Dream 507 – The Desires of the Three Evil Kings

Received on Sunday, July 25, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for the protection You send our way.  Thank You for my husband and our children.  We are so blessed.  I have been going through a deep spiritual event.  I don’t fully understand this.  Perhaps it is because it is supernatural.  On the other hand, maybe I am not supposed to understand fully.

As I look around me, I probably have at least five full days of work ahead of me.  This is to complete all of the various tasks You have placed on my heart.  It won’t be easy, but it will set me free personally from burdens I have placed on myself.  Please strengthen me, Father, so that I am able to complete good works.  I have had many disturbing dreams lately…

Sub-dream 1 “The Desires of the Three Evil Kings” begins…

I saw three very evil men…

First King – The dragon king of ‘complete control’:  This king of the Far East is easily offended and desires to control all of the resources in the world.  For those resources that he cannot purchase, he sends diplomats to propose mutually beneficial partnerships.  In reality, these deals are meant to garner a foothold of control over an area.  These are designed to only be short-term solutions.

This evil king has a massive initiative map.  In this map, he shows the things that are coming that are part of his plans.  If necessary, he will even strike with terrible force.  Those nations that are nearest to his borders must be absorbed.  While any opposing leaders will be forced to submit, they will advertise it as a ‘voluntary partnership’.  Once this ‘partnership’ is formed, all of the ‘secretly conquered’ nation’s people will be subject to this evil king.

For those nations he despises, the people will be subject to great illness, of which there will be no cure.  His anger is burning at two competitive nations who will not relent in ignoring his nation’s perceived sovereignty.  For those who don’t relinquish, a great plague will be unleashed on them to weaken them further.  By doing this, this plague will quickly spread in waves to other nations.

Since this evil king’s nation has the cure, they do not care what the results are.  They will get away with this by bribing all media to keep from alerting the public to the truth.  Anyone who speaks out will be accused of being provocateurs.  The desired outcome of this leader is one country rule.  This king will not stop.  As he will not compete with God, he will require that all people will one day worship him alone.

Second King – The frog king of ‘sorrows’:  This king is truly evil and very old, yet does not die.  He takes the form of a frog / night creature afflicted with leprosy.  He is very wealthy.  He uses all of his money to destroy all who worship God.  He has funded open borders, organized crime, corruption and media control.  He destroys anyone who dares speak again him or his evil agenda.

Third King – The panther king of ‘abominations’:  This king is like a panther.  He patiently waits, yet also doesn’t patiently wait.  He is looking for the perfect opportunity.  He works with the frog king.  He wants all nations to be governed by him, but where each nation remains their own nation.  In comparison, the dragon king of the Far East wants each nation to become one with his nation, taking total control as a result.

I was then somehow able to see their evil plans and schemes.  I saw the frog king finance a leader who is weak to convince a leader to the Northeast of Israel to strike against Israel.  While the leader to the Northeast of Israel had no issues with Israel, this changed via the diplomatic favor of a pipeline deal.  This formerly neutral leader then became opposed to Israel.  As part of the deal, they are working to infiltrate the Iron Dome in order to destroy Israel.  This was made easier by the removal of Israel’s former long-time leader.

I then saw a group working with the frog king to remove all nations who were strong in God, family and nationalism.  They sent out organizers to mobilize criminals.  This was designed to be like a milder version of the movie ‘The Purge’.  Their plan is to destroy the citizen’s sense of security.  This meant people would need to be terrorized by the stealing, looting and pillaging.  This was to be done on such a great scale that the authorities were rendered helpless.  In essence, there were five major steps…

  1. Dishearten people by shutting them in using COVID-19
  2. Systematically weaken the justice system in all areas
  3. Fund the mass looting and pillaging of major cities
  4. Capture this all on the news in order to terrify the people into silence
  5. Flood the borders with immigrants to further weaken the country’s systems

The Lord then showed me various types of locusts stripping away crops.  No one could stop these events as they came in wave after wave.  The news media covered only that which created the fear and their desired outcomes.  Anyone opposed or standing against this was silenced, removed from being able to express concerns, arrested or even worse.  Anyone opposed to the open society and new order was labeled a racist.  They were labeled racists no matter their ethnicity.  It was absurd.

I then saw an unusual sight.  It was a tornado, but with no top cloud to it.  It was just the tornado itself.  I then saw all of these events falling into the top of this massive funnel cloud.  I saw fire at the base of the funnel cloud.  This is very difficult to describe adequately as I know I am not conveying just how scary this funnel cloud was.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Oh Father, it now seems that all of my dreams are now occurring in ‘live time’.  Some countries are allowing the burning and looting of churches.  One pipeline is shutdown locally, yet another is allowed elsewhere to sell out Israel.  How is this allowed?  These crushing blows are very hard to witness.  Lord, please do not allow all of this to continue.  I then had another dream…

Sub-dream 2 “The Brittle Bronze Statue” begins…

I saw a giant statue that looked ancient in origin.  It was a tall warrior about 300 feet high.  It was made of burnished bronze by skilled craftsmen.  The feet of the statue stood out in contrast to the bronze.  The feet looked like they were made of a sedimentary rock like sandstone or lime.

