Dream 386 – God hears our pleas for Healing

Received Saturday, February 22, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for all that You have done with me.  I am forever blessed by You, Father.  I am also concerned.  These doors You have promised have not opened for us yet.  This makes me so afraid.  We are about to be hit with some unexpected expenses and it is daunting.  As Your child, the daughter of the Most High God and King, my Father and Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven, I ask for Jesus to plead my case before You in the Courts of Heaven.

I am with no understanding unless You grant me this, Father.  I am scared.  You have saved us countless times and have never failed.  I just see no end in sight to our current situation.  We need some miracles, Father, in Jesus’ Name.  I know this is Your Will because Your Word in Matthew 7:7-8 and Luke 11:9 states, ‘Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  For everyone who asks receives and he that seeks finds and to him that knocks it shall be opened.’

So, once again, I seek You, Father.  I knock at Your door.  The squirrels knock at our doors and windows when they are hungry and I do not provide for them like You do.  However, I still want to help them.  I then give them what I can so that I have enough to give them the next day.  However, Father, You are greater than all of this.  With You, You are the Provider of all things.  You have more than enough for all of Your children, animals, birds, trees and sea animals.  There is no provider greater than You…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I saw God’s door in the distance.  Tears streamed down my cheeks.  I realized that I really did not want to ask my Father for any more as He has already done so much for me.  The beautiful pond was to my right.  The pond had ever blossoming trees and vines surrounding it.  The little animals and birds played so carefree here.  None of them were afraid of predators or death for they are under the wings of God’s appointed angels.  There is no threat, just the peace and protection of God and His comfort.

The birds were singing and the animals were unafraid of me.  I looked at God’s door again.  I questioned myself as to why I had needs to bring before Him…yet again.  Did I fail somewhere?  I sighed and decided to sit down at His pond for a while.  I sat under the blossoming willow tree.  Before me was the sound of the fountains and they were like springs of Living Water.  I read somewhere recently that the wells of grief are fed by springs of memories.  This seemed fitting.

As I am officially at the beginnings of my ninth Bridge of Life, I had hoped by now that, by tearing these old memories down, they would now be forgotten.  I had hoped by now that, by moving on, I would have already experienced a burst of great healing and joy on this ninth Bridge.  Instead, my wells of worry are being fed by springs of fear.  This is frustrating as I know that this is contrary to the Commands in His Word.

What I am asking for is this.  When I am here in the Garden of God, I am free and safe.  I feel the love and peace of my Dad here, my Father on the Throne, the One Who created me for His divine purposes.  I am asking for wells of joy and victory, all fed by springs of faith, all without fear.  Please heal me, Father, of my lack, my illness and the darkness which continues to be at odds with the very nature of the heart of a Father’s Divine Love for His children.  I had a wonderful dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “Dancing for the king’s wife” begins…

I was young and able to dance and laugh with strength and beauty.  Under Your splendor, I was now a new creation, a creation with joy and humility.  My heart was full of joy and love for those who are far from You.  I performed awesome maneuvers as a ballerina.  As I danced, I soon realized that I was dancing in front of the wife of a king.  She was so impressed with my dancing that she invited me and my family to the house of the king.  Even though they were hated by many, her heart was good.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Oh Father, I am capable of such great things in my dreams, things too wonderful for me.  When I wake up, I am almost embarrassed that I could have such imaginations when my current physical condition is so far from this here on Earth.  However, here…oh here…are the peace, the beauty and the love of God surrounding us at all times.  This place is of magnificent wonder and has been prepared for us by He Who loves us so much.  Oh, how I wish to permanently be here in His presence.

Even so, and at the same time, I was delighted that He will be using me for His divine purposes here on Earth before this happens.  This put a smile on my face again as I got up from where I was sitting to walk over to God’s door.  I held up my hand to knock, but I paused first.  I then took a deep breath and knocked three separate times.  It seemed like nothing was happening.

Me:  “Please help me, Father.  I just knocked three times.”

Just then, I felt a breeze behind me.  I turned around and there was Uriel on his horse.  He smiled at me as he dismounted his horse.

Uriel:  “Erin, God would like to speak with you.”

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Uriel, is He mad at me right now?”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “Why would He be mad at you?  Have you done something to cause your trouble?”

