean the angel armies?”

Jesus:  “Correct, Erin.  Now, please understand that this is My plan.  I see what you cannot unless I allow you to see it.  Please be encouraged.  I protect you in the storm and I call you there in the midst of it.  Now, do not worry.  Even though you see and hear all that the enemy sends and the sound of the enemy is loud, do not worry.  While it is difficult to keep yourself from it, change your thinking and instead observe.

“Erin, change your perspective and observe the wicked.  As you do, ask Me to reveal hidden things.  Do not judge as some of these will be redeemed.  Some have severe strongholds and demons, some are offended by others and some are even victims with open wounds.  These could be some of those that I call you to, so pray for them.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but why would You not instead call me to all of them?”

Jesus:  “This is because not all are chosen.  Remember that I am an active living God and Savior.  I call out to each one multiple times and some even more.  However, at some point, enough is enough and I give a man fully over to his appetite for evil.”

Me:  “But as God, You really already know who, right?”

Jesus:   Smiling.  “Yes, but this too is a mystery.  Remember, observe and I will speak to you as you pray.”

Me:  “Okay, Lord, but I have a long list.”

Jesus:  “Well, I am a big Savior.  With that being said, as Commander over a large angel army, I believe I can handle your list, right?”  He smiled.

Me:  Smiling.  “Please don’t leave anyone behind.”

Jesus:  “Let Me be God and you be Erin.  I love and care for those I call.  Do not worry.  Now rejoice as these are good days.”  He reached over and hugged me.

Me:  “I love You, Lord.  Thank You!”

Jesus:  “Yes, and I first loved you.  I have the reins.”

Dream over…

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