Dream 362 – Jesus and the Parade of Show Homes

Received Sunday, October 13, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for the beauty of fall and the sea of colors outside of our windows.  I just wish that this was not so short lived.  One tree of yellow leaves seemed to drop its leaves within one day.  They turned color and then dropped that fast.  It is so sad when this color parade ends because we then know that winter is almost here.

It has been a difficult time for all of us here.  Disheartening really.  Good news seems to be just as fleeting as the colorful leaves on the trees are.  I was not feeling well yesterday.  I have been experiencing heart flutters.  When I have them, it makes me unusually tired.  I am thankful for my pacemaker.  Without this, and Jesus too of course, I would have been gone eleven years ago.

I was tired and stayed home from church service last night.  My husband still took our kids to service though as they have great messages for young adults.  They were greeted at the door by our 20-year-old youth pastor, someone who has become friends with my older daughter.  Apparently, he had been walking right behind them when he went into cardiac arrest.

Not wanting to draw attention to himself, he asked the staff to say nothing during the service.  The paramedics came and took him to the hospital to be checked out.  My older daughter did not see him during the service and did not become aware of this until the lead pastor’s wife told her what had happened.  Father, he is only 20 years old.  I pray for supernatural healing for this young man, in Jesus’ Name!

Oh Lord, there are so many sick people right now who need miracles.  Father, there is nothing beyond Your knowledge or reach.  All healing, and even the raising of the dead, are within Your capabilities.  Please, Father, please!  I love You.  Please transform us so that we are able to heal the sick, raise the dead, save the lost and grant all of the hope they desperately need.  I want it to be obvious that the love of God has come down to help and save!

Please, Father, let it be so.  As it stands right now, there are no Jews jealous of us Gentiles.  There is no child of Yours performing great miracles aside from one or two in remote outreaches.  What good are lanterns if they are kept hidden under the bed?  What good is a quiver full of arrows if they are never used?  Please, Father, for surely we are on the verge of something miraculous!  When I went to sleep last night, I prayed for an amazing dream.  It was granted.  This dream was long and very detailed…

Sub-Dream 1 “The Parade of Show Homes” begins…

I had been instructed to drive to a big show home production in a large development.  The show was opening soon.  There were to be seven showcase “Street of Dreams” homes in total.  One of the builders had their designer quit, so they needed me to come in and take over.  I quickly realized that I might have to work with two of my enemies behind the scenes.

Apparently, these two enemies of mine had referred the builder to me out of sheer panic and desperation.  When I arrived at the property, I realized that it was literally just sheetrock and floor boards.  There were no cabinets, lighting or plumbing.  There was essentially nothing.  I went over to where the worried looking builder was standing.

Me:  “Has anything been ordered yet?”

Builder:  He was reluctant to answer at first.  He responded after a few seconds.  “Well, no…not yet.”

Me:  “Oh…okay…well, it is better to not have to work around someone else’s style.  I’ll get started.  How much time do I have?  I will need to order cabinets, fixtures, flooring and tile immediately.”

In my mind, I thought that I still had a couple of months to get this completed.  My two enemies stood there with their hands in their pockets looking everywhere but at me while the builder replied.

Builder:  “You have just one week.”

Me:  I could not believe what I had just heard.  “Excuse me?  What?  One week?  For which portion?”

Builder:  “All of it.  All of it.”

Me:  Shaking my head.  “This is impossible!  Well, I will see what I can do.  I will call in as much help as I can.  Just realize that there will be no time to order custom anything.  You will also need to trust me completely.  Do you understand?”

Builder:  “Well, I really don’t have any choice.  We will be sunk if we don’t have your help.”

He grimaced over at my two enemies.  I could tell that it was their fault.  They must have been really desperate to call me as they hate me so much as to want my death.

Me:  “So, I will need a contract written up.  However, it has to be a ‘no fault’ one just in case I am unable to meet this impossible deadline.  I will need installers.  I will also need immediate access to the means to do this impossible project.  The first day is almost over and I will be unable to get much accomplished in seven days.  In reality, this is not a whole week, but six days, as it is already 4:00pm and most suppliers are already closed.”

Builder:  “No, wait.  Look here.  You also have an extra day.  This would be the eighth day.”

Me:  I was somewhat relieved, but not by much.  “Okay, I will get started.  I will first go see what others are doing here on the street so that I know what we are up against.”

Builder:  “I believe in you.  Thankfully, my home here has the smallest floorplan.”

Me:  “Okay, that is good news.  However, I will need to use various suppliers.  I will not be able to use just one if I want to get this all done on time.”

