Dream 403 – Time to be still and rest

Received on Sunday, April 19, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Father, thank You for Your recompense.  Thank You for our home and our location here.  Thank You for my family and friends.  What a blessing.  Things are still really slow going here because of the Corona Virus.  There is no longer the need to take my girls to school in town.  My daughter’s church duties and activities are gone.  We are all really missing Wednesday night worship service.  Our outdoor ‘freedoms’ are really limited now.

Things which were social for me are gone.  I miss seeing familiar faces.  Our mailbox and other services are over an hour away.  Because of the ridiculous restrictions there, we have opted to wait until things loosen up a bit.  I have a box of medication waiting for me which I had ordered in case of emergencies or shortages.  I ordered this back in February and it came in March.

We know all the workers there and they have assured us that they are holding things in safekeeping for us.  In addition, our bank has never really opened back up.  I have to do everything online now.  I miss seeing people who know my name and I know theirs.  We have had to redirect all our activity to the north of us.  There is a larger Walmart and other stores there.

We must stay within certain parameters or our whole house will be quarantined for two weeks.  This is just not worth it.  Father, please open things back up soon.  I miss visiting the Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews, NB.  It is so beautiful this time of year.  I miss our beautiful drives to see Mount Washington.  We also miss seeing the Amish on their horse and buggies.

It feels somewhat foolish driving places for anything other than essentials right now.  There are a lot of people who seem sick with flu, colds or Covid 19.  You never know if one of them are pumping gas or working at the grocery stores.  Father, all of this seems way more ominous than just the threat of a virus.  It seems more like a trial or practice round for someone’s model of what to do the next time this happens.

The main hidden agenda seems to be the desire to disarm us.  There seems to be an interest in controlling that which we are able to purchase.  We are being shown what we are supposed to believe.  It all feels like a giant agenda.  Our ability to assemble together to worship God is now cancelled.  Those who violate these orders are arrested and publicly humiliated.  Some pastors are even arrested with mugshots.

In contrast, the liquor stores remain open.  Not surprisingly, drinking is on the rise.  According to the ‘gospel of the world’, this is good.  While there are restrictions on what we can do with a home garden, we have no restrictions to purchasing growing supplies for marijuana.  This is where family violence enters in.  Drugs and alcohol are then used to numb the effects of anxiety.

How much of people’s stimulus checks are going to cannabis and alcohol?  While these loosens one’s inhibitions to not follow safety guidelines, government seems to just stand by on this one.  To some, it doesn’t matter as much since they are feeling good by doing this.  What is happening is awful.  This is the attitude of some.  Some feel like they don’t need to follow guidelines at all as they don’t care if it is just the old that are dying.

I find this kind of attitude disgusting.  The elderly are the people who built our country and fought for our freedoms.  The elderly are the ones who tucked us in at night and taught us how to read, cook and other skills.  This makes me so sad.  While truly essential surgeries are being delayed, there are those in the government that still fight for the right to abort babies as being essential.

So, let me get this straight.  Biopsies for cancer are being put on hold, but we are still allowing the killing of the unborn?  Oh Father, now I see why Your wrath has come.  I usually don’t get angry over news and politics, but I am angry, truly angry.  I usually keep this anger to myself, my husband and God, but it is still there.

To make things worse, while we are losing jobs, income and freedom, the leaders of the Land of the Dragon are laughing at us.  No, they are celebrating.  Does the world not see what they have done to their own people?  What did they do to the little children with birth defects in the orphanage we had been sponsoring for years?

I know.  Their police raided it, made arrests and seized the children.  Where are these children now?  Well, Father, I know the answer…they are now Home with You!  Where are the others?  What have they done to the innocent?  Who will pay for the world’s losses?  Father, please make them pay.  Please make their government pay.

Make those in Hollywood who are paid by their corrupt leadership pay.  Make those in our government paid off by their corrupt leadership pay.  Expose the wicked, Father.  Please expose them.  The threat to the world is both the New World Order and the Land of the Dragon.  They are not the same entities.  Both are at war with us.

