Dream 508 – The Importance of the Shmitah and the Jubilee

Received on Tuesday, July 27, 2021


Dear Father,

In the course of five full journal pages, I outlined all the reasons for needing the Lord’s help in so many areas.  This was too personal to share and has been removed.  This dream was actually a personal dream with some of the really personal stuff removed.  However, there was still a lot of excellent material I felt should be shared.

I should also note that I felt the feeling of fall in the air yesterday.  While this doesn’t mean we won’t still have a long summer (I just don’t know), I still thought it is worth mentioning this.  Happily, late summer / early fall is my favorite time of year.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I was crying.  I sat by my door and heard a knock.  It was Jesus.  He came in to see me as I was crying.  He hugged me.

Me:  “I am so sorry, Lord.  I have been alone in the physical most of my life.  Instead of having someone to talk to, I was alone, so I busied myself.  I needed something, so I wasn’t idle.  It made me feel industrious and normal.  However, You stripped me of all my hobbies and physical skills.

“Now I am bare and with no capability.  Then there is my art.  I never healed from all that happened.  I wasn’t good enough at golf.  I wasn’t good enough at dance.  I have failed so many times.  I have been here before You so many times.  As I go through my items, I see ‘not good enough’.  It seems as if am not good enough for so many things here now.”

Jesus:  “This is incorrect, Erin, as your place is now always with Me.  I am close to the brokenhearted.  I am not close to those who are not in need of a cure.  You need a cure.  Your gaping wound does not heal.”

Me:  “Lord, I wasn’t good enough for my own parents.  I was a disappointment to them both.  My children were not whole.  They were unworthy of bragging rights.  They weren’t good enough by the world’s standards.  My earthly father wanted to hurt me and he did.  He also hurt my children.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I am sorry.  I know this pain you have carried has weighed you down.  You are doing some deep cleaning and it is difficult.  You know the time is coming when I will wipe away every tear.  I will restore broken walls and broken dreams.  Your time there has not been an easy one.  Only I know all of your thoughts and the things you do not say.

“I have known all that has been done unto you.  I know every thought.  One day, those responsible will confess.  As painful as this is, you needed to get all of your tasks completed right now.  This is so you can enjoy a time without distractions.  This is so you can enjoy a time away from your sorrows.”

Me:  “I won’t die, right, Lord?  Please let me live and enjoy healing.  Please have mercy on me.  Please have mercy on my children, my husband and his children.”

Jesus:  “No, you will not sleep.  You will be very much awake.  Your joy will be complete.  I will provide for all of your needs.  Erin, My recompense that I give you comes from Me.  I will deliver you from your enemies and your battles.  I will restore you to your land, the land I promised to give you years ago.  However, you will also keep this land where you and your husband are married to Me, the place you crossover here called ‘Beulah’.

“Now, I have heard your cries and I know your sorrows.  I have set you apart to complete what I have called you to.  I have not forgotten your daughter.  I have a special gift for her.  However, you must trust Me for the outcome and not become discouraged.  Remember that I love you and chose you before you were in your mother’s womb.

“There I knit you and also your daughter.  I also made your sons there.  While you do not see it, I am well pleased with you.  You have come a long way on your journey.  While you have gone through much suffering, you have grown and grown with each year.  You are the daughter of the King.  I have called you for your entire life.  This is your 28th year of surrendering your heart to Me (starting in 1993 at the age of 30).

“However, it wasn’t until the year of your friend’s funeral (in September 2000) that you truly cried out to Me.  Now, this is a big year for you.  It is the time I repay you for what the enemy has stolen.  I am releasing you from your debtors.  In turn, you will release others and heal them in My Name.”

Me:  “When will this be, Lord?  From September 2000 to now, it is not quite 21 years.  It has been close to 7 years since my husband and I were officially married.  We still haven’t rebooked our trip out West that we had cancelled as we are still waiting on Your go ahead.  Oh Lord, what does it all mean?”

Jesus:  “Erin, it would be good to understand what the Shmitah and the Jubilee are and when these occur for both you and your husband personally.  While events do not revolve around your dates, your dates revolve around events.  There is a difference, understand?  Now, much is about to converge.  It is a good time for you.  While I will explain more later to you, finish your tasks in the meantime.  Know that I am with you through them.

“Have grace upon yourself as you were and are meant for so much more.  None of this will matter very soon.  In all of this, give this to Me.  Erin, I have you.  When you see what all I will do for you, then none of this will have significance.  Now complete your good works.  Finish your tasks and then rejoice.  I will have further instructions.”  He hugged me and smiled.

Dream over…

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