Dream 383 – Jesus and the First Three Bridges

Received Friday, February 7, 2020


Dear Father,

I am thankful that I am able to come to You in truth and that You accept me as I am.  I had something happen to me a few weeks ago and a series of dreams then followed.  This helped me realize that I had not forgiven myself for my mistakes from years ago.  I have looked backwards at times and wondered if my journey of troubles would have been shortened had I just made some personal changes.

Father, if I would have had Godly understanding from the Holy Spirit, perhaps I would have made better decisions.  I am now realizing that I had left something open, an open door, on my first, second and third bridges.  In one of these dreams…

Sub-dream 1 “A Cold Draft” begins…

I felt a very cold draft of air on my back.  It was coming from behind me.  It was nagging on me.  I looked everywhere to find out where the cold was coming from, but I was unable find it.

Sub-dream 1 over…

In the natural, I have a large lump on my back.  The lump is about the size of a baseball.  It is a hernia that has pushed out between my ribcage.  The area above it has been so painful to touch that it is even difficult to sit and be comfortable at times.  Father, I am struggling because You revealed to me what I need to do in a dream last night…

Sub-dream 2 “A Sad Day as a Child” begins…

I was back in my small home in Nevada.  It was only about 540 square feet.  I was about 4.5 years old again.  I could see people gathering in the living room.  They were talking about me, saying that I hear and see everything and that I know too much.  They were laughing about me.  I crawled up the stairs to my little bunkbed.  Once alone, I began to hurt.  I felt hurt that my parents would say such hurtful things about me.  Despite this, I loved my mom.  She sewed my clothes.

Sub-dream 2 over…

I remember being sent to the yard or down the street to the corner market when my mom was busy.  This continued for many years.  We could never go to babysitters or relatives’ homes because mom was worried that I would tell people what I saw.  They said hateful things about me that were not true.  When I cried, they would tell me to stop.  All of this made me feel ‘inconvenient’.

While there were many other things that happened to me as a child that made me feel this way, I will not be going into this in detail.  These things included denial of medical care, being stuck in awkward spaces, being around loud music and so many other things.  This was no way for a young child to be brought up.  While this helped to make me the way I am now, it was still painful.

Oh Father, I need help.  I realize that I am still holding bitterness towards people who misbehave and then blame it on their addictions.  This poor behavior would often lead to dangerous situations, but they just couldn’t see it.  The addictions would also make their tongues loose and I would hear terrible things be said about me and others.  Father, what has happened?  Why can I not just stop all of this?  Please help me.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Jesus was standing across the field at the base of a bridge.  I was up in the vineyard.  I saw Him wave to me in the distance for me to meet Him.  I began to run towards Him.  Before I could go to far, something grabbed me from behind and put my back flat on the ground.  This did not hurt at all and I laid there laughing.  Just then, Jesus was kneeling down next to me to help me stand up.

Me:  “Lord, what happened?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “You became caught on a branch.”

Me:  “It drew me backwards!  To me, I was running so fast that I should have had enough momentum to pull the branch off.”  I looked at the branch and it looked fine.  I put my head in my hands and wept.  “Lord, please help me.  Please take me across this beautiful bridge into God’s Garden.”

Jesus:  Hugging me.  “Look around you.  Look at your fields, your vines and your orchards.”

As I looked at them, they were all growing supernaturally fast.

Me:  “It is hard to believe that this field is the same one that barely had any growth not that long ago.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Well, they are.  Now, before I take you over this lovely bridge, it is time for us to first go backwards.  Come.”

He reached for my hand and we walked to the top of the hill in the orchard.  When I looked into the distance, I could see many hills, valleys, rivers and bridges.  We were standing on the closest bridge.  The land in the distance was thick wilderness.  It was an ungroomed landscape.  The land slightly closer was a parched and dry landscape.  There was then a field with no crops at all.  There was barely any fruit and whatever was there was rotten.  None of these fields ‘looked happy’.

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord.  How did I miss this?”

Jesus:  “Well, you didn’t.  You remembered at the right time, Erin.  There are no accidents.  Come, let’s go to the first bridge.”

He squeezed my hand and we were instantly there.  I immediately felt so much sorrow.  I saw things that I remembered.  I hugged the Lord as I cried.  This bridge was stone.  It was heavy and full of moss.  The river below it raged, bubbled and foamed.  I had no choice but to use this bridge.  The bridge itself had an open railing.  The path was wet and slippery.  The stones were randomly raised in spots and it was easy to trip.

Me:  “Lord, how did I make it across this bridge?”

Jesus:  “You could not have done this on your own.  Erin, I was there.  I walked you across.  You then learned to walk across using your feet.  I was still there though.  I saw everything.  Now, we must shut down the enemy’s abilities to call you back here.  You are free.  Sheep, hear My Voice and follow me.  The evil enemy desires to drag My sheep backwards.  He is behind you.  He whispers in your ears and calls you back.  Now, let’s remove this.  Let’s bring this down.”

Me:  “But, Lord, is this not a part of who I am?”

