Dream 353 – Jesus and the Bowl of Plums

Received Sunday, August 25, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for the cooler temperatures outside!  Thank You for a house full of laughter and joy.  Thank You for Your promises.  I cling to these.  I love You!  I had a dream last night, Father, which was disturbing to me.  Prior to reading this dream, some background is in order…

We once had a plum tree that we lost in our backyard in Portland OR back in 1996.  This happened during some horrible storms with freezing rain.  We had called this tree ‘Papa’s Tree’ because it had been planted by my grandpa-in-law when the home had first been built.  When this tree fell over, I grieved over it.

I loved that tree, yet I really had no vested interest in it.  Quite simply, it was lovely and I liked it.  A storm came and it fell under pressure.  It was now gone and only a stump remained.  The other thing of note was that ‘Papa’ was a very kind and Godly man.  From what I witnessed, he consistently produced ‘good fruit’.

Sub-dream begins…

We lived in a massive orchard that contained multiple varieties of fruit trees.  Our entire family was traveling down the lane to our home and the blossoms on the trees were so beautiful that it took our breath away.  However, amongst all of these beautiful, blossoming trees, there was one tree with no blossoms and no buds.

While the trunk and branches of this tree were beautifully shaped, I somehow knew that there was something wrong with this tree.  In terms of maturity and growth, this tree was way behind the other trees.  In addition, this tree only had twelve fruit, all plums and all unhealthy looking…

  • Three were black, shriveled and dry
  • Three were beginning to shrivel and were deep purple
  • Three were purple and blue, but rotten
  • Three were moldy

My two sons in unison:  “Hey, it is ‘Papa’s Tree’!”

Me:  “While this looks very much like ‘Papa’s Tree’, it isn’t.  I feel bad that I hadn’t noticed this sooner as I would have picked the fruit while it was still good.”

Older son:  Good-naturedly.  “Well, mom, why didn’t you?”

Me:  “I suppose we already had so much, I just overlooked these twelve.  Perhaps they were hidden behind leaves and things.  Making it even trickier is the fact that these twelve plums are hanging on branches really near to the main trunk.  However, I don’t think that we are to worry about this as this making us feel bad would not be of God.

“Still, let’s give this tree another chance to blossom.  If it doesn’t, the bottom line is that we will be cutting it up for firewood.  However, let’s first pray and wait to see if God does something with it during the next seven days.”

Sub-dream over…

Father, I need Your help with revelation on this dream.  The setting, the details and the timing of this was very clear.  Once again, we were all together as a family.  Please let not one fruit be left behind during the harvest.  Make it so that, in the spring, all the trees blossom.  This was an unsettling dream and I feel as if I had forgotten something about it.  Father, please grant us continued hope.

There are so many events in the news that are extremely unbelievable.  The reporting seems manipulative and organized as propaganda.  The massive visual of a fire being stoked at the base of a cauldron is truly for now.  However, it is no longer a slow boil, but now a rapid boil.  There is so much news geared to taking down our leaders that virtually none of the rest of the news is even covered.  It is all ‘agenda-centric’.

What is hard is all those apart from You hear all of this false news and believe it.  It is stirring up and dividing the wicked left against the wicked right because the news is only focusing in on extremes meant to scare us.  The heartbeat monitor of our nation seems to be the Stock Exchange.  There are so many ups and downs right now, it is like there is a ‘heart condition’.

However, there is a massive story that is not receiving any coverage at all.  There are massive amounts of Christians that have been persecuted and murdered world-wide these last three years, yet none of it is being reported.  There is only one protected group right now and they seem to be given all earthly powers.  This is the followers of Islam, the Muslims.

It will only be a matter of time before all of this increases to critical levels in the western hemisphere.  This situation reminds me of a book I used to read to my children when they were little.  It was titled, ‘If you give a mouse a cookie!’  In this story, you keep giving the mouse the things that he asks for and it eventually comes full circle.  However, in the instance of the world, their demands take an extreme pattern.

