Dream 388 – Jesus and the Finest of the Grapes

Received Sunday, March 1, 2020

Morning Communion

Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  Thank You for my children, my husband and my Nest friends.  My life without all of them would be lonely and meaningless.  Father, I say this fully realizing there is You and that You are always with me.  However, a life without others, a life living in isolation, would be a lonely life.  Lord, what a month that just finished.  February seemed to be a ‘tipping point’ month for the world.

Perhaps all that we are experiencing is World War III, or at least the beginnings of this.  This Corona Virus has changed the steady rhythm of the heartbeat of the financial markets.  In turn, the markets determine the overall health of the body of the nations.  I was stunned to learn about the greed of a handful of individuals and their lust for power at any cost.  They don’t care if they even completely take down our nation if it benefits them.

Father, clearly the ‘Trojan Horse’ has entered into our nation already.  We are unaware of its origins other than being from the Land of the Dragon.  While we know the ultimate roots, we do not know all the different ways in which it has come.  We have also learned about a communist regime who was enjoying its quiet takeover of the world using economic dependence of those who did business with her.

Still, it goes much deeper than this.  The people of this foreign land have been deceived by their own government.  This foreign government has also deceived the American people.  We have also been deceived by the greed of those here in America that have made us dependent on the Land of the Dragon for so many of our goods.  Father, these are communists.  We did business with communists in exchange for monetary gain.  To what end did we do this other than for the convenience of our own lives?

The United Nations Security Council is a powerful world body consisting of five permanent members and other rotating members.  The five permanent members have veto power.  Just one of them vetoing will make it so the resolution dies.  Of the five permanent members, two are communist nuclear powers that hate the USA.  They would like it if we failed completely.

What makes this particularly disconcerting is that these two communist countries compete against each other and believe each is sovereign and above all the other nations in the world.  As You have shown me, Father, the Corona Virus was not an accident.  It was planned as retaliation for the USA under President Trump exposing the Land of the Dragon ruler’s plans to bleed us dry.

But a virus in exchange for tariffs?  Would this be that much of a stretch given how much their leadership hates the USA?  If this virus had been unplanned, they would have been humbled and would have asked our medical people for help.  There has instead been great secrecy surrounding all of this.  A dream I had three nights ago seemed to reveal even more hidden plots, hidden agendas and hidden alliances…

Sub-dream 1 “Deadly Shipments” begins…

The Land of the Dragon sent several shipments of something to the Middle East and Italy.  While I could not tell exactly what this was, I guessed that it may have been rice.  The leaders of the Land of the Dragon hated the Muslims and were setting up even more isolation camps for them.  These leaders also hated all Christians, but especially the Catholics and their Pope.

The people of the Land of the Dragon were unaware of what was happening as the message was heavily controlled by their leaders.  Many had no way of any communication reaching them and any that did were more likely to be lies.  An actor was hired to play the part of their President.  This actor then shook hands with the people of the city where the Corona Virus originated (note that this has been reported as something that has already occurred).

Sub-dream 1 over…

I took a break here as I was not feeling led to continue.  However, several hours later, right after dinner, I felt the Lord call me to continue this dream…

Evening Communion

Dear Father,

I love You!  I am so sorry that I am scared and anxious.  I feel so poorly about myself.  I want to be healed so I can be energetic and young again.  I am afraid for our children.  I am afraid for this world.  There are so many of us who have not realized our promises here.  We are still waiting to see the miracles You have had me write about.  However, we know that You are able to do anything and all things, so we know it is coming.

Father, You can just say the Word and it is done.  While none of the ‘really great things’ have occurred yet, it is clear that You are definitely lining everything up.  It is just difficult for us to wait.  Oh Father, the waiting is the hardest part.  While You have told us that certain events would occur in personal words specific to us (and many of these already have), we are still waiting for that ‘knockout punch’, the one that will make the world sit up and take notice of what You are doing through us as Your end times army.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in the same vineyard in Heaven that I have been to so many times before.  I looked towards the hills and saw several massive angels harvesting grapes.  I waved at them and they waved back.  I took some time to pluck a grape from a cluster and popped it into my mouth.  It was amazing from start to finish.  From the moment I bit into this grape, the burst of flavors was a fantastical journey.

I realize that this is difficult to understand, but this grape was like a red wine grape, a deep burgundy grape, a rose grape and a white grape for Zinfandel, all mixed with a sweet taste.  It was as if this grape embodied all the others, yet was unlike anything I had ever tasted.  I smiled as I decided to take the whole cluster.  This seemed to be the perfect snack while I looked around.  After looking around for a while, I decided that I really wanted to speak with Jesus now.