Jesus:  “Erin, your life is recorded in your book, the story that I have created, now My story.  You are not defined by this bridge.  This bridge is not you, Erin.  You crossed over this bridge.  The bridge was part of your journey, your path to find Me.  You were found by Me here.  However, it began even earlier than this.”

Me:  “How could this begin before my first bridge?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Come!”

He reached for my hand and we were instantly at the mountain north of us.  God was there.  I saw God creating me.  While He was also knitting me in my mother’s womb, I was also a child before God and a citizen of Heaven.  I was there with an army.  We were all like children in this army.  God was talking to us about our lives that were soon to come.

Jesus:  “This is a good place, but also a mystery!”

Me:  “I have seen this mountain before.  I recognize this as the same mountain that I had met Elijah and Enoch almost twenty years ago (on February 23, 2000).”

Jesus:  “Your life did not begin your troubles.  Your troubles began at your birth.”

Me:  “But why, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Erin, there is so much more to your lives than what you see on the surface.  You were thrust into battle from the very beginning.  Although you may not see it this way, you were called and it is an honor.”  He smiled.  “Erin, you are wanted.  Now, let’s tear down these bridges.”  We were immediately back at the Stone Bridge.  “Erin, how would you like to do this?”

Me:  “Lord, let’s crush it.  Let’s kill those voices and stop the lies.  Please help me close this door.  Better yet, create a prison cell for these lies out of the stones.  Let’s break rock, Lord.”

He reached for my hand.  I suddenly could hear familiar voices calling out to me.  I then saw a 3D reel, similar to an old movie playing back scenes.  It had a ‘ghostly’ quality to it.

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Erin, I am here.  It is time to command victory over this.”

Me:  “How?”

Jesus:  Pointing to my hand.  “I am here with you.  Take this down.”

As He said this, I began to hear things that I remembered.  My fist clenched and I slammed it down on the railing of stone.  The bridge instantly started to crumble.  I could hear screams.  Jesus removed all of it in an instant.  The bridge was gone.

Jesus then moved His hand and the stones formed a tomb in the raging river.  I then saw several things crawling into the tomb.  With a wave of His hand, the water calmed and the tomb was sealed.  As He did this, the land around us sprouted.  It was now Heavenly.

Me:  “Wow, I wish I had begun my life with this Heavenly atmosphere instead.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you needed to address what happened to you and face your accusers.  This no longer has any power over you at all.  However, we still have two more bridges to take out.  Come.”

When we came up to the second bridge, it looked old and rickety.  The wood it was made of was rotting.  The entire bridge looked unstable and was leaning left.  There were holes in the wood.  Worms and other things were eating away at it.  There was once again a raging river.  The water was black.  I began to cry at the sight of this.  This was oh so painful for me. It was awful.

Me:  “I am not sure how I made it across this bridge.”

Jesus:  “Well, you did not make it ‘on your own’.  Yet again, I was with you, as always.  Erin, I was with you.  I carried you across this one.”

As we stood on the bank, I finally noticed that a very large serpent had coiled itself around the wooden bridge.  The scales of the snake blended in perfectly with the rotting wood.  They were almost the same color.  I also noticed there were hands sticking up through the holes.  I saw other things as well. The serpent then began to speak in human form.  He was lying to me about who I was in Jesus.

Me:  “Lord, I hate this.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “No worries, Erin, I have this one.”

While hard to describe, the snake looked shocked that Jesus was going to handle him personally.  The snake tried to bargain with Jesus at the same time as he was trying to get away.  In his panic, the snake had lodged his body in a hole in one of the planks.  His head was sticking out.  Using His foot, Jesus stomped on the serpent’s head and crushed it.  The hands that were sticking out instantly disappeared.

Jesus:  “There, done!  Now, how would you like to remove this second bridge?”

Me:  “Fire!  There is nothing salvageable here.  Everything is unclean.”

Jesus:  “Call it down.  Call fire down.  Go ahead, Erin!”

Me:  I was so excited!  “Father, burn up this bridge.”

Just then, a pillar of fire came down from Heaven.  In an instant, the bridge and the body of the serpent were gone.  Jesus then dipped His finger in the water and the water became clear.  The land was soon sprouting with flowers, including sweet peas and snap dragons.  There were also some lovely vines.

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, there are so many flowers here.  I notice that they are all of my grandmother’s favorites.  Thank You!  My grandmother died at the end of this second bridge.  So did my stepdad.”

Jesus:  “Erin, only flowers and beautiful water are coming from here now.  There is peace.  Erin, there is now peace.  Now one last bridge, the third bridge.”

He once again reached for my hand and we were instantly at the third bridge.  It was transparent.  It was a bridge made out of glass.  My talents, my hopes and my dreams were all here for the world to see.  However, I was unsettled about this as the glass was extremely thin.  There was a stream and the water was hot on one side, but frozen on the other side.  I was confused by this.

Me:  “What am I seeing here?  This is hard, Lord.  I have now dealt with the other two bridges, but it is now time to deal with the third one.”

