Dream 487 – God is ALWAYS in COMPLETE control over ALL things

Received on Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Dear Father,

First off, thank You so much for yet another day!  Each one has its own rewards and challenges these days.  While I try to have joy, I am still distraught in my Spirit, Father.  My dreams last night disturbed me.  One thing is very clear…

God’s people, His chosen ones, must remain holy and set apart.  Any direct rebellion against God’s Word, His Laws or any continued sinful acts must be stopped now.  Anyone called of God must turn from their wickedness and repent or lose all that God has planned for those who love Him.

This means do not partake in New Age Practices.  Yoga is not acceptable and is an open door for many Hindu rites and demons.  Even if offered at church under a different label, do not practice this.

Do not do acupuncture or other remedies of the I-Ching or energy enhancements.  These are walls to the Holy Spirit and gateways for the demonic.  God will not allow His Temple Vessels to be defiled or used in an unholy ritual without consequence.

If we are to be God’s vessels used for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, then the space cannot be occupied by evil.  The Temple Vessel should not be made unclean by the occupation of a foreign entity.  As this foreign entity is unholy and unclean, the Vessel is no longer of use to God (similar to Daniel 5:2).

We also must be careful to avoid accidentally ingesting evil as best we can.  This can even mean accidentally taking in what is given to us by the world, either that which we see or hear, and place it on our hearts as the gospel of truth or revelation, that which God has not declared.  This can also mean doctrines of the demonic set out to cause hate and division.  We need to stay alert now and at all times.  The enemy is crafty.

We must also remember that God has not separated us by class or by skin color.  This would be unfair as we cannot control these.  God has instead separated us by the contents of our hearts.  Our hearts are clay for His purposes and should be for His purposes alone.  If we practice unholy doctrines based on a platform of hate, division and rebellion, we are then not yielding to the Words of God, but of man.

Any doctrine which demands we renounce our vessels as Holy and formed by God’s own hands and in His image must be rejected as a doctrine of evil.  Now, and more than ever, we must also be careful to not ingest unclean food or impure water as best as we are able in this fallen world.

To clarify, Jesus did not come to abolish God’s Laws.  He instead confirmed that we should not fall under the yoke of oppression surrounding these laws as hammered out at us by religious leaders, even if with good intent.

If we are invited by friends to eat food which is foreign and of a foreign culture, we are permitted to eat it and no harm shall come to us as long as it was not sacrificed to foreign gods.  However, if we knowingly and arrogantly eat things we know are not beneficial to our bodies, God’s Holy Temples, then we are subject to the food, depending on whether it is clean or unclean.

This is one of the reasons we should dedicate all of our meals to God, our Father.  If we are in the midst of unclean things to ingest, we should then pray to God to make them clean or, if possible, even abstain from ingesting this.  Wisdom is in us via the Holy Spirit.  If a man lacks wisdom and asks, God will give it generously without finding fault.  Wisdom will be given to you when you ask (James 1:5).

Again, we are to remember that, above all things, God looks at the hearts of the holders of the Vessels.  Many of us have been in God’s refining fire much of our lives.  This is so we lack no good thing.  In Jewish tradition (in the Mishnah), unfired vessels were considered unclean for use.  With no glaze from firing, these were just unfinished clay, an unglazed vessel still not useful.

To put this in another way, do not think yourself of no use to God because you have already gone through the fiery furnace of affliction (or are still there).  God is not only with you in the fire, but He is there for you after as well.  He selected you from the beginning.  As for me, I always thought of myself as unclean to God.  I realized that I could not make myself clean as I was unable.  All I could do was go to God and say…

‘I am sorry, Father.  I love You and I want to serve You.  However, the enemy continuously reminds me of my mistakes and I feel I am disqualified, not only by my past path, but also by Christians who enjoy judging and condemning me.  They want me looking backwards.  If I do so, I can’t see forward to how You will do all of this.  However, this is the vision You have given to me.  In this, I am serving You and helping others with my whole heart.  I have worth because You declared me worthy.  I have value because You call me valuable to the Kingdom of Heaven.’

So, Father, I give all of myself to You this day.  I don’t want to miss one moment of all You have planned.  Use me for Your purposes.  The world wants us in our dwellings and caves in fear.  However, Father, the spirit of fear is not from You.  You have given me an urgent call to say to as many of my friends who will listen to make certain our Vessels are washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb and His Sacrifice.

However, we are also not to provoke You to anger and jealousy because we have gone our own way to serve ourselves.  We cannot turn away from all that is good and Holy.  We cannot build altars to other gods and doctrines of demons.  The hour is late!  The land has been taken from the people and given to rulers who practice Baal worship.

