Dream 384 – Jesus and the Children at the Potter’s House

Received Saturday, February 8, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for being so kind and gentle!  Thank You for delighting in us and loving us.  I thank You more than anything for creating us.  You love Your work, including creating new things in us.  I am sorry that I have struggled and fought you at times during the course of my life.  While I don’t have to fully understand everything, I am thankful that You always answer my questions that come from my heart when they prove beneficial.

Oh Lord, thank You for always being consistent.  This makes me rest in Your promises that You will do all of this on Your perfect timing.  Please forgive me when I mistrust Your plan and think of You as being in the same category as those I know that never kept their promises.  I apologize for sometimes putting You on the same level as the world even though I know that You are over all things.

Oh Father, I realize that, at times, I have also wrongly accused You of unfairly punishing me and my children.  I did this because I knew You could help us, but You weren’t…or so I thought.  I was unsatisfied with my path and I pleaded my own case in Your Courts that my punishment was too severe.  I did this out of a lack of understanding because I was scared and desperate and couldn’t hear from You as a result.

In the end, I falsely accused You of hurting me quite a few times.  If only I understood back then that You were doing this because You were doing something amazing in me.  These pages I write are proof.  My pen is proof of this.  I know it is proof because, as I have said many times, I don’t even like writing.  I would much rather paint!

So, Father, I am sorry, so sorry.  I haven’t fully trusted You because, at times when I do not feel like I am hearing from You fast enough, I worry and become fearful.  Please, Father, I never want You to leave me.  It is just that I never quite got it that You are always working even when I don’t see it.  You are always working all things together for our good.

You did this with our fast, even though it started off with immediate trouble.  While nothing had happened as we had hoped or expected at first, it ended up even better than we had hoped.  For my daughter, our prayers for her were answered and everything has been restored to how it had been.  She is happy again.

For my older son, this has been slower and a struggle, something we face together day by day.  While he has not been fully restored, his depression is lifting more and more as time goes by.  He is back to laughing and smiling.  I didn’t realize how much I missed him doing this until he stopped and started again.  Thank You, Lord, for giving me a greater appreciation for my son’s humor.

As for myself and my husband, it feels as if the doors are still closed.  The revelation of these former things has caused me to face them head on.  It has been painful opening and readdressing hidden compartments.  Hidden there are issues that I needed to face, but had not really confronted.  When I was battered by a torrent of nightmares, You gently reached for my hand and told me, ‘Erin, rise up, stand to your feet!’

Father, the hidden memories of my past have been bubbling up to the forefront of my thoughts and dreams this last year and a half, but even longer than that really.  However, our fast brought these up front and center.  I have been faced with barriers and enemy blockades down here.  In Heaven, I am free.  I am free to go to You whenever You call me or whenever I need Your help.  No matter what, You are always here.

Father, You have continued to fulfill all of Your promises.  You have never failed, and I mean NEVER failed.  You have never failed Your children, not once.  We have never gone hungry.  We have never been without shelter.  Why would I fear this then?  While I don’t always do this, why do it ever when I know in my heart that You understand all we are going through.  Oh Father, please help me to change.

While during my life, I have been told:..

  • You are disqualified
  • You are not good enough
  • You have fallen short

You then tell me…‘Erin, you are worthy!’

While during my life, I have been told…

  • You are a mistake
  • You are a burden
  • You are inconvenient
  • You are unloved
  • You only know how to love conditionally

You then tell me…’Erin, I love you and I have chosen you!’

While during my life, I have been told…

  • God doesn’t care about you
  • You are crazy
  • If you mattered, why are you sick?
  • Why are you broke?
  • You are a sinner
  • You can never be in the ministry

You then tell me…’Erin, you matter to Me and your name is written here on My hand!’

While during my life, I have been told…

  • You are deceptive
  • You are a pig
  • You are forever stained
  • You are unforgiven and unforgivable
  • You are the worst kind of evil
  • You are a failure
  • You are not a true Christian
  • You will never succeed
  • Your heart is dark, hard and cold

You then tell me…’Erin, I refined you in the fire as gold and your heart is good!’

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was on a path that looked familiar.  I could hear the laughter of children in the background.  I ran down a smaller path towards the joyous laughter.  I looked towards a clearing and I finally recognized where I was.  I was at the backside of the Potter’s House.  I walked down the small path until I arrived at the back garden.  To my surprise and delight, there were all these children here from ages three to seven.

