Dream 369 – The God of Mercy and of Justice

Received Sunday, November 17, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family, my husband and our children.  Thank You for the sound of laughter in our home.  It warms my heart and it is what I longed for from a very young age.  Thank You also for my awesome friends on the Nest, those who love me unconditionally and say kind things meant to encourage me when I am down.

Father, another door closed for us this week, yet one remains open.  Because of the one closing, it seems that You then presented some smaller opportunities to keep up our hopes.  Oh Father, we press on with full faith, hope and love in You.  I know that ‘all of Your promises prove true’ (Psalm 18:30).  However, so many things seem to be hanging in the balance right now.  We need You more than ever.

None of our children are experiencing success with their dreams right now.  My husband and I recently stepped in concerning a situation that occurred surrounding an attack against my older daughter.  This was while she was apprenticing at a local ministry through her school for credit.  Because of some issues with management, her school pulled her coop program.

This was very sad as my daughter really loved what she was doing there.  I am guessing that she was so successful that the enemy was angry and wanted it stopped.  The decision on whether she goes back or not revolves around a board, so it will be up to them.  What they do with the ministry will determine whether they have her back.  They are supposedly doing this to ‘protect’ her, but it doesn’t feel like it.

It is truly heartbreaking to see a child go from sadness to watching God opening door after door to then watch it all taken away, none of it her fault.  This all happened unbelievably fast, over a sixty-day period.  It looks even worse that some may feel it was her fault, but her arrival there just happened to coincide with some changes that the board had already set into motion before she even joined there.

Father, there seems to be little or no truth these days.  Since the enemy was granted permission on December 23, 2012, he has been on a non-stop campaign against the land.  There has been an unbelievable number of events that have happened during this timeframe.  If someone had told me ten years ago that these kinds of things would be happening, I would have disagreed with them.

Well, it is!  Yes, here we are.  Father, where are You in all of this?  I know that You do not dwell in the midst of evil, so, where are You?  Are the angels finished weighing evil and measuring the land?  Please do not forget about those who love You, Father.  You are the God of Truth.  However, from an earthly perspective, the father of lies appears to be prevailing over the airways, radio, internet, television and even print.

Does anyone see what is happening anymore unless You reveal it to them?  Our freedoms are being taken away by a false narrative of fear meant to eventually strike down Your people and close Your churches.  Father, my heart is breaking.  The news is truly horrific, locally, nationally and globally.  The churches have dumbed down the Gospel and have made Your altars a place for ‘milquetoast’ sermons.

Your people will soon be silenced.  I see it happening so fast right now that it is in real time.  It seems that the only media outlet exposing the enemy’s schemes against Your duly elected Red Bull is Fox News.  How can it keep up though when this is combatted by thousands of hours of bashing our President?  With this nonstop barrage, how can the typical person that believes the mainstream media see through it all?

Even the internet has been corrupted.  When I search for something, it cannot be found.  I am instead inundated with a narrative of lies.  The ‘freedom of speech’ my mom had fought so hard for in the sixties and seventies are now being taken away.  We are losing our freedoms daily.  It is so disheartening.  I look at all of the innocent children growing up in this filth and untruth and worry about all they are soon to face.

I remember what it was like to be a little child in the ‘old days’.  We could go out and explore.  We could make new friends and invite them over to make forts.  We would lay in the freshly mowed grass and look up at the clouds.  We would hunt for worms and chase butterflies.  Well, flash forward to now.  Predators now stalk our parks.  Friends stay at home because of all the wicked that is happening where they once played.

What is happening, Father?  This is now happening in my lifetime and I am watching it.  What can the new generation look forward to?  Yes, technology, but now they are just caught up in an ever-expanding world of CGI fantasy.  What about artificial advances in genetically modified food?  We are now ingesting what the world is feeding us.  Many are thinking what the world wants us to think.

Many are drinking what the world tells us to thirst for.  Many are doing what the world says we were called for.  Many are worshipping what the god of this world decrees.  What if we don’t?  Well, you have to do this now ‘or else’!  The threat is now always there, even if somewhat hidden.  If you don’t conform, you will be destroyed.  Oh Father, many believe what they are told and are void of You.  Please help us.

