Dream 514 – The Lord’s anger burns against the wicked

Finished on Sunday, August 29, 2021

Received on Tuesday, August 24, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You!  Thank You!  I love You with my whole heart.  You are my Best Friend.  It’s been humbling.  My heart is still grieving.  It is difficult to be excited for something when my body doesn’t have the abilities.  While I dream of great things, I am unable.  Atmospheric shifts can often make my joints achy.  My foot then flares up.

I have to ask You for forgiveness because I am still not fully tapping into the new way You are communicating with me.  I am also sorry as I actually began to hear You clearly way back in January 2020.  At first, I thought this was my imagination or a ‘volume turned up’ Holy Spirit.  Neither was true.  This is You.

The minute my heart is heavy, You now answer.  I think back to so many instances where it would have been so helpful to hear You like this.  How many mistakes could have been avoided?  For example, I was deeply mourning for a father who lost hold of his twins during a flood.  The minute I did this, You showed me a vision of You holding the twins’ hands and walking them to the Baby Animal Garden in Heaven.

I drove my older son to his training program today.  My heart was broken as he looked so nervous.  He held his lunch pail close to his chest.  He asked me to pray for him.  He was worried that people might not like him.  I told him he is the kindest person I know.  I then told him to become stronger and more confident every day so that the Lord would shine through him.

I watched him walk up the ramp and I felt broken.  He will be 24 years old soon and he is unable to take care of himself.  He does what he is told, no more and no less.  He is honest.  Oh Father, I need to see a miracle soon.  He has a small crush on a girl and his hope is that You, Father, will make him desirable, strong and worthy of one day being a husband.  This just wouldn’t work today as things currently stand.

After dropping him off, I drove to Walmart.  I needed something to suction food at the bottom of Heaven’s fish tank.  He has stopped eating again.  I prayed for Heaven in my Holy Spirit language, which can also be a song as it was in this case.  The Lord told me the words of this song as I had never known what I was singing…

Me singing in Holy Spirit prayer language:  “Praises go to my Father on the Throne, Who was and is and is to come.  He is the One Who sharpens our arrows and swords for battle.  He is the One Who causes His enemies to be confounded and fall at just one breath.  He is the One Who, just by speaking it, can bring a thing into existence or extinguish it.  He is the One Who, by His tongue, the Sword of Truth, causes evil men to confess and drop to their knees.  He is the One Whose touch can heal a blind man or cause the lame to walk.  He is the One Whose embrace can heal even the most broken of hearts.  His Gown fills the Temple and covers His Altar in His Glory.”

After singing this, I started bargaining with God.  Who is greater than God?  Father, please let Your Kingdom, Your Glory and Your Power drop over us.  Let Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, Amen.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Even though I was in the same spot, I could hear Jesus speaking to me loudly and clearly.  I was sad today.

Me:  “Lord, why am I still not healed?  Forget me though.  What about my sons or even my fish?  Please, Lord.”

Jesus:  “How much do you think I did regarding miracles before my Father called me to service?”

Me:  “I do not know, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I had wisdom, knowledge and My Father was with Me.  However, it was not until I was baptized that Heaven opened over Me and My Father’s Spirit was in Me.  He then said, ‘this is the way, walk in this.’  To understand fully the magnitude of where My earthly physical body had converged with My Heavenly Spirit and the Great Love and Power of My Father, I went to the desert for forty days.

“Once there, I could learn to hear His Voice with great clarity and become One with My Father.  As a test, Satan came with things common to man.  He offered things which appeal to carnal man, including power, satisfaction, pride and satisfaction of hunger and thirst.  He came to offer what the world had in fullness.  However, because I was now walking in My fullness of being on Earth as in Heaven, I was then unable to bend to temptation as there is nothing the world has to compare to what I offer.”

Me:  “So, the forty days was Your time of fusing Heaven with Earth in You as Your Father led You?  So, this is like a mini-version of the forty years when You were with the Israelites?”

Jesus:  “It took forty years to remove Egypt from them.  Egypt represents the world.  Egypt was modern back then.  The Israelites, even though they were oppressed, enjoyed the finer things as slaves there.”

Me:  “I thought they were poor?”

