Dream 346 – One Long & Fun Sub-Dream

Received Friday, August 2, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another cooler day!  Thank You for protecting our children.  Thank You for sustaining us.  Father, I had a long, but exciting, dream last night…

Sub-dream begins…

My husband and I were in a city with a series of street roundabouts.  It seemed like Bend OR or Portland OR, but I was not sure.  While we were Transformed and very active, I had the feeling that our ‘official time of service’ had not yet begun.  We were in ‘low-beam state’ and waiting for the signs and call from the Lord into greater service.  The weather was warm, but fall was in the air.  School orientations were beginning.

My husband and I were riding in a car that I did not recognize.  We were driving along a ridge area similar to the Skyline Drive in Portland OR.  However, the city below us did not look like Portland OR.  There was a lot of new construction, including parks and roadways being built or upgraded.

As we were driving, we came upon what looked like an accident on one of the roundabouts.  There were firetrucks, paramedic vehicles and police cars.  I recognized an elderly woman there who was having her heart worked on and asked my husband to stop the car.  I had a tough time getting to her because there were so many emergency crews.  I saw that one of the cars in the accident was on fire.

Since it was a convertible, I was able to see into the backseat of the car.  There were three items:  A small stuffed bear, a book and a small plastic snack container.  Based on this, I knew to look around for a child.  Sure enough, there on the side of the road, was a little girl crying.  While I went over to her, my husband reached in an grabbed the stuffed bear and the book.  The little girl, around seven years old, was sobbing…

Little girl:  “It’s all my fault.  My nanna is dead.”

Me:  “Your nanna will be fine.  She will live.  I have it on good authority.”

I already knew God was about to heal her.  My husband picked her up and her sobbing started to subside.  It stopped when he gave her the stuffed bear and the book.

Husband:  “Are these yours?”

Little girl:  “Yes!  Thank you.”

Me:  “Don’t worry.  I will go check on your nanna.”

Little girl:  “Wait, Miss Erin!”

I froze.  I had not given her my name.  I turned back towards her.

Little girl:  “Enoch and Elijah are coming.”

The little girl then pulled out a type of round replica of the Earth.  As she held it out with her hand, the replica changed from the Earth into a flower.  Moments after turning into a flower, it withered.  The girl became visibly sad about it withering.

Little girl:  “The Earth and the peoples will grieve because they will now know what they have done to the Lord.  The Wailing Wall will fall and the people of Jerusalem will understand.  Thus, says the Lord!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she started to suck her thumb.  I could hear her grandmother call out her name in the distance.

Nanna:  “Abbey?  Abigail?  Where are you?”

Abbey:  Shouting back.  “Nanna, I am here!  Nanna!”

Husband:  “Abbey, do you remember what you just said to us?”

Abbey:  “Yes.  An angel came and sat next to me in the backseat and told me this.  Nanna then crashed the car.”

Me:  “Don’t tell anyone what the angel told you, okay?”

Abbey:  “I won’t.  The angel meant it for you.”

We walked Abbey over to her grandmother.  My husband and I prayed and her vehicle was restored.  The emergency crews were baffled as there was now no evidence of the car being in flames.  Abbey and her grandmother held each other as they waved goodbye.  My husband and I went back to our car.  We were both in shock.

Me:  “I don’t believe that this was from an angel of the Lord’s.  What do you think?”

Husband:  “I agree.  The Lord would have told us this directly, not through this little girl.  I believe that this is part of the deception.”

Me:  “This must be part of our training as the Lord is not outright confirming this.  Since He is being quiet on this, humorously so, I just know that He will send another confirmation.”

We both smiled in agreement.  We then drove to a church that doubled as a private Christian school.  We were there to get some information on their teaching doctrine and other beliefs.  The school was in the process of orientation for the elementary age children and their parents.  As we walked in, we were directed to wait in a reception area.

Although we then realized we were somehow now in an entirely different city, we recognized a ‘unifying demonic spirit’ in the people here that we had seen before where we currently live.  We soon found out that this church was based on a very strange Baptist, Dutch-like, Norwegian doctrine.  We have encountered several of these ‘type of people’ here, as well as a few girls that our daughters go to school with.

In summary, they do not recognize that miracles are for today and don’t believe that Jesus can speak through His followers.  This group of people seemed very unhappy to see us.  The room was dark and I heard whispering and murmuring.  I excused myself to go to the washroom.  As I walked down the hall, I was approached by a little boy.  He had a name tag on that read ‘Matthew’.  The boy smiled at me and came over to talk.

Matthew:  “Hello, Miss Erin.”

There was my name again.  I smiled as I immediately knew that this was the Lord’s confirmation that these messages were coming from the enemy and not Him.  I also knew that this was not the boy’s fault, so I treated him like I would any other child.

Me:  “Well, hello, Matthew.”

Matthew:  “The times of the beginning of the end have come.  Enoch has told me.  Look, there is a chart!”

The boy pointed to a chart on the wall of moon phases.  However, the chart was incomplete.  It consisted of three waxing moons turning into a full moon and then three waning moons after it.  There were seven moons in total.  Obviously, in this chart, there was no new moon or the other waxing or waning phases.

Me:  “Who told you this, Matthew?”

Matthew:  “An angel.  I am to tell you that the time of great mourning is coming.  The angels are warning you.  Enoch told me.”

I thought this was strange.  How could this be both an angel and Enoch at the same time.  It suddenly hit me…

Me:  “Hmm, was the angel called Enoch?”

