Dream 370 – Both sides are now training armies for battle

Received Saturday, November 23, 2019


Dear Father,

Thank You for one more day!  Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for my family.  Thank You for all of my friends on the Nest.  It is about to snow outside.  It is very cold here.  I have been struggling with pain the last few days.  While I struggle with pain in general, the changes in weather on some days can have a crippling effect.  It is hard because I have to deal with my disability in the shadows of a corrupt organization.

It has been five years, six months and fifteen days since I fell at work.  Since then, I have wished that I had worn more practical shoes instead of the dress shoes required that day for client meetings.  I have wished that I had not been so impatient unloading my car that day knowing my client was almost arriving.  I have wished that I wasn’t so distracted that day by my upcoming appointment with this client.

Yes, I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve!  I knew I was in trouble the moment I fell.  This neck of mine had already caused so much heartache, but this accident magnified the pain.  I wasn’t careful and I paid for it.  I have now been paying for this mistake for all of this time.  I can tell you that I had many big plans for myself, but none of them included becoming disabled.  In reality, all of my personal plans and goals ended that day.

Dreams of owning my own business again someday was over.  Golfing or working out, perhaps even instructing on golf or anything related, was over.  Painting or drawing in my old age was over.  With waiting for help comes stagnation and depression.  My dreams of greater feats die every time the alarm clock sounds in the morning and I am still in pain.  I then don’t feel like a very good housewife or mom as I struggle.

I want to do things, but I can’t always do them.  There are days when I push myself too hard or do some light lifting I shouldn’t.  I do this as I don’t want to always call for help.  I still want to do things on my own on occasion.  I want to have value.  I want to hike or take a brisk walk.  I would love to dance.  There are so many things I want to do, but it is not happening.  Without fail, when I push myself, I am then in pain for days.

This is my older daughter’s last year and my younger daughter’s freshman year.  I drive the girls to school every day.  When we drive, I like praying for them.  I love the drive even when I am sore.  I am afraid to miss a moment with them.  I try to etch each day in my mind.  After dropping them off, I then decide if I should run another errand or just go home.  I have a lot of things left undone.  I have good days and bad days.

I once had so much energy, so much life and so much promise in me.  I decorated the Christmas tree a few days ago and I have been paying for it ever since.  However, this isn’t the only problem I have.  While waiting for this broken system, so many problems have begun to surface.  This includes other illnesses related to an inactive lifestyle and on and on.  I love You, Father, but I am feeling frozen and need You to heal us.

Oh Father, please heal us.  Our household is frozen here.  Please heal me so that I can be free again.  I want to be young again.  I want to live.  I have enemies who still continue to believe that I am an imposter.  Well, how could I fake getting onto Social Security disability?  SSDI is probably the most difficult program to get into, but I am in their system.  It is not possible to fake this.  I had a mountain of papers that proved it.

I have been struggling with myself today.  I am sorry, Father.  I love You and I will trust in Your plans for me.  While I know that Your promises are true, I am amazed at how often I fail to remember how much You love us.  It doesn’t help that so many things seem to be going wrong lately.  My friends tell me that they are also under attack, so I know that it is not that we have been singled out.

Even our Nest site itself was attacked on November 20th.  Lord, please protect our Nest and, of course, our Nest family.  Please keep us all free from attacks.  I have had some interesting dreams lately.  I had two dreams recently that really stood out…

Sub-dream 1 description “five-foot-long sword” begins…

I was sleeping in my bedroom when I suddenly woke up.  I felt like I should get out of bed and walk to the end of it.  Even though the room was still dark, I noticed a large object under the bed.  I reached down underneath the bed and pulled out a five-foot-long sword.  It was heavy to lift.  I also noticed that it had no shine.  This was because the sword had been stored under the bed.  I then heard the Voice of God.

God:  “Erin, polish your sword.”

I found a large cloth and gently swept the cloth over the sword.  As soon as I did this, the sword was perfectly polished.  It was so bright that the light of the sword illuminated the entire room.  It was brighter than if it had been a lamp.

Me:  “What was the sword for?  Why was it shining so brightly?”

Jesus:  “I have sent you dreams while you slept.  I gave these to you in truth.  You then wrote them down.  I have now called you to pull this sword out and ready it.  Gird your sword on your thigh, in your splendor and majesty.  And in your majesty, ride out victoriously for the cause of truth, meekness and righteousness.  Let your right hand teach you awesome deeds.  My ‘Dreamer Scribe’ will now go forth in victory.”

Sub-dream 1 description over…

Father, You are mysterious and Your ways are beyond ours.  There is no way I could even hold a five-foot-sword as it is nearly as tall as I am.  However, I know that You know why You had given me this dream.  It was a beautiful sword.  It was perfect for a strong angel or a strong, but tall, man.  As I am today, I would most likely accidentally drop the heavy sword on my foot.  That would hurt!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was near God’s door.  I was on a path leading to His door.  There was a beautiful pond to my right.  There were springs of fresh water bubbling up and sprouting like fountains.  The sound was wonderful.  The grass was soft like velvet on my feet.  There was a beautiful weeping willow tree hanging partially over the water.  It was the prettiest weeping willow tree I had ever seen.  It had small fragrant flowers hanging from each branch.  This could only happen in Heaven!

I decided to sit under this tree for a while.  The place I was now viewing was so amazing.  There were small baby animals playing with each other.  I watched as I saw a bunny being chased by a tiny fox.  It soon changed to the tiny fox being chased by the bunny.  This was so cool as I knew that the bunny was not in danger here.  They were now playing and rolling around with each other.

