Dream 351 – Jesus and the Great Tsunami

Received Sunday, August 18, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You!  I am so thankful for You.  I am thankful that I am surrounded by lovely family and lovely surroundings.  Thank you.  I am grateful.  Thank You for lovely Sparrows and great friends.  Without this beautiful Nest, where would we be?  Thank You for building this Nest at Your Altar.  You, Father, are awesome!

I have been struggling.  The girls start school here very shortly.  This means my time of flexible days is rapidly coming to a close.  Thankfully, there is some promising activity surrounding this possible job for my husband.  I just pray that this is the open door that we have prayed for.  While the job is over 3000 miles away, thankfully modern technology will keep us close.

I pray he gets this position as, without it, we will be in trouble.  While we are in trouble to a certain extent already, I have a hard time imagining what it will be like thirty days from now.  Well, God, everything is in Your hands.  Please do this for my husband.  Even though it has been a year of great humility and surrender for him, he still has had great faith in You and Your promises.

Last night, all seven of us (plus Zoey and Snigglet) watched the movie, ‘The Impossible’, together.  This movie was about the 2004 Great Tsunami and the miracle of the survival of the Alvarez family of five.  It was remarkably well done and realistic.  When I woke up early this morning, I thought about this tsunami.  While I read some other miraculous stories, I could not believe the amount of people who died.

The story depicts the mother being separated from her husband and three kids.  She is shown tossed around in the massive waves as if she were in a washing machine loaded with dangerous and sharp objects.  She had no control.  All the while, she thought her family was probably dead.  She felt helpless and alone.

Well, this was a reminder to me, Father, that truly each day here is a gift from You.  Life here, along with each day, is not guaranteed.  The Earth, and even Heaven, may pass, but Your Words will NEVER pass.  Who are we, Father?  Who are we that You should put so much time and care into us?  We are so easily laid to rest.  Our bodies wear out, our hearts shrivel and die, but, You, Father, Your love never fails.

Oh Lord, You never fail!  Nothing is meant to last here on Earth.  Only our Spirits are called Home by You.  I am sorry I complain.  I have no right.  You are in complete control over all things.  We are small, very small, and who are we to think ourselves able to do anything aside from You.  Father, how does a human survive such a disaster and fail to see what You have done?

Throughout the ages, one is taken and another remains.  A storm comes.  An entire mountain falls and buries a town.  An earthquake comes and shakes objects and foundations.  The grounds shift as if they were weightless toys.  Father, the world grows colder each day…not the temperature, just hearts.  Still, You long to be with us.  You long for us to cry out to You.  You long to see us soften and give our hearts to You.

Father, You know the numbers of our days.  The day we were conceived, You declared it.  Our days were numbered the moment You conceived and knit us in our mother’s womb.  Even though the Impossible movie was void of Your name, Your hand was upon this 2004 event.

While I do not know what life truly has in store for us, what I do know is, whether I am to remain here or You take me Home with You, I am ready for what comes next.  Apart from You, I am lost and facing the impact of a hundred-foot wave.  Oh Lord, I see this wave approaching and I know that, without Your help, it will most certainly consume me.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was in front of me on the path.  The sun shined all around Him.  He stood next to His horse and He was holding the reins.  With tears, I ran to Him.  I did not even so much as motion towards the hem of my dress to lift it.  As a matter of fact, I paid no attention whatsoever to what I was wearing.

Jesus smiled at me as He dropped the reins of His horse.  As soon as He did, the reins disappeared.  He stepped towards me, picked me up and held me.  My arms were around His neck and my head rested on His shoulder.  I started to quietly cry.

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin, I am here.  I have you.  I am here.  I am not leaving you.  Do not worry.  There is more to the story, Erin.  There is also more to your story, which is also Mine.”  He brought me down so He could look at me.  “Do you know there were events leading up to this wave?”

