Dream 460 – Raphael is still just as confident

Received on Monday, December 28, 2020


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  I dedicate this day and all You bring to us.  I dedicate every minute.  I don’t do this enough and I am sorry.  I am also thankful for my family and friends and their families and friends.  I know that those around us are just as very important to You as we are to You.  Together, we are a great assembly of believers and are jointly hopeful in Your promises soon to come.

Father, everyday with You is supernatural.  Everyday is a gift, which is why they call it ‘The Present’.  I am also thankful for the gift of all of these ‘mountain top experiences’ with You.  I have had so many of these that I don’t fixate my entire hope around just one day.  While my husband can do this, he then has the supernaturally ability to bounce back almost instantaneously, quickly looking for another date to hope for.

Father, You have taught me to write these dreams down, but then continue living.  In obedience, I then go out from my devotional chair and live each day as Your foot soldier in the daily war and ongoing battle for our hearts.  At times, just my very presence seems to anger some and for no reason.  I will sometimes go into a store and have someone react unreasonably to just my very existence.

When this happens, I know that demons are behind it.  I have since learned that the best overall strategy straight from Jesus is to simply not to engage with fools.  By even recognizing their presence or entertaining them with a conversation, you have begun the provocation.

While you would think trying to ‘kill them with kindness’ would work, it merely just fuels their illogical rage.  Things are becoming even weirder now.  All the rules seem to now be different.  Now more than ever, the Holy Spirit is our Guide.  Wisdom is in us when we chase God and obey His instructions.  These are jewels to be treasured.

I had a horrible sleep last night.  No matter which way I turned, I just could not get comfortable.  Our room was also bright due to the near full moon, which takes place tomorrow.  I finally got up at around 2:30am to look outside.  The sky was a bright blue.  The moon was bright and Orion the Hunter was standing to the left of it.  There was about an inch of fresh snow.  I finally fell back to sleep and had a very odd dream…

Sub-dream 1 “The Former President analyzes some Gift Cards” begins…

I was at a drugstore similar to a Walgreens.  I was standing in line behind the former President.  He was looking at purchasing gift cards for some people.  This was definitely some last-minute shopping on his part.  He analyzed each gift card out loud…

  • Walmart Gift Card: He first picked up a Walmart Gift Card.  As he looked at the card, he muttered ‘you may think you own me, but I own you.’  He laughed.  The people in line laughed with him.  He put the card back.
  • Target Gift Card: He then picked up a Target Gift Card.  As he looked at the card, he muttered ‘you are close to me and my values.  Okay, this is good.’  He did not put this card back.
  • Amazon Gift Card: He then picked up an Amazon Gift Card.  As he looked at the card, he muttered ‘wait until I build a dam and break you up.  It will be over.  This card won’t be worth anything once I am done.  However, I will keep the publishing division.’  He put the card back.
  • Barnes & Noble Gift Card: He then picked up a Barnes & Noble Gift Card.  As he looked at the card, he muttered, but more loudly, ‘I got you.  We are good.  These are smart people.  Buy these.’  He was addressing all of us in the line.  While he was joking around, he was also not joking.  He did not put this card back.
  • Chick-fil-A Gift Card: He then picked up a Chick-fil-A Gift Card.  As he looked at the card, he nodded his head as he muttered ‘I got you.  You are done.  You are done.’  He then looked back at us.  “Don’t buy these cards, okay?’  He put the card back.

He then arrived at the checkout.  After purchasing his carefully analyzed gift cards, he looked back and addressed all of us.

Former President:  “I hope you all learned something today.  This is because I am changing the landscape.  I am back!”

Everyone in the lineup either cheered or felt forced to.  I felt extremely uncomfortable being there as I was the only one who refused to cheer.  No one seemed to notice.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I woke up at around 6:00am, but then soon fell back asleep for another dream…

Sub-dream 2 “Evidence of the Lost Tribes completely destroyed” begins

This same leader (the Former President) called me into his office.  While it was like the White House, I am not sure if it was.  He was standing at his desk and pointing to a large ancient book.  He looked menacingly into my eyes.

Former President:  “I have been expecting you.  Please sit.”

He looked agitated.  If not protected by God, I knew that I would have no option but to sit.  I felt the Lord tell me to go ahead and sit anyway.

Former President:  “Look, I have done all of this work.  I have even formed my new tea party.  Is this the thanks I get?  I have trimmed everything down.  Just one leader.  Just one party.  Each state having one governor.  This is all run by a small staff.  We are now one voice.  Everyone is happy.  There are very few court cases anymore.  This means no one has all of those legal fees.

“The people are given great freedoms.  They are free to choose their own destinies.  Even the meek can inherit a mansion in my world.  The news is good news.  Well, it was, except now you are here.  Now I am having to have this meeting with you…”  He paused.  “…about this.  You care to explain?”

He opened up the large ancient book and flipped over four separate pages.  Each page had three windows on it.  Each window had arches above it.  Each window was labeled one of the 12 tribes, along with their attributes to identify them.  There was some Latin writing, but I couldn’t fully understand or remember it as his hand was partially covering the page.  He looked more and more agitated as he flipped the pages back and forth.

