Dream 511 – These times will require our full focus on Him alone

Received on Sunday, August 15, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my husband and children.  Thank You for my friends, but especially my Nest friends.  Thank You for Your care and protection.  This was a time period of letting go of normal.  Well, really of letting go of status quo.  I let go of a lot of status quo this week.  In the process, I removed a lot of my ‘one day’ type items.  This, in turn, then led me on a journey this week with a local friend.

While I say ‘local’, she was also an acquaintance from way back in my time in Portland OR.  While we had already met, it was in circumstances that neither of us really remembered that it happened.  She was now here for the same reason as me… marriage!  To say we hit it off immediately is an understatement.  It turned out that we had so much in common, including a love for designing.

However, her relationship with the Lord has been a rocky one.  It turns out that she had a very strict Christian upbringing.  The trouble was that it was too strict.  She resented this and decided that she would go the opposite way when raising children of her own.  Her husband has a similar story and has also been light on discipline with his son, her stepson.  Well, this all came to a head when her stepson’s girlfriend came by.

When this girl walked by us, she had a foul odor that I recognized.  My friend said that I turned white when I looked at her.  When I looked at her, I could tell that she didn’t want to look me in the eye.  I then asked my friend what this was all about.  Turns out that the stepson and his girlfriend are into cannabis and ‘frolicking’ in their pool house.  It all felt icky to me and my girlfriend could tell I was bothered by this couple.

I then became very serious and told her that God has likely called me to her because she is a child of God and has saints like her mother interceding for her in the Courts of Heaven.  She was in shock as I said these things.  I told her that God will confirm that this is the case with signs to look for such as plumbing issues, problems with pets and cars, etc.  I also then prayed that God would give me a dream of confirmation.

Just then and out of nowhere, a Kingbird came and landed on the roof of the pool house, a structure built right on the dirt and with no foundation.  The bird swooped in and caught a fly.  We watched as it then began to hunt the flies that were following her stepson’s girlfriend.  I told my girlfriend that this was a direct and visible sign that God was with her.  Later that night, I had a dream of her son…

Sub-dream 1 “My girlfriend’s stepson and a cliff” begins…

Her son was now only about 12 years old (in real life, he is in his early 20s).  He waved at his father to say goodbye.  He then fell off of a cliff into the ocean.

Sub-dream 1 over…

After telling her all of this, she told me that they have been having a lot of problems with plumbing, pets, spiders and all of the other things I had talked about.  To say I had her attention would be an understatement.  I then told her that she needed to have her stepson remove his girlfriend and not allow her onto their property.  While she agreed to this, they (with her husband) then told her stepson he had two weeks to remove her.

Well, this will give his girlfriend too much time.  She had already infiltrated their house with a lot of her ‘things’.  She had given their dog a large bone.  Her stepson’s room was filled with origamis and papers in envelopes with waxed seals.  There were writings contained in them in a language only his girlfriend knew.  I told her that witches will often send out spells and curses by including them in these paper creations.

I then warned my girlfriend that, by allowing her two weeks to come and go, she is allowing her the time to bring in 7 more powerful of her friends (Matthew 12:43-45).  Her eyes then opened wide as she told me that she remembered this Scripture.  She then told me that she had prayed earnestly to the Lord the night before for the first time in 20 years.  She also agreed that this two weeks was way too much time and that they should have insisted on immediately instead.

Father, I don’t know where all of this is going.  I only know it makes me sad.  Thank You for all You do for Your people.  You are the God of Miracles.  All of this has made my body uncharacteristically sore.  I had been doing so well until I spoke out against this evil.  Well, Father, since You created the venue, could You please also create the peace and healing from this?  I had a dream last night…

Sub-dream 2 “The Wicked try to block our Alpine Path” begins…

I was on an alpine mountain with a path leading to the top.  The path was not that wide and would only allow vehicles to travel in one direction at a time.  We owned a place around halfway up this mountain road.  This place was cut into the rock.  It took a long time to travel up the road because there were many barriers enroute to our destination.  There were also various events that delayed our ability to get to our place.

The events mostly involved wicked people along the road.  They kept placing obstacles along the route.  They caused our tires to go flat at various times, but this was then supernaturally fixed.  These wicked people then tried to delay us by lying about the road now being washed out when it wasn’t.  However, by continuously leaning on God, we managed, little-by-little, to finally reach our destination on this mountain.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Father, this dream stood out to me in a very clear way.  The theme was clearly about ‘obstacles’.  In life, there are barriers to You, things that come between You and me.  I have been finalizing the task You have set out before me of removing barriers, obstacles and hinderances.  I am now in my final push.  While I have tried to remove sins and strive for holiness, I know that I fall short.

You have given me specific instructions and I am almost finished.  I pray that my helping of my girlfriend was not a distraction and a hinderance as this delayed the work I was doing.  If so, please forgive me for erecting a barrier to You.  While these can often begin as well-meaning ventures, they can also lead to lost time with You.  Oh Father, please help me to finish all that You would have me do!

