Dream 347 – Jesus describes the evil spirits that steal

Received Tuesday, August 6, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for my children.  Thank You for our home.  While nothing is perfect here on Earth, it is perfectly Yours, so thank You.  The kids come home from Washington State on the weekend.  I am relieved as their trip out west has not been a happy one for them.  Father, I am struggling right now.  The doctor in Seattle prescribed a special pain drug that has had some horrible side effects.

While, yes, my pain is almost gone, the side effects are numerous and daunting.  This medication makes me feel exhausted, hungry, depressed and irritable.  Father, I hate to say this, but I prefer my pain over these side effects.  There is just too much of a cost.  Even with the pain lessened, I could still not work as this causes me to fatigue very easily.  I also would not have the attention span that a client would expect and deserve.

Father, I am petitioning for relief from You and not from man.  I prefer meek, joyful and in pain over this alternative.  Sigh…I have been here so many times with the same requests.  One day soon, Father, I just know that You will deliver me from my afflictions.  You are not a cruel God, so I also just know that all of this, yes, even the pain vs the side effects, is all allowed by You as part of Your plan for me.

On a brighter side, my husband’s interviews, two of them so far, have went well.  Lord, I pray that this door opens wide for us.  You continue to sustain us and we are so thankful.  Please continue to keep the enemy from us and please continue to bless us.  I had a disturbing dream last night…

Sub-dream description begins…

I was considering donating my set of golf clubs.  When I found them in the garage, I was upset that I had left the top of my clubs uncovered.  They had now been like this for a few years now.  They had been uncovered ever since my injury.  Just as I was about to pick up my bag of clubs, I discovered a small opening at the base of the bag.  Since this hole was not there before, I was just too curious not to look inside.

I soon became horrified as, right there before my eyes, was a massive pile of dead gray mice.  The mice were stacked up one on top of each other and in every size imaginable.  I jumped back when I saw one of the mice starting to move.  It seemed barely alive and very weak.  Next to this pile of dead mice, I saw an odd metal device with a bunch of screws.  It was clacking and making some really creepy sounds.

Even though this device was not living, it seemed to now be frightened of me.  It ran out of the golf bag and headed for the open door.  To my surprise, the weak mouse suddenly gained strength and ran right after this contraption.  I looked down the street and could see the mouse running with the steel device.  I was relieved to have both of them off of my property.

Sub-dream description over…

After I woke up, You gave me a download of a type of demonic spirit that has been prevalent my entire life.  This spirit has been stripping me of provision at every turn.  It was there when I injured myself and even seemed to be responsible for the fall.  It seemed to be at the root of so many of my troubles.  If nothing else, it kept me from realizing my potential at anything and everything.

In the past, this spirit had convinced me to be comfortable in my lack.  Whenever You would send abundance to me, it would immediately begin to strip us of all that we had.  If we were instead cautious with our money and bought lessor quality, this spirit then went to work to have it breakdown.  It then will try to convince you to hoard and store away for trouble.  Even so, it then sends contaminates to destroy your stockpile.

Father, I am guilty of storing food for emergencies.  I have fortified my supplies in order to prepare for possible trouble.  I do this instead of trusting You in all things.  I have an impoverished mindset.  I have been deceived into believing that this was wise thinking.  Please help me, Father, as this entity is extremely evil and powerful.  It is horrible.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I saw Jesus at the end of the path in the aspen grove.  He was again holding the reins to His horse.  I reached down for the hem of my dress in order to run into His arms.  When Jesus noticed that I had reached down, He exaggeratedly took the palm of His hand and placed it on His forehead and shook His head.  He was laughing.

I quickly dropped the hem of my dress and ran to Him.  Before I reached Him, the reins in His hands disappeared.  With both of His hands now free, He was able to catch me as I jumped into His arms.  We were both laughing as He spun me around in the air.

Jesus:  “Well, that was quite the entrance today!”

Me:  “Lord, thank You for everything!”

Jesus:  “Erin, you are welcome.  Now, I know you have questions.  Come with Me.”

He helped me climb up onto His horse with Him.  In an instant, we were flying in the air.  I looked down and could see the aspens, the vineyards and the beautiful valley of Beracha.  We were flying over the beautiful lakes, fields and estates.  It was like no other place on Earth.  It was uniquely and perfectly Heaven.  We soon set down beyond a field of flowers.  As He helped me dismount, I realized that we were now at the base of the Seven Pools from past dreams.

Me:  “Lord, it has been a longtime since I was here.  It feels like years even.”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, but I have brought you here for a different purpose this time.”

The pools were beautiful.  The rocks in each of the pools shined like jewels.  I noticed that the lake at the bottom was larger than the one above it.  As the pools progressed up the hill, they became smaller and smaller.  This somehow made sense to me.

Jesus:  “Erin, these are representative of your ‘faith journey’.  We are now here at the largest pool as this is the point of your greatest faith.  All of the above pools eventually flow into this one.  Now, look over there…”

There was a small stream that flowed forth from the large pool.  This small stream then watered the flowering fields and orchards of fruit trees.  The area of these fields and orchards were massive.  There were gardens and beautiful places surrounding each of them.  The walking paths and parks were much more beautiful than any on Earth.