Former President:  Now raising his voice.  “Well, do you care to explain this?”

Me:  Speaking confidently.  “Well, it looks like a record of the characteristics of the 12 sons of Jacob.  Seems like a history book to me.”  I smiled at him as I spoke, which only seemed to agitate him even more.

Former President:  “Okay, I see how this is going to be.  Come here with me.  Did you think I don’t know what is happening here?  Now come.”

Thanks to the Lord being with me, I was not afraid of him.  I walked with him as he took me to another room.  There were complex maps all over the room.

Former President:  “Based on DNA tests, they have narrowed down where they believe the Lost Tribes are.”

Me:  It looked compelling.  “Okay, but how am I involved in this?”

Former President:  “Don’t act stupid.  We tracked you here.  We are now sending out cupbearers to eliminate any other threats.”

Me:  “What do you mean by ‘cupbearers’?”

Former President:  “Someone who delivers good food and drink for no charge.”

Me:  “You really mean poison, don’t you?”

Former President:  “Don’t worry about this.  It is painless.”

As I looked at the wall, I realized that they had spent years carefully analyzing where the Lost Tribes had gone to.  The maps had amazing details with clusters showing the number by location.  I didn’t like what I was seeing, so I prayed to the Lord to have all of this melt away.  With all of this removed, they would be back to square one.  Without this information, they would be looking for ‘needles in the haystacks’.  After praying, all of it instantly melted away.  All information was removed, both online and in hard copy!

Former President:  “Wait!  What have you and your ‘God’ done now?  Oh no, it can’t be!  This can’t be!”

He was as angry as I have ever seen anyone in my entire life (and I have seen great anger before).  He wanted to lunge at me, but God’s angels were holding him back.  His eyes were sinister and scary.

Sub-dream 2 over…

I woke up with him still attempting to lunge at me.  I soon fell back asleep and had another dream…

Sub-dream 3 “Perishing in the Dark Pond” begins

I was looking over a dark pond.  While it seemed to be in the Philippines or Thailand, I could not really tell.  The pond was full of dark black water.  There was steam coming from it.  There were members of a massive army lining families up at the pond.  In a language I do not know and neither did these families, they were given the choice to either live or die.

One family refused to answer and held hands in prayer instead.  After a few moments, the entire family was pushed into the dark pond.  What happened next astonished me.  It was if they were being deep-fried in oil.  They instantly perished.  I knew that they had been taken to Heaven before feeling any pain.  While this comforted me, it was still really hard to watch.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Oh Father, while my dreams have continued every night, some of them have been so dark.  Please help the nations.  We are in deep trouble.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was in our yard again.  After feeding the little birds and animals, I walked over to the area where the bridge appears.  I sat down on the rock by the stream.

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, if You do nothing, horrible times are coming.  Horrible things will be done to anyone who speaks in truth.  Movies are being rewritten.  History books are being edited and even destroyed.  One leader has already rewritten the Bible.  I am thankful for my hard copies of the Bible.  Was this pandemic a weapon?  Why did You allow this?  Now the corruption!  Why?  Where is the justice?

“I recently read more about bullfighting.  The orange flag only means an extension of life to the bull.  While the bull’s life is spared, where is the justice?  While those of us who are law abiding were indoors following the rules, we were invaded by lies, scare tactics and depressing news.

“There are now 2nd and 3rd waves being reported.  They say these waves may even be worse than the 1st wave.  How can this be?  Oh Lord, I love You with all of my heart.  However, I thought Your Will was always for good.  While I know it is, it looks really bad from where I am looking.  Another ‘two weeks’ of lockdowns could easily then lead to another year.  Who will survive this?”

Just then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.  It was Raphael.  He was smiling at me.

Raphael:  “Hey, your water is almost ready for you to step into it.  All the murkiness has been completely removed.  Is it not beautiful?”

Me:  “Yes.  However, how can I step into that icy water?  Are you being serious?”

Raphael:  Laughing, but in a comforting way.  “Oh Erin, you are clearly upset.  I am here on behalf of God to encourage you.  You already know by now that it is always darkest before the dawn.  God created the greatest parable around the darkness of night and the light of day.  What about sunset and sunrise?  What about the moon at night and the sun during the day?  Have you noticed that the signs have increased quickly and have not stopped?

“To kick off your ‘Festival of Lights’, God sent the Aurora Borealis and other signs during this.  He sent you a shower of stars and a rainbow halo around the sun.  He sent you a Great Sign in the Sky, a Great Star, that was really a convergence of two Great Planets.  He sent you a crown made of clouds, complete with the moon as your spire.  Why?  The answer is simple.  He is God and He loves you.  He sends you comfort when your heart is troubled.”

Me:  “Raphael, how can anyone be joyful right now when our nation was stolen?”

Raphael:  “Erin, God has seen it, all of it.  From our vantage point, we see it.  The other angels over the cities are also fully aware.  However, we have been instructed to stand down, so we do.”

Me:  Crying.  “But why?”