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I have been searching for something I lost many years ago and it finally arrived yesterday.  It was an item that I once had, but had to sell.  However, this was a type of needle in a haystack moment as it was even in better shape than the item I had sold.  I was hoping that this would bring in the miracle of our healing.  Well, this didn’t happen, but I take comfort knowing that we are one day closer.

I took a break here to drive my older daughter to the church for an outreach program.  The bus is waiting for everyone there and will then go on a three-hour journey to their destination.  This was not to happen for my daughter, however, as I will explain now.

As I was driving my daughter to the ‘Outreach’, I felt a strong uneasy feeling inside of me.  I began to pray out loud as I drove her.  As I was praying, You downloaded my dream from last night that had woke me up at 3:00am.  I awoke to the sound of a phone ringing, but the phone wasn’t actually ringing.  It turned out that the phone ringing was actually part of my dream…

Sub-dream description begins…

My daughter was sitting on the driver’s side of the bus.  She was more towards the back and was looking out the window.  Suddenly and without warning, a type of large wooden pole shot through the window of the bus.  The pole hit her directly on the right side of her head and she was instantly killed.  I saw this as if I was another passenger sitting a few rows behind her.  It happened so fast and she was gone in an instant.

It was after this that I was then back at home instead of on the bus.  I received a call.  I already knew that the call was to tell me that Amber had died.  I woke up suddenly as the phone was ringing.

Sub-dream description over…

While we were driving to the church, my daughter noticed that I had a panicked look on my face.  I was in a type of pain in my stomach because the Lord had just downloaded my recollection of this dream.

Daughter:  “Mom, what is wrong?  Are you okay?”

Me:  “I have never had such a strong feeling.  You are not to go today.  The Lord wants me to ask you ‘why are you going?’”

Daughter:  “But, mom, it is because I want to go.”

Me:  “I know.  This is probably silly, but I was just downloaded a dream from last night.”

I then went on to explain the dream I had of her as summarized above.  I could tell that she still wanted to go when something amazing happened.

Daughter:  “Mom, the Lord just told me not to go.  He confirmed it.  I first saw an accident and then there were trees.”

She then went on to explain some other details of what the Lord had downloaded to her.  We both knew it was from the Lord as our corresponding details matched perfectly.  As we sat there thinking about what to do next, we received confirmation.  Several flocks of geese, four different groupings, flew directly over us.  Having geese flock over you is a symbol that the Spirit of the Lord is upon you.

We then mutually agreed that she was not to go on the bus.  When we approached the drop off point, we kept driving instead of turning into the church parking lot.  While she was sad about not going, she perked up when she discovered that two of her closest friends there had also decided not to go at the last moment.  Without them there, she would not have had nearly as much fun.

Me:  “So, are you disappointed?”

Daughter:  “No.  The Lord told us what to do and we listened.  I am glad that I didn’t disobey Him.”

Me:  “Me too!”

We then decided to go into town together.  We had so much fun and she was happy and laughing.  I was having so much fun laughing with her.  While my stomach was feeling queasy before the decision was made not to go, I now felt fine.  Thank You, Father.  Thank You for caring about us.  Thank You for sending protection.  Thank You for being clear when we needed You.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was up at God’s door.  It was slightly ajar and a bright light streamed through.  I decided not to enter as I knew that I needed salve for my eyes.  I decided to wait.  I didn’t have to wait long.  I saw Uriel coming through a type of door of light.  From his appearance, I knew that he had been in battle.

Me:  “Uriel, are you okay?”

Uriel:  “Yes, I am fine.  There is an epic war, Erin.  You have seen this.  Do you remember?”

Me:  “Yes.  I remember the web and the spider with strong tentacle-like legs.”