This is the biggest threat to our world and peace.  If you look at conditions in the Middle East, it is mostly a war-torn land.  Their lands are also filled with anger and hate, two ‘negative fruits’ that are now being imported through immigration to the rest of the world.  It is now to the point that just saying the name of Jesus is blasphemy to Islam.  The name of Jesus is now so offensive to so many, you only hear His name in curses.

Do we have to establish sanctuary cities and safe-zones for different groups within our own borders?  There are compounds near us in Maine, New York and New Hampshire.  It is now so that the U.S. authorities are not even allowed to enter there.  Why?  It is because they are setting up independent ‘countries’ within our once united country, complete with their own laws and justice system.

I am deeply troubled by all of this.  Fear has now become a part of daily life and it has all happened so quickly.  As a helpful distraction last night, we watched the movie ‘Breakthrough’.  It was awesome and is based on a true story written about in a book titled, ‘The Impossible’ (not to be confused with the movie, ‘The Impossible’, that we just watched).  Well, let’s just put it this way…there was not a dry eye in the room.

Oh Father, just when I think something is over and finished, You do something amazing.  You add to Your story an addendum of miracles.  You even back it up with science and through medical experts.  Nothing and no one are removed from You.  I am in awe of You.  Nothing is ‘impossible’ for You, Father.

Yesterday, I came to You broken.  I learned some news about a personal dream that Jeff and I have believed in for about four years now coming to an abrupt end.  I was crushed and I pouted to You in a personal visit.  I went to You immediately and You told me the following…

Jesus:  “Erin, I know about this.  However, there are details that you don’t know.  Please remember that I am the One in control.  It is not over until I say it is over and I have not said that this is over.”

So, Father, I turn to You as You are the God over all.  You not only determine our days here on Earth, You also prepare a place for us near Your Altar.  You care about what we care about and You delight in us even in the small things.  I look at myself and now realize that I have not made peace with myself.  I am not always ‘good for me’, so I give myself to You and ask You to help me make peace with myself.

Oh Lord, You have done so much for us.  However, I also know by Your promises that You have barely started, so we hold out for the ‘Big Dream’!  In the movie, Breakthrough, the mother refused to speak anything but life to her son in the coma.  She also did not allow others to speak anything but life.  Well, through her faith, the boy was not only brought back to life, a true miracle, but restored to 100%, an even bigger miracle.

Father, this all was impossible, but You are the God of the Impossible.  Please consider us!  Please breathe life back into us soon.  Please breathe life back into our dry bones.  We wait for You, Lord, because we know You can do anything and You are not finished yet.  Your promises are true and we look forward to seeing them being fulfilled one after another.  Thank You, Father, for sending Your Son so that we may live through Him.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was under the archway dividing the beautiful vineyard from the aspen grove path.  The air was cool and had a slight smell of woodsmoke and sandalwood.  These smells reminded me of fall.  Jesus was at the end of the path and He was holding the reins of His horse.

The aspen trees were turning gold and they shimmered in the light of God, Jesus.  I ran to Him across the paver stone path.  I smiled and laughed when I noticed that He was also holding a bowl in His hands.  I laughed even harder when He tipped the bowl slightly to let me see what was inside.  It was twelve ripe and juicy plums!

Me:  “Oh Lord, You don’t really have to keep hold of the reins of Your horse, do You?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes, I do, as it appears that You still worry about many things.”

Me:  “Yes, I do.  I am sorry, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I called you to come to Me immediately today.  However, what did you do instead?”

Me:  “I took my jasmine tree outside to get some sun.”

Jesus:  “That is fine, but what else?”

Me:  “I noticed those dumb mealy bugs are back.  I have worked so hard to bring this little tree back from death and rid it of these pests.  While I have been using some eco-bug spray to kill these, they are still coming.  It has been about 23 days now.  I am sorry I didn’t come to You right away, but I was trying to save this little tree.  I don’t want to give up.  It seems to be working as all the leaves have now come back.  I discovered their hiding places, but they kept coming.  They keep coming and I keep trying.”

