Dream 513 – God’s big plans are bigger than the enemy’s

Received on Sunday, August 22, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my husband, my children and our Nest Sparrows.  Thank You for signs and wonders.  Thank You!  Father, please be patient with me and bless me as I go forth daily under Your wing.  You are gently… and sometimes not so gently… teaching me in the ways I should go.  I am in awe of You.  There are so many things about You I truly did not know until now.

The main thing is how You are now talking to me directly even as I go about my daily chores.  You are even in the most mundane of tasks.  Here are just a few examples from just yesterday alone…

Example 1:  I had no idea that our portable air conditioner unit had three separate filters.  I had just finished cleaning the one I knew about as per my routine, when I heard Your clear voice…

Voice of the Lord (Jesus):  “Erin, there are two more filters.”

Sure enough, I found two more filters.  They were now clogged from about two years of filtering.  After cleaning them, the unit pumped out much more cool air!  Thank You!

Example 2:  I was shifting a shelving unit when I again heard Your clear voice…

Voice of the Lord:  “Erin, be careful not to shift this shelf too far.”

Well, I foolishly didn’t listen this time and sure enough something overhead crashed down on me.  I wasn’t hurt, so I just knew that this was to teach me, and therefore us, a lesson in listening and obedience.

Voice of the Lord:  “It is okay, Erin.  This will not hurt you.  However, when I give you wisdom via a warning, then stop what you are doing immediately and take stock of your surroundings.  You can then make modifications as necessary or redirect the process you are following.”

Example 3:  I then went out to purchase a new pillow to sleep on.  I wanted to do this prior to my day of rest, which is today.  Each time I went to various stores, the Lord was silent.  This changed once I placed an item for my devotional chair in my cart.  I picked out this item simply because I was tired and on a self-imposed timeline.

Voice of the Lord:  “Stop.  Why are you compromising on quality when bringing this to My Altar.”

Me:  Quickly placing the item back on the shelf.  “I am so sorry, Lord.”

Voice of the Lord:  “You are clearing out clutter.  Today’s purchase is tomorrow’s clutter and not worthy of a Bride.  I will direct you in the way you should go.  Thereby pray for My glory to fall around you and that I send the perfect item.  Erin, I will provide this.  The things you have at home are better than these.  However, I still want you to purchase this.  I want you to do this to prove to you a better way and to provide a lesson.”

When I later went home, I looked around to see if there was something better than what I had just purchased.  There was not… or so I thought.  Something highly unusual then happened… we heard knocking on one of our windows.  We went to investigate, but there was nothing there.  This repeated five separate times.  When I went to investigate this for the fifth time, there was a basket I had not noticed with the same item I had just purchased, but with far higher quality.

Not only did I find this, but when picking it up, a bracelet I had been missing fell out.  This is a lovely bracelet that I am fond of.  This knocking was heard not just by me, but also my husband and his daughter.  We all investigated each time, but found nothing.  Given we were not able to find anything in the natural, we realized it had to be supernatural.  Well, I have now learned another lesson.  I now have to return this item to the store as I have something far superior.  This is time spent that I could have avoided.

While the other knocks happened yesterday between 9:00pm and 10:00 pm, the knocks were not finished.  While no one heard this particular set of three knocks, this awoke me at 2:57am this morning.  I went to our door and no one was there.  I then looked outside the window and saw the moon.  It was a full moon and there was a bright star to the right of the moon I had never noticed before.  I went back to sleep and then had a dream at around 8:00 this morning…

Sub-dream 1 “Brace for Impact” begins…

I was looking over a large map of the east coast of the USA.  I then heard the booming voice of a large angel shout ‘BRACE FOR IMPACT’.  I then saw an object.

Sub-dream 1 over…

I woke up from this dream remembering very few details.  However, while the object could be Hurricane Henri, I felt strongly it could be something else.  I just wasn’t sure.  While the Lord usually responds to my questions with an immediate answer now, something that only started recently, mysteries such as this object are not.  I laughed about this as there were other questions I wanted to ask that I just somehow knew were probably ‘out of bounds’.  Still worth asking though, right?  Smiles!

I then remember some articles I had read to my husband via reports from the Christian Post.  Christians in Muslim countries, but especially in Afghanistan, are now being killed for having a Bible App on their phones.  In Afghanistan, the Taliban have informed residents that they have to mark their door with an X if there are any girls in the home under 12.  These girls are then given to the Taliban men as prizes.