The children were all sitting in front of their very own small potter’s wheel.  Jesus was sitting at His main wheel and was instructing the children on how to make a pot.  He turned to me and smiled.  I laughed to myself as I could see that He was pretending that He didn’t know I was there right away.  Of course, He knows everything, so this was quite amusing.

Jesus:  “Ah, look who came to visit!  One of My favorite Sparrows!”

The children all ran over to me and hugged me.  They were all so cute.  I got so many hugs and kisses.  It was one of the most endearing things I have ever had happen to me.  All of them had such huge smiles.

One little boy:  “Come and look at what we can do here with Jesus!”

They all began to call me over to show me their creations.  Jesus was smiling and laughing at the sight.  There was not one ounce of evil in any of the children.

Me:  “Don’t worry, I will come and see what each one of you have created!”

After the children sat at their wheels again, I went around to each one of them.  I was so impressed as each of their pots was absolutely perfect.

One little girl:  “Miss Erin, Jesus said that He will let us use His paints to finish our pots!”

Me:  Smiling and laughing.  “You are so blessed!  He is the Most Wonderful Potter!”

Just then, I heard Jesus whistle.  A few angels then appeared to gather up the children.  The angels then took the children into His Studio to paint and glaze the pots.  While the children were so excited, they were also completely obedient to Jesus.  There was nothing chaotic or unruly in the children’s behavior.  I smiled when I then saw an angel come over to the children with a tray of freshly baked cookies.

Me:  Jokingly.  “Hey, wait a minute, I want to try a Heavenly Cookie!  Well, okay, only if there is one left over.”

I laughed as I watched the children each take a cookie and then sit down.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am so glad that you came.  Can I show you what we have been working on?”

Me:  “Yes, of course!”

He reached for my hand and we walked over to the northern side of His Studio.  There in front of us were hundreds of tiny vessels glazed like jewels pouring out into a channel of water.  The pots were somehow suspended in air over the channel.  Each pot continually poured out water at various flow levels.  Each created a melody.  They sounded so beautiful.  The sounds were not chaotic, but in tune with each other.

While I cannot describe just how beautiful the music this water pouring was creating, they just were.  However, these vessels were not just pouring out water.  They were also mixing in the light of the sun.  This somehow created a multitude of living rainbows.  While each pot was of different sizes and poured out different flows of water, I knew that all of this was exactly planned as it was meant to be by God Himself.  Again, all of this is very difficult to adequately describe.

Jesus:  “These have been added to My water feature today.”

Me:  “This is so beautiful, Lord.  Thank You for sharing.  Now, who are all of these children, Lord?”

Jesus:  “They are here waiting for their parents.  These are parents who lost a child in a tragic way and have been praying for ‘just one more day’.”

This tugged at my heart and I began to quietly cry.  I reached over and hugged Him.  I never wanted to let go.  One of my biggest fears has been to lose one of my children.  As I hugged Him, I felt so grateful that losing a child was not to be part of my many tests and trials.

Me:  “Oh Lord, I love You so much.  Thank You!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Oh Erin, there are many mysteries in the ways of Heaven.  What I have prepared is always a ‘Good Way’.  I see the evil which has been done.  All of it is recorded.  I then see the pain of the loss of a child.  It cuts deeply into those left with only memories.  However, and as you can see, these children are all well cared for here.  They are loved and find joy and laughter.”

Just then, I saw the angels escorting the children outside for a butterfly hunt.  I smiled as there were no nets.  I received a download and saw images of the children gently catching the butterflies in their hands.  The butterflies were of different shapes, sizes and colors and were all so vibrant.  These butterflies were specifically created by Jesus for these children and were all amazing.

With so many children, you would expect at least one to not look happy, but this was not the case.  Every child was laughing with so much joy.  I watched as butterflies then chased the children.  Some of them even landed on the angels’ heads and they would laugh and pretend they didn’t notice them, all to the children’s delight.  The angels had huge smiles on their faces as they pretended to be unaware, their palms held up as a humorous gesture.  Tears of joy started to stream down my cheeks.

Me:  “Oh Lord, all of these children are truly better off with You here!”

Jesus:  “Even so, each person called by Me has a journey.  Some journeys are shorter than others.”  He gestured towards the children.  “Other journeys are longer than others.”  He gently nudged me.  “Erin, there is a purpose under Heaven for the least of these to the greatest of these, understand?  I care deeply for each one.