Me:  “No…other than trying to plan for the inevitable when it came…but still coming up short.  Oh Uriel, even with my plans, I can do nothing.”

Uriel:  “Yes.  Only God reigns on the Throne.  He makes the plans.  He knows, Erin.  He has showed you that there are things which you are unable to foresee or plan for.  Now, God requests your presence.”

I took a deep breath.  Uriel placed salve in my eyes.  The door then opened and he brought me through it.  My heart leapt at the beautiful choirs of angels singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’!  Uriel brought me closer to God’s Throne than I had ever been before, but I was still so far away.  I dropped to my knees as I felt every cell in my body vibrate in the presence of the power of God.  I felt waves of warmth flow through my body.

I prayed and thanked God for all of the days of my life, the days that brought me here to Him.  I thanked Him for every failure, every change of direction, every story, every humiliation and every tear.  I thanked Him for every bridge of my life, each of which had been planned by God for His purposes.  I thanked Him for every person I have met, every situation I have encountered, that has led me here in His presence.  I thanked Him also for the Godly saints who brought words of wisdom into my life.

There were three in all in my seemingly now distant past.  The first was my pastor in the 1990s.  The second was a counselor during my refining furnace of affliction from 2005 to 2009.  The third was a rival to me in the 1990s who became like a sister to me from 2005 to the present.  Father, please bless these people for keeping me pressing into You.  Please bless them for squelching my wrong thinking and speaking life back into me.  If not for their words ringing truth into my weary soul, I am quite certain I would not be here today.

Me:  In my mind, but really to God still listening (as always).  “Father, please help me.  Please help us.  I am not well and Your doors have not opened.  It seems that only uncertainty and looming threats are mounting.  Father, each new day also seems to bring more new troubles.  Please help me, but also all of us.  We love You so much!”

God:  “Erin, I am here.  I am with you.  Rise up and stand before Me.  Do not hide and cower.”

Even though my muscles quivered, my every cell in my body rose up at God’s command.  It was as if my brain had no option in the matter.  I rose up with more strength than I have ever had.  However, I knew it was not my strength, but His.

God:  “You do not stand before Me on your own, Erin, for it is I Who commanded it and willed it.  It is also I Who determines a man’s days.  Though you believe you have control, you do not.  This is because you have surrendered your life to Me for My purposes.  Your life is therefore in My hands and under My authority and power.

“While a man can accept My Son as his Savior and live a life of his own free will, it is still I Who determines his path.  However, for those who have surrendered their lives and their free will to My Will, My course and My way, I will also then provide for this ‘High Way’.  You are My priests, a portion set apart by Me for My purposes.

“Your life is not your own.  What can you do on your own to open a door if there be no one on the other side to open it?  It is therefore not a door that I have presented as I do not present doors to deceive.  I do not do this.  When I present a door, I will also open it.  While sometimes this door is open for you to step through, at other times, you must knock and it shall be opened.

“However, Erin, it is still I Who presents this.  You did not miss a door.  You did not fail Me.  You are not in the midst of punishment.  Now, waiting is difficult for those I have called.  Why?  It is because you do not understand the beauty of trust and the jewel in your crown that you have received from being patient in the waiting.”

Me:  “Forgive me, Father, but we have been given great promises and dreams of the fulfillment of these promises, yet I become more ill with each passing day.  Oh Father, age does not reverse our illnesses and pain is at odds with patience.  Please forgive me for saying this to You, Father, as You already know everything.”

God:  His laughter filled the Court and gave me such comfort.  “Ah, such is the perspective of a ‘small sparrow’.”

Me:  “Yes, Father, I am small.  I am also thankful to be under Your Wing.  I am sorry for the things I have made it.  However, I have great faith in Your promises as You have always fulfilled every one of them.  This all has been amazing.  All we read in Your Word is true…all of it!  Before I knew You, I heard of You and heard of Your Works.  However, I had no connection to You.

“I now realize I was Yours from the beginning and that my life has always been part of Your Story, not my own.  I am sorry that I have been impatient and scared.  My doctors have given me bad reports and the ‘what ifs’ have begun to bleed my mind with thoughts of doubt.  However, Father, I know Your love and I know how much You have done on my behalf, as well as for my children and my friends.