Father, we received our sign from You on January 18, 2020, the amazing corona around the sun.  Yesterday, April 18, 2020, marked three months since that date.  This reminded me of 2 Samuel 24:11-13.  You gave David three options.  He was instructed to choose one to be carried out against his people:

  • Option 1: Three years of famine on the land
  • Option 2: Three months of fleeing the pursuit of their enemies
  • Option 3: Three days of plague upon the land

David chose Option 3.  70,000 people then died over the next three days throughout the land.  However, the plague stopped short of Jerusalem.  This seems to be happening to us now.  However, instead of three days, it seems more like three months.  This also includes three months of fleeing from an enemy that is hidden in plain sight.

Quite simply, our freedoms have been slowly taken away from us.  We now have many more months of economic troubles that will ensue.  Oh Father, please have mercy on Your people.  My heart is on the forgotten elderly in those homes that are now dying alone.  There is no one at the end to be with them.  Father, please heal them miraculously, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

I had an epic dream last night.  It was extremely vivid.  What was unusual was that it was given to me in two separate parts.  The first part was given to me prior to 6:00am.  I got up at 6:00am for a few minutes and then went back to sleep.  The second part was given to me after 6:00am.  This was a long and detailed dream…

Sub-dream 1 – Part 1 “An oppressive employer goes crazy” begins…

I was working at the home of an oppressive employer.  She encompassed at least five traits of former horrible bosses.  These traits included (1) anger, (2) bitterness, (3) jealousy, (4) shrewdness, including being greedy with money, and (5) no compassion or mercy.  Her face looked somewhat twisted with an evil grimace and this look never really seemed to change.

Her home was massive and was paid for by those she was able to steal and glean from.  Her opportunistic ways allowed her to afford this massive mansion.  The mansion was quite valuable.  It had a large property and was surrounded by a high wall.  There were two gates, one in front and one in back.  The home was in the heart of a city I didn’t recognize.  There were hills and a bay close by.

While it looked a bit like either Knob Hill leading into the San Francisco Bay or around Massachusetts, I was really not sure where this was.  When viewing the outside of the house, they had done something strange.  Every single thing was painted in a Benjamin Moore color 2139-30 named Shark Skin.  It was so odd as this color was used for everything…the main walls, the trim, the window trim and even the roof.

The style itself was from one of my least favorite periods of architecture – Victoria Gothic Style with a widow’s walk (aka crow’s nest).  The folklore of this feature is haunting.  This was a lookout tower featured primarily in coastal towns in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The wives of sailors would go up there to look around when they became worried for their husband’s safety.  They always had great views of the ocean.

In contrast, the interior of this woman’s house was filled with very, very high-end furnishings.  While these were high-end, they were still quite tacky looking.  In this dream, we will call this boss of mine Pat.  Pat had ordered me to her home to put together a presentation of tile layouts for an extremely wealthy client.  She had me there because she was not capable of doing such a presentation herself.  She had no skills in drawing or putting a proposal together.

Pat:  “In putting together this presentation, I want you to use the model of the home you designed back in the 1990s.  I am talking about the large 15,000 square foot Mediterranean home that had over $500,000 in tile.”

Me:  “Yes, I know the one.  Here, I will pull out my designs and drawings.”

As I organized these, Pat began to pace back and forth.  She was muttering and complaining that I was taking too long.  When I finished organizing and explaining things to her, the two gentlemen clients arrived.  She quickly panicked and I could tell that she didn’t want me around.

Pat:  “I need you to go to the kitchen immediately.  There is food there that needs to be prepared.  I would like you to make something gourmet, like Beef Bourguignon.  I need you to do this while I make ‘my’ presentation.”

I agreed to this and tried to find things in this massive kitchen.  I found a prime rib roast there and I knew I could make something great with this.  In the meantime, I could overhear Pat telling her clients that these were drawings from a home she designed.  This quickly backfired though as the clients started asking her questions that she was unable to answer.

