Dream 350 – Jesus and our enemies become desperate

Received Thursday, August 15, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for this beautiful fall-like day in summer!  I don’t thank You enough for all You do.  I am so thankful for You.  My daughter and I went to prayer service last night at a local church.  A former nemesis was there and gave us a sincere hug.  It was so healing, so thank You for this moment.  Father, my enemies have ramped up again.  My former employer contacted L&I about my claim and now say they have light-duty work.

I felt in my heart that my main enemy was pulling out all the stops this trip, including joining forces with my former employer.  I am just so disgusted.  I am scared, Father.  In the age of fake news, who knows what they could do.  My name, and even the memory of my name, has been smeared, but really annihilated.  I gave up on pride long ago, but this still hurts.  What do I do now?  Oh Father, I am so tired…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was standing next to His horse.  He was once again holding the reins.  He smiled as I ran straight into His arms.

Me:  “Lord, why will they not leave us alone?  Why does time not just erase all of it?”

Jesus:  “You will have trouble in this world.  Do you remember why?  It is because of who you are and what I created you for.”

Me:  “Yes, but I thought my tests were all over?  I thought everything was finished?”

Jesus:  “Erin, you are not being tested.  This is one enemy staying in contact with another.  They are now joining to try and stir things up.  While they would like your complete shame and destruction, it is frustrating for them as nothing they have tried has worked.  Now, why do they hate you so?  It is because they didn’t have the opportunity to shame you publicly and destroy you before you left.”

Me:  “Lord, we are at the end of our income.  Please do something soon, Lord, as I am scared.  Could You please give us the means to help us?  Please grant us part of what we have in Heaven so that we can pay all of our debts and be free from troubles.  We could survive on virtually nothing if we had no debt.  Better yet, please heal us and our debts.  Please grant us hope and a future.  Please grant our children healing and the desires of their hearts.  Please help us, Lord.  Please help!”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin, as I am with you.  I am with all of you.  When I open a door, no one can shut it.  When I close a door, no one can open it.  I am in control even though, at times, you wonder if I am truly aware of all that is going on.  Well, I am.  Now, can you just hang on a bit longer with Me?”

Me:  “Of course, Lord.  Where are we to go?  What can we do without You?”

Jesus:  “Watch for Me and see what I am about to do for you.  I have not left you defenseless, injured and without hope or means.  I know you are discouraged and you have endured a lengthy time in the refining fire of affliction.  Even as you have gone from strength to strength, the enemy is there and never relenting.

“However, Erin, I am stronger than the enemy and I am in you.  Other than a few distant shouts and worry about what might be, what, if anything, has really succeeded against you or your children.  Well, for that matter, what of your friends also, those whose hearts are on Me?  I call those to assist and they are blessed far beyond what is given.

“Why?  Because all that you have is Mine and, all that you see, I have granted to those I love.  A loss today is a thousand-fold gain tomorrow with Me.  Do not worry!  You have sewn seeds into the Kingdom of Heaven.  All of your hope is now in Me and I will not fail you.  Erin, the seed you have sewn on My behalf has been part of the greatest love story ever told.

“It is My love for those who cry out to Me and know who I am.  This is even to those who don’t have a close relationship with Me, but know I am who I am, understand?  There will be no one who can touch those that I call.  The seeds have been planted and the crop will yield a record number.  Because the crop is large and the workers are few, I will strengthen on high the harvesters.  See this vineyard…”

He pointed behind me and there was a massive vineyard.  Each harvester had a section, but there were two together working side by side to cover the area appointed.  It was so organized and unlike anything I have ever seen.

Me:  “Lord, will You have enough?”

Jesus:  “Yes, but it can be nothing like a normal harvest.  Just as you have seen an increase in wickedness in just a few short years, there too will then be an increase from the Kingdom of Heaven.  There will be an increase of Heaven on Earth through awesome deeds.  You will be part of this, Erin.  I have not forgotten you.  Please do not worry.  I love you.  You have answered My call.  You are My Vessels.  I will pour into you all that you need. You will both be loved and hated, but really more like feared.  Do not worry or be afraid.”

Me:  Hugging Him.  “Oh Lord, I love You so much!”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.  Now, remember that I have the reins here.  I will not let any evil succeed against you, understand?  Evil will flee instead.  Now rejoice!  Erin, are you ready?”

Me:  “Oh yes, Lord, I am ready!  When, Lord, when?”

Jesus:  Smiling as He asked me again.  “Erin, are you ready for what comes next?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, I am ready for the harvesting.  I am ready for people to know just how awesome You really are.  Lord, You can’t be measured.  You are lovely and all inspiring.  I am awestruck in Your presence!”

Jesus:  Hugging me.  “Now, you are not to worry.  I have you.  I own everything.  Nothing will prevail against you.  The former things are far removed and the glory of what is to come will remove any doubt about any trouble.  Now rejoice and see what comes next.”  He smiled at me.

Dream over…

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