Dream 509 – A Lesson on the Lord’s Skin Color

Received on Sunday, August 1, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here.  It is another beautiful, mild summer day.  You have kept the climate cool for us so that we can open windows and allow the fresh air in.  This is highly unusual here as it becomes so hot, we need to rely on our portable AC units.  Thank You, Father, as this year has been glorious.

I have spent a lot of time conversing with You as I have worked on project after project in preparation for our time away or of rest.  Either way, I have never had such a block of complete rest like this.  It has been such a blessing.  Thank You also for my family who, in turn, has begun their own cleaning.  We have donated so much that it has been quite a joyful time.

Seven years goes by so quickly.  Our two eldest sons were both only 16 when we moved here.  My daughter was just 12 and now she is almost 20 years old.  Time has flown by and it is hard to believe she was 10 when the dreams began.  What a journey this has been, Father.

As I worked on my many projects, I kept hearing Jesus say ‘I am pleased because you are listening and doing.  I will bless you for this.’  (Deuteronomy 7:12-13).  I have had wave after wave of tears as I go through memories.  While there were many hopes realized, there were many more hopes not realized.

Yes, I exchanged my ‘maybe one day’ for ‘I promise to bless you on My terms according to your ability to release all to Me and to trust Me to deliver you fully.’  In other words (and in hindsight), my plans to deliver myself were a ridiculous ambition.  A hope has no merit if it is removed from our Savior.  My Scripture today of John 14:1-31 served as a reminder of this.  It summarizes all things Jesus.

I was reminded of my heart monitor pages from November of 2004.  On this page, my heart beats normally.  However, it then doesn’t rise and fall on the graph as fast as it should.  After a few weaker beats, it flatlines.  It then sputters back and beats again.  Who determines this heartbeat?  Do we?  No, not at all!  Man can try to control their heartbeat, but ultimately the decision is all God’s.

Yes, God allows the beating of our heart.  He determines our days.  In reality, He determines our entire course.  Yes, I realize there is much debate amongst Christians about free will, but this is not my point.  With that in mind, here is my take on this, but ONLY according to my personal experiences.  I will not be debating this.

Let’s start off by saying that, if we fully obey God in all things and we do not turn to the right or to the left, we will experience the fullness of God’s Will in our lives.  While this will still mean tough times, maybe really tough times, our reward will be great, either here, in eternity or a combination.  However, this reward may not look like what we want.  Very rarely is the reward fame or fortune, but can be in God’s way.

Well, Father, You allowed my disability so I could be a house mom / wife.  This was something I had always wanted.  I have now had seven plus years of more time with my children than I ever thought possible.  In fact, I didn’t even pray for this as I have been a single working parent for the majority of my kids’ lives.  Yes, a miracle happened and God turned my tragedy into a blessing.

This all makes more sense when you fully realize that the Lord knows me better than anyone, including myself.  He knit me in my mother’s womb.  He knows my way, my thinking and my ambitions.  He knows all of it.  I now take amusement when I look back at my personal goals for ‘world domination’.  There is so much to this that it added up to 24 hours.  Possible?  Of course not, but here it goes…

We start with 5 hours a day for golf.  I then wanted to spend 2 hours a day in the gym.  I wanted to work on the biggest design projects and that would take 10 hours a day.  I liked food, so I wanted to cook for 2 hours a day.  Spending time with friends and with my kids’ sports and events would be another 4 hours a day.  This then left a solid hour for God each day.  The perfect plan, right?

Well, no, of course it wasn’t.  Where is sleep?  Where is rest?  Where is God?  Should I not give Him much more than 1/24th of my time?  God then intervened with His plans for me.  Saying no to golf brought back 5 hours.  No to the gym another 2 hours.  Working on smaller projects another 2 hours out of the 10 originally budgeted.  2 hours for a no to the kids’ sports.