Jesus:  “While I understand, you left out some important things.  Who has these?”  He lifted up the reins to His horse.  “Who answers prayers?  Have you prayed?”

Me:  “I thought I did.  When I came back from Seattle, I discovered that all the leaves on this plant had dropped off.  I was going to toss it, but I instead prayed and began to work at bringing it back to health.”

Jesus:  “Well, Erin, speak life into the tree and speak death over the invaders.”  He paused before continuing.  “Hmm, I just felt your hesitation.  Do this and don’t feel guilty about it.  I can tell your hesitation.”

Me:  Smiling.  “Well, Lord, why did You even create these irritating creatures to begin with?  For that matter, why did You create flies, mosquitoes, poisonous spiders, locusts and scorpions?  Actually, I have a long list of other creatures.  Should I continue?”

Jesus:  Laughing and shaking His head.  “Well, in this life, you will have trouble.  However, you are to rejoice and take heart as I have overcome the world.  Erin, it is by and through these things, both pests and predators, that you can understand the patterns of trouble in which your enemies move.  Now, what did you discover about these ‘creatures’?”

Me:  “I discovered that they are very diabolical.  They find places to hide and thrive even with anti-bacterial soap being sprayed on them.  They hide in places you never suspect and thrive there until the threat has passed.  After this, they then invade with a vengeance.  While doing so, they hope your initial sense of relief has made it so you do not pay attention that they are now back.

“After ten days, I could not figure out where they were coming from because I had already removed the plant to a different location.  Then after another diligent spray, I noticed the white fuzz coming out of the bamboo pole which held it up.  I then went to remove it only to discover that the ties which held the stick had massive colonies hidden underneath the ties that bound it to stand up straight.”  I sighed.  “These then attacked the joints of the tree and all of the new growth.  Oh Lord, all of this is so exasperating.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, interesting.  This sounds like a larger lesson in spiritual warfare.  So, little warrior, what are you to do now?”

Me:  Laughing.  “Okay, Lord, You are right.  I have been battling this enemy solidly for almost thirty days now.  Why didn’t I think of this?  Why are some enemies gone immediately and others just reposition themselves?”

Jesus:  “Well, they are never really gone as the spirit of these continue.  As in the case of a wasp, you can kill the nest hive, but what of those who were not there when you killed it?  What do they do?  Well, they redirect their attention to a new target and set up a new basecamp.  Remember that the pests you just named don’t have a complex brain mechanism.

“The wasps do not have a long-term plot to kill you and your family.  They only know that they need to make a shelter, get food and multiply.  However, they will attack if threatened.  With your bugs, their goal is to eat, thrive and multiply.  Their goal is not to kill the plant, but only invade and take what it needs before going to the next plant.

“Do you see this?  These things were created so you understand these are a living, breathing manual of war on a small scale.  In the case of locusts, they can be devastating to crops and farmers, but also to consumers of these crops.  These are all to show you that all living things on Earth have an enemy.

“Here in the Kingdom of Heaven, there are no enemies.  On Earth, there are enemies of God and His Kingdom everywhere, people that hate all of His ‘goodness’.  These types of people were brought forth for another purpose.  They are blacksmiths and enemies of My people.  They seek to rob, kill and destroy all that is good.

“Some of these know no other way as many have been raised this way from birth.  This too is no surprise.  For some, I will call them, but, for others, they were never Mine.  It is all about hearts, Erin.  Now, you saw something in the little tree that made you want to fight for it.  What was this?”

Me:  “Well, the leaves had mostly dropped off despite being watered well.  I isolated it for three days by taking it outside and setting it all by itself.  On the third day, I noticed a jasmine blossom and took a photo.  It was the sign of life that I needed to see in order to continue to fight for it.”

Jesus:  “Okay, then also fight by prayer and by speaking life over death.  The power of life or death is in the tongue.  Your tongue is the Sword of Truth and authority in Me if used properly.  Now, this brings us to a certain bowl of twelve fruit.”