Me:  “Lord, are You here?  Where are You?”

I ran down through the fragrant archway of flowers.  When I looked to the end of the path in the aspen grove, there was Jesus.  He was holding the reins of His beautiful horse.  He stood there enthroned in the light of His Glory.  My breath was taken back and I gasped in joy.  Warm tears of happiness streamed down my cheeks.  I was so happy to see Him.  I ran as fast as I could.  When I reached Him, I dropped to my knees.  As I knelt before Him, I touched His feet and cried.

Me:  “Oh Lord, I am scared.  While I know that You are in control, I am asking for a favor.  Please keep my lungs clear.  Please do the same for my family, my friends and their families.  Not being able to breathe is so difficult.  My mom could barely breathe.  She also lost her ability to swallow.  You are the breath of life.  I am free here and I can breathe deeply.  On Earth, my breathing is shallow and my lung capacity is poor.  Without Your protection, surely pneumonia would soon overcome me.”

I felt His hand on my shoulder.  When I opened my eyes, I noticed that He had bent down to me.  He reached for me to help bring me up to my feet.  He had a tender smile and such sympathetic eyes.  He could read my every thought.  He knew every part of my heart.  As I looked back at Him, I once again realized just how ‘everything’ He is to me…to us!  Yes, He is worthy of ALL of our worship and praise!

Jesus:  “Erin, I am with you.  No disaster will come near your tent.  While I know that you fear these things at times, you must turn away from what your eyes see and your ears hear.  You are to press into Me instead as I am always with you.  Do not dismiss My voice as imagination.  It is not.  It is Me.  You, on your own, would not speak so boldly. It is I, Erin.  Talk to Me and I will answer you.  I am never far from you.”

Me:  “Lord, everything has changed so rapidly.  What can we do without You?  Please heal us soon!”

Jesus:  “Erin…Erin…calm down.  I am here.  I will comfort you.  Do not let the enemy have a foothold.  He calls out to you from the desert and wants you to believe that you are not hearing from Me.  However, this is not so.  Now you will need to talk to Me.”

Me:  “I am afraid of angering You.  Lord, I feel I should be more faithful.  I feel I should be better and more equipped.  If I tell people I know at church about these dreams, I know that they will make me feel like a lunatic for my beliefs.  I know that these dreams would not be popular for so many, so I stay quiet.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Remember that I too was considered by so many as being a lunatic, along with so many other labels.  They could not fathom that I might actually be their Savior, the One Whom God had sent, His Son in flesh.  I was not whom they expected, remember?  Now, you are My Bride and My Scribe.  You are not a lunatic.  If you were, surely your writings would have unraveled by now.  People with demons are not controlled and it does not take long before words and stories become nonsensical.

“If you had been writing aside from Me, these Words would not hold as true.  You would have to be a brilliant writer of great standing to write such things in one short span of a few hours at a time.  You would also need hours upon hours of research into what you have already written in order to stay consistent.  You would also need to know every aspect of the Bible so as not to be in contradiction in any way.  Am I correct on this, Little Sparrow?”

Me:  I was smiling again.  “Yes, Lord, You are correct.”

Jesus:  “While it is impossible for you to do all of this on your own, all things are possible through Me.  While I know that you don’t understand all of this right now, you are to continue on your course.  You work for Me, Erin.  You please Me.  You are not a slave.  You are free and I am with you.  Erin, you are also injured.  Please allow Me to make a case for all of this.  I will do this to ease your doubt.  I will start by asking you this…how many paintings have you completed since your accident?”

Me:  “Well, I am having troubles with my hands when it comes to painting.  I have only completed one painting.  I had to use a putty knife though.  It was on the night that my mom died.  I painted the field in front of our house.  There was a full moon over it that night.  While it wasn’t my best work, I wanted to still do this for my mom.  However, my mom died and she never saw it.”

Jesus:  “So, you are formally trained as an artist, a painter and an illustrator, yet you only painted this one in five and a half years (5.5 years or 66 months).”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “If you were uninjured, this would be easy for you.  This therefore shows you cannot do this.  However, you have instead written in many journals with My guidance.  You have done this even though you dislike writing, correct?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”  I started to laugh.  “Lord, am I on trial right now?”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “No, Erin.  I am making a case for Me working through you.  You are My Vessel, understand?  You work for and by the pleasure of your King and Savior.  Now, is anything impossible for Me?”

Me:  “No, Lord, nothing is impossible for You.  I am thankful for these dreams and visions.  I am even more thankful for You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you have been and continue to write My Love Story for My Bride.  Your pages and the story of your journey to Me encourages others.  What did you recently say about this?”  It was instantly downloaded as a reminder to me.