“However, I will not share the painful stories of some of the little ones here.  It is just too much for some to bear and would lead only to sadness for those parents who have children already here.  Despite the lies the enemy tries to spread, I am not cruel.  I do not sit idly by and allow trouble to prevail even though it seems so at times.

“Each one is called to a different path and a different course.  There are times that wolves in sheep’s clothing lie in wait for the innocent and the helpless.  Though this didn’t result in your death, this happened to you as well.  However, I was with you, Erin, and I saw everything.  It was I Who strengthened you and kept you alive and safe.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord, but what about these children?  Even though I know You say their deaths has a higher purpose and I believe you, their seemingly ‘untimely’ deaths are just so hard for us on Earth to comprehend.”

Jesus:  “Each of their paths and purposes are very important.  Their deaths have been a measure unlike anything you can understand.  They did not suffer nor do they recall this.  However, to those lives they touched, thousands will be saved and evil will be exposed.  So, when you hear of these things, understand that all of the children will be residing here with Me (Jesus emphasized the word ‘all’).  They are here (in Heaven).  As for you and My Army, you will be there (on Earth) for those I call you to minister to.”

Me:  “Lord, is this in the future or in the past?  Are these children already here ‘on Earth time’ or is this still to come?”

Jesus:  “You are missing the important message here.  As the future unfolds, you are to remember that those children that are taken from the Earth ‘early’ are all here with Me and in great care.  Today is also about the message of forgiveness…My love and forgiveness.  My Army will soon be sent out to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release the prisoners from the darkness.

“This includes those who blame themselves for the death of another as in war or under government authority.  In war, one good man often dies while another good man lives.  The survivor then lives with the guilt of killing the other person.  Instead of them then being able to continue to embrace life, they are bound by the chains the enemy has fashioned for them and has burdened them with.

“Memories of the horrors of war or evil by another has a binding effect.  You will send the message of love to them.  Through My Army, I will be there with you in the midst of them.  I do this as they were not the determiner of the days of another man’s life, but were only an unknowing player in ‘My Play’.  While a man’s heart plans his way, it is I that determines his steps, including the length of his steps.

“All of your days were written in the Book of Life before one day had even come to be.  It is also I Who can extend the days of a man’s life.  Yet this too is written so you understand…the wicked do not have the final say.  It is I Who meet them at death’s door.  It is I Who is there for all those that I have called.”

Me:  “So, Lord, does not everyone see You at death?”

Jesus:  “Erin, it is I Who knows the heart.  I am here in Heaven and there on Earth.  I am not cold and unfeeling.  If a righteous man appears to suffer at the end, perhaps it is not for the purpose of that man, but instead for those who witness his proclamation of faith even through suffering.”

Me:  “Lord, this is a difficult topic for so many.”

Jesus:  “The saints are here and enjoy the place I have prepared for them.  My recompense is with Me and they are greeted by saints.  However, in order to understand death and suffering, you must also then understand the magnitude of what is at stake.  What is at stake is an eternity here in Heaven or an eternity elsewhere, understand?

“My Army will be part of this process, the division of the goats versus the sheep.  Each one of you have been tested and understand what is at stake.  You now understand and are not interested in gaining acceptance in the world of evil.  However, you are to understand that you are only to show them the way, the truth and the light.  You will display mighty deeds.  You will be with many as I take them Home.

“However, you will also see evil beyond description.  There I will instruct you in the ways that you shall go.  I will well up in you and you will do as I instruct you.  My Sheep hear My Voice.  I will be in the midst of My Soldiers as they keep My Sheep safe.  You will not understand everything yet, but soon you will.”  He smiled at me.  “Now, forgive yourself.  You are worthy.  You are not to blame.  I will strengthen you.  You will not believe what I am about to do with you.  Rejoice, Erin.  Look around you!”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I want so much to already be here in Heaven with You!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Yes, I know.  However, I will be there on Earth with you, all of you, My Army.  You will be part of bringing in the harvest of souls.  This is the Great Harvest that has been foretold of, along with the Great Falling Away.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  We need Your strengthening, Your wisdom and Your help more now than ever.  I cannot imagine doing anything as I am right now.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry!  Now come…the little ones are painting their vessels for My Garden!”

He smiled at me as He reached for my hand.

Dream over…

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