Raphael:  “Because the God Who spins things in orbit, Who calls the sun to rise and the moon to set, Who knows the tides of the oceans and the grains of sands, told us to and His Ways are much higher than ours.  Erin, you are personally hurt because justice has never come for you and others.  It is hard to watch.  It is even more difficult for you to see hopes fading and candles burning out.  However, you are to still remain hopeful as God has a plan so great that you will not even believe it.”

Me:  Sighing out loud.  “Yes…I know…even if I were told.”  I let out another sigh.

Raphael:  “Wow, Erin, you are sour!  Hmm, let me give you the following warning… Many are lost at this moment.  They turn away from God in anger and bitterness and don’t find their way back.”

Me:  Now crying instead of sighing.  “But, Raphael, I fear for my children.  It is becoming more difficult for them to believe when they see our troubles mounting.  I see them slipping and my heart is breaking.”

Raphael:  “Erin, I am sent to prepare you to transition from one point to another.  While Breakthrough is as well, he actually has another name from God.  Erin, we are specialists in our areas.  God has trained us.  I know that your heart is heavy and grieving for what is coming if God does not intervene.  However, the Lord also faced this while in the Garden of Gethsemane.

“A choice is often given in gardens to trust in God in all things.  However, you are not to be dissuaded by the world, but rather die to it instead.  To live is to live in the Lord and in the things of Heaven.  The low-lying fruit of this world is temporary.  When your appetite is fed in this life, it is never satisfied.  Erin, the reason that you are here is because you are no longer defined by the things of the world.

“The enemy wants you to satisfy your carnal appetites here continuously so that he can then garner control over you.  This is why the enemy hates fasting.  This is because fasting brings clarity of truth apart from the appetites of the world.  Now, please don’t mistake this as me suggesting that you are eating fruit in the garden.  You are not.

“However, I have been told to give you another warning.  The enemy is requesting to meet you on his battlefield in his garden.  Today, gardens can be actual physical gardens or they can be a place that God has prepared for you, like your home or ministry.  I am here to say ‘do not conform to what others are saying…instead stay focused on the Will of God alone.’”

Me:  “I thought I had been?”

Raphael:  “Yes, you have… but just don’t be tempted.”

Me:  “Okay.  However, God will have to help me with this.  Surely I haven’t come this far only to be tricked at this late stage of the game.”

Raphael:  Chuckling.  “I am not saying that you will do this.  Okay, look at it like this instead… you are in love with your Groom.  You are dressed and prepared for Him when He comes.  He loves you completely.  You have waited and kept oil in your lanterns.  He has provided for you while you wait and has kept you safe.

“However, there is an enemy of the Groom, a rival, one who is angry and jealous and seeks to destroy you because of the love you have for the Groom and He for you.  As a result, the enemy plots and sends in bad news to make you doubt… well, you get the idea!  However, I am now here to tell you that you will make it and that it will be a great, great day!”

Me:  “Are you talking about the Rapture?”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Well, yes, but before this.”

Me:  “The Transformation?”

Raphael:  “Yes, Erin.  Those who remain unchanging, unrelenting and unmoved by the enemy will be set apart.  This is you… a vessel refined in the fire of affliction.  This warning is really for those who go up and down like the waves of the sea.”

Me:  “When will all of this be?  It is becoming so heartbreaking.  My tears have replaced my joy!”

Raphael:  “I am sent here for now.”  He pulled a key fob out of his pocket and pressed it.  I then heard the sound of an unlocking door.  He smiled.  “Erin, I am right here.  Every time you look and see just trees and squirrels, I am here.  However, and much more importantly, the Lord is here with you.  He has sent me to comfort His Bride… you.  I am here to keep you focused on the Lord.  He loves you with a love that cannot be described by words.”

Just then, the bridge appeared with an open door.

Me:  “May I please have your key fob?”  I was laughing as I pointed to it.

Raphael:  Laughing.  “Not yet, but soon.  I have now accomplished my mission from the Groom for today… His Bride has had laughter again!”

Me:  “Yes, I have.  Thank you so much for coming today!”

Raphael:  “Well, thank God instead for sending help when needed.  Oh yes…”  As he walked across the bridge.  “…when you have dreams like you are which seem dark, these are what the enemy desires against God’s people.  It doesn’t mean these are what will happen.  You have been given knowledge of the plans of the enemy.  However, God trumps the enemy…”  He smiled as he nudged me.  “…understand?”

Me:  “Yes, I think so.”

Raphael:  “Just remember that the mind of the enemy is not a happy place, especially when he sees the rise of the Power of God visibly upon the Earth.”  He laughed.  “Yep, he becomes a very grumpy…”  He paused.  “…animal of sorts.  Remember, Erin… we have this!  Do not worry, okay?”  He smiled.

Me:  “Thank you.”

I put my hand over my heart.  He laughed and turned to walk through the door.  Everything then disappeared.  I then immediately heard the sound of the key fob locking the door.  I laughed out loud.

Me:  Looking up to Heaven.  “Oh Lord, You are so good!”

Dream over…

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