I then saw this statue over the course of time in a sort of time lapse.  Each generation of artisans added features to the bronze that depended on the ruler of that time.  The last generation added fangs of steel to the warrior.  The generation before it made a wheel under the shield so that the shield appeared to rotate automatically

However, what was always in common was the ignoring of the feet.  Each generation ignored the repairs required to the feet.  The feet were finally no longer able to sustain the great weight of the full armor of bronze and steel.  As a result, the statue began to lean.  Thousands rushed over to view the statue before it fell.  Despite knowing there were problems with the feet, they were still ignored.

A great earthquake then came and the weak structure stumbled and fell.  As the statue was now broken into pieces, it was only then that I noticed that the bronze was really just a veneer over sandstone.  The bronze was not solid, just a veneer.  Even the stone itself was hollow and extremely brittle.  I then watched the crowd cry with great sorrow over the destruction of this once great statue.

Sub-dream 2 over…

What did the statue represent?  Was it the USA, China, the economy, God’s church or Israel?  I just don’t know.  I prayed, fell asleep and had another dream…

Sub-dream 3 “Visiting Jesus as a Toddler” begins…

I was a toddler again.  I was crawling up out of the portal with the ladder.  I could not wait to see Jesus.  I climbed out onto the dirt / sand.  I stood unsteadily, trying to keep my balance.  I saw Jesus sitting on His rock.  The greenery surrounding us was lush and very vivid.  The landscape was filled with flowing vines, trees with fruit, grassy areas and butterflies.  I rushed as fast as my little legs could take me toward Jesus.  I put my arms up and opened my hands to be received by the Lord.

Me:  “Hayah up!  Hayah up!”

The Lord laughed in delight at my efforts to get to Him.  It was comical as I had lost my balance, forcing me to rush towards Him.  The fact that I didn’t stumble could have only been divinely orchestrated.  Jesus lifted me up and spun me around as I giggled.  He then set me on the ground right next to Him.

Jesus:  “Come and walk with Me today.”

Me:  “Up!  Up!  Hayah up!”

Jesus:  “Well, I could carry you, but how about walking with Me for a while first.  You can pick some grapes.”

The sun was warm.  This place in Heaven was clear.  There was absolutely no atmospheric film over the landscape.  It was vivid and colorful.  He walked slowly and was extremely patient with me.  We rounded the corner of a beautiful path.  There on the hillside was a vineyard.  The soil was rich and black.  It sparkled like diamonds.  I let go of the Lord’s hand and bent my knees.  With my hands, I reached for the soil.  It was soft.  I picked up two handfuls.

Jesus:  Laughing.  “This is clean dirt.  This is good.”

As He reached for my hand, there was now no dirt on me.  My hands were completely clean, the opposite of what happens on Earth when playing in dirt.

Jesus:  “This will take us a while today.  Come.”

As I was small, I couldn’t see over the rows.  We walked down an aisle of vines.  There were bunches of grapes sparkling like jewels.  The sun illuminated each one.  The colors were incredible.  There were vibrant golds, greens, bluish pinks, roses, violets and blues.

Jesus:  “Here, Erin, try a gold one.”

I nodded in delightful agreement.  He fed me a grape.  The grape juice was sweet and unlike anything I have ever had.

Jesus:  “Well, it seems as if the next batch of grapes is ready for the harvest.  Now, let us go and check the pools.”

I was excited.  He took my hand and led me to some tiered pools.  The water was beautiful and clear, with a color like tropical blue green water.  At the bottom of each pool were precious gems, polished and beautiful.  The pools were shallow.  I sat down in my white linen dress / tunic and proceeded to take my sandals off.

Me:  Pointing to the water.  “In!  Hayah in!”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Yes.  I will hold your hand.”

The pool was only about ten inches deep.  I reached down and splashed in the water.  I was laughing as a little child full of wonder.  I had no fear and so much joy.  The sun shined with warm light across the ripples of water.  I saw a small rock like bench just under the water.  I went to sit down.

This heavenly pool was far greater in luxury than even the most expensive earthly swimming pool.  This water was like healing water.  There was no smell of chemicals, just the smells of paradise.  I closed my eyes for a moment and took in the warmth of the sun on my cheeks.

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Are you enjoying your special day, Erin?”