After each question, she would excuse herself, telling them that the chef she had preparing their meal was incompetent and needed her direction.  Pat would then come back to where I was cooking and ask me their questions.  She then went back to her clients and answered their questions as if it was her with this knowledge.

Needless to say, this was really starting to make me anxious to leave.  However, even though I was already Transformed and had more than enough means not to work for this woman, I stuck around as God had me on this assignment for a purpose.  Making this meal was going to take so long that I decided to ask Him for help.

Me:  “Lord, I don’t want to be here long.  Could You please cook this with supernatural speed?  Let it be perfect so that I can leave here soon.”

It was then that I noticed the stove.  It was massive.  What was odd though was that it was more than just a stove.  It was also a furnace as well.  It was gas powered and quite frightening due to its large size.  I placed the roasting pan with the roast inside the stove and closed the door.  There was a side bar I had to latch to seal it.  When I looked back in, I became frightened about burning it as there were so many flames.

Me:  “Yikes, Lord, please help me.”

I turned away from the stove temporarily to see if I could find a fire extinguisher ‘just in case’.  Even though this turn took but a few seconds, I heard the ding of a timer.  The latch then popped open on its own.  To my surprise and delight, when I pulled out the roasted prime rib, it was of such quality that it could be on the cover of a cooking magazine.  I was in shock.

When I turned to put the roast on the counter, there in front of me appeared a beautiful full course of food for dinner.  All in all, this only took about twenty minutes at most.  When I went out of the swinging doors to see how Pat was doing, I saw that she was now flirting with these two gentlemen.  I decided to interrupt her flirtations.

Me:  “I am happy to announce that dinner is served!”

Pat seemed both angry and shocked.

Pat:  “Gentlemen, please go into the dining room.”  I was about to follow, but she stopped me.  “What are you doing?  I was just closing the deal.”

Me:  “Well, you will just have to do this on a full stomach.  Open some wine for them and they can’t refuse.”

Pat:  I could see her thinking.  “Come, let me see what you have done.  You couldn’t have…”  Just then, she saw the entire meal’s lay out.  She gasped.  “Wait, that is impossible!  Impossible!  I gave you an impossible task!  Who did this?”

Me:  “God helped me.  Well, actually, He really did all of it for me.”

Pat:  In a sarcastic tone.  “Right…it was God then.  Sure.”  She then pointed to the dining room.  “Here, go and sit with them.  I will be serving them this food.”

I walked into the dining room and struck up a conversation with them about their project.  They treated me like I was stupid at first, but then I told them several details about various projects I had done over the years.  They looked surprised as I now looked like I was only in my twenties and way too young to have done all of this.  They soon realized that it was me that had designed the 15,000 square foot Mediterranean home.  Pat came into the room.

Pat:  “I worked very hard cooking all of this for my special guests.  You will love this.  Erin, come and serve us.”

Pat had rolled in a massive cart with all of the food.  They were amazed by the beautiful display of food.  I got up and prepared their plates for them and served each of the them.  The food was well received.  After dinner, the clients were ready to go.

Client:  “That was a fantastic meal.  Thank you.  We will sign if Erin is on the project.  If we move forward, we would need to have Erin on this project.”

Pat:  “Yes, of course…she can assist me.  Now, can I get your signatures today?”

Client:  “No, not on a Sunday.  Our people will call you.”

After the two men left, Pat could no longer contain her rage.  She turned to look at me and gave me such an angry look.

Pat:  “What did you do?”

Me:  “Nothing.  I did exactly what you told me to do.  I can leave though.  I would rather not work for you.”

Pat:  “Wait!  Wait!  No!  Stay.  Stay here.”

Me:  “Well, I really don’t want to, but I will.”

Later that night, Pat had various people come visit her.  While I couldn’t hear exactly what she was saying, it seemed as if she was plotting something.  I saw people coming in.  None were leaving.  I decided to sneak down to the kitchen.  When I saw the stove / furnace being used, I was surprised and decided to look inside.  To my shock, Pat had placed a man in the furnace.

