Dream 512 – Jesus will instruct us in our daily routine

Received on Friday, August 20, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  As You know, Father, I have been struggling.  At some point, I had a block.  I then received a message from one of our treasured Nest Sparrows.  She suggested that we watch Troy Brewer’s appearance on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural.  The topic was on time travel.  Now, I want to stress this is not us time traveling, but that the Lord is not at all constrained by time.  He is a Time Traveler!

It then hit me like a brick from You, Father.  Even though I had gone through and closed the gates on the bridges of my life, I still felt heaviness from memories I could never let go of.  These are events that I have carried with me that do not produce good fruit.  Quite simply, I was somewhat stuck on how to leave all of this behind me.  I then realized that there have been things in my past that hint at Your ability to time travel.

In the beginning of these dreams, I saw intricate engraved items on my path journey in Heaven.  I could tell that much of the work I was seeing there looked as if it could have been done by my mom.  She was and is known for her engraving of florals and birds and this is what I was seeing in Heaven.  I started seeing her engravings in Heaven around three years prior to her death on September 23, 2015.

How is this even possible?  Easy, Father.  Your timing is not ours.  However, the instance of engraving in Heaven is just one example.  Years ago, I had a dream of a beautiful library and records room in the City of God.  This is God’s City, a New Jerusalem in Heaven, where God’s Robe fills the Temple.  His seat is there.  It is a beautiful city with chiseled stone gold pavers on the streets.

As I was looking over this beautiful library, a woman in her mid-20s appeared.  While she was young in appearance, she was a hundred years old in wisdom.  She had a smile and wavy hair just like my mom.  She wore a simple gown and had such kind eyes.  This woman could hardly wait to show me the library and records room that God had assigned to her care.

The joy in her entire body was that of being given something incredible, but still being in a type of disbelief that God would even bless her with this.  While this woman was humble in Heaven, my mom was not humble on Earth.  It has since dawned on me that this was my mom, but around seven years prior to her death.  However, she was a million times more alive than anytime that she had on Earth.  This was amazing.

This suddenly made me realize that I needed to invite God into all of the areas of my life from the beginning, both before I accepted Him as my Savior and after.  Well, it didn’t take long for me to start flowing in my writings.  I was not done until around 8 hours later.  I wrote an incredible 32 journal pages in that time, a page every 15 minutes.  I felt in my Spirit that this was what God wanted me to do.  I then heard His clear voice…

Voice of Jesus:  “Erin, I was always with you just as I am with you and will always be with you.”

Even though I knew this, I asked for Him to fill these moments with His glory and turn all things dark into the light of His presence.  I then asked Him to go before me, my husband, my children, my friends and all of these troubles and change the dynamic.  I asked Him to change the outcome, but only for His Glory, for God’s Glory!

A while after this, my husband and I went to various stores in a distant city that used to be so enjoyable.  We both noticed that the stuff there was just stuff.  It no longer had the lure that we had seen so many times before.  I knew what You were doing here, Father.  You showed us that our Vessels no longer have room for any desires other than what You would have us desire.  This was very freeing.  You then told me some hidden things about the enemy…

  • What appears on the surface as chaos is actually the opposite
  • All things are targeted and planned attacks on God’s people
  • There is nothing new under the heavens that is here
  • We are to recognize who is an agent of the enemy by their rotten fruits
  • These rotten fruits are allowed so we see the wicked
  • The enemy desires bondage, chains, poverty and despair
  • The enemy is removing freedom completely from what appears on the surface as all people, yet this is a means to an end and a lie
  • These are meant as direct strikes against God
  • The enemy wants to destroy all remnants of God by destroying His people
  • There is nothing ‘free’ and there is always a price to pay when taking what evil offers
  • In Jesus, we are free of bondage, but the enemy is all about destroying these freedoms

I then looked up all that is now being labelled as ‘humanitarian aid’.  This sounds safe, but it is not.  It is instead a calculated act of war to destroy God’s children.  The worst possible acts are planned.  Churches are to be burned down and destroyed.  Bibles are to be completely rewritten to allow things detestable to God.  Worship music on our media platforms will disappear and be disguised as a ‘glitch’.