Uriel:  “Michael, the angel of the Lord, has been leading God’s Heavenly Army against a stronghold of the enemy.  Earthquakes, fires and various troubles are now increasing.  The web of lies has been a difficult battlefront.  Whenever we have breakthrough, the enemy then quickly reinforces and repairs the break.  This battle has been long and systematic as we have been commanded by God to hold our positions right now.  As we are not yet to advance, we therefore send reinforcements and ground troops to the saints.”

Me:  “Uriel, when will God send His ‘Thousands’ to combat on the ground?”

Uriel:  “At the ‘Appointed Time’, Erin.  You have to understand this about the One Who loves you, the One Who created you and the One Who keeps you.  This is a three-strand approach that cannot be broken.  Because He has called you, He will care for you, even if it is uncomfortable in the witness of those who do not believe.  I am commanded by God and I serve Him.  I do not serve man, understand?  Therefore, because I serve God, I am faithful only to God, not to man, unless God commands me to.  However, even then, I would still be under God’s commands.”

Me:  “Uriel, what did God save my daughter from today?”

Uriel:  “I am not commanded to reveal these things.  However, I can tell you that the enemy is breaking the parameters set forth in God’s Courts.  The enemy does this little by little every day.  Because of this, you must put on your full armor in order to guard against the enemy’s schemes.”

Me:  “I do not understand.  God knows all things.  He will watch over us.  He will not let us fall.  He will not let us be beggars.  He will strengthen us and keep us.  His face will shine upon us in our comings and goings.  He will heal us and grant us the tools we need to wield supernatural weapons.  He will say ‘go here’ and then we will go.  He will say ‘stand’ and then we will stay.  With God in us, working through us, is nothing impossible for God?  If we are fighting on the ground and you are fighting over us, then what evil can prevail?”

Uriel:  “Well, it seems you have suddenly become confident in God’s promises.”

Me:  “Do you mean that all of this was a lesson in obedience?”

Uriel:  “Yes.  However, understand that God has not heard you declare such things in a while.  Erin, He is sharpening your tools.”

Me:  I laughed.  “Do you mean my tongue?”

Uriel:  “Is it not written by the Lord and declared that, truly, truly, whoever believes in the Lord, will do the works He did.  He will do even greater things than these because He goes to His Father.”  Uriel then pointed to God’s door.  “He will do whatever you ask in His Name so that God, the Father, will be glorified through the Son.  If you ask the Lord anything in His Name, He will do it.”  He then pointed to God’s door again.

Me:  Laughing.  “Well then, Uriel, I must see God immediately and ask for His help!”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “When looking back, you will understand the importance of what has been done for you.  Now, come, and I will take you to God.”

He placed salve in my eyes and took me through God’s door into His Throne Room.  He brought me as close as he could before my legs grew weak.  I dropped down with my face on the Sapphire Sea.  I could hear the choir of angels singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy!’

Me:  “Oh Father, please forgive me my trespasses.  Please continue to do a good work in me.  I know all of Your promises are true.  I love You so much.  I love You with all of my heart.  Thank You!”

God:  In a great rumble.  “Erin, you spoke the words I had longed to hear.  With great faith, you declared the promises I have given you.  You did this instead of simply writing them and then not revisiting them because you fear they will not come true.  You also fear that I will give them to another or that they are too wonderful for you.

“Well, Erin, how can this be true when you are now here with Me today?  Remember that you answer to Me, not to man.  You have shown me a great thing today.  I will heal you.  I will pour out an extra portion of My Spirit into all of those I call.  This is so I am glorified through My Son, the One I sent to save the world.

“You are about to see many things as I will reveal even more to those I have called.  Now, take heart, Erin, for you delight Me.  You have proven to Me that you will obey My commands.  First, you love Me and My Son and, second, you love others as you do yourself.  Even though you know that many do not know Me, you still do this knowing that I have also created them.”

Me:  “Father, I am scared.  Some of these people around us are truly wicked.  How can I send the Good News of Your love if they hate me for Who I represent?  As an example, I have been speaking on friendly terms with a woman at a shop for over two years now.  However, I came in recently and her face had shingles and one of her eyes were shut.  Even though she was in pain, she was still friendly to me.

