Dream 385 – Uriel and the Rise of the Dragon

Received Monday, February 17, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  With each passing day and more bad news, I think and wonder ‘when’, Father?  When will You strengthen Your people and expose the wicked?  Yet, who am I really?  No one!  I am certainly not one who should question You.  Father, we really have no true understanding about Your ways as they are so much higher than our ways.  What I do know is that You are patient and kind.  Father, You love us in such a deep way that You know everything about us.  In Your Word…

  • Psalm 139:13-18: You knit us in our mother’s womb
  • Matthew 10:30, Luke 12:7: You know the numbers of hair on our head
  • Job 14:5, Psalm 139: You know the number of our days here
  • Psalm 56:8: You have collected all of our tears in bottles

Sigh…Father, Your love is so much greater than anything we can imagine.  You send lovely things.  You make our hearts glad in such a dark world.  You never stop loving us.  Thank You for pursuing us.  Thank You that each one of us matters to You.  You see the evil done in secret and You record the deeds of the wicked.  Your Scales of Justice are good, fair and upright.  Even so, the wicked plot schemes and are favored by the world due to the gold carried in their accounts.

In the world today, he who has the means will win the fight.  It seems as if he who has very little, even if proved true, will almost assuredly lose his day in the worldly court system.  I know this by personal experience, Father.  In the world today, a man is not judged by his godly fruits, but is instead forgiven of his bad and rotten fruit because of his exchange for money.  All that is fair and just is fading now.  It makes me sick.  Father, I had a very vivid dream last night that was quite frightening…

Sub-dream 1 “Operation Infect America” begins…

My husband and I were already transformed and had been sent by the Lord to do work in the ‘Land of the Dragon’.  While I was not sure what city I was in, it seemed to have a heavily Americanized presence.  We were staying in a small apartment that was owned by a close friend.  This friend, also one of the Transformed, was away on God’s business somewhere else.  At a certain point, I was travelling without my husband as he was attending some high-level financial meeting between governments.

Before separating, we both agreed that I would stay in one area under a veil as we were being closely surveilled.  There was still a lot of activity on the streets of this particular city.  As I walked, I eventually came upon a familiar hotel brand.  It was a five-star Hyatt Regency.  I went into the lobby, but was undetected by the armed gunmen in the lobby.  As I looked around, I noticed that there were two different sets of elevator banks.  The one to the right was quarantined and the one to the left was operational.

The quarantined elevator seemed odd to me because I did not have the sense it was because of the virus.  After entering the elevator on the left, I pressed a button.  The guards immediately jumped to attention and aimed their guns in my general vicinity.  However, the Lord had cloaked me and they were unable to see me.  After inspecting the inside of the elevator more closely, they just laughed and dismissed the incident as them being jumpy.

Once the elevator door closed, I decided to press the button for the convention meeting floors on the mezzanine level.  When the elevator doors opened, armed guards were there immediately to check out the inside.  As these guards could also not see me, I simply walked past them.  Once inside, I saw that a meeting was in progress.  The outside presence was heavily armed.  The security was so tight that there were even guards escorting attendees to the bathrooms and back.

The entrance to the meeting included a body scanner.  Everyone also had to relinquish their phones.  Unbeknownst to the attendees, each phone was then scanned and hacked into.  I walked into the meeting hall and the scanner activated due to my presence.  However, since I was still ‘invisible’, the security guards dismissed this as a technical glitch.  I was now in this meeting undetected.  I decided to take a seat in the very back of the room.

The Voice of the Lord welled up in me and told me to observe and listen.  I was confused at first as everything was being spoken in Chinese.  As soon as the thought came, the Lord immediately gave me the ability to understand their language.  As I looked at the large screen at the front of the room, they were displaying a map of the world.  On this map, there were several key cities highlighted.  I then looked around at the crowd.  I noticed that two individuals were being specifically highlighted to me.

Voice of the Lord:  “Erin, the two people highlighted are USA spies.  These two spies are soon to be killed as they are aware of their presence.  You will be saving one of them.  However, you are not to do anything yet as I will tell you what to do when the time comes.  Now, listen to what they are saying.”

As I listened, I was in disbelief at how long this takeover of the USA by the Land of the Dragon had been planned.  A historian was soon invited to come up front to talk.  He had been educated at Harvard and was well spoken.  He spoke about the infiltration of spies in all of the major universities.  I then saw different university officials who secretly worked for the Land of the Dragon’s government.