If it is discovered that the door is not marked, most likely to avoid a young girl from being taken, then the whole family is immediately executed.  Christians are fleeing to the hills.  Oh Father, what is happening in Afghanistan is so terrible.  Please won’t You activate us so that we can help these oppressed and terrorized people?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “The events currently in the news are only surface reports.  These tell only a surface level by sight story.  Your source outlines the true events taking place there.  However, there is much more to this.”

Me:  “Lord, what is happening in Afghanistan is coming here, right?”

Jesus:  “While these are the plans of the enemy, you are not to worry.  Things are not as they seem though.  The enemy did not open the border to the south to bring in cheap labor from southern countries as is often speculated.  No!  Look carefully instead at who is being allowed in.  These are terrorists and those responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of Christians, as well as other crimes.  This is the build up of the black dragon’s army of fighting men.  These are the punishers.”

Me:  “The news is telling us that only a small number of criminals are coming in.”

Jesus:  “Unfortunately, this is not true.  The reports are not telling the whole story.  Remember that there is always rabble that comes with an exodus.  Now there will also be a mass exodus from a foreign land.  Those coming are not who you think.  These will be the sergeants and generals coming here to fight on western soil.  This was planned and appointed.  The enemy always comes in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.  It is his clarion-type call as he uses this as a cover for what is really happening.”

Me:  “What about those coming from Cuba?”

Jesus:  “These include those who have been set free from prison there.  They are coming to finish what was started twenty years ago against America.  The landscape has now changed all over the areas of Europe, Canada and even Mexico.  So many are now descending on the USA… or are already there.  While you fear the worst, the plans of the enemy are even worse than you think.

“This man has not come into full power yet.  It is not yet his time.  You need to realize that you are being told this now so that when you see these things, you understand what is coming.  Before I tell you more, understand fully that I am God over all things.  Understand that I have an even greater plan than the enemy’s.  So, when I give you this knowledge, you are not to be in fear of the enemy’s schemes.

“Be in peace instead knowing that I am with you and My plans are greater and more powerful than theirs.  This is why there is such speed to their actions.  All is happening so quickly that no one is able to do anything against this.  As I have shown you, it is like a small ball of clay at the top of a hill.  By the time it reaches the bottom, it has picked up great speed and along with it increased 100 time more in volume.

“However, I can level the hill.  Erin, I can send a great wind and even fire to change the momentum.  However, and even better, I will do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  While I can go back several thousand years, or even a few hundred years, let us go back 21 years ago instead.  21 years ago, I sent out prophecies, signs and wonders to My elect.  Like you were, most were dismissed as crazy for claiming they had an encounter from God.  Well, you certainly remember your ‘Y2K’, don’t you?”

Me:  Laughing.  “Yes, Lord… vividly!”

Jesus:  “I called many who were sleepy.  I summoned My messengers to come in advance.  I also sent dreams and visions.  I then kept a remnant of those who had not been defiled by the false doctrines of the world.  I instead instructed them on the way they should go.  While you then went through the furnace of affliction, this was for your benefit.  Still, it took you a few years to allow Me to work.

“The same is true for some others who now understand I am doing something in them.  However, none of you fully understand.  Without removing the world, your ‘self’ and selfish ambitions, I was unable to work fully in you.  Now I can.  I called My army in advance of 9/11 (September 11, 2001), the time when the towers fell.  This was the beginning of several harbingers from Me that the land, My land, must return to Me.

“I gave them 19 years to repent.  The land was instead ruled by the very one who vowed to destroy My Name and raise himself up in My place.  Amongst his army, he is called M a h a d i, their ‘savior’ and ‘the chosen one’.  Since their ‘savior’ was birthed from chaos, so then chaos is their friend.  However, a plan was set into place first to become culturally significant and popular amongst all people.

“The media and others say very little about his problems.  They instead focus on his ‘great self-made accomplishments’ put into place for them to achieve more.  He then superficially had the main terrorist (Osama bin Laden) executed and a memorial erected at the area of the fall of the towers.  He then asked America to close the book on the past and move forward.

“This was to lessen the impact of what had happened that day.  It has now come to pass that anyone speaking out about these events will become their target.  As time continued, he began to increase the populations dependence on the government.  You have only to go back in history 80 years to see patterns of the same spirit (Nazism).