Jesus:  “Hmm, even though you are making minimum wage, you can still be very upset when your TV and microwave is traded for a forty year long camping trip.  There is much groaning.”

Me:  “Oh yes.  I would complain.  I know that I would.”

Jesus:  “Yes.  I have heard you complain.”

Me:  “…and whine.”

Jesus:  “Well, forty signifies a testing period.  After My time alone with My Father and the angels, I was now ready for the next forty months.  This is embedded in history.”

Me:  “I am seeing a pattern.  Forty days of testing, forty months of ministry and miracles and forty days of ascension before going Home to Heaven.”

Jesus:  “Very good.  Erin, this same pattern will soon hold true again.  Now, your fish… why don’t I heal it or give you anything visibly miraculous right now other than My provision?”

Me:  “I do not know.”

Jesus:  “It is not time.”

Me:  “But I thought this was the time?”

Jesus:  “Okay.  Hmm.  Erin, I am in you.  You are learning to allow Me to work in you.  It is new.  The enemy knows something is about to occur.  In response, he is preparing preemptive strike plans.  However, I have held him off.  Now, if you were to begin to visibly have a miracle ministry in advance of My offensive, this would cause major problems.  Picture the Army of God surrounding the enemy encampment.  Is it not better to attack the enemy when he is unaware rather then when he knows he is surrounded and is ready?”

Me:  “Yes, a surprise attack is always better.”

Jesus:  “Let them all say I am quiet.  Let them say all of you are weak.  Let them tempt you out of your position.  They will not succeed because I have a great plan.  The enemy will be unable to draw you out into the open.”

Me:  “Perhaps You can just heal our little fish?  We promise to keep it a secret.”

Jesus:  “You make a good case!”

Received on Friday, August 27, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for this beautiful day!  Bless this day and fill it with Your presence.  Move in me, Father.  Go before me in all that I do.  Also go before my children in all that they do.  Please bless them.  It has been horribly hot and humid these last several days.  The temperature has dropped today.  I went out to feed the birds and animals today.  I could smell fall in the air.  It was around a month ago that I smelled a hint of fall, but the full smell is here today.

While we were eating at the dining table the night before, we had quite an experience.  The day was hot and the west coast fires have been so extreme that the sky has been hazy for most of August.  It was around sunset, about 8:00pm or so, when an extremely large bird landed on a tree in our yard.  I quickly shot a few photos.  Sadly, my camera then automatically went to flash and startled the bird.  It was a large crane!

We were in shock at the size of this crane and had no idea they were able to land in trees.  It was remarkable and definitely a sign.  This was Wednesday, August 25, 2021.  Fast forward to yesterday morning.  I watched as my older son once again clutched his lunch pail close to his chest.  After I dropped him off, I cried as I drove to another appointment I had.  Out of nowhere, a man in a pickup truck started to road rage me.

I finally turned down a different road because I didn’t feel like engaging.  As I was coming out of the area I had turned, right overhead was another crane flying.  It was another ‘crane sign’… smiles.  After my appointment, I drove home.  To my surprise, my husband was sick.  This is unusual as he rarely gets sick and it usually lasts but a day.  He was exhausted, dizzy and weak.

I think he was in denial though as he insisted to come into town with me.  However, I once again knew something was wrong when he asked me to drive… smiles.  He usually drives when we go places together.  Well, we had finished going to all of my appointments and it was now time to pick up some food from a fast-food restaurant.  I placed an order for the kids and offered them a tip in advance for a perfect order.

We then waited for 15 minutes and they finally came to our car.  I thanked them and went to place the bags in the trunk.  When ordering fast-food for Asperger’s children, it is very stressful.  Just one little trace of lettuce can cause a major outrage.  This then ruins the meal experience for everyone else.  Well, from what I saw, we were missing an item.  When I told the manager, he insisted on looking inside the bag.

To my horror, he found this item under the fries in a different bag then the other four identical items.  I just assumed they would all be in the same bag and only looked quickly in the fry bag, a bag with nothing but fries.  I insisted on paying and he said ‘no, we will pay for it out of the tip.’  I didn’t think this was fair and the people working in the back looked visibly sad for being reduced for a mistake that never happened.

