Dream 352 – Jesus, Uriel and His Great Protection

Received Monday, August 19, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for an abundance of laughter with our kids yesterday.  Thank You for a household full of peace and love.  It seems these days that the only unrest in our family is the unrest that remains within me.  Yes, I know I should know better, but being in pain is like being followed by a dark cloud.  Pain wakes me up at night and so often even determines the state of my being.

I truly don’t remember the last time I was completely free, flexible and strong.  Without Your miracles, I see things becoming progressively worse.  This pain shortens my sleep and dictates the length of my dreams.  It is so frustrating at times.  So, Father, I look to You as my Healer, my Adonai Rophekha.  Since You are here with me and present, You are also my Adonai Shammah (which means ‘the Lord is there’).

You therefore know all things.  You give me dreams and you wake me up.  You place them on my heart to write down or you remove them from my memory.  Either way, You are the Author, my Author and Finisher, of my faith journey.  My affliction comes because I am in a state of unrest.  My dreams are often frightening and sometimes my body reacts accordingly to them.  Last night was no exception…

Sub-dream description begins…

We were living in a distant city where the port was western and American.  This is all I know about the location.  I must have been Transformed as I had an assignment that would require this.  However, there were also many people in my care or that I was looking after.  We were all united against a common enemy.  I was staying in a dwelling which was historic.  It had a French country type décor and was very lovely.

However, I was now unattached to ‘things’ and more attached and concerned for others.  I appeared young and strong.  I was also very smart, which means this was all supernatural and in a future time.  Smiles…as of right now, I am the opposite of all of this.  As for my children, they were around also and they too were strong and smart.  While I was young looking again, they still looked a bit younger than me.

While there, I had been awakened by an angel of the Lord and taken to one of the ports.  I then found out that this angel and several other angels had been tracking a shipment from overseas.  It was in the middle of the night and the shipment had just arrived.

Angel:  “This shipment is extremely dangerous.  If fully released, this would wipe out the entire region.  We need to warn the people and remove the threat.”

Me:  “Alright.  Are you going to take me down there?”

The angel reached for my hand and we were instantly at the loading docks for the ships.  He then showed me some large containers.  In these containers were some large white propane tanks.  To my surprise and as I stood there, the angels were suddenly called away to deal with a crisis.

As I stood looking at all of these containers stacked one on top of each other, I became overwhelmed.  As I looked closer, I noticed that they were just empty propane containers.  There was nothing in them.  I opened one just to double check and it was completely empty.  I decided to pray to the Lord about this.  Jesus spoke to me in the Spirit.

Me:  “Lord, what are these if they are not what they appear to be?”

Jesus:  “While most of these containers are empty, there are three buried in the midst of these that are not.  Look…”

I then watched as I was supernaturally able to see through the empty containers as if they were not there.  In the middle of all of these containers, I saw three of them glowing in a supernatural orange color.

Jesus:  “They are planning to release these three containers in the morning.  However, these containers will not destroy any buildings, only the people around here.  These containers are filled with an odorless toxin that, when released, will destroy over half of the population.”

Me:  “This is a daunting task and I don’t know what to do.  Lord, what can I do?”

Jesus:  “I will help you.  While the full plans of the enemy will come to nothing, some will still be lost.”

I was deeply disturbed by this.  I went and gathered a few of us to go down to the docks.  It was just before dawn.  We removed the dummy empty containers, revealing the three really large ones.  We could still see them glowing in a supernatural orange.  We took these three containers and loaded them on a type of metal pontoon boat.  We secured them by putting up the boat’s metal rails and headed out to the water.

Once far enough out, we sunk two of the containers.  However, before we could sink the third container, we came under attack by an enemy vessel.  They were soon then fortified by the arrival of a few more vessels.  While we should have been killed, the Lord gave us the supernatural ability to turn all the ammunition being fired at us into harmless feathers.  The enemy looked so frustrated as none of their plans to kill us were succeeding.

We were then able to set the third container out.  However, before this container was able to fully sink, one of the enemy boats rammed right into it.  The container spilled some of the contents into the air.  Before we could be in contact with the toxins, the Lord immediately removed us to the city.  Once there, we removed and protected those that the Lord had called us to protect.  None of us were harmed.

While only a small amount of the toxin had reached the city, what we then saw was quite devastating.  We literally saw boiling skin falling off.  People were in great pain.  Putting cool water on the skin only served to make the boiling even worse.  The angels had now come back and were working with us to help with the crisis.  Despite our best efforts, many people still died.  Still, it was a just a fraction of what it could have been.

Sub-dream description over…

Father, this was a very dark dream.  Please help me to make sense of all of this.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I found myself at the Heavenly Valley of God.  I sighed as it was so beautiful.  Dawn was once again just breaking.  As I observed the valley, I felt a hand brush my shoulder.  It was Uriel!  He was in full armor.  I looked over at his horse and he was in full armor as well.  I was excited to see him.

Uriel:  “This visit will be brief, Erin.  I am here to give you a message from God.  The feelings you have of uncertainty and vulnerability are soon to be removed.  However, you must try to understand the times that you will then be in.  Many conspiracy theories have a seed of truth.  The seals of the scrolls are soon to be broken and you will see much destruction.

“However, you are not to worry as you will be protected and will not be in your current state.  The dream you had last night was a warning about the plans of the enemy.  There are tests and experiments occurring now in preparation for the day of the invading armies.  You were shown this on a map.  The plan is to weaken the sovereign nation within the borders and from the core first.

“You are seeing a web of lies, untruths, half-truths and omissions.  They are now only spreading bad news.  This is done to create fear.  Race conflicts are being created into something large by using inuendo and rumor and turning it into a weapon for the purpose of division.

“There is also now a call to disarm the public.  Once disarmed, they know that there would be no ability to defend your family or property from invading forces.  You have only to look to see that rumors of wars and wars of a different kind are already occurring.  This is all as written.  Just know that there is a more sinister plan in place and people will not see it coming until it is right upon them.

“They will be unable to do anything once these strikes.  One nation, along with many others, believe that they are ‘more sovereign’.  Most do not even see that they are pawns in a greater scheme.  Now, do not worry as these are just plots and plans of the enemy right now.  These things are given to you only as warnings so you understand just what is coming against you.”

Me:  “All of this is so frightening.  I saw my brother, his wife and children right in the middle of all of this.  I was scared for their safety.”

Uriel:  “Erin, this was only meant to show you that you will have vested interests in those God has sent you to.  You are to be a ‘non-traditional field harvester’ and are being sent to protect your ‘crops’, understand?  These serve as warnings and to let you know things around you won’t always be joyful.  As you reach the end of the harvest, the grapes will be jumping off the vines to be harvested, understand?

“Things will turn as the enemy resists any attempts by God’s army to prevail over darkness.  Just know that all of this will mean so much to so many.  Still, and at times, just know that it will be difficult to witness all that you will be exposed to.  In all things though, God is with you and He will direct you in the ways you should go.  I must go now.  Be encouraged, Harvester!”

He smiled at me as he jumped onto his horse.  In an instant, they disappeared into the sky.

Me:  “Oh Father, please strengthen us supernaturally and heal us.  Our hearts are willing, but our flesh is weak.  In my case, my flesh is literally physically weak.  Please, Father, let us help You bring in the Greatest Harvest soon.  I so want to be ‘in that number’ as a harvester of the Kingdom of God.  I love You, Father.  Help me to be strong and have courage.  I pray for this in Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen!”

Dream over…

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