These university officials were instrumental in providing the seeds of an operation codenamed ‘Gateway’.  Several students were operatives and spied for the Land of the Dragon.  Data of all of the Universities and others major research and development of everything from drugs, medical, chemical, machinery, weapons and other technologies were all being compromised and sold to the Land of the Dragon by operatives posing as research assistants.  Operation Gateway called these particular workers ‘keys’.

From here, these ‘keys’ began to work for several major corporations in the USA, some at very high levels.  They had infiltrated areas of Washington DC and New York, some even posing as hotel workers and tourists.  In turn, I saw thousands of compromising photos of the vulnerabilities of major USA intelligence buildings and workers on the inside of these.  They even had access to hotel room safes.  They were able to hack into these.  They were also able to download information on tablets and laptops.

I then saw an overview of their political arena.  They had many insiders in the USA working as key lobbyists, all with access to large money payouts.  It was very difficult to watch this.  After about two hours of listening to all of their areas of advancements gained from stealing the world’s intellectual properties, they switched over to the next phase of their operation.  This next phase was codenamed ‘Open Door’.

A soft-spoken man then explained some of the intricacies of Operation Open Door.  He then spoke about the progression to the next phase after Operation Open Door that was codenamed Great Wall.  Operation Great Wall was all based on what they had learned from their initial operation, the Corona Virus, in their first phase codenamed ‘Trojan Horse’.  He spoke about how Operation Trojan Horse had initially targeted Hong Kong.

However, something had gone wrong with using Hong Kong as their target so they changed the target of their experiment to a secondary city in the Land of the Dragon, a city with a population in the 10 million range.  While this would be a big city in the USA, it was a medium sized city to the leaders of the Land of the Dragon.  Among many things measured and analyzed, they then used this to document how quickly the spreading occurred.  They also experimented in several other areas…

  • How quickly were phones used to spread fear?
  • How quickly could the virus infect a building?
  • Who was immune?
  • Could the virus be somehow designed to kill the strongest, leaving just the old and the weak?
  • What mistakes were made in this secondary city that should be corrected?

I then saw two things that gave me the chills.  The first was a dumping ground for the bodies that had died from this virus.  The second was a type of crematorium used to dispose of these bodies instead.

They then looked at all of the different ways this could be spread.  While they had experimented with domestic animals, wild birds and wild animals, they found that the spread by these sources were not as hopeful.  They were surprised that this was just too contained a method of spreading this virus.  They then changed the formula of the virus and paid subjects to willfully spread the disease.  They each did this in different ways and they monitored the results.  In most cases, the virus spread quickly.

They also tried spraying areas with varying traces of the formula.  While inhabitants were told that this spray was an anti-virus spray, it was actually the opposite.  They also tried using sprays through filtration systems, heating ducts and airway systems.  This proved surprisingly effective, especially at night when the subjects were in their most relaxed and ‘contained’ state.  I then saw that certain people were purposely infected and sent on ships and airplanes.  One of the cruise ships was a target.

This presentation made me realize pretty quickly that this whole ‘Corona Virus’ pandemic was all pre-planned and greatly so.  However, just when I thought this could not get any worse, it did.  A man approached the podium that looked as if he was a high-ranking military man.  He then outlined that their true plan was global control by taking over the USA, Canada and Mexico.  I was in shock at all that I was hearing!

They outlined that, at some point, they would apologize to North America for spreading the virus to them.  They would then send barges in the form of food, vaccines and aid as part of their apology.  However, this offer in ‘good faith’ was anything but.  What was contained in these barges were being sent to make the contamination of the population even worse.  Fortunately, at least in the short term, an embargo of this country’s goods would keep these barges from unleashing their ‘hell’ on North America.

This would not last forever though.  Cities in the USA, primarily on the West Coast, would soon name themselves sanctuary cities and sister cities to cities in the Land of the Dragon.  Court cases filed would then make it so that these barges would be required to be allowed to land in these cities.  I then saw a CGI projection of how this would all then unfold in North America.  I was in shock as it was so terrible.  Their leadership had been planning all of this for many years.

I then saw the two spies get up to go to the bathroom, but really to send out the message back to their superiors.  One of the two men was immediately shot in the head in front of the whole assembly.  The people there knew that they should not react, but they still looked horrified.  To my surprise, the Lord then showed me that someone else was there at the meeting that was just like me, another Transformer.  She was invisible to everyone but me.

We immediately walked over to the second spy and sheltered him.  As soon as we reached him, he became completely invisible.  All three of us were now invisible.  A portal opened and the three of us walked through it.  We were immediately somewhere in the USA.  While this spy was now safe and sound in the USA, the people at the convention were in confusion as the guards were still looking fervently for this man in order to execute him as well.