“He (Hitler) began to associate with those who hate My people and began to joke about removing them publicly.  He planted seeds that are the opposite of the Kingdom of Heaven, including hate, discord, suspicion, poverty, prejudice, envy and other seeds.  Well, the enemy now includes Christians as the problem because they speak out against the killing of babies.  He then mobilized the media to side with him.

“He also lined up the various law enforcement agencies (CIA, FBI, etc.) and had them look the other way.  These organizations then even incited targets to criminalized behavior, even supplying the guns to match the agenda narrative.  He then continued to do all things detestable to God.  He used great symbolism and even Scripture to further mock Me.  If you look at the roots, you will find him behind the Syrian migration.

“He tested this by using their migration to Europe first.  Those who are now here have been instructed to remain lawful until they are called to not be.  As time continued, his leadership had to be ceremonially handed over.  This was ceremonially only as he is still in charge.  He became very angry at the Bull’s rise to power and his popularity with the people.  In response, he put several obstacles in place to thwart his power and abilities.  He used the full measure of his government to remove him.

“However, he still was not able to control him.  Erin, I allowed the rise of the Bull.  The former leader then became enraged at the people for now liking the Bull’s successes in so many areas.  At one point, the Bull was even up for a Noble Peace Prize.  The former leader knew that I was behind all of the Bull’s successes.  The plague, the Corona, then came.

“Masks were then mandated and people were shut inside.  Many then died.  During this time, the race riots began.  These were fueled by false information and lies.  This man and his wife then began to speak against law enforcement, anyone with a gun and those who voted for the Bull.  They then attacked churches… well, you know the rest.”

Me:  “So, they are building up their army now?”

Jesus:  “This is only the second layer of what is happening that you do not see.  Erin, there is much more.  Now, the rise in popularity of genetic origin tests did not work as they had hoped.  These started at a high price and then had the price lowered.  However, people still were not behind this.  The plan then changed to use the plague test as a DNA test with markers.”

Me:  “Are they looking for certain things?”

Jesus:  “Yes, the Lost Tribes.  However, they will not find them.  Now, I could have you write for hours and fill a book on the plans of the enemy.  You already have this in history books though.  Again, this is the same evil (Nazism) that tried to remove the Jewish people.  This has now been expanded.  They want anyone with the wrong skin color or religion to be destroyed.  This is a strikeout against Me.  They will do anything to attack God.  However, you are not to fear as their souls are God’s alone.  I have the key to death and Hades.  He does not.  I therefore have the final say.”

Me:  “When, Lord?  When will you rise up in us and allow Your miracles?”

Jesus:  “Erin, do not worry.  I want you to understand that I am in complete control here.  When the enemy loses control, he becomes angry.  He is angry at Me because he anticipates that My Army, the Army of God, will soon be deployed.  He has sent out waves of fear in various forms.

“However, I am the God he fears.  My power is greater and so too will be My Army.  I told you all of this so you do not get too wrapped up on surface level events in the news.  It is fine for timing, but really not truthful or helpful other than to create fear and the desire for a savior.  Most are not looking to Me.  They instead look to this former leader and other politicians.

“Now, the weapons that were lost overseas are set to come here to activate a government army made up of terrorists when this former king takes up his seat again.  What is happening overseas is the same army coming here.  However, they must first remove the power to fight back, including guns, food, supplies and other things.  The enemy wants Christians and Jews, but really the whole Lost Tribe, gone, including all remnants.  Bibles will also be removed.”

Me:  “Lord, please give us Good News!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “The Good News is that I am just getting started!”

Me:  “Okay, but can You please hurry, Lord?  It is becoming really discouraging down here.”

Jesus:  “I understand that it looks this way.  However, you are not to worry as I am here and My plans are greater.  The harvest is near.  Remember that it is darkest before the dawn, not brightest before the dawn.  I am in you and I am with you now.  Before I came in love, but I now come still in love, but now also in truth.  I will have the final say and My truth will reign.  You have no cause to fear because I am in you.

“I have prepared My Temple Vessels and you will pour out Living Water.  While this happens, My angels will pour out wrath upon the lands.  For a while, I withheld shaking the ground and the number of storms.  However, I will now add quaking mountains and rivers with overflowing banks.  To those who call out to Me, I will save.  To those who curse me, they will then be consumed by their own words in return.

“Now do not worry.  Continue on your course.  I love you!”

Dream over…

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