These evil rulers remove all things dedicated to You.  They have allowed all types of evil to enter the gates and a plague has spread.  If the enemy has his way, all those who speak against their evil doctrines and laws will be removed by force, their voices never to be heard from again.

Oh Father, all of your children will be marked for death unless You step in soon.  The Capital of the USA is walled up like Jericho.  Father, please help us.  Please let Your Kingdom come, let Your Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.  We pray this in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

I had two very disturbing dreams last night…

Sub-dream 1 “A Sweeping Wave” begins…

There was a city with a hill in the center.  Thousands of people had finished attending church services in the city and they were beginning to drive home in their cars.  There were people I know and recognize when suddenly a massive emergency warning alarm went out all over so all could hear.  Not one person missed the widespread warning.  An emergency declaration was made.

Some of us were standing on this central hill.  We were gathered together, praying with our families.  We then saw water rising in the city, sweeping away all the people from church in their cars.  Other than the several hundreds of us who were on the hill, all were swept away.

While we could hear screams, we were unable to save anyone.  The currents were just too strong.  While darkness then fell everywhere, the hill we were on remained in the light.  The water did not recede right away.  It took at least three days.  Everything needed rebuilding.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “Over the dark cliff” begins…

I watched helplessly as a group of evil people tricked the unsuspecting trusting people to step off a cliff.  It was so dark that they could not see the frightening drop off.  I watched as an observer as row after row fell to their death.  While there was more to this that was not uplifting, this was all that I was to share.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, I am struggling with all of this!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard knocking on our front door.  No one appeared to be there.  I opened the door and walked outside.  There was Raphael standing by our creek.  I ran over to him.

Me:  “Were you the one who knocked on our door?”

Raphael:  “I did.  However, I knew you would search for the source.”  He smiled.  “Yes, it was me.  I wanted to take a look at your water after the storm.  It looks clean.”

I looked down and the stream’s water was no longer muddy.

Me:  “Wow, the water is beautiful!  Thank you!”

Raphael:  “You are welcome.  Now, I am here to give you a message from God.  What you have prayed is good.  The hour is late.  God has handed the land over for a short period of time to evil.  What you are witnessing is the acceleration of the desecration of the land by invading armies.  These invading armies are claiming to be peacemakers, social influencers and advocates for positive change.  However, make no mistake; they are anything but.  What they declare is evil and meant to divide.  God allowed a veil to fall over the lawmakers who once stood against this evil.  This veil instead confused their thoughts so that they would remain passive.”

Me:  “Oh Raphael, what are God’s people to do?  We are watching this play out before our eyes on television.  We are unable to fight against any of this.  We all pray that it will stop, but it never does.”

Raphael:  “Well, Erin, there is Good News.  God is in control.  It is time for God’s people to ready their houses.”

Me:  “How do we do this?”

Raphael:  “Remember the divinely inspired saying…’God does not necessarily call the equipped; He instead equips the called.’  Those who are pilots of their own planes, even if they already allow God to be the co-pilot, must now give up the pilot seat and give it fully to God.  It is time.  Yes, Erin, it is time!

“At this late time, no one called by God should run out to get some piercings, a tattoo sleeve or take yoga classes in their church gym, understand?  Instead, now is the time to repent for participating in such things as a Christian.  All things should be by and for the Glory of God, in His Image and for His Purposes.

“Although you have not seen this yet where you are, the enemy has begun to dismantle churches and even God’s Word.  Information has been removed from internet platforms.  Many places once reliable for the Word of God are being dismantled.  Words are being omitted and truth is being convoluted.  They are, as you say it, ‘muddying the waters’.

“Now is a good time to have a copy of God’s Word, the Bible, on hand to ‘check your sources’.  The removing of information and even inspirational stories and testimonies of miracles is already happening now.  These will soon be unavailable by searches.  Libraries, record rooms and bookstores will be carrying less and less as history is being destroyed.

“When questions are raised, they will simply state that materials are now archived and available to view online.  However, they are now edited or completely gone.  Erin, this same spirit is alive today throughout the land.  The patterns are the same.  However, it is an even larger movement.”

Me:  “Do you mean a larger movement than Nazism in its prime?  I find that this all is so reminiscent of Nazi Germany and their so-called ‘Third Reich’.  Raphael, is this now the rise of the ‘Fourth Reich’?”

Raphael:  “Well, the enemy desires an even broader range of extermination.  However, before I give you more on their plans, you must have understanding.”