Me:  “Lord, is this all supplied by the largest pool at the bottom?  I guess it easily could be given that this is Heaven, right?”  I laughed.

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Well, yes, Erin.”

I was overcome with emotion from all of the beauty surrounding me.  I plopped down on the ground and started to cry.  I soon put my head to my knees as I started to weep.  It was not long before I was also weeping as I was writing.

Me:  “All I ever seem to do is cry, Lord.  I am overwhelmed.  I am frozen.  How do I make a difference?  I can do nothing apart from You.  I long to be with You.  I long to be used by You and not just as a scribe of my failures and Your miracles in me.  I instead long to be living proof of Your power of healing.

“I long to show Your power of the physical manifestations of Your healing.  I am tired, Lord.  I am tired of the stripping and gnawing locusts.  I am tired of mice, dead or alive.  I cannot stand worms or flies.  Please, Lord, remove these and cutoff their supplies.  Show me more of what I must do to stop them.”

Jesus:  “Erin, look up.”  He was smiling at me with such empathy.  “Please stand up.”  I did.  He looked me in my eyes.  “Now, why did I allow you this dream?  Are you not relieved that sources of your trouble have now died and have been removed?  In your dream, there were mounds of these dead spirits.  These entities were thieves and extremely unclean.  They spread diseases.  However, look where they were in your dream.  They were at the bottom of your golf bag.  Do you remember when this was?”

Me:  “Yes, I remember!  I was living in Portland OR.  I had just had my second surgery on my neck.  I believe it was the summer of 2002, but I am not really sure about that or if it really matters.  My mom had decided to treat me by buying me a new set of irons.  The set of irons I already had back then were too difficult for me to use as they were for professionals.  It was extremely heartbreaking.  Yes, I do remember…”

Jesus:  “Ah, but you are forgetting some key things.  Please continue with your story.”

Me:  “My mom decided to gift me these because she knew I was coming against severe opposition from those closest to me that wanted me to quit playing.  While golf had brought me a lot of pain as I ultimately failed to use it as my career, I still loved to play the game.  I loved being outside.  Each time I played, I felt happy and felt like I had learned yet another life lesson.

“Two pros worked with me to fit me with the new irons.  They knew about my background.  One of the pros in particular saw potential in my future, either as a club competitor or teaching pro.  As for me, I was just happy to be playing again.  They first tried several men’s senior sets as women’s clubs were not that great back then.  Since nothing was working, I decided to ask them to find me some heavier clubs instead.

“They were still having trouble finding them when I decided to excuse myself to go to the golf shop’s washroom.  There in front of me was a set of Titleist DT tour blades meant for professionals.  I took out a 7 iron and a 5 iron and walked back to the range to test them out.  The pros were concerned and told me that even they could not use these advanced clubs successfully.

“Well, I didn’t listen and ended up hitting each ball absolutely perfectly.  I was so happy that I had tears of joy streaming down my cheeks.  The pros could not believe it, but saw the proof right there in front of them.  They brought out the rest of the clubs and I proceeded to hit each one perfectly and with precision.  I was even able to generate backspin on the 9 iron.  We purchased them and I left a happy person.

“Little did I know that I would never really golf again for both health and financial reasons, all caused by the enemy.  There was stuff with my children, the divorce and my heart and the clubs were left unused as a result.  Yes, I hit some balls at a driving range every now and then, but otherwise these clubs simply collected dust.  What this was for, Lord, You know, as nothing escapes You.  Still, why, Lord?”

Jesus:  “While these clubs were a blessing, they also increased the attacks against you.  The enemy stopped you at every turn from having any hope.  Yes, I know that you will now say I was still in control of this and allowed it, but I was still with you every step of the way.”

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, I remember.  Yes, I remember.  While I gave away the woods from my golf bag, I never could force myself to give away those irons.  They were made for me.  They were from my mom.  It was a promise of someday and I held onto this.  Please forgive me, Lord, as I held very tightly to this.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, I am not here to admonish you for holding onto your dream or this golf bag.  I am instead revealing to you a particular group of very evil spirits.  These spirits kill dreams and invade and destroy that which is good.  While I did not send these, they were still part of your refinement.  In your dream, one was barely alive, but it then fled and will not return.  However, something else was there.  What was that?  Any guess?”

Me:  Shaking my head.  “Well, yes.  It looked like a larger version of the titanium hinge with screws that they removed from my neck.  I believe that this was in the fall of either 2002 or 2003, but I don’t remember.”

Jesus:  “Yes, it was part of an enemy plan to keep you from realizing your dreams.  This spirit has constantly stripped you of your dreams, your art and the gifts given to you by God.  Erin, the goal was to strip you of each of your talents.  Still, it only had permission to torment you for only certain venues and certain time periods.  It was restricted.”