The flames were shooting up.  The lid was firmly closed.  I heard a ding and knew that Pat would soon be coming to check in on this.  I hid around the corner of the massive kitchen and watched.  She sat on the floor and dragged the burnt body out.  It was absolutely repulsive and creepy.

Pat:  Talking to the burnt man.  “Now, Jay, I told you things would not go well if you continued to ask me for your money.  Remember when I…”

I couldn’t take it anymore.  I interrupted her.

Me:  “Pat, what have you done?”

Pat:  “You mean what have we done!  Since you are here, you are now a part of this.”

Me:  “Oh no I am not!  You have gone mad.”

Pat:  “There is nothing wrong here.  No one will miss this snake.  Go back to bed.  The body will be burned and gone in just a couple of hours.”

Me:  “Why have you done this?  Am I next?”

Pat:  “No, I need you.  I would never do this to you.  We are friends.”

Just then, dawn was breaking.  I became worried about her son.

Me:  “Pat, where is your son?”

Pat:  “He is at a friend’s house.”  She then started talking to me as if nothing had happened.  “Hey, I am thinking about remodeling.  Want to help?”

Me:  “No.  I am going outside.  I feel sick.”

As I started to walk towards the door, I glanced back.  She was turning the furnace on to full power.

Pat:  “Wait.  I am going out with you.”

She now seemed crazy and unclean.  Her property was so large that we sat on a bench about a football field away from the house.  I suddenly smelled gas.  The flame in the stove must have gone out and now the house was filling up with gas.  Just then, Pat’s son, who was about twelve, rounded a bush and headed into the house.  He yelled out to us.  It seemed as if, just then, Pat could now also smell the gas.

Son:  “Hey, mom, I’m home!”

Pat:  Screaming at the top of her lungs.  “Noooo!  Don’t go in there!”

She ran inside to get him out of the house.  Just then, an explosion blasted the home.  It was so powerful that it rocked the neighborhood.  I would have been knocked off my feet had God not been protecting me.

Sub-dream 1 – Part 1 over…

I woke up suddenly.  It was around 6:00am.  I breathed a sigh of relief that this was a dream.  I laid back down to go to sleep.  To my surprise, this sub-dream continued without any interruption.

Sub-dream 1 – Part 2 “The exploding house aftermath” begins…

I stayed in the area to answer questions and work with the authorities.  We soon discovered that Pat had killed everyone she had ever owed a debt to.  This included not just those who had built her home and property, but also their families as well.  The only one who remained alive that she owed a debt to was me.  It turned out that she had owed me more than I had ever imagined as she had secretly stolen things that I had not even known were mine.

All in all, the authorities, judges and estate attorneys ended up giving me her property and all that she had.  It was vast.  Nothing was left of the house.  The little remains that were left, including the foundation, were promptly removed from the property.  My family and I decided to move into a hotel across from the property while a new house was being built in its place.  When we first entered the hotel to book a room, the clerk looked down at us as if we were disgusting to her.

Clerk:  “Do you understand how expensive this hotel is?  Have you gone online?”  She shook her head at us in disgust.  “Here, I will give you a quote.”

Me:  “Well, we will need this for three to six months or so, give or take.”

Clerk:  Laughing hysterically.  “I will see the manager about your absurd request.  Better yet, I will call security.”

Me:  “Actually, call the manager instead.  I am sure Dave will understand.”

The clerk was clearly surprised that I knew the manager’s name.  This is because I had phoned the hotel earlier to check on availability.  It wasn’t hard as he had already heard of my name.  She stopped smiling and pressed a button on her phone.

Clerk:  “Dave, we have a problem.  I will come and get you.”

She went into the back offices.  While she was gone, I turned to my family.  We smiled at each other as we knew that this was going to be good.

Clerk:  “Here they are.  They have been a nuisance.”