Builder:  “I no longer have any loyalties to my previous supplier.”  As he said this, he pointed towards my two enemies.  “I need a miracle, so please do whatever you need to do.  I will send help in the way of installers, carpenters and electricians.  I have made sure that all of these tradespeople are on standby for you.”

Me:  “Oh wonderful!”

Builder:  “I will also be personally available to assist you in any way possible.”

Me:  “I will walk through the space and double check the electrical before I allow the sheetrock to be finished.”

I looked over to where my two enemies had been standing, but they had now disappeared.  The electrical work was of good quality, so I made very few adjustments.  I could tell that this builder was a very good one.

Me:  “What exactly happened here to make this project so far behind?”

Builder:  “Well, it is a very long story.  My trust was taken advantage of and all that was to go into this house was sold out to another on the street.  The authorities are now involved.  However, in the meantime, I must go ahead and move forward.  If I get wrapped up in issues of future judgment and possible recompense that I have no control over, I will lose sight of that which I can do something about.  I am holding on to these next seven days and the possibilities of a miracle.”

Me:  Smiling.  “Well, I pray I am able to do this for you.  I will do all that I can for you.”

Builder:  “Thank you.”

Me:  “Don’t thank me yet.  Anyway, I am off to see what our competition is doing.”

Builder:  “Okay, but please don’t get discouraged at what you will see on the street.”

Me:  “Good advice.  Don’t worry, I will remain focused.”

I set out to look at the other show homes.  The first one I entered was very confusing.  It was overdone with so many different styles that it hurt my brain.  The designer appeared to be a man dressed as a woman.  He/she had a fabric patterned tattoo on his/her face and it matched perfectly with the garment he/she was wearing.  As I left, I could hear him/her shouting out bizarre demands to the workers.

The next house was massive.  The ceilings were twenty feet high throughout the house.  It was literally a palace.  There was a large live tree inside the house that was there for the children to climb on.  The layout and order were confusing.  The floors were white marble.  The walls and ceiling were white as well.  With the exception of the green tree, everything was white, white, white.

I then noticed a young couple in a seating area.  I approached them.  She had just given birth to a little baby.  I could tell that the baby was only a few weeks old.  The young father was holding and doting on the baby in his arms.  The mom was around twenty years old.  The father seemed to be around the same age.  The woman seemed to be either the owner of the home or the child of the owner of the home.  I couldn’t tell which.

Young woman:  “Come over here and sit with us.”

Me:  “Wow, you look so small for someone who just gave birth to a baby.”

Young woman:  “Yes, I am so excited about being able to once again fit into the outfit I had purchased for the Stagecoach Festival.  I can hardly wait to go!”

Unlike the father, I could tell that this woman was extremely self-absorbed and had no interest in her baby.  She stood up and looked at me.

Young woman:  “Come with me.  I am so excited about my order.  Did you pass it when you came in?”

Me:  “No.  I came in the back way near the kitchen.”

She was so excited as she took me out of the front door of the house.  The front yard was full of lovely trees, flowers and bushes.

Young woman:  “Oh no, these vines keep growing over it.  I have them cut, but then they immediately come right back.”

The vines were as large as snakes.  They were alive and seem to be behaving as if they had a mind like a snake.  The vines would not allow her to get to this item.  As I looked closely, I started to laugh as this item was a large six-foot-tall hollow bronze large buddha statue.  She was in a wrestling match with these ‘snake vines’ to keep them from covering the buddha’s belly.

Young woman:  “Here, I will hold these vines back so that you can rub its belly.  Come on, you will get whatever you wish for.”

Me:  Trying to hold back my laughter.  “I am fine.  Listen, I have to run now.”

Young woman:  “No, you really have to rub this.  This is how I have what I do.  You will need this!”

Me:  Sternly, but still friendly.  “No, I don’t.  I have something so much greater.  He is not only in me, but right beside me, over me and under me.  The Power of God is much greater to me than the fat belly of a manmade statue.”

Young woman:  Becoming increasingly angry as these snake vines were now wrestling her to the ground.  “You will regret your decision.  This has true power.”

Me:  I could not help but now smile as the vines were no longer letting her stand up.  I called out to her…  “Just reach up and rub its belly.  You will be fine.  You can then take it with you to Stagecoach.”

I left her house and scanned the four other homes remaining for me to look at.  I could now hear the young woman screaming out in frustration about the vines she was wrestling with.  I then realized that I just did not have the time to look at these remaining homes.  I saw that each of these four other homes also had an idol on each of the front of their landscapes.  Each were different and none of them were attractive.  I didn’t recognize most of these ‘gods’, other than one seeming to be a massive Hindu ‘god’.