Jesus:  “All you thought you knew, all you had prepared for, was across this bridge.  You learned what the other side was capable of.  You saw true evil in the hearts of man.  All of your dreams were targeted here.  The plan was for your exposure, your destruction and your death.  You went deeper inward.

“You loathed yourself.  You hated yourself.  The enemy convinced you that you were even worse than you imagined.  Evil things were done to you by people you had trusted.  You then began to punish yourself using mirrors, starvation and the physical punishment of extreme exercise.”

As I looked at the bridge, I saw the image of a ghost of my former self.  I was deep into a horrible cycle of destruction.

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, how did I make it?  I should have died here.  What was wrong with me?”

Jesus:  “You were still carrying your first two bridges on your back.”

Just then, I saw myself dragging the first two bridges.  It was such a strain.  All of the serpents, reptiles and people who harmed me were all on my shoulders.

Jesus:  “I know what you are thinking…’Why did He not show me this before?’”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I thought I was finished.  I thought I was done.  Father, I thought that I had crossed these bridges out, never to look back.  I don’t like these bridges.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the strongholds come from this.  They still punished you.  They used an open wound.”

Me:  “Lord, I repent.”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, you have already repented.  They came via a sneak attack.  They want you to remain as a victim, wounded and ineffective.  They want you to be angry, yet still accepting of your fate.  I instead call you to victory.  Erin, I bring you forward.  I call out for you and you follow.  The enemy wants you to be weak.  You can then be a victim of his lies there, weakening you further.  If you can remain in his grips, you will remain in sorrow while you wait on Me.  I want you to instead break this off.  Erin, embrace the win!”  He smiled as He nudged me.

Me:  Laughing.  “Hey, that is what my golf coach used to say.”

Jesus:  “The enemy has fought you relentlessly.  He never sleeps.  He has plotted your demise in so many different ways.  You had questions as to why you were either loved or hated by various people.  There were very few in between.  However, you should know that this polarity is common among those I have called to do My Will.

“When looking back, you, your children and your friends, along with many others, will see that this was, and is, the case.  However, you are not to worry.  You are to now rise up, Erin.  I have set you free.  You are free indeed.  I am with you.  You will be successful in all you do.  Nothing will come against you with success.  Now, rise up and shatter this bridge.”

He handed me a large rock.  As I approached my third bridge, I could see my golf tournaments, my dance and my art.  These were all things I was good at that I am no longer able to do.  I could see the enemy whispering in my ears.  I could hear my parents saying negative things in my ears.  I then saw myself very thin, unhealthily so.

I took the rock and hurled it toward the bridge with super human strength.  I heard a high-pitched scream, like a siren, as the rock hit.  At first, there were just some small stress fractures in the glass.  However, after just a few seconds, I heard the loud sound of cracking.  I heard deep moans as the entire bridge shattered.

The glass shards then hit different sides of the river, either the extremely hot side or the extremely cold side.  Jesus then put His finger into the water and it immediately turned crystal clear and calm.  All around me was the most beautiful golf course I had ever seen in my life.  I put my head in my hands and wept.

Me:  “Oh Lord, I miss doing the things that I loved.  I had so much fun before it was all destroyed.”

Jesus reached into the water and pulled out a golf ball.  It was made up of the glass from the bridge.  He handed it to me.

Jesus:  “You are free, Erin.  This is yours.  All of this, everywhere your eyes can see, is yours.  Not only will you golf, but you will also dance and paint, and so many other things.  Do all of this…”  He smiled as He nudged me.  “…but still remember Me.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.  Thank You.”

Jesus:  “Now, let us put all of this behind you.”

Me:  “Lord, should I never talk about these three bridges again?”

Jesus:  “Erin, this is My Story, written on the tablet of your heart.  It is a riveting story, one in which you should share.  You can help others.  Now, you are free from the chains the enemy bound you to.  The lies were heavy as you still believed what was said of you from those you loved and trusted.  This is why I started you out showing you the dragons and the book of lies on the ladder.

“You needed to remove these to continue your journey to Me.  You were willing to do whatever it took to come to Me, to know Me and to love Me.  Forsaking all else, you trusted Me.  It has been more than seven years and you are still here.”  He smiled.  “Since you now understand whatever it takes, nothing will keep you from My love and favor.

“I am with you.  No thing, nothing, will prevail against you.  You have saints here in Heaven who come to the Courts of God daily to plead your case.  Some do this day and night.  There is a great celebration in Heaven today because of all of this.  One day, Erin, one day you will know.  However, for now, we still have some things to prepare.  So, are you ready?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I was born ready on God’s Mountain.  You were there.”

Jesus:  Smiling and laughing.  “Very wise, Erin.  I am with you.  I love you, Erin.  I will provide for you.  I will help you.  I will send help concerning you and to guard you in all of your ways.  Now, rejoice, as the rain has fallen.  The sun will soon shine again.  There is the promise of spring.”  He hugged me.  “Now, let’s go to the ‘Fun Bridge’, the bridge to Heaven and Earth.”

Dream over…

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