Me:  “What do You mean, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Those sons of Haman had ordered all those who worshipped in Spirit and in truth to celebrate their holy day outside of the area.  I then lead them to the mountains.  When the wave then came, they were all safe.”

I felt prompted by the Lord to look this up.  Sure enough, 400 Christians that should have been in the direct path of the tsunami were instead in complete safety worshiping on a mountain.

Me:  “Surely this was You, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Yes, but, before this, My people had been harassed and killed, their places of worship burned.  There was no justice as the laws there protect the sons of perdition.”

Me:  “But, Lord, so many people died or were injured that day who had their hope in You.”

Jesus:  “Well, those who died did not really die.  They are here with Me eternally in the beautiful Land.  For those who did not die, many are still using this event to testify to the lost.  Erin, there were many more miracles than tragedies that day and many lives were changed.  When you watched this movie, you noticed that there was the Muslim ‘call to prayer’ in the background.  During this part, all was silent and you heard nothing else.  The tsunami then came shortly after.”

Me:  “Oh, so the movie concentrating only on the tragedies is a form of ‘fake news’?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Well, truth, but void of God.  Just remember who tells the story and what is omitted.  However, there is much, much more.  Remember that there is nothing new under the ‘Son’…”  He smiled and pointed to Himself.  “…or under Heaven.  For those whom I grant wisdom, I also grant knowledge and a heart to seek out truth.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, as it takes the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of kings to search it out.”

Jesus:  Smiling as He pretended to think about what I had just said for a few seconds.  “Hmm, yes, that sounds about right.  Now, I led you to watch this movie as a reminder of what you are up against.  Do you understand?”

Me:  “Yes!  I am up against a hundred-foot wave…”  He shook His head humorously in agreement to my response.  “…and we are facing difficult challenges that we are unable to navigate apart from You.  Apart from You, we have no hope.”

Jesus:  “While this is true, there are multiple layers to this.  You are about to face difficult people.  While most will hate you, most will also want you dead and tortured.  This is because of who you are and what you stand for.  While the world will hate you, remember that they first hated Me…and even more so now as I am rarely visible on Earth.

“Now, I tell you this because the things of Heaven will soon be manifesting in the natural and the miracles will be visible.  While you have seen the increase in evil, just know that I am always with you.  If something has been lost, it is because I have removed it.  If something has been found, it is because I have exposed it.

“If a door closes, then I have shut it.  If a door opens, then I have opened it.  If an opportunity comes, then pray on it and I will bless it…”  He smiled and nodded, and then added.  “…providing it is good.  If something evil comes against you, I will remove it.  I will then grant you abilities and strength to endure…even to hold back a hundred-foot wave.

“Now, please do not carry burdens!  See…”  He reached over to His horse and the reins instantly reappeared in His hands.  “…or don’t see…”  Jesus Himself suddenly ‘disappeared’, yet was still there as the reins stayed in the same position.  “…either way…”  He then reappeared, still holding the reins.  “whether you see Me or not, you know I am here right next to you and I have these.”  He nodded towards the reins.

“So, Erin, understand that I am in control of all things around you.  Remember this and stay with Me at all times.  So, Erin, will you stay with Me?”

Me:  Lightly crying, but with joy.  “Yes…of course…oh Lord, I will not go anywhere!  Where would I go to except for trouble if not for You?”

Jesus:  Reaching for my hand as He smiled.  “Now this is wisdom.  Erin, I will heal you and your children.  Many are soon to be healed.”

Me:  “Please, Lord, soon.  Our resources…”

He stopped me by gently touching my lips with His index finger.  He then completed my sentence for me…

Jesus:  “…are in My control, okay?  Now, do you hear Me?”

He smiled when I then jokingly knocked my head a few times.  He knew I meant this as a gesture that I was having trouble finally getting all of this into my ‘thick skull’.

Me:  Laughing.  “Well, I can now, Lord, thank You!”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Perfect…so…shall we continue?”

Dream over…

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