Me:  Smiling.  “My pain is your gain.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “I couldn’t have said this better Myself.  Now, what makes a bride My Perfect Bride?”

Me:  Sighing.  “First off, You do not go by outer appearances.  Secondly, You do not go by our talents.  You are certainly not going by our own perfection.  Is it by our faith in You?”

Jesus:  “Hmm, well, yes and no.  You have been through the refiner’s fire.  Remember the furnace?  You have been there many times and yet you still chase Me.  Erin, you still look for Me.  You still hope and long for Me.  You run after My heart.  You study Me and know this pleases Me.  You desire to do good all the days of your life.”

Me:  Crying.  “Thank You, Lord, but I still fail sometimes.”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin.  While you still make mistakes, you then immediately correct yourself, repent and come to Me.  You now make fewer and fewer mistakes.  This is good, right?”

Me:  “I do?”

Jesus:  “They are very few and far between.  You know that the hour is late.  Your heart is ready and it is good.”  He then looked over at the cluster of grapes I was holding in my hand and smiled.  “Hmm, so, what have you brought Me?”

Me:  “Oh Lord, these grapes are being harvested in the vineyards.  These are amazing.  There are so many flavors contained in just one grape.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “These are the special reserve grapes for a special wine unlike any other.  Their time on the vine has been completed and they are ready to be selected for My Wine.”

Me:  “What is this Wine for?”

Jesus:  “You will see very soon.  I am glad you like the taste.  It is familiar, right?”

Me:  “It tastes wonderful.  It is the most amazing grape I have ever had.  I would like to fully describe it, but I can’t.”

Jesus:  “These are special grapes.  These are a special planting of God.  Now, not everyone will like these.  For many, this will be like acid.  However, to many others, it will be like honey.  These have been prepared by Me for My purposes.  You will understand more very soon.”  He smiled.  “Erin, I love you.  Thank you for surrendering yourself to Me fully for My purposes.

“I know it has not been easy for you, your family or your friends.  However, all doubts will very soon be far from you.  Remember that I hold these.”  He lifted the reins to His horse.  “Erin, I see the evil things done in secret.  They will not go free from justice in the Courts of God.  I see their plots and count their victims.  They will not go unpunished.

“Now, remain in Me.  Know that angels have been sent to guard you and your households.  The enemy’s plots against you will come to nothing.  Much of what is happening in the world has been foretold from the beginning and is part of My Plan, understand?  Do not be afraid of this as I am with you.  Remember that you are My Bride and My Special Reserve.”  He smiled.  “You are a Jewel in My Crown and I am pleased.  Do not worry, Erin, as I have you.  I love you.”

Me:  Hugging Him.  “You are forever in my heart, Lord.  I love You with my very being and with all that I am.  I love You.  I just wish I looked as I do in Heaven on Earth.  I wish I was strong.  I wish I could encourage the broken and let them know how wonderful You are.  You are so special, Lord.  You are greater than that which describes You.  I have no words adequate to describe You.  No one does.  If I had a special wine that represented You, there would be no finer wine and it would never run out.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Well, instead I am the Breath of Life and Living Water.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, and this is even better.”

He leaned over towards me and kissed the top of my head.

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Erin, do not grow tired of doing good.  Your heart is good.  Smile more as this will make My heart glad.  Let My light shine upon you in all that you do.  Since you work for Me, do not act as a slave, as someone oppressed, as this is not of God.  You are free.  I have set you free, understand?  Since the beginning of time, men have ruled over other men.  Some rulers are kind and others are not.

“Do not go back in history and act as judge for I did not appoint you to do so.  Remember that it is God Who judges, not man.  The enemy desires division.  Remember that they call out from old bridges and gravesites, saying ‘God doesn’t care.’  Remember also that vengeance is Mine.  The living do not understand the pain of history on old battlefields, so do not worry.

“Life on Earth is a battlefield.  The measure of a man’s heart is weighed.  While many are here, many are found wanting.  While many are in the depths of Sheol, many are here with Me.  Let this go, Erin, as those who are angry and bitter will not be used for My purposes.  However, those with contrite hearts will be called for greater service and will be used to administer hope to the lost.

“Oh yes…they will also display awesome deeds as I will be with you.  Justice will also be administered to the wicked who are far from Me.  I will only be working with those with a yielding heart, a ready heart.  Erin, I see the worry in your eyes.  However, you are not to worry as your heart is ready.  This is enough for now.  Rejoice, Erin, as I am with you.”

Dream over…

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