Other Transformed Worker:  Talking to the spy.  “You must go immediately and tell everything to your superior.  Leave nothing out.  I will be there with you.”

Spy:  “Thank you!  They slaughtered my entire family after first experimenting on them.  They have killed so many Christians.”

Me:  “Do not worry about the murdered Christians as they are now with the Lord.  Now, go quickly and tell your superior everything.”

I then turned back toward the portal.  As I stepped through it, I was back on the same street in the Land of the Dragon.  To my amazement and delight, there were many Transformers that had stepped out onto this street at the same time as I did.  I knew that I was not to worry about my husband though as he was still safe and sound at his high-level meeting.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, this dream disturbed me greatly.  I know virtually nothing about the Corona virus.  I do not feel well about the world and the USA.  It just seems that there are too many enemies to count.  America has so many countries trying to destroy it.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was immediately on the deck of the Heavenly Outlook.  I could see the Earth below me.  It looked quiet as it rotated.

Me:  “Father, there is no good news here.  Please strengthen your people from what is coming.”

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was Uriel.

Uriel:  Smiling.  “Erin, you have questions…”

Me:  “Yes.  What is happening to the world?  For the most part, it seemed peaceful.”

Uriel:  “Well, you have seen nation rising against nation in various ways.  There are wars and rumors of wars today.  Why would that be?”

Me:  “I don’t know for sure.  Is it because it is written?”

Uriel:  “Yes, but there is more.  In the world, rumors are spread very quickly.  However, even rumors can begin with a grain of truth.  One side wants you to believe a side that is based on a platform of fear.  This then causes an emotional and reactive response.  Usually the side who begins the rumor and controls the false narrative then wins the war.

“The enemy is clever.  He begins by turning people against each other who were once for a common cause.  This then weakens the ruling platform.  He then sends in things, events and people in order to solidify the narrative.  However, God has confounded the enemy.  Erin, they are turning against themselves.”

Me:  “It is crazy out there right now.”

Uriel:  “Make sure you are not in this number.  Continue to stand down until you are strengthened and told to stand.  During this period, give everything to God for He alone is worthy.  Erin, be careful what of the world you ingest, as much of the origins are questionable.”

Me:  “Do you mean food, drink or something else?”

Uriel:  “All things, Erin.  Do not believe a story or something is good until you first offer this up to Heaven, to God.  He will then make it clean.  However, when God says it is clean, then it is clean, and you must trust God in faith that this is so.  If something does not seem good, then trust the Counselor, your Holy Voice in you, the Spirit of God.  You are soon to see many disturbing things.

“You are not to follow the practices of the wicked.  You are to remain keepers of the laws in a time when that which is evil is called good and that which is good is called evil.  If you are forced to do something, then this too bring before God.  He will then make right that which is meant for evil.  There have been many corrupt rulers in place for quite some time as evil appears patient.  However, those with discernment have seen the rise and increase of the wicked.”

Me:  “What can be done, Uriel?  It all seems so hopeless.”

Uriel:  “There is confusion in the world right now.  While one nation believes it is sovereign, the nation to the north and east of it believes it is.  Still another to the west believes it is more righteous.  However, all of them have a common enemy in mind and that is the Crown Jewel, Israel.  However, they desire to first take down the Crown that is the USA.

“Remove the Crown and give it to another…destroy Israel by the take down of the Crowning Nation.  All of the nations will turn.  A direct assault began when God rose up His ruler.  This ruler is unpredictable, uncorruptible and cannot be purchased like others can and have been.  This ruler then escalates words and wars.  He also infuriates many because he exposes the schemes of the wicked.

“See, the Crown of this nation was slowly being dismantled.  The wealth of this nation was slowly being given to others, as well as control.  A few corrupt leaders sought to level the playing field for all (by bringing the USA down while simultaneously bringing other countries up).  However, God sees the hearts of man.  You have only to look at the leaders and people of these nations who consider themselves sovereign to quickly see that they are void of God…

  • What child in Africa is receiving fresh water, fresh food or good medical care?
  • What child with any disability is allowed to live in the Land of the Dragon?
  • What people are truly free in nations that have severe poverty?
  • What people are free in nations where women are hidden and children are sent into slavery?
  • Where are Christians able to freely serve God and spread the Good News?”

Me:  “Most of these countries hate Christians!”

Uriel:  “Yes, Erin.  These countries teach that God is evil and that the enemy is good.  These are practiced here.  The birth pangs are here, Erin.  The rise in evil has come.”

Me:  “What can we do?  Where is safety?”