Me:  “Yes, I know this to be true as I could never be as creative as I knew I could when I was painting or drawing.  That being said, I was then able to illustrate with precision when it came to technical drawings.  After a while, even this too stopped.”

Jesus:   “Now that we have identified this, let’s now break it down and remove its power over you.  It was sent to burden you by removing anything that brought you joy, even if it had to break your neck to do it.

Me:  “Oh wow, Lord, that was a ‘lightbulb moment’!”

Jesus:  “Unfinished projects are now heavy burdens and failures ruined by time and guilt.  While shame then follows, this is not by My design.  This is the group of these evil spirits working together.  Here, look…”  He reached for my hand and walked me over to the pool.  He picked up a small pebble and dropped it into the pool.  This then caused a uniform ripple.  The water soon calmed itself and everything was clear.  “Now, come with me…”  He then took me to the very top pool.  “Now, look at this.”

He picked up a medium-sized stone and dropped it into the small pool.  This not only caused a huge splash, but it even disrupted the flow of all of the pools.  He then took this stone and rolled it down through each of the pools.  When the stone hit each pool, the pool spilled over and was no longer clean.  The stone finally came to rest in the largest pool at the bottom.

Jesus:  “Okay, Erin, it is time to go down and remove that boulder.”

Me:  “Wait…what?  Boulder?  It was just a medium-sized stone.”

We walked together to the bottom pool.  He then reached down like a superhero and picked up the stone.  However, this stone was now the size of half a car and would have weighed several tons.  With a smile and with no effort, He then tossed it behind His back as if it was a light piece of crumpled paper.  When the boulder landed, it made a huge crashing sound.  I was now laughing so hard.

Me:  “Lord, that was awesome.  You are so strong.  I wish I had just a small portion of your strength.  You are amazing.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, you are here in the seventh pool.  Your faith is good.  While the enemy longs to destroy you, your tests are over.  You have finished.  Anything coming against you now will come to nothing.  The enemy is trying to attack you from all angles, but it will not succeed.  This has come to a close.  I have closed this door.  You are now to recognize the patterns of the advancement of the enemy in the lives of others.”

As He said this, I began to feel healing in my body on Earth as I stood in the pool with Jesus in Heaven.

Me:  “Oh Lord, this water is so wonderful!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Yes, it is.”

Me:  “Lord, I believe that, when the enemy knows you are marked by God at birth, it sees and observes your course and then devises schemes against things which are good and bring you joy.  He then strips you using things such as money and health.”

Jesus:  “Well, try to think of it this way instead…the enemy either strips you of wealth or gives you too much wealth.  If it is up to the enemy, this will be a scale that will never be balanced.  Now, let’s first look at the man in poverty.  The enemy seeks to keep him in this state.  Now, look at the man who is wealthy.  The enemy tries to keep him there by making him a lover of more and more wealth.  Understand?

“The enemy then introduces things that bring great loss to both.  For the wealthy, this is the sin of power, lust and adultery, along with the dangers of each of these.  Whether rich or poor, it is, in ways, essentially the same types of dangers.  Where ever you are, the enemy is there to send more trouble.  However, there is good news here, Erin, as I am there to deliver you from all of it.”

Me:  “So, Lord, why do I worry when I have as much faith as You say I have?”

Jesus:  “This is because I have now brought you out of your troubles.  The enemy is unhappy about this and is now trying to call you back.  These tactics are like an old habit, a learned behavior or a familiar bad ‘friend’.  While you have now been removed from these, circumstances surrounding you make you fearful of letting go.

“This is like you not wanting to let go of the hem of your gown.  This is like you not wanting to let go of the reins of your horse.  Remember that I have the reins and I am in control, okay?  Your anxiety and worry are not moving your ‘faith result’.  It is not advancing My Will.  I am here with you and I have not forgotten you.

“I am not here to make you feel guilty.  I am not calling you to repent for things you are not responsible for.  However, you must still repent if you choose to jump in the cesspool and participate.”  He smiled and nodded.  “Right?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but You are now protecting me from all of this, right?”

Jesus:  “Very good, Erin.  Yes, I am.  So, Erin, understand that I send revelation in dreams and visions.  I also send confirmations.  Now, you cried out and I came.  However, since I am already with you always, I am there immediately whenever you cry out.  I am there!  Erin, I am the Voice of Truth.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  However, I feel as if I am still afraid of my own garage.  How many mice are out there?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Well, whenever there is an ‘elephant in the room’, there will be a mouse.  Remove the fear.  Remove the worry by making it so that there is nothing for the mice to get into.  By the way, there are multiple layers to what I am saying here.”

Me:  “Okay, Lord.  Please show me what to do next and I will follow.  Please go before me and I will follow You.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Okay, we can get out of the healing pool now.”

He walked over to the side.

Me:  “Okay, Lord, but I like this place and would like to stay here all day.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Oh Erin, your faith has healed you.  Erin, come!”

He splashed me and held out His hand.  I reached for His hand and He led me out of the pool.  He smiled at me with a confidence and warmth that defies descriptions.

Dream over…

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