Me:  “What are you saying?”

Raphael:  “Memorize this!  Burn it into your heart!  Recite it day and night!  Repeat this as often as necessary until it comes to you without effort…

God is God over ALL things.  God is in COMPLETE control.  While the enemy believes that he is in control, he is NOT.  God does not sit back and say ‘Oh no, I didn’t see this coming’ or ‘I had better get with the times and change’ or ‘I need to Go Woke’.  God has never changed and He never will.

Me:  I was now laughing.  “Oh Raphael, I will definitely burn this into my heart!  Thank you for this great encouragement!”

Raphael:  “Remember that God does not judge a man by his outward appearance or skin color.  This is because God created man, understand?  However, He will judge a man who claims to be holy and of God who mars his outward appearance to please man.  Now, if you believe this has been said by God and you agree that He is in full control, I will tell you more of the enemy’s plans.”

Me:  “Oh yes, Raphael… I believe and I agree!  Please tell me what the enemy is planning to do next.”

Raphael:  “I will tell you their plans for evil.  There is a former leader who is angry and bitter against God and His people.  He travels the world and receives celebrity status.  While he is at home in his spirit in the land of Pharoah, he resides in this land.  From this platform, he deposes and raises kings, or so he believes.  He is loved and feared by many.  God is now slowly lifting the veil.  His plans are to remove the current leader, change laws, times and seasons and bring himself to power.

“Anything of God remaining will be removed and defiled.  He will expect unity, but his idea of unity will be no opposing thoughts… ONE MIND.  He plans to make one group his army.  For being one with him, this group will receive monthly money from others as ‘loyalty payments’.  They will also be a police force with freedom to be judge and witness… even executioner.”

Me:  “This also happened during Hitler’s Germany.  There was the SS and the Gestapo.  They shot whoever they pleased whenever they pleased.  This was such a terrible time.  Is it this leader’s desire to have this atrocity come back?  How evil!”

Raphael:  “Again, Erin… same spirit, same pattern.  While this is nothing new to history, it is still shocking to those witnessing this.  The first order of business was to remove all law enforcement and weaken the existing military.  They also want to remove guns and ammunition from those who are law abiding and give them to prisoners.  They are setting prisoners free to weed out the opposers, thereby removing ‘blood guilt’.  They are now on their way to indoctrinate and reprogram children, teenagers and those with little understanding.  They want them to turn away and rebel against their parents and grandparents.”

Me:  “The mass indoctrination of the children reminds me yet again of Nazi Germany.  They had a massive organization called Hitler’s Youth.  The primary purpose of this organization was to brainwash the youth in Nazi doctrine.  These children would then even turn in their own parents if they saw any opposition spoken of Hitler, even minor things.  All of these things seem to be happening again right now!”

Raphael:  “Yes, but remember… God is ALWAYS in COMPLETE control over ALL things!  This is not a surprise to Him.”

Me:  “So, what is soon to happen next?”

Raphael:  “Watch the anger of that former leader increase as he remains active.”

Me:  “You are not talking about President Trump here, right?”

Raphael:  “No.  Trump is being silenced.  This is good as the enemy soon cannot blame all things on one man.  Do not worry though as there will soon be vindication.  In the meantime, remain in prayer.  Get your houses in order.  Check your Vessels.  The day is soon to come when everything changes.”

I then looked toward our creek.  I watched as a beautiful rock slowly rose up in the center of the stream.  A fountain then sprung out from this rock.  It was incredible.  I walked over to take a sip.  The water was cool and refreshing.  I turned to Raphael.

Me:  “Wow, Raphael, thank you for my new water feature.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “No, Erin, thank God.”

He took a step forward, but was gone in an instant just before his foot landed.

Note:  We are not to live in fear of the enemy’s plans.  These will not truly take root until after our Rapture (sometime after our 1080 days of service), though they will no doubt continue to try.  In the meantime, God is in complete control and will have us, His soon to be Transformed Army, to make His Will happen on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Despite the darkness, His Will already is happening.  We should believe this in our hearts and stay of good cheer!  This is God’s orders…smiles!  Remember to memorize and take to heart what Raphael directed us to.  Well, since it is worth repeating, why not do so…

God is God over ALL things.  God is in COMPLETE control.  While the enemy believes that he is in control, he is NOT.  God does not sit back and say ‘Oh no, I didn’t see this coming’ or ‘I had better get with the times and change’ or ‘I need to Go Woke’.  God has never changed and He never will.

Dream over…

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