Dream 349 – Do not worry, I am here, I am with you!

Received Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for today!  Thank You for a full house of laughter and joy.  Thank You for delivering our children home.  Father, my daughter was only ten years old when these dreams and visions began.  I became injured when she was just 11.5 years old.  For most of my time with her during very active years, I have been disabled.  I have been inactive.  It is a very difficult thing to promise something, but then have to walk it back due to pain and injury.

As a result, I stopped promising a long time ago.  I truly live day-to-day because each morning dictates my plans to carry out tasks or stop my plans altogether.  I never made promises because I knew the enemy loves to dive in and cause trouble when we do.  He does this whenever one of Your children has plans.  For the entire time my husband and I have been together, he has endured my disabled state.

Still, I know that this is all due to the Lord’s ‘Furnace Refining Beauty Treatments’.  They serve a purpose, of which I will now try to list as follows:

  • Your outward appearance ages as your inward appearance changes. The fire of your heart for God gives you a glow.  People see this, but usually do not recognize why you have it.  Those who have been through it will often recognize the similarities to what they have been through.  Children and animals will often stare at you and smile.  Unfortunately, the enemy also sees it too.
  • The refining beauty treatments give your personality a lift. You have a little more grace and salt.  You have a better sense of humor.  Salt brings out flavor.  This is the ability to have humility with humor.  This is all part of ‘God’s Spice’.
  • The furnace beauty treatment is the salvation ‘Botox’. This treatment allows you to surrender to God’s Will.  You truly have no idea what all of this refining will look like until you go through it.  Truly recognizing God as He is and as you are not can only be achieved by the injection of Jesus and the surrender of your life to Him for His purposes.  While doing so on the very first furnace visit is very rare, this helps avoid having to continuously go back.
  • The furnace refinery beauty treatment forced me to truly look at myself in the mirror. This led to seven distinct and somewhat humorous stages:
    • The first time, I looked at myself and sighed
    • The second time, I shook my head
    • The third time, I ducked and avoided it all together
    • The fourth time, I slapped the side of my cheek, stuck out my tongue and looked under the lids of my eyes for any signs of life
    • The fifth time, I disguised myself as a Christian, wore a cross and bought some cool accessories
    • The sixth time, I took out my Louisville Slugger baseball bat and shattered the mirror
    • The seventh time, I picked up a broken piece of the mirror and saw my reflection of myself as being small. This was the final time.  I now saw something different.  There was wisdom from Jesus as I had now died to myself.  I became small so that Jesus could become my God over all things.  I finally let God reign completely

Perhaps you are someone in the furnace right now and are looking for tips on having a better ‘furnace experience’.  I say this with humor as the furnace experience is not meant to be easy, but is difficult for good reason.  Still, if only I knew some of things I now know back then, I could have hopefully lessened the time and painfulness:

The first tip is to ‘stay calm’!  You are here because God sees something in you worthy of His great efforts to deliver you through it.  He loves you.

The second tip is to not try to exit early.  This has different ways of being put… ’turn and go back’, ‘bargain’, ‘climb out’, etc.  If you don’t ‘go with God’s flow’ on this, the flames will become hotter as the heat is turned up until you let go.  Tears are okay though as they tend to bring down the flame’s intensity.  Just know that God has heard it all, so bargaining usually never works with God.

While bargaining is a method used to lessen your immediate circumstances, there is always a price to pay if granted.  When I was young, I gave a girl who wanted to beat me up after school fifty cents to leave me alone.  Well, it wasn’t long before my $5 of birthday money was all gone as I kept having to pay this girl off.  The lesson…you can’t bargain without a cost.

God could then say, ‘okay, out of mercy, I will stop right now, but these are My conditions…’  Well, let me tell you, go through the furnace the first time instead because the enemy is the blacksmith and will do all he can to make sure you are unable to meet God’s conditions of release.  If you don’t meet these, can you guess where you will end up?  That’s right…you will be right back into the furnace for a super-hot flaming timeout to eat a nice big slice of humble pie.

The third tip is to call out to Jesus in the midst of your furnace experience.  This is awesome and recommended.  It took my going through this a few times to figure out Jesus was right there with me.  He gave me relief and sheltered me during my experiences.  He was a tall glass of ice water in the hot furnace.  The more of Jesus you have, the shorter and more fulfilling these experiences become.  Just remember that these are still refining furnace beauty treatments and are not meant to ‘feel good’.  However, God is there in the fire to listen to you and instruct you.