Yes, Jesus reduced me.  My ‘self’ simply had to go.  My ‘self’ was so arrogant and, well, selfish.  I literally didn’t carve out any time for rest or sleep.  Still, even though I now had time to sleep, I didn’t sleep well.  This was because of my battles that took place prior to 2012.  I was about to lose everything.  I had to put it all aside in order to fight my main enemy.  I was alone and broke.

God’s plan was brilliant.  In order for me to be where He wanted me, I needed to surrender myself to be crushed.  I had to trust my Father God for the outcome even when it looked horrific.  It reminded me of my recent foot injury.  I realize now that it was because He was trying to get my attention… “Erin, I need you to slow down from your daily routine and do as I am asking you to do.”

Well, this healing has been painful.  I believe I had a setback because it now looks like I may have some hairline fractures.  However, this still wasn’t enough.  You then told me to concentrate my efforts for a two-week period.  You were very serious about this.  Well, I have basically four days left not counting today (as it is my day of rest).

While my disability requires that I take about three times longer than I would normally, this extra diligence means that I am being careful in anything I keep.  Basically, the less the better.  Thanks to God’s help in this, the whole house has begun to clear out clutter and winterize.  While my earlier estimates were a bit optimistic, I should finish this week.  In terms of our kids, so much is happening right now…

  • My husband’s son arrives home from his summer internship and will have a couple of weeks to rest before starting school again
  • My older son begins a work skills program in a few weeks
  • My younger son has now worked at his job for one year and is up for a promotion
  • My daughter has been accepted to two Christian universities out west, but uncertainty over the level of tuition keeps us guessing on how this will all work

Yes, so much has now been placed in Your mighty hands, Father.  There are so many doors that we are hoping that You will soon open.  We are all hoping that You will soon open the door for us to go back to the West we all love.  Through this all, my dreams have remained steadfast…

Sub-dream 1 “The Confusing Cloverleaf of the Lost Tribes” begins…

I saw a search party of Jewish scholars searching for the Lost Tribes.  However, they had been searching in the wrong areas.  God then led me to an overpass of a highway out west.  It was a great intersection near a big city.  There were highways over highways.  While this sounds absurd, there were even cloverleafs intersecting bypasses.  Since this was confusing, it is also hard to describe.

I then saw a group of scholars / holy men approaching a synagogue.  Since their synagogue was soon seized, the rabbis were forced to hold their services under this overpass at the area where all these crossroads met.  Traffic patterns were soon disturbed as drivers slowed down to purposely harass the Jewish people there.  The scholars soon came there to see if any were part of the Lost Tribes.

When the scholars arrived, they were holding a ceremony and calling it the third temple sacrifice.  The congregation was mostly made up of Hassidic Jews.  I then found myself with a group of a few friends as we walked up to them on the bend of the cloverleaf.  God then used us in our prayer language to prophesy.  In this ancient Hebrew, the Lord spoke…

Voice of the Lord through us:  “Your efforts are in vain apart from God.  This is not the way.”

They were soon very angry at us.  We then looked as an evil man was driving his truck towards all of us.  Instead of hitting the brakes, he was accelerating.  The Lord removed us just before the truck hit into the crowd.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “The Third Beast, the ‘third king’” begins…

I saw the rapid rise of the third king, the king of abominations.  Please note that I do NOT know if this will occur or if it is only the plan of the third king that God will thwart.  If it will occur, I am not sure when it will occur, but, if it is to occur, I felt it would be mostly post-Rapture.  Since the third king is the architect of evil, I would then like to believe that this is only the blueprint.

I then saw a Scripture unfold.  It was from Ecclesiastes 1:9:  There is nothing new under the sun.  Whatever has been will be again.  History repeats itself.  Put another way… evil repeats itself.

I then saw a calendar page open.  The date was July 31, 1941.  I saw the architects of evil putting into place a plan to kill millions of Jews.  It was labelled ‘The Final Solution’.

I then saw a large chart.  It looked like the chart used in the NCAA basketball tournament.  I suddenly realized that the chart I was looking at was in the third king’s estate along the East Coast.  I then saw two brackets for double elimination.