This is just the beginning though.  Neighbors will be commanded to offer up neighbors.  Children will inform the government about their parents and vice versa.  This will be in exchange for freedoms, but freedom for the enemy is never free.  After receiving this, I felt the Lord tell me that it was time to get up and proceed with our day.

Instructions from the Lord:  “Erin, I am with you.  As you go about your day, I reveal items wherever you go.  You will realize that the war has been here for some time.  I have kept you aside for My purposes.  It is Me within you working to instruct you.  Now go about your day.  I will show you.”

After receiving this instruction, my husband and I drove into town.  We then walked around and made observations.  I knew that much of this was important, even though we didn’t see it.  I knew that the Lord would point out that which we were not truly noticing.  I then went to Him to discuss what we had experienced.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “Erin, I am instructing you in greater service.  All that you have been given has been as a scribe.  You are now being given instructions from Me in the ways you should go.  This is so you understand trust.  When you pray, I will answer immediately.  When you ask, I will speak immediately.

“Even more though… I will say ‘pray this way’ and it will be done unto you.  Erin, I will place the need before you to ask and I will then bless you.  While you did not have understanding before, I am now creating all things before you.  You once would say ‘a deer jumped out in front of my car.  Why?’ or ‘I fell down the stairs and hurt my foot.  God, heal my foot.’

“Now you say ‘Lord, I give this day to You for Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.’  Erin, with you being a citizen of Heaven and as a worker for God, you will no longer be subject to evil here.  This is because I am in you and I am with you.  Will you now allow Me to take you wherever you need to go?”

Me:  “I am sorry, Lord, but I had thought I had already been doing this.”

Jesus:  “Before this, you went about your daily lives and I went along with you.  However, I now create your days in advance and you follow Me.”

Me:  “But, Lord, since You are King over all things anyway, I thought the days were already Yours?”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Let’s be truthful.  You would awaken and make your plans and then expect God to show up for them.  This is now different.  If you allow Me, I will now create your days and you will then be the subject of My plans and schedule, no matter the outcome.  However, this I promise you… nothing I do… or you as My Vessel going forth… will return void.  Now, can you trust Me to plan your course?”

Me:  “Of course!  However, apart from my earthly responsibilities and chores, I am still unsure how to navigate all of this.”

Jesus:  “Erin, you are missing My point.  I know of your responsibilities and have not said stop your earthly routines.  I am instead saying that you are to give Me all of your reins and controls.  Give Me even the wheels of your car for My glory.  Can you do this?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.”

Jesus:  “This is not an easy thing to do.  While it seems simple on the surface, it is difficult.  This is because those who follow Me must still serve two masters.  This is because you reside in a fallen world.  I am now asking of you the ability to allow Me to work through you.  Do this and all things in Heaven and Earth will be given to you for My glory.  There is nothing aside from Me.  There is no job, no home, no food, no income and no abilities apart from Me to those in the Army of God.

“Erin, do you understand what I am saying?  For the last three years, I have been taking care of your every need and even some extra gifts.  This has been far beyond what the world would pay you.  To the prince of perdition, you have no worth.  I have kept you close to Me and I have saved your children.  I have blessed your house and your Nest so that others would come to understand My love for them.

“While it has been difficult to fully trust Me, it is I who created this for you.  What I offer you, the world cannot.  I will protect you there as well.  Even if the plague comes near you, it will not overcome you.  You are not to live in fear of anything except for the fear of the Lord and doing good all the days your feet walk here.  I am with you in all things.

“Now, I took you to the area downtown yesterday.  I showed you the very heart of downtown… a once thriving mall.  You felt Me prompt you to go there.  While enroute, you stopped to see one of those you will one day bring back to Me.  While there, you found a gift in advance for your service.  This gift was to mark this event.  This event is the beginning of your journey.

“When purchasing this, I gave you just enough cash so as to not leave a footprint for the enemy to attack this woman.  You will visit her again and then too bring cash so your steps are not traced.  From there, you passed by the stores you both once frequented.  While they brought joy before, they have now lost their luster.  One day soon, you will be handed gifts from these stores in gratitude because of Me.