Manager:  “Oh no!  They are very welcome here.”  He gave the clerk a stern look before turning to us with a welcoming smile.  “I am so sorry, Erin, she wasn’t aware.”  He turned back to the clerk.  “This family has more money than, like, Oprah!”  He turned back to us.  “Even I didn’t know this until recently.”

Clerk:  “I am sorry, Erin.  I am so sorry.”

Me:  “No problem.  Just remember that you should never judge on appearances.  We look a little worse for the wear as we have been very busy lately.  We could really use some rest, food and fresh clothes.”

Manager:  “You’ve got it.  Whatever you need.  You have our best.”

Clerk:  Whispering to her manager.  “But our best is booked.”

Manager:  “Well, it is now.  Erin and her family are now booked in our best for the next three to six months.”  He then spoke to the clerk under his breath.  “Just move the existing guests out.”

I was going to protest as I did not want anyone to be dispersed.  Before I could, the Lord told me that He didn’t want me to and that this adjustment in booking was His Will.

Me:  “Well, thank you so much for your hospitality.”

Manager:  “We will get you some clothing and food while they prepare your rooms.”

When we were eventually moved in, we could not believe how beautiful our suite was.  We even had a private elevator.  We had a change of clothing arrive via racks on wheels that we were able to pick through.  The manager then took us to their restaurant.  It had an amazing view of both the harbor and our new house being built.  It was beautiful.  We could see construction workers building something beautiful.  We ate some wonderful food together.  All of us were now so relaxed.

Sub-dream 1 – Part 2 over…

Father, having a dream like this is very unusual.  I don’t fully understand the meaning of the gory parts and this took me to a place which left a bitter feeling, like a queasiness in my stomach.  Thankfully, the day is beautiful here.  Please help me to see You working in all of this, Father.  In Psalm 27, Your Words…”Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart.”

Well, Father, I am struggling with ‘delight’ right now.  While I can delight in You, my husband, my children, my friends, my pets, the weather and our home, all else seems too difficult to delight in.  Quite simply, all of our lives have changed.  We have retreated into our homes, apartments, assisted care centers and dwellings.  Many are in forced rest and reflection.  While we have managed to stay busy and safe, the feeling in general when leaving our home is ominous.

The world always has had an enemy, a common unseen one.  However, many live their lives as if You are the enemy keeping the world from having fun.  This is opposite of who You are.  You are our Creator, our First Love, the One Who delights in us even when we do not delight in our circumstances.  So many blame You unjustifiably.  Still, this ‘mega time out’ has taught me to delight in the little things.

This includes things that are simple, but that are sent from You so that we are happy.  Our little rock chuck named Flower has awakened and I am so delighted.  When she sees me outside, she runs to me.  It makes me so happy.  Almost all of the little red squirrels run up to take a peanut from my hand.  Not long ago, a little downy woodpecker came up to where my husband was sitting just to visit.

There was also the small red breasted nuthatch that almost landed on my husband’s shoulder while he was filling the bird feeders.  There are so many things like this.  There is an old client from ten years ago that reaches out to check on me.  There are some old friends and family that does this too.  There is a friend my husband has been texting and he always looks forward to his messages.

Oh Father, You delight in things which delight us.  However, and more than this, we delight in You.  Father, You are so very good.  There is no ‘god’ like You.  In You, I find rest and peace for my soul.  Thank You for spring.  Thank You for buds on the trees and the soon promises of summer.  Thank You, Father, that You delight in Your children.  Thank You for assuring us that the wicked things will not go unpunished.  Please continue to protect us.  We love You, Father!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Uriel was standing right in front of me.  He was still in his battle gear.  His horse was standing next to him.  He was smiling at me.

Me:  “Hi, Uriel!”

Uriel:  “Erin, I send you Good News.  God knows the state of your heart.  Your deep longings delight God.  You have not veered off course or, in boredom, delighted in evil.  You have prayed for your neighbors, those you know and those you do not, and this is God’s delight.  God knows you have worried.  God knows you are tired and weary.  God knows you wonder if you should stop.