The fourth tip is to come as you are and bring nothing with you.  Anything taken with you to bring you comfort aside from God will go up in the flames.  This includes a nice bed, your favorite pillow, special blankets and even stuffed animals.  Everything but God is destroyed so that you only rely on Him and Him alone.

The fifth tip is to not invite your friends.  Inviting your friends to suffer with you on your journey is just mean and a good way to lose them.  This is selfish and could even get you five to ten years in the furnace.  This journey is between you and God, period.

The sixth tip is to not declare a thing and break it:  This is a surefire (pardon the pun) way to sign up for a lifetime of beauty treatments, God’s ‘Gold Edition’.  This is usually entered into by way of absolutes (James 2:10-12, Matthew 5:33-37, 1 John 2:5, Numbers 30:1-2).  Don’t make promises you are incapable of keeping.  Don’t appease others with your tongue by saying something.

Don’t make a contract for something you doubt you can fulfill.  Do not use words such as ‘never’ or ‘always’.  Surely you will be tested and tripped up by these.  Any vow, contract, covenant, declaration or absolute will be put to the fire.  The tongue is foolish when apart from God.  In business, I would make promises on things that I had no control over, especially on shipments.

I would tell my clients, ‘it should be here in two weeks’ or ‘by so-and-so date’ when I was in no position to make such declarations.  After some time, and over many hard lessons learnt, I then would instead say, ‘I make no guarantees on dates, only generalities.  It could be as little as two weeks, but could also be up to twelve weeks depending.’  Customers hated this though as they really wanted to hear it will just be ‘two weeks’.

I especially made these promises when I was a new Christian as I wanted to be a people pleaser.  There are so many ways that a shipment can be delayed.  One time, a shipment was delayed two months because a storm blew the train carrying the furniture into a ravine in the mountains of Montana.  How could I have stopped this?  I truly have hundreds of similar stories.  Just recently, I told the Lord I would start painting again, but I haven’t.  The pain has been just too great.

The seventh and final tip applies to those who are married, the ‘Ultimate Personal Contract’:  In a marriage, you take a vow before God to declare a union, a contract, between a man and a woman.  You are joined together in Holy Matrimony.  You invite witnesses and they sign a guest book.  You then sign a Marriage Certificate with the officiant to solidify your marriage with the laws of the land.

You even drink wine in communion and perform various numerous contracts together all in one day.  These vows are taken together and sealed with the exchanging of rings.  This is further solidified in the marriage bed that evening.  There are also people usually at every ceremony who have cursed your relationship (but that is a different subject for a different time).  Sadly, not always does a marriage last.

This is because the enemy is always there to take notes.  Every marriage under God is tested and not every marriage survives.  Broken contracts are common.  A marriage God blesses, no man can put asunder (Matthew 19:6 and Mark 10:9).  I bring this up as cheating, or even flirting, with someone outside of your marriage will bring consequences each and every time (as just one example).  As another example, not treating your spouse as Jesus would want you to is another open door.

Now, here are some lessons I have learned ‘after the furnace’:

  • I pray with all of my heart that God is finally finished with me being in the furnace. I do not want to go back, so much so that I try to reflect Him in everything I do.
  • God promises to be with you and deliver you and His promises are true.
  • There are some resting or cooling down periods. Learn to recognize these so you are not too quickly back to status quo.  Let God lead and instruct you.
  • Wisdom and knowledge are increased. It took a while to realize absolutes and declarations were the openings for the enemy to go before God in Court to charge me.  The enemy then asks for sifting and trials, having full rights to do so.  Never forget that God is fair in all and, yes, even in granting this.
  • So, you have now gone through this furnace, perhaps several times. Now what?  What is next?  Well, it is time to let go and allow God to open doors.  He is always working on your behalf, so try to be patient.
  • One last thing…always remember that the Ten Commandments really are commandments and not ‘suggestions’. Keep these commandments as it is important to God.  God is there to help as we are too weak to do this on our own.