I then did something similar just a few minutes later.  This time involving, of all things, pickles.  I was picking up this sandwich for myself and I really enjoy the pickles they put on it.  Well, at least we didn’t make a big deal of it.  We just drove around and got a little container of pickles.  To my surprise, I then noticed the pickles, but they were not in the place they normally were.  Gosh, how do I do these things?  Lord, please help me.

When we got home, my husband went straight to bed.  He didn’t even have supper last night.  Now I was really starting to worry.  During the night, my husband’s sleep was broken up.  When trying to talk to him, his speech was delirious.  His temperature had now spiked to almost 103.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Again, even though I was in the same spot, I could hear Jesus speaking to me loudly and clearly.  I was concerned about everyone’s safety.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am with you.  I am with your daughters, you sons and your husband.  Your husband will recover and will not be harmed by this.  It will not overcome your house.  Right now is a good time to remove any last residue in your vessels prior to the days leading up to your departure out west.  It is time for you to complete your tasks and tie up loose ends.  This is good.  All will be settled before you go.”

Me:  “Lord, I am so sorry for my mouth.  I accidentally let accusations spew out.  I know that this was ‘only fast-food’, I still feel so silly.  I did wrong!”

Jesus:  “Erin, you have been forgiven.  Now, what upsets you the most as clearly you continue to hold yourself in contempt?”

Me:  “I am mad that I didn’t keep my mouth quiet.  All types of troubles come from my tongue.  It draws out my weaknesses and the enemy easily lead me as a blind horse to a stream.  Yesterday was a bad day for me.  I am ashamed of myself, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Then stop.  These are lessons meant to instruct you.  After lessons comes the tests.  Perhaps you would call these a ‘pop quiz’.  These make sure you are finetuning the skills you have learned.  So, from what I can tell, you learned a lesson on what exactly?”

Me:  “I was quick to accuse because of laziness.”

Jesus:  “Well, I was testing you on something else.  Any other thoughts?”

Me:  “Yes.  You just downloaded several things.  Material temptations did not work.  Things I once looked for are no longer there.  This means I need not search for them unless You call me too.  I was anxious about many things yesterday.  I had no peace.  When I have anxiety, I become sloppy.  I scanned the food bags and did not trust what they were telling me.  I searched.  However, if I had been more thorough, none of this would have happened.  Sometimes I become impatient and I speak fire out of my mouth.  It is better for me to say very little then to say the wrong thing.”

Jesus:  “So, yesterday was a good day as you learned lessons and were then tested.  What I showed you is the enemy presenting several temptations.  You passed the lust of your eye’s temptation, but the others you missed.  I showed you a sign right from the start so you knew the enemy was seeking to engage you in a dual.  You did not engage the road rage incident nor did you fall for the ‘half off of half off’ sale.

“The enemy then hurled more at you at the fast-food place.  Since you were distracted by your husband’s illness, which I will soon remove, you missed these and became, as you call it, accusatory.  You are used to being taken advantage of, so this is an understandable reaction.

“However, what I did expose to you is a wicked manager who thinks his workers are his slaves.  Had you not visibly made your actions known, they would have received no gift.  The manager has a heart issue.  He did not trust you and even went to your food bags and handled them.  This is against all rules and extremely unclean.”

Me:  “I will pray for him.”

Jesus:  “Well, he is going a different way and enjoys his power too much.  This is not of Me.  You exposed him as you do not think for a moment those workers were given their recompense.  Now, when you first spot an enemy attack at the start of the day, do you remember all of the signs?”

Me:  “Oh wow, yes, Lord.  There were the knocks.  There was the woodpecker during the storm.  There was the fire alarm going off in the morning.  There was the knock on the door that woke me up one morning.”

Jesus:  “Okay, so I first got your attention and then the enemy made his presence known.  So, then what should you do?”

Me:  “Pray!”

Jesus:  “Yes, but it is better also to be still and know I am God as you pray.  Then allow Me to work.  All of this could have been avoided.  When you hear My Voice, listen and obey.  Wait on Me.  Lead not into your own understanding.  In all of your ways, follow Me and I will make your path known.  Overall, yesterday was a difficult day for you.”

Me:  “I will work