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice and He instantly showed me a vision…

Sub-dream / Vision 3 “The Dragon and his Book of Lies” begins…

I was climbing up the ladder from the beginning of my dreams again.  I then paused to read the lies spoken about me on the pages of a massive book.  The dragon was there and I could tell he was enjoying presenting this Book of Lies to me.  I should not have stopped to glance at this book.  I knew better.  This was a heart issue.  I was now close to the portal, an escape from the dark place the enemy would have us dwell in.  I went through the portal with help from the angels.

Sub-dream / Vision 3 over…

As soon as I went through the portal, I was near to Jesus.  He was on His horse and was smiling.

Jesus:  “You made it, Erin.”

He dismounted His horse and walked towards me.  He reached for my hand and led me to the base of a beautiful tree.  It was the Tree of Life.  Wine, fruit, cheese and bread were there waiting for us.  While Jesus was just as glad to see me as always, I could tell that I had done something that did not please Him.  I knew what it was.

Me:  “Lord, please wait.  Please forgive me.  I don’t know why I hesitated.  It was so foolish.  However, why would You allow the Book of Lies to be there?”

Jesus:  Smiling as He shook His head.  “Oh, so, now this is My fault?”

Me:  Bursting out in tears.  “I have hurt You, Lord.  This was not what I intended.  I am sorry.  Please, please forgive me.”

Jesus:  “Of course you are forgiven.  However, do you understand why I have come to you in a different way today?”

Me:  “No.  I was expecting a knock on my front door.  Why is this different?”

Jesus:  “Come, Erin.  Please sit with Me.”  He reached for my hand and we sat together under the beautiful Tree of Life.  “Do you remember when we were here near the beginning?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  You changed my life.”

Jesus:  “Why did I have you repeat the same beginnings of My time with you during your journey… sometimes over and over again?  For instance, coming for you at your door for many weeks.  Or before this at the rock in your yard.  Or at the river where I was filling Vessels.”

Me:  “Hmm, I don’t know.  Why, Lord?”

Jesus:  “So that it became part of you, ingrained in your memories and never forgotten.  You have never forgotten being a little one, the one where you were learning to walk and I picked you up to rest on My shoulder.  You then rested there while I did My daily greetings.  Since you were at peace like a child there, you paid no attention to what I was doing.  You were in complete rest.

“At one point, though you still wanted Me to carry you, I instead said you should walk beside Me.  I did this as you needed to learn how to step out.  I was there to strengthen your walk.  I am with you always.  No matter what, you are Mine.  Then why, I ask you, do you allow things to come between us?”

His face became serious.  I couldn’t speak.  I was guilty of so much.  Flash after flash of various things over the last several days came to me.  Clearly, I had done more things wrong than just looking at the Book of Lies.  I had been distracted!

Me:  “I have nothing good to say, Lord.  You speak in complete truth.  You always do.”

I was now very upset with myself and even as I write.

Jesus:  “Okay, so, why then am I rebuking you?”

Me:  “Because You love me and these things are barriers?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes, of course.  You speak truth here.  However, there is much more to this.  I am about to do something in your days you would not believe to even imagine it.  There are saints now in Heaven, some of great fame and others of great sacrifice, that will only watch as you experience the Great Harvest.  Erin, this means that you must truly get as one with your First Love…”  He pointed at Himself.  “…and forsake all else.

“You have come too far to even glance the way of the enemy and his Book of Lies.  Remember that Lot’s wife was warned not to look back no matter what she saw or heard.  However, she did this very thing and turned into a pillar of salt as a result.  This was a lesson, a parable of learning, about the Voice of God and doing by hearing… truly listening and doing.  If you find that you cannot hear clearly at times, remove yourself away so you can hear again.”

Me:  “Lord, I am ashamed.  I have never had You this upset with me.  I can do nothing except hear, learn and do exactly as You tell me going forward.  I am so sorry.”

Jesus:  “Erin, this is music to my ears.  The enemy has not only asked for you many times, but also your husband, you children and your friends.  Your Vessels are complete.  This current process is the removing of the residue that pouring out leaves.  You are coming into times when a split-second mismove could cause trouble.  This is when self can get between us based on learned behavior over past bridges.

“I have an example for you.  Let’s say I tell you to pick up this stick and put it into the river.  Well, you are to do only what I instruct.  Do not do tricks with the stick to show others your capabilities with it.  Do not slam the stick down.  Do not hit a rock with it.  There are several cases in My Word of errors of judgement.  These are often caused by distractions from voices of unruly people.  These are lies that do not edify.  Erin, do you understand what I am saying?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but my memory is poor if You don’t download a picture.  However, in the instance of the dragon, the ladder and the Book of Lies, I know full well not to look, glance or shift.  I am to remain focused on You instead.  I know better.  When I saw that You didn’t have quite the same smile when I came up today, I knew that I had done a great wrong.  I am so grateful that You have forgiven me.  Thank You, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Look, I am not here to tell you to take that stick and beat yourself with it.  I am here to instruct you instead.  Now, the enemy knows who you are and where you are.  As such, he will use any means within his power to create barriers.  However, I allowed all of this so you understand the seriousness of this late, late hour.  My plans are not to harm you.  Remember that I am also a Groom worried about His Bride.