Father, my dreams have been disturbing lately.  In the morning, they leave me with a pit in my stomach.  I heard Your Voice instruct me throughout this dream, but I could not remember what was being said when I was writing this down.  Even though I did not recall all of the details of my dream last night, I knew it was disturbing to me…

Sub-dream description begins…

There were some extremely angry men searching for me.  They were not a group of men, but rather each man was coming at me individually.  You supernaturally concealed me and brought me from place to place until the news proclaimed that Hurricane Erin had made landfall.

After this, You then brought me out into an open space.  People’s expectations were not realized until You did something.  Once You did, many scattered in front of me, but I did not know what around me caused it as I could not see it myself.  Perhaps there were angels around me, but I am not really sure.

Sub-dream description over…

Note:  Erin is to be the fifth named storm during the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season.  While Andrea and Barry have already come and gone, both Chantal and Dorian must still come before Erin is to be used.  The names of a hurricane are repeated every six years unless they are retired due to extreme damage or loss of life.  Erin was used in 2013 and formed a relatively mild tropical storm (and was therefore not retired).  If Erin is not retired in 2019, the earliest time the name of Erin will be next used is in the 2025 Atlantic Hurricane season.

I have been so troubled lately.  There are so many troubling displays all around us now.  The media is spreading horrible lies and they are truly responsible for much of the resulting unrest.  It is horrible.  Things once ‘taboo’ are now considered common place.  Things once immoral are now considered ‘upright’.  Things once illegal are now legal.  We are not allowed to speak out against it for fear of being put on a ‘hate list’.

I was with my kids at the Target store in Portland ME on Sunday after we picked them up at the airport.  We decided to use the washrooms, but they were really crowded.    Right before our eyes, a man with blue hair came out of one of the stalls.  As he exited, he said, ‘I didn’t even know I was in the wrong washroom.’  The poor washroom attendant waited off to the side.

I asked her if she had any stories about similar things happening and she said many, but also that she was not allowed to say anything.  When I asked her if men can come and go as they pleased, all she could do was nod yes and say ‘something like that’.  This was deeply disturbing to me.  That man was a pervert.  He was a ‘normal’ person, not with special needs or an old man with dementia that truly didn’t know.

What has happened here?  How do we protect ourselves and our children?  We are all under attack here.  If I see something bad happening, I must be careful.  I must first protect foreign religions’ ideologies.  I cannot speak against Islam or other religions.  While I can’t speak against others, they are all allowed to speak hate against me.

We are not able to have the means to protect our household against enemies without violating the rights of those who want to enter illegally.  They tell us ‘if you see something, say something.’  However, if we then do this, we could be labeled.  Is it really okay to fill out a report or accuse someone of something if they dress or appear to be in one of the ‘new society’s protected classes’?

It is truly scary out here.  The reports are disturbing.  Things are so bad for so many.  We are even now being taught that police officers are evil and racist.  While my sons are interested in this profession, I would be so worried for their safety.  Police are vilified now.  A few bad decisions by a few officers have put all of them ‘on notice’.  I have no answers.  While I had a healthy fear for their position in society, I remember being scared when my mom would stand up to them.  We need a healthy respect for them.

I see the enemy operating in the world, Father, and it is so disheartening to not be able to do anything about it.  Oh Lord, I wanted so bad to take that smug smile off of that man that came out of the woman’s washroom.  Surely, Father, things will soon be worse than the days of Noah, but probably already are.  While I believe they already are, most of it is now done in secret on the internet.  Still, much of it is also done right in the open.

As just one example, my youngest son and my daughter saw things during a rafting trip in Washington State that neither should have seen.  They saw people having open sex on the banks of the river and in the water in plain site of families.  They saw people smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in excess.  Just because these have been legalized, does it make it right if they then perform unthinkable acts in front of children?

Oh Father, no one is able to say anything anymore.  Morals and modesty are now gone.  While we need to protect our children from this pervasive evil, our hands are tied tighter together day after day.  Oh Lord, please raise up Your children.  We need You more now than ever.  How can we cope without Your power and glory working through us?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was on His horse at the end of the path.  He was enthroned in light all around Him.  I could barely see Him.  I cried out to Him in a loud voice.  My voice was filled with emotion.  I felt that my voice even somehow reflected a great need to see justice and soon for so many who are suffering!

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Lord, we need help!  Lord, please help us!  I am scared!”

Jesus:  Speaking boldly and with the confidence of a Great Commander.  “Do not worry!  I am here!  I am with you!”

Dream over…

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