Matthew:  “No.  The angel spoke for Enoch.”

Me:  “Oh, I see.  So, is Enoch around here somewhere?”

I kept my composure, but I was not happy that these fallen angels were giving deceiving messages to these children.  The demons were clearly baiting me and my husband to engage them.  As we knew that this was part of our training, neither of us took the bait.

Matthew:  “No.  He said that he is too powerful to be around you.”

Me:  “Hmm, so he is too powerful.  Interesting.”  I shook my head.  “Matthew, I am going to walk you back to your parents.  However, can I give you a little tip first?”

Matthew:  “Sure.”

Me:  “Always stay with another person, even to go to the bathroom.”  I then looked on the wall and saw a toy shield and a toy sword on display.  “Do you believe in miracles?”

Matthew:  “Oh yes!”

Me:  “Good!  Now, here is your shield.”

As I handed the shield to him, his name appeared on it.  There was more.  It now read ‘Matthew, child of God’.

Me:  “Now, here is your sword too.  While this sword cannot kill a person, it is still powerful.”

I pointed to some wording on the sword’s ‘blade’ and it now said ‘Jesus, the Truth Bearer’.  I then pointed to the handle of the sword and it now had Matthew’s name on it.

Me:  “Now, this is a special sword.  When you see a person or an angel that you are uncertain of, hold up your shield and wave your sword.  You will then know instantly whether or not they are telling the truth.”

Matthew:  “How cool!  May I try this on my parents?”

I nodded yes.  I chuckled as I thought this might be entertaining.  When I arrived in the room with Matthew, the parents looked alarmed.

Matthew’s mom:  Looking at Matthew’s sword and shield.  “Now, who gave you these?”

Matthew:  Pointing at me.  “Erin did.  Miss Erin gave me these for my protection!”

Matthew’s mom:  “Well, I will have to take these away from you now.”

Matthew held up his shield and sword.  My husband had his arms crossed and was shaking his head in amusement.  We knew this would be a good ‘God show’.  Just then, all of the parents began to say very harsh things against everyone else in the room.  They began to rattle off how they really felt about each other.  I quickly went over and brought Matthew out of the room before the parents could turn on him.

Matthew:  “Even though that was awesome, it still hurt.  At least I now know, right?”

I looked over at his sword and shield and noticed that a button had now appeared on his sword.

Me:  “Here, see this button on the side of your sword?  Press this button in front of the person who you want to tell the truth.  This way you aren’t hearing from everyone.”

Matthew shook his head in agreement.  Matthew, my husband and I were now laughing so hard.

Me:  “When the truth becomes too hard to hear, simply hold up your shield and it will stop.  You also need to know that, when you don’t know what to do, call out to Jesus for help.  He will then send others like me or my husband or His angels.  He will also speak directly to you at times as well.”

Matthew:  “While I love Jesus, I don’t like what the parents in my church say about Him.”

Me:  “What do you mean?”

Matthew:  “They say He doesn’t hear us.  They say He doesn’t care about us because He is too busy for us.”

Me:  “Well, even though they must believe this, just know that they are wrong.”

Matthew:  “Thanks for the shield and the sword.  However, they will want to know why you didn’t give me the full armor, like it is in the Scriptures.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Well, you now have the full armor of God.”  The Lord instantly put it on him.  “Now, just for fun, let us go back in with the full armor lest they say that I am sent of the devil because I gave you only a sword and shield.”

We were both laughing as we went back into the room.  Based on the looks of shock on the parents’ faces and my husband’s laughter at seeing the full armor, I knew that this was exactly what they had been talking about.  The parents were now saying all kinds of nasty things to us even though they now knew that God was fully in control.  Matthew addressed them all in a very loud voice.

Matthew:  “This armor is hot and is making me sweaty.  Jesus just told me that all I need to carry is my sword and shield and the rest will be with me invisibly.”

Matthew’s mom:  Looking over at me with such hate.  “You are a vile woman.  You caused my son to rebel.  You are evil.  You are such a…”

Just then, and before she could finish, my husband waved his hand.  Her lips were instantly sealed shut.  She had a look of sheer terror on her face.

Me:  Addressing my husband.  “Let’s go.  There is just too much leaven in this room.”

The other parents were now yelling at us.  My husband waved his hand again and now everyone’s lips were closed.  My husband addressed them in an authoritative voice.

Husband:  “Make no mistake…God even sends children to humble the proud.  You have very little time to make changes.  However, don’t wait as the time to do this is right now.”

After saying this, we noticed that a whole bunch of shields and swords had arrived ‘God-express’.  We equipped all of the children with their own shields and swords.  These were instantly customized with their names as they were handed out, just like Matthew’s sword and shield had been customized with his name.

Me:  Addressing the children.  “Do not worry.  Your parents will be able to speak again in a few hours.  Now, do not believe the lies that God no longer does miracles as you now have seen that He still does.”

The children nodded their heads in agreement.  As we left the school, my husband and I laughed and thanked God for these children as, without them, their parents would have no relationship with Jesus.  As we walked over to our car, both of us felt the confirmation of Jesus in us…we were ‘as one body’ with Him.  We both knew that the enemy was now intently watching us and even using children as his vessels.

My husband and I prayed for the protection of these children.  God confirmed that He would block the enemy’s attempts that so many of us had encountered.  I just knew that all of this was meant for our Divine Training.  As my husband and I walked hand in hand, we professed our love for the Lord and all that He was doing with us.

Sub-dream over…

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