“You next arrived at the location I specifically directed you to go.  Most of the little shops are out of business and there are many vacancies.  This mall was once the central heart of commerce in this town.  Now this heart is given over to the god of this world.  No longer am I there except when I am there with you.  This is because I first led you to go there, understand?”

Me:  “Lord, are You no longer in our town?”

Jesus:  “Give Me your observations, starting from the point I gave you in a vision.  Travel above and around where you went.  By doing this, see if the God of all created beings, the Great I Am, would be there.”

Me:  “Okay, so we noticed the comfortable shoe store was now gone.  The other shop that handmade beautiful shoes was also now gone.  A clothing store had left.  The government offices above are still there, one of which my husband knows of well.  While a different clothing store is still there, I believe that they are hurting and will probably close soon.  However, the yoga clothing store is thriving and expanding.

“Stores that are still there include a pharmacy, a bra and lingerie shop and a dollar store.  There is also a dirty looking Chinese restaurant.  There is an optical shop that sells high end glasses.  There is also a bank and a Starbucks.  Around it is the abortion clinic.  There is also a historical church, but this is now used for homeless and LGBTQ congregants.  There are also some small shops and coffee places.”

Jesus:  “Very good observations.  Across from the Court House are various tattoo places and other sinful establishments.  However, most places are unable to succeed.  This is because the heart of the town is dedicated to serving the god of this world.  Because they do not invite Me here, removing Me, this city’s downtown was given over to their sins.  Erin, the only businesses that still thrive here are those that serve the citizens of the world.  However, even these businesses are dying.  You have only to look at their fruits to see the health of the tree and the river that nourishes its roots.”

Me:  “Should we no longer go there, Lord?”

Jesus:  “I will lead you in the ways you should go.  Do not worry.  When you, your husband and your children are there, so too am I.  There are many there who will be one day in great celebration because of Me and will recognize that I am with you.  While they knew your daughter was Mine, she has now been removed by Me for My purposes.

“Your daughter was supernaturally there and she went against the flow of their river.  One day, many will say ‘how did we not recognize her?’  However, this was because it was not the correct time.  The same is true for you, your husband and your sons.  They will say of you ‘I knew there was something, but I didn’t know what.’

“See, Erin, I bless those who bless you and those who curse you are cursed.  You are here in this area because the lost live here.  These truly do not know Me.  Those who claim to know Me do not know Me.  I do not know many of them.  I am not welcome in their self-contained lives.  They do not look for Me.

“Now, I have never blessed the places who came against your husband.  I did not bless those who gossiped, speculated with lies and verbalized these untruths.  I removed many of them.  Many never advanced again and wave after wave ensued.  While all of them know the beginning of their troubles, pride keeps them from speaking truth.  Do not worry about these things as this is of no consequence to your futures.”

Me:  “I am amazed at so much coming from a short visit of one hour downtown.”

Jesus:  “It was more than this.  It was showing you why I have not blessed this city with My Prosperity of Joy in the heart of it.  When the city grows, the floods come.  When the youths grow, I call those who are Mine away.  This leaves those who are wicked or lost.  Some are then destroyed.  To prosper here is to serve Molech.  You and your family live outside of their reach.  From there, you can pray.  Now, I did all of this so you will see the heart of the matter.  The heart is filled with vacancies.”

Me:  “Lord, thank You for all of this.”

Jesus:  “There are no accidents from here.  There is something in a name.  I am here and all around you.  Now, I am sending a great sign to anger the ruler of world.  It is marked in a name.  This will enrage him to strike out against My people.  Do not be afraid when you see this.  Watch and see that I am God over all things.”

Note:  While I am not sure, I believe Jesus could have been referring to the active Hurricane Henri.  As it stands today, this storm is scheduled to hit New England in the next few days.  More specifically, current storm trackers show that ‘the former leader that still is’ could have his house directly affected by this storm in some manner.  The name Henri means ‘home ruler’.

Me:  “Is there anything else we should do today, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Give Me your day.  I will lead you.  I love you, Erin!”

Dream over…

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