“This all changed in an instant when I offered to pray for her during prayer service.  She became really angry with me and told me that I could if I really wanted to.  She was skeptical and looked at me with such disdain.  Well, really, she now looks at me with hate.  What can I do if I can’t perform the miracle of healing in Jesus’ Name?  On my own strength, I am no one.  However, in Your strength, I can scale a wall with ease.”

God:  “Erin, your question is wise.  I haven’t called you to be a savior to the lost.  They have One already.  You are only to confirm and glorify Me and My Son.  You are to do this so they can witness Me working through you.  Understand that they thirst and that, as I call you to, you will pour out water upon them.”

Me:  “Father, please then grant me the ability to heal this woman completely in Your Name.  Even though she hates me right now, I still see the good in her.  I also see so much pain and hopelessness in her eyes.  I know that You have put her on my heart.  Father, can I do anything without You except make a mess?  Please help me!”

God:  I felt His thundering laughter.  “Well, it seems as if my little sparrow has now become a warrior!  What you ask is good, but I will do even more.  Many, many more will know that I have sent you.  I will call My ‘Thousands’.  I love justice and hate inequity. You will stand amazed while the wicked are destroyed.  Do not let your heart be troubled when you see the plight of those who shed innocent blood.

“I hate injustice.  Those called to testify as false witnesses will be forced to confess truth.  This will happen because I will be present, their tongues as My bit like that of a horse and a rider.  They will be in shock as they will confess in your presence and in front of witnesses.  Erin, this will be a time like no other, yet still like that of the Days of Noah.  I tell you this so you understand and can know that it is here.”

Me:  “So, Father, it is this time now?”

God:  “Erin, you need only to look at the evidence to draw a verdict.  What do you think or conclude from all you see around you?”

Me:  “While I don’t see everything, I do see a pervasive increase in sin.  Even horrible sin is now called good.  Little animals are set on fire.  Children, even babies, are being tortured.  The unborn are aborted and their bodies then experimented with.  It is unsafe to allow children to play outside without adults watching.  Even then, there are kidnappers that are crafty.  Children are stolen and then sold for horrible things.

“So, Father, yes…yes, I believe this is the time the prophets had spoken about.  The laws are becoming lawless.  The people are being silenced.  The enemy seems to be winning.  Yes, I have concluded my verdict.  The time is now.  Oh Father, please help us now, but as in now in our earthly time.  I know You love Your children more than I can ever love those You have given me.  While I am not sure how, I know that it is true because You are so much more wonderful than we can imagine.

“Your love and patience are beyond our abilities to even conceive.  So, Father, please strengthen us.  I surrender all that I am to You.  Without You, there is nothing that we can do.  Please shake the lands.  Please send Heavenly Blessings to the nations with an amazing outpouring.  Please show them that You are the God of all things.  Please show them that You are our Father so that everyone will turn and be saved.”

God:  “You have made a good case for this time period.  There will be a great move of My Spirit.  Now pray.  Pray for the nations.  Pray for the hearts to be ready to receive.  I am with you.  I love you.  Now, this is enough for today.  I will continue to protect you and to provide for you in all you do.  Do not worry.”

Me:  “Thank You, Father.  However, and better yet, why not just fulfill all of Your promises right here and now?  Oh yes…I should say that I mean ‘Earthly Time Now’!”

I felt the ground roll with God’s laughter.  I was smiling with joy as I felt Uriel reaching for my hand to lead me out of the Court.  As Uriel led me towards the door, I turned back and waved goodbye towards God’s Throne.

Me:  “I love You, Father!”

God:  “And I love you too!  Do not worry.  What you have said is good.  Now, rejoice, for I have found favor with you, your household and all of those I will call.”

Uriel and I stepped out of His Court together.  He then turned towards me and smiled.

Uriel:  “I must go now, but do not worry.  You will soon be strengthened by God.  All He has promised, He will fulfill.  The Scripture just placed on your heart can be trusted (it was Psalm 37).  Now, I must go.  The Lord is with you, Erin, so rejoice!”

He turned away from me.  As I watched him walk away, He was suddenly gone in a flash.

Dream over…

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