Me:  “Hayah up!”

I lifted my hands.  He picked me up out of the pool and I hugged His neck.  My hair was dark brown and curly.  I kissed His cheek.  I was like a child and loved my Jesus with absolutely zero reservations.  This was special.  I have never felt this safe on Earth.  As I rested my head on His shoulders, tears of joy flowed down my cheeks.

Sub-dream 3 over…

I laid in bed and I cried.  I wanted this to be real this time.  Father, being a child in Your arms is the greatest gift… the Greatest!  I could hear the sound of a distant lawn mower as I remained in bed.  I remembered as a child watching my grandfather mowing.  I loved the incredible smell of fresh cut grass.

It took me back to my grandparent’s yard and garden.  This was filled with fruit trees, including plum, apple and pear.  They also had snapdragon flowers, asters, roses, sweet peas, irises and gladiolas.  Even though this was in 1970, I remembered it as if it was just yesterday.  I was just seven years old.  Life was so simple back then.  Since we were very poor, the things that mattered the most to us were free.

They could be found around the house and the yard.  My grandparents had a vegetable garden too.  Since they had come out of the depression of the 1930s, they had a different relationship with their living surroundings than we do now.  Very little was boxed.  Almost everything was homemade.  When we were at my grandparents, we were not afraid.  We knew what to expect.

My grandmother hung wash on the clothesline outside.  Her sheets and clothing always smelled wonderful.  My memories of my grandparents were wonderful.  So here I am, Lord.  I love You.  I am sorry for my grief.  I am sorry for not appreciating the simple things more often.  My time with You is more priceless than diamonds or rubies.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock at the door.  It was Jesus.  He was smiling.  This time I hobbled.  I began to cry about my poor condition.

Me:  “Come in, Lord.  The door is always open to You.”

Jesus:  Opening the door.  His eyes had great sympathy.  “It is good to see you again.”

Me:  “I need those healing pools.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Good.  I carry those with Me wherever I go.”

Me:  “I wish I was little again.  Things were simpler.”

Jesus:  “Yes, some things were simpler, but you do not want to go back to these times, do you?”

Me:  Giving me a flash of various things that happened to me as a child.  “No, Lord.  You are right.  I guess I just missed the beauty and the simplicity of life before the darkness became worse.  I loved being as a little child in Heaven.”

Jesus:  “You have many worries here, Erin.  We have walked a very long journey together.  You are concerned.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  I have had great faith all of these years.  During my darkest of times, I refused to believe that my Lord, my Savior, Creator and Best Friend would ever allow me and my children to not realize our prayers together.  I kept their focus on things of Heaven and all of the good things in life.  Well, here I am.  You have done remarkable things.  Still, it just seems I have never been healed or restored.  I suppose all of this will have to wait for Heaven now.”  I was clearly feeling sorry for myself now.

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Wait!  Do you not pray ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’?  And did I not say it.  Erin, My Words are true.  Do not allow time to change your faith in My promises.  I believe I have already done great things and even more than you expected.  Erin, the grapes are ripe for harvest.  They are early, but right at the appointed time.  Evil has accelerated throughout the Earth.  I am sheltering you from harm.  You are not to live in fear.  I just need you to remember this…

  • Yes means yes
  • No means no
  • Maybe means wait for instructions
  • No answer means wait for answers

“Now, I have told you to go out West.  Though you do not want to, your husband and your children are ready.”

Me:  “Lord, I wanted to go, but the timing was off.  We then realized that this was really the case.  You have good reasons in all things.”

Jesus:  “Yes, this was a difficult lesson.  I understand this.  However, it is only because I am opening doors for you.  Remember a day early is too early and a day later is too late.  My date for you is right on time.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, another mystery… at least for now.  So, why did You give me the dream of the horrible rulers if You knew that I would not be at peace because of it?”

Jesus:  “While I speak through dreams and visions, I am also in you.  The things I show you have just happened, are in the process of happening or are about to happen.  You can take comfort that these are the times written of by the prophets.”

Me:  “Yes, but also by You too, Lord!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Yes, this is true.  Just remember that I give you these mysteries so you are not unaware.  Think of it as being a soldier readying your heart for the battle and your mind for the signs I give you.  Keep your focus on Me to deliver you in all things.  I will grant you greater knowledge and wisdom to understand the strategies of the enemy.  My people are like a sleeping giant.

“Now, continue to keep your faith, Erin, as I am with you in all you do.  Continue on your course.  I will bless you in all you do as you continue to prepare as I have called you.  Now rejoice, Erin, as I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  I know you are distraught, but I am preparing you through this.  It is because I love you and all My promises are true, understand?  You will dance as you did in your youth.”  He smiled and hugged me.

Dream over…

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