I then heard a choir in the distance.  The volume increased until it felt like it was all over me.  It was delightful.  It was like a comforting blanket…impossible to fully describe in earthly terms.  This was God’s ‘Music Streaming Service’.  I laid back in the grass under the willow tree and soon felt sleepy.  It was just too relaxing here to keep my eyes open.

Me:  “Thank You, Father, for all that You do, for all that You have done and for all that You are about to do.  This Is a gift, a gift only You could give.”

I soon fell asleep and had a dream within this dream…

Sub-dream 2 description “An Epic Battle” begins…

I could hear an epic battle taking place.  I could hear the clamoring of swords.  I could hear horrible sounds.  I could see God’s Army and they were not being harmed.  The enemy fought and fought until they were so exhausted that they could fight no more.

Sub-dream 2 description over…

I woke up and opened my eyes.  Over my head, the weeping willow tree was now illuminated.  Every branch, twig, leaf and flower were illuminated.  It looked like a firework plume in a 4th of July fireworks display.  I then noticed something was on me.  I looked down and laughed at what I saw.  The bunny and the little fox were now curled up and sleeping in the crook of my arm.  I stayed still so as to not disturb them.

I was so comfortable.  I continued to look up at this beautifully illuminated willow tree.  Suddenly, thousands of small illuminated butterflies flew under the tree’s canopy and rested by the blossoming flowers.  Tears streamed down my cheeks as I gazed at this amazing beauty.  I thanked the Lord for all that I was witnessing.  I was so secure in God’s love that I could have laid there for days…that is, until Uriel suddenly appeared in front of me without warning…

Uriel:  Smiling.  “So, Erin, how was your ‘God-Forced Rest’?”

Me:  “Amazing!  If only everyone could be here.  How could you not enjoy this?”

Our conversation soon woke up the bunny and the little fox.  They both yawned as they looked over at Uriel.  I could tell they already knew him as they were not scared at all.

Uriel:  “Go and play.  Go on now.”  He ushered off the little animals with a smile.

Me:  Laughing.  “Are you being tough on them?”  He knew I was kidding around.

Uriel:  Smiling.  “Since they are important to God, they are therefore important to care for.  However, as for right now, I have been called to give you a message from God.”

Me:  “Can’t I just see Him today instead?”

Uriel:  Laughing.  “Not today, Erin.  I instead came from an epic battle today to bring you this message.  Sometimes God sends me instead so that you can enjoy the place here that He has prepared for those who love Him.  Sometimes you need the reminder that you have been given a place here and that He is not upset with you.”

Me:  “Please tell God that I love Him and that I am sorry for my continued worrying at times.  I know that He keeps these little ones close to Him.  I know that He loves us.  However, I just struggle with what I see around me.  The evil is ever increasing.  The crimes against the innocent are so prevalent and everything is now suppressed.  What has happened has become so bad and so quickly.  It is awful.”

Uriel:  “God knows you and He has not forgotten you.  He has not forgotten one thing done against you.  From an early age, He sent a slew of angels to guard you in all of your ways.  Now, He is soon to deliver you to a place prepared for you in advance.  This is good as you will learn how to wield this sword and use what God has granted you to serve Him in the fullness of His glory.  This will happen through you and through those He has called.  His clarion call went out many moons ago and He has prepared the hearts of those called forth.”

Me:  Smiling.  “Hmm, so…while all of this sounds great, when will this be?”

Uriel:  Laughing.  “Ah, the question you never fail to ask.  Erin, there are some things better left a mystery until the day and hour is upon you.  God will not let you, your family or anyone called by Him to be harmed.  Though right now many are discouraged and feel abandoned by God, they are not.  The enemy loves times like these and continues to feed into an alternative narrative.  This, in turn, then harvests insecurity and isolation.

“He longs to take lives.  Sometimes things then occur and some wonder ‘have we been deceived by God?’  Well, no, as deception is Lucifer’s tool and his lies are an instrument in his band of the cursed.  Do not play along or listen to his headset upon your ears.  It is better to sit in silence before God then to be entertained by an orchestra of evil.  There is a legion of fallen angels who are manipulating the heads of men.

“Once a man becomes curious enough to entertain by bending an ear to the enemy, the enemy enters into the open door.  Once inside, he can direct by commands one who is easily led. This then leads to depression, paranoia, lack of sleep, lack of appetite and being open for exploration of all things evil.  The enemy is recruiting an army right now as he recognizes the clarion call upon those that God has called.

“Both sides are advancing and training armies for battle right now.  However, the battle is the Lord’s, so do not worry.  Though the season seems stagnant, it is not.  Like this pond, what flows in it is the wellspring of life at the center.  The water is life giving and quenches those who thirst.  They then drink of it and are given life and healing.  Your vessel will soon be filled with refreshing waters.

“You will then be used by God.  You will then follow His pattern of working.  You will work for six days and rest on the seventh day as commanded by God.  You will welcome this as, on the seventh day, God will fill you with water once again in order to go forth again for six days.”

Me:  “Uriel, do you know how many hours there are in six days?  There are 144 hours!”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “Hmm, while this is true for you there, I am on a different clock than you are.  Just know that you are to advance for six days and then retreat to rest on the seventh day.  Now, I must go.  This is enough for today.  Erin, look over there.  You have many little friends here.”

I looked behind me and there were so many little animals playing.  There were also many beautiful little birds bathing in the water.  When I turned back to speak with Uriel again, he was already gone.  I couldn’t help but smile and laugh.

Dream over…

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