He smiled and laughed as He lifted up the bowl for me to look at.

Me:  Smiling.  “Ooh, plums!  May I please have one?”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin.  Go ahead.”

He took out a plum and handed it to me.  He then took one for Himself.  I bit into it.  Well, I can’t even begin to tell you just how amazing it tasted.  It was the perfect combination of tart, sweet and juicy.  It was unlike anything on Earth.

Jesus:  “So, what do you think?  Very good, right?”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this tastes amazing.  I can’t wait to be here in Heaven with You!”

Jesus:  “Well, you are here now.  So, what did your tongue just say?  Are you saying that you are done with the world today?  Right now?”

Me:  In shock.  “Oh Lord, no, there is more to do.  I haven’t lived yet in Your plans and I am excited for all of the souls You will be calling us to in the harvest.  I am sorry that I just misspoke.  I didn’t mean that I wanted to come Home now, but rather ‘after’.”

Jesus:  Nudging me good-naturedly and smiling.  “Relax, Erin, I was just playing.  This was meant only as a small reminder, a small and gentle rebuke, about the power of the tongue.  The tongue is a weapon to wield properly and with wisdom.”

Me:  “I am guilty of flippant words and nonsense at times.”

Jesus:  “Then pray!  Pray for this too.  The power of the mother’s tongue speaking life over her son’s dead body brought life back to him.  In this instance, had she given up and called it a day, I would have had a difficult time turning this story into an even greater miracle, understand?  Now, these plums and your dreams…this is a message for you about phases.  The orchard signifies that the seasons continue forward.

“Time does not stop.  The harvest will continue, but there is an effect on all that remains.  There will be four phases you witness in those who remain.  Those who are apart from Me will display stages of decay as in fruit until they finally fall from the branch altogether.  You will begin to also know them by their fruit.  In the beginning, in the Garden, there were fruit trees and an abundance of fruit.

“Well, there is the same now, yet, apart from God, the fruit is bad.  You will see the stages of decline and death.  Remember that, at the harvest, you do not fail to harvest these fruits or overlook them even though they call out to you, as it is I instead who calls you to harvest.  You will not be like you are now.  I will instead direct you in all that you do.

“Here in Heaven, the fruit is good and there are no invaders.  Here in Heaven, there is no need for analogies or parables.  Here in Heaven, all things are reconciled.  Now, the enemy will know you by your fruit and, through this, he will know that I am with you.  Now, while there is more to this dream, just know that I will be directing you.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  It takes the Glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of…”  Smiling at Him.  “…a ‘sparrow’…”  Now laughing.  “…to search it out.”

Jesus:  Smiling and laughing.  “Oh Erin, you are much more to Me than a sparrow and even much more to Me than even a king.  I will soon begin to well up in you in greater ways.  Those I have called will begin to have supernatural wisdom and knowledge.  Your family and others will have dreams and visions.  I have begun, so rejoice and remember that the power of life and death is in your tongue.  Pray and speak life.

“Now, please do not worry as I have you.  I will provide for those I love.  When your plans seem to fall away, remember that they are not finished as I have them.  I delight in you and your dreams and your hopes are good.  Do not worry as the cattle on a thousand hills are Mine.  You are under My care and I have called My angel armies concerning you to guard you in all you do.”

He looked into my eyes as He lifted up His hands.  I laughed as both the reins and the bowl had now disappeared.  I somehow knew in my heart that these were only meant as examples to signify He knows my every hope, worry and need.  Yes, He even controls our dreams.

Me:  “Blessed be Your Name, Lord.  You are so big and I am so small.”

Jesus:  “All of this is to show you that I am fully present and that I know all things.  Erin, I am always with you.  I have even placed your desires on your heart and have found it good.  I love you.  Call on Me.  I am here to wipe away your tears.  Now, let’s continue.  I have some great ‘stuff’ planned!”  He reached for my hand.

Dream over…

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