“You think…what if God never heals me?  What if I never see His promises?  Well, I am here to tell you…never stop in doing good all of your days.  As you have delighted in the Lord, He has granted you the desires and deep longings of your heart.  You will see this.  However, and not just over the Jordan…Erin, you will enter into this promise.  You will partake in this promise and you will delight in God…even dance before Him.

“God is not idle or passive.  The evil you suspect is occurring actually is.  There is so much more going on than the wicked plans and schemes you see.  Those who plot evil are too numerous to count.  This is seldom reported.  God hates those who are quick to run to evil.  They will soon be exposed when the Sword of Truth comes upon them.

“Elijah was afraid after displaying mighty deeds.  He ran.  He retreated and was in great fear.  I met him there.  I gave him drink and warm bread for his journey.  God sent me to encourage him.  He was afraid of what he had done as this had never been witnessed by so many.  There was great fear and anger.  Elijah was exhausted from his journey and was welcoming death.  I was sent by God to tell him to arise and eat.  I was sent not just once, but twice.

“Erin, the period you are in is a great time of rest.  This is needed to sustain you for the journey ahead.  You are tired and discouraged.  Things have not gone according to your plan, but it has gone according to God’s Plan.  God is meeting you where you are and will soon call to you.  You are safe.  God is providing for you.  Your soul is resting.  You are eating, sleeping and praising God.  This is His Message to you…”

Uriel was now speaking for God:  “Erin, I am in the midst of you.  I take great delight in you.  I will renew and quiet you with My love.  Do not be afraid, you who is highly precious.  Be strong now.  Be very strong.  My peace is with you.  You will soon be healed and strengthened.  I Am God and, before Me, there is no other.

“There is a river who makes glad, whose streams delight the City of God, My Holy Place where I dwell.  God is within her.  She will not be moved.  God will help her when the morning dawns.  Erin, the God of Jacob is your Fortress.  Come see what I will do by My Mighty Works.

“When I lift My Voice, great devastation falls upon the Earth.  For it is I Who makes war cease throughout the Earth.  I break the bow and shatter the spear.  I burn the shields in fire.  Be still and know that I Am God.  I will be exalted among the nations and over the Earth.  I will do all that I have declared…thus says the Lord!”

Me:  “Uriel, this is from Psalm 46!”

Uriel:  “Yes.  You were twenty years old the first time God spoke to you.  Much has changed since then.”

Me:  “Thank you, Uriel.  However, I also like the chapter before that one (Psalm 45).”

Uriel:  “Oh yes, the Wedding Song for the Daughter and Scribe of the King.  Erin, do you understand what God is telling you?  He wants you to be still right now, understand?”

Me:  “My sorrow is so great, Uriel.  I am tired and scared.”

Uriel:  “The dream you had of the oppressive employer was a record of the deeds of your oppressors and those who continued to curse you and limit your abilities.  God’s recompense is with Him.  You are a stream, a river, in which God delights.  He is in the heart of you…in the midst.  Your heart delights Him and this is where you dwell…near His Altar.  This message is from God for He is within you.  You will not fall.  God will help you at the break of day.”

Me:  “Which dawn?  Which day?  Uriel, please tell me.”  I was laughing and smiling.

Uriel:  Smiling back.  “Remember what God has declared.  You are to be still.  You are to be quiet.  Now, do not worry.  Rest in God.  In His arms, He will give you rest.  Day by day, you will dine at the King’s Table.  Do not worry.  I must go now.  You will see me again soon.”

Me:  “Will I be seeing you because I will still be worrying?”

Uriel:  “I hope not.  I hope it will be for another reason.  This is good.  Now, I must go as there is an epic war.”

He turned away from me and mounted his horse.  He then looked back at me and gave me a reassuring smile.  He nodded towards me, but was then gone in an instant.

Dream over…

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