“Please shine the light of Your sun…Your Son…on our dark reports, as it is hard to hear bad news from those with great knowledge in the fields of medicine.  Ultimately, I know that You have the final say.  The final word is always Yours, Father.  You brought my body back to life from the steps of death’s door more than twice.

“I know that You are God over all and have great plans.  So, Father, while we wait, please supernaturally grant us Good News.  Please fill our pantries and pay our debts so that no evil can continue to taunt us.  Better yet, please change us and transform us.  I would love to dance again.  I would love to …”  I began to cry.

God:  “I have heard your cries, Erin.  These are reasonable.  I will have compassion on you, your family and your friends.  I have promised you many things and I plan on fulfilling these.  My promises are true.  I understand that it is difficult to present your case for miracles when you are not visibly walking in these.  Your case is a good one.  However, do you understand the burdens that will come with these gifts?”

Me:  “Well, Father, I already know the burdens of being limited in capacity without them, as well as the burdens of walking in sporadic miracles.  Without Your healing and transformation of us, many consider these dreams and visions as a false doctrine or even a cult.  While I have spent years pouring out my heart on these pages, mixing the ink with my troubled tears, they see this as You not being with me.

“While these dreams from You are truly a miracle beyond compare, they could also appear to be delusions from a crafty lunatic to outsiders.  As you know, Father, I am not very smart, certainly not smart enough to come up with these dreams without You, so I am asking to be vindicated.  I am asking to be vindicated and for my story to be proved right by Your miracle of healing.  I have promised to serve You all of the days of my life.

“I want so much to spread the Good News of Your Love for your children.  I want so much to spread the Good News of the hope of Heaven and a life of an eternity spent with You.  However, when people see me as I am now, they think ‘she is unqualified and is an embarrassment to testify to Your goodness.’  Despite this, I have continued to write down what You have directed me to write.

“I do this writing in ink and there are no erases, no cross offs and no go backs.  I come to You in full faith every time I write down one of Your dreams.  These are not my dreams, but Your dreams alone.  You have just borrowed them to me as Your earthly steward, along with my husband, my family and our friends as witnesses.  Please, Father, I was born for a life in Your service.

“Please take me off of the bench and use me as Your player.  Please pick me!  Please pick my husband and my children!  Please pick my friends!  We love you and we come each day to sit in Your mighty presence.  We believe in You.  We cheer to You.  We cry out and we hope.”  I was both crying and pleading out loud now.  “Oh Father, please play us soon…today even!  We are willing and our hearts are ready!  Please put us in, Coach!  We are ready to play…today!”

I heard a great roll of laughter.  The laughter of God shook His Court.  While His laughter filled me with hope and joy, as it always does, it also made me want to drop to my knees to praise Him.  I decided to do just that.  I was now praising Him with my face down in His presence.  I prayed that I pleased Him.  I prayed that my husband, our children and our friends pleased Him.

God:  “Oh Erin, come, rise up to your feet.  In My ‘game’, I reserve some of My best ‘players’ for ‘the finals’.  Now, rejoice, as you are among these.  Do not worry, Erin, for I will do all that I have promised.  My Contract is good and I do not delay.  Have faith that I have heard you and that I will agree to your request.  I will strengthen you before I put you out on My court for the finals.”  He laughed again and it was so soothing.  “I am pleased with you, your family and your friends.  Erin, I am pleased.”

I felt Uriel reach for my arm.  He walked me back to God’s door.

Me:  “I love You, Father!”

God:  “And I love you, Erin.  Rejoice.  I have answered your prayers and petitions and found them good.”

I was now so happy.  I waved and curtsied towards His Royal Presence.  I saw a swirl of color that seemed to be a wave back to me.  I felt in my heart that He was pleased with me…with all of us.  Uriel brought me outside.

Uriel:  “Erin, everything is about to change around you.  Rejoice and do not be afraid.  Do not worry when you see these changes coming as God is in this, okay?”

Me:  “Yes, I think so.”

Uriel:  “It is for your benefit.  He has answered your prayers to be delivered from your troubles.  Now rejoice!  I must go.”  He mounted his horse.  “Do not worry, Erin, for greater are those with you than those against you!”  He turned and was gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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