I then saw a replay or rewind of events from 2004.  This is the year the third king truly started to rise in power.  I saw bitterness and arrogance lend way to a rise of strength.  I saw this king cross off opponents in order to take them down to the elimination bracket.

I then saw a calendar page open again.  It was the month of December 2012.  It was the time that God granted permission to the evil one.  I then saw a massive door slam shut.  I then saw many demons slowly waking up from their slumber.  While the rise of evil was slow at first, it soon started to gain momentum and hasn’t stopped.

To any who had bitterness, anger, hate, victimhood, laziness and/or arrogance, demons would rise in them.  To those who were God’s, these demons were exposed and dealt with.  To those who were not God’s, one bad fruit would lead to another bad fruit.  This continued to compound in them.  While this rise in evil was visible to God’s children, it remained veiled to all others.  Corruption ensued and evil rose even more rapidly.

The architect (the third king) then used the first king (the dragon) and the second king (the frog man) to write a playbook.  He then started achieving some of the objectives.  While he remains somewhat patient, he wants to continue on his evil quests.  The following is a summary of his playbook…

  1. Gain control over the governments that were God’s dedicated nations, specifically the USA and Israel
    1. Cultivate hate against the majority based on race and religion
    2. Remove and/or denounce the police
    3. Purchase media outlets and run confusing narratives accusing the opposition of the very things they are doing
    4. Silence all opposition
    5. Steal the elections
    6. Remove freedom
    7. Obstruct justice
    8. Create fear
    9. Punish with unfair justice guidelines
  2. Bring in foreigners from other nations
    1. Open borders of red states and allow harm
    2. Close borders of blue states and destroy business
    3. Change demographics
    4. Raise crime and bring in drugs
    5. Release foreigners into the populace with the virus
  3. Create anger, increase crime and turn justice against the victims
  4. Remove guns and disarm those opposed
  5. Remove churches, Bibles, websites, satellite churches and sermons against the evil
    1. Burn down white churches
    2. Destroy faith in God
  6. Destroy all those opposed to rules

I then saw the entire winner’s bracket consist of the current Vice President and the Secretary of Defense.  However, the architect put himself as the winner, as in ‘the winner takes all’.  His agenda is to control all major organizations.  These major organizations include the CIA, the FBI, the DHS, the United Nations, the World Health Organization and NATO.

I then watched him as he studied the original ‘Final Solution’.  He reviewed the mistakes of the German leader and vowed not to repeat them.

I then saw him meeting millions of people.  He was dressed in white.  He was standing at a mimic of the bridge to eternity, his version of the promised land.  However, the opposite came true.  I saw millions fall into the abyss.  I saw line after line of women, men and children fall where he was taking them.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, this is horrific.  Please do not let this happen.  There is so much to do yet.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard a knock at the front door.  There was Raphael and he was smiling.  I opened the door.  I made a gesture for him to come in.  He smiled and shook his head.

Raphael:  “Hi Erin.  Come with me to God’s Bridge instead.”

I followed him to the creek in our yard.  There was a 7’ board about 12” wide.

Me:  “Oh no!  This is the bridge we made.  It really isn’t a bridge.  It was made with scrap wood in a matter of minutes.  It was just meant to be fun.”

Raphael:  Laughing.  “True, Erin.  You can barely walk a single person over that one.”

Me:  Shaking my head and smiling.  “That is very true.”

Raphael:  Smiling.  “Erin, God has a message for you.”

Just then, Raphael waved his arm upwards.  It was as if a curtain rolled up like a scroll.  A beautiful bridge was then presented.  It was sturdy and well made.

Raphael:  “This is just one of God’s Bridges.  There is a Bridge at each of His Gates.  Right now, with the way the world is, the world would be the ‘Dung Gate’.”

Me:  “Yes, Raphael, it is becoming really bad out there.  Will God not do something soon?  So many horrible things are happening at once now.”