Me:  “Sigh…okay, Lord, I need miracles here.  I have seven days to put this together.  Well, if this is the first day, I have eight days.  Help!”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

I then fell into a deep sleep after writing down this dream.  I then had a second dream.

Sub-Dream 2 “Elderly woman in an antique shop” begins…

I was looking around in an antique shop.  There were beautiful things displayed in cases and on shelves.  The owner was an elderly woman.

Elderly woman:  “Do you realize that everything before you was created by someone who is now in Heaven?  Do you realize that all of the first owners of each one is there too?”

I somehow knew that what she was telling me was the truth.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Lord, everything has a back story.  Last week was a brutal week and the week before that was even worse.  If it were not for the love, prayers, encouragement and support of our incredible Nest family, we would have been with little hope.  Thank You, Father, for our amazing Nest family, our incredible ‘cyber family’ that we love so much!  Seriously, in today’s age of people growing colder, the warmth of the Nest could only be from You!

As I looked around me, I realized that generations before us all paid the price for all that we see around us.  However, there was no price greater than that of Jesus.  I finished my seven Hebrew years of dreams recently and Jesus is deservingly the true focus of each of them.  The Lord has been preparing us for changes.  While You have never said You would stop these dreams and visions even once, I know that You are now preparing us for something else, something more…the gifts of healing and miracles.

These have come in my dreams first.  I have been getting glimmers.  I have seen people during my waking hours who need miracles.  I have prayed that God would grant us this ability to heal others in Jesus’ Mighty Name.  While I don’t know when or how God will do this, I know that He loves us and has this planned for us.  We have grown very tired of this world and we are no longer comfortable here.  Father, we are ready and willing to be called into Your greater service.  Please do this soon!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I found myself in Heaven walking along a familiar path.  It was a beautiful day.  I could hear music in the distance, so I decided to run towards it.  I then noticed a familiar side path to my left.

Me:  Crying out with joy.  “It’s the Potter’s House!  Jesus, where are You?  Lord, are You here?”

I went up to the door and knocked, but no one answered.  I tried the latch on the door and it immediately opened.

Me:  “Lord, are You here?  Yeshua?”

I giggled.  He didn’t answer.  I soon realized that He wasn’t there.  I went outside to the beautiful garden.  There were rocks with water springing out of them.  The water then led to a small stream.  I called out to Him, but again got no answer.  The springs looked so refreshing that I began to drink water from one of them.  I felt a warmth, like a ray of sunshine, go through my veins.  I then decided to go inside and wait for the Lord.

When I went back inside, I could hear the Potter’s Wheel whirling.  I was curious about this as I thought this Wheel could only function at the right speed by the Lord Himself.  As I got closer to the Wheel, I noticed that there was a lump of clay in the middle of the Wheel.  I felt called to place my hands in a bucket of living water.  I felt the clay move through the palms of my hands.  Unlike the Lord, I clearly had no idea what I was doing.

Me:  “Lord, I don’t know how to do this!”

I again dipped my hands in the living water.  I then felt the Lord in me, via the Holy Spirit, directing my hands.  However, the minute I tried to do anything on my own, the clay toppled and I had to start over.  I decided it would be easier to just close my eyes and allow God to work rather than allow my ‘self’ to get in the way again.

I dipped my hands in the living water and put them back onto the clay.  I could tell that the lump of clay was turning into a lovely vase, but I refused to open my eyes for fear of having it collapse.  Finally, the Wheel stopped and I opened my eyes.  There before me was something I could not believe.  The piece was so beautiful that I gasped.  Just then, the door opened.

Jesus:  “Hmm, do I have a new potter in My midst?”

Me:  Replying without thinking.  “Look, Lord!  Look what ‘I’ just made!”  As soon as I said the word ‘I’, the vase imploded.  I became sad.  “Oh no, Lord, I just ruined this beautiful little vessel!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “What do you think went wrong?”

Me:  “It was You using me to make this little pot.  However, in my joy because You used me, I said look at what ‘I’ just made instead of look at what ‘You’ just made.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Very good, Erin.  You recognized that you, on your own, did not produce this.  It was instead I through you Who did.  This is a common error, but also your first lesson.  There is no ‘I’ except the Great I AM Who works through you, understand?  Now, let’s start putting this vessel of yours to good use.  Are you ready?”

Me:  “Yes!  I am so excited.  I feel as if I was born ready.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Yes, perhaps, at times during your life, but we first had to remove your ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘I’ so that there was less of you and more of Me.  Now, come with Me.”  He had such a happy look on His face as He reached over for my hand.

Dream over…

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