Uriel:  “It is best to seek wisdom and press into the Word of God.  Understand that there will come a day in which it will be a crime to speak truth.  However, you are not to worry as God has a much greater plan than that of the enemy.  The enemy knows that, by removing the Voice of Truth, he can then replace this with lies.  Take precautions.  Be careful about what you see and hear.  If you have questions, pray that God will answer them quickly.  You will not be harmed.”

Me:  “But, Uriel, how can we trust anything?”

Uriel:  “Stand strong and know that God is with you.  God’s plans will not be thwarted by the enemy’s schemes.”

Me:  “Uriel, will this next (presidential) election be tainted?”

Uriel:  “The enemy will attempt to overthrow that which stands in his way.  However, God has a greater plan and the enemy’s schemes will be exposed.  You should also understand that there is much financial backing behind those opposing God’s elect.  Just as this virus will eventually be removed, giving rise to a great church in the Land of the Dragon, so too will a great church rise up all over the world.”

Me:  “Do you mean a physical church?”

Uriel:  “Well, yes and no.  It is a special remnant of God’s people who will gather up the elect of God and will usher in the Lord, the Lamb of God.”

Me:  “Uriel, when will this be?  Who are these?”

Uriel:  Smiling at me.  “Hmm, you do not know yet?”  He then jokingly nudged me.  “Oh Erin, please rejoice and do not worry.  You are where you are for a reason and this is good.  You have understanding today.  Pray for wisdom and remain hopeful.”

Me:  “Uriel, how can I remain joyful with all that I have seen?  It is so difficult.”

Uriel:  “I understand.  Now, there are a series of players on the world’s stage.  They are greedy and wicked to the core.  The goal is to bring in one government, one ruler, one god over all.  However, there is a problem right now.  There are three rulers which believe they are ‘the ruler’.  These will be silenced and will give rise to the ruler with no land, yet appointed over all from the beginning.

“He will make deals and is at work even now offering promises behind the scenes.  Once he has risen and begins to speak publicly on his platform, a platform which will appear peaceful at first, this will then become more forceful.  You will then understand.  The Temple will begin construction.  You have seen that, with many people moving quickly, even hospitals can give rise in just days.  In this same way, even the Temple can be built quickly, even supernaturally so.”

Me:  “What about Trump?”

Uriel:  “He is a force of opposition to the enemy’s plans.  However, he is the instrument used for construction of the Temple and this is good.  Those countries who seem like friends and supporters of him and Israel will betray both.  This is written.  Again, this is of no surprise.  Erin, always remember that God has a great plan.”

Me:  “Uriel, hurry!  Please have God hurry!”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “I am only a servant of God.  I do not declare a thing to Him on behalf of a Sparrow.  I am a messenger and an angel in God’s Army, understand?”

Me:  “Yes, Uriel.  I am sorry.”

Uriel:  “Erin, it is fine.  God wants you to come to Him when you are troubled.”

Me:  “I will come to Him.  I am worried though.”

Uriel:  “Do not be.  You will not be starving.  You will not be harmed nor will your children.  There will be a time when you are all ordered to return to your homelands.  I remind you yet again that God is with you.”

Me:  “Does the enemy want to find us?”

Uriel:  “It would not be hard.  It is much like a census.  They are trying to locate everyone’s origins.  Do not entertain this.  When a friend gives you a test kit as a gift, you can accept the gift, but do not take the test.  Wait upon God.  If someone has already done this, then pray that the enemy has no access.  Do not make it easy.  Remove obvious markers, things like tracking related information.”

Me:  “That is impossible.  All of our devices have trackers.”

Uriel:  “Yes, but you can ask God for discernment.”

Me:  “This seems very sensational, almost like a conspiracy theory or something.”

Uriel:  “Erin, we have been fighting an epic battle in the heavens over the Earth for seven years and it has not stopped.  We have been there to take a stand as God directs.  We have not actively pursued the enemy yet, but instead have watched and observed his tactics.

“Be careful about the news you hear.  It is not accurate.  It is subtle, but truth is sprinkled in with lies.  The two do not work together.  It is like mixing fibers.  It is like mixing yeast into a batch of dough.  Yeast inflates.  Fibers mixed are course and ill fitting when woven together.  This is like truth sprinkled with lies.  This confuses and sickens.

“It is better that you hear nothing at all than to entertain lies.  After a while, even those with understanding can succumb to an alternate truth if not careful.  Now, do not worry.  Things will move very quickly.  Rejoice.  Rejoice as God will provide for you and will protect you in all that you do.  Do not worry.  Be strong and take courage.”  He smiled.

Dream over…

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