Raphael:  “Yes, He will.  Now, let me ask you a question so you understand a great deception.  When you have been with the Lord, what color is His skin?”

Me:  “Hmm, He has such beautiful skin.  I would say a tan or olive color.”

Raphael:  “So, when you hear talk about the Lord being a certain skin color which is not that which you have seen, what do you think?”

Me:  “I think it is sweet because we all want our Savior to look like us.  After all, we are made in His image, right?”

Raphael:  “Okay, I will ask you a question that you would understand as you are an artist.  If you were to pull out colored pencils and you blended all of the skin colors you have seen, what would you get?  As an artist, objectively name the most common colors of skin in the world.”

Me:  “Well, you have black, brown, olive, tan, yellowish, reddish or ruddy, white and albino.”

Raphael:  “Now, if you were to blend all of these colors in proportion to their populations in the world, what would all of these colors blended make?”

Me:  “Oh course!  How brilliant!  It would be Jesus’ skin color!”

Raphael:  “Yes, Erin, that is correct.  So, if you hear that Jesus is any other color than He is, the chances are the enemy is afoot striking heals like a snake.”

Me:  I was surprised as Raphael had suddenly become stern looking.  “You are being serious.  Why is this lesson on Jesus’ skin color so important?”

Raphael:  “Erin, there is an evil plot to remove an entire population of people based on skin color.  However, I am here to let you know that the same snake is after the Bride, no matter the color of their skin.  He is after the Lost Tribes scattered and veiled by God so they cannot be found.  This great plague was designed to gather DNA information to seek out those chosen of God.  However, he will be unsuccessful.

“Now, understand this… though there are great fears sweeping across the lands, remember that God is in full control.  He always is.  No scheme of man nor plan of the enemy will remove you from the plans of God.  What you are witnessing is a rise in demonic activity.  This is because man has been given over to their lusts and sinful desires.

“Erin, you are a witness to uncharacteristic evils where the enemy appears to be winning.  Well, this is certainly NOT the case.  There is a reason God has had you prepare your house.  This is because you will need to be set free from distractions.  Now, September is a Most Holy Beginning and you will need to trust fully in God for what He is about to do.”

Me:  “Oh Raphael, it is a Shmitah year and Jubilee on Rosh Hashanah.”

Note:  According to HebCal.com, this year’s Rosh Hashanah starts at sunset on Monday, September 6, 2021 and lasts two days until sunset on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.  Rosh Hashanah is also commonly called the Feast of Trumpets.

Raphael:  “Yes, a very important beginning for His Bride.  Though the enemy will try to stop God’s plans, he will be unsuccessful.”

Me:  “Should we travel then?”

Raphael:  “The Lord will give you further instructions.  However, this is one of your favorite seasons, right?”

Me:  “It is my most favorite season!  I love September and I love the Fall.”

Raphael:  “Erin, God loves you.  He has always shown great love and favor for you and your little ones during this month.  Well, so too will He again!  Now, do not be afraid as God will provide all things.  He has not forgotten you.  He rewarded your good works and delights in that which you delight in.  A Great Move of God is about to sweep across the landscape.  When this occurs, there will be great celebrating and much moaning.  This will be followed by even more miracles and the fleeing of evil.”

Me:  “This will all be September?”

Raphael:  “Now calm down, little sparrow bride.  Wait on God.  He is the One God with the nod, understand?  Just remain steady in your tasks.  You do not need to physically spy on the lands.  You are able to do this now.  Plan your course as God leads, then go out.”

Me:  “Oh!  I see…  So…  Hmm…”

I must have look confused as Raphael was looking at me in amusement.

Raphael:  Smiling.  “You are looking now and this is good.  At the end of the week then make your plans as God calls.  Rejoice, Erin!  I must go.”

He turned towards the bridge.  As soon as he stepped on the bridge, both him and the bridge were gone.

Dream over…

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