“I am worried as you are a Bride who just read some lying propaganda about who she is to Me and through Me.  He did this prior to you arriving here before Me in the hopes that you would stay and read the lies.  He then wanted you to believe the lies and even become them.  However, here is the good news… I allowed this for your benefit, as well as those I have called.  Now, you are to share this with your family and Nest friends.”

Me:  I was laughing while I pretended to pout.  “But, Lord, it is no fun to share when I am being rebuked by You.”  He reached over and hugged me.  I became more serious.  “Oh Lord, this is the worst.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, perhaps My Bride could use some more strength training?  Hurt feelings and embarrassments are matters of pride and pride is a selfie.  Pride also makes for a horrible garment on a beautiful wedding day.  Now, let us remove any remaining pride and instead bring in humility in its place.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  This lesson has humbled me and I know it is for my good.  Thank You for loving me so much to take the time to do this for me.”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Very good, Erin, we have a success.  Let us forget the hurt feelings and instead go to the heart of the matter.  The enemy… your enemy… prowls like a hungry lion seeking whom he may devour.  He roars and calls out to you from his position, traversing back and forth.  Do you then turn to him and toss him a biscuit?  Does he not then think to himself ‘I am now even more hungry and need meat’?  He then looks at you with hungry eyes and thinks ‘I am a lion and a biscuit will not do’!”

Me:  “Wow, that is such a great parable.  I now understand that by giving the enemy an inch… or even a glance… that we give him a mile of movement against us.”

Jesus:  “Your enemy learns about you any time you glance at his lies.  Once he knows what distracts you, he then devises an even more dramatic distraction.  This is why you must keep your eyes on Me and Me alone.  Even though the enemy knows you are Mine, he revels in his ability to distract you whenever possible.”

Me:  “Of course!  When we allow him to distract us, it is like a neon sign or billboard!”

Jesus:  “Now you understand!  If you didn’t even glance, he would then continue to try.  However, if you still don’t glance after many of his attempts, he will eventually stop out of frustration.  While this is a lesson from Me with rebuke, be encouraged that you are not like the other brides that have now become bored with waiting.  In their laziness, these other brides will now need to leave for town to replenish their needed oil.

“Since they were easily led away by distraction, they then missed their Groom when He came.  They didn’t want to sacrifice for their Groom as they only cared about their own personal needs.  Erin, you are not one of these.  The enemy has had an easy time creating delays and cultivating laziness in these foolish brides.  This made the door shut to them.  However, you are a wise Bride, as are your family and (Nest) friends.

“As such, I have called you all to an even greater purpose.  I therefore need you to remain focused on Me fully.  I am here with you.  When you ask for help, I will answer.  Whatever your needs, I will provide them.  As I have blessed your daughter, so too then are My promises to you also valid.  I will not revoke that which I have promised.”  He then laughed.  “So, as I am busy lining up the world here…”  He nudged me.  “…can you remain focused on My still small voice?”

Me:  “Of course, Lord!”

Jesus:  “Well, this is enough for today.  Do not worry as you will not turn into a pillar of salt.  The world around you now is changing as you see a rise in corruption throughout.  All is unjust and rare is truth.  Those who choose the way of injustice will be led by the bit as a horse to slaughter.  While each man knows the evil he does, power creates a hungry lion.  In turn, this hungry lion has many hungry lion… lying… mouths to feed.

“You must understand that the lion focuses on its prey and never takes its sight off of this.  However, by doing this, he doesn’t see that the Creator is coming in behind the lion with something large and powerful.  This will be so large and powerful that evil will be unable to thrive under it.  Now, I tell you all of this so that you will continue on your course.  There will come a day that nothing will come against you.  Well, we are now in this late hour.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.”

He hugged me.  He then reached over for a glass of wine and handed it to me.

Jesus:  “Here, drink of this new wine and remember My promises and good works.  Do this for we celebrate today this great time of rest and revival.  This will be a time of rending hearts back to God.  In turn, you will heal many and rejoice with Heaven.”

We took a sip of the wine at the same time.  It was as sweet as nectar from the beautiful fruits of Heaven.”

Me:  “Wow, Lord, this wine is wonderful!”

Jesus:  “This wine has been made from the 12 fruits of the Tree of Life.  You will have life abundantly as your joy is soon to be complete.”

Me:  I reached over and hugged Him again.  “Oh Lord, I just love You so much.  Thank You for never giving up on me.  You instead bless me.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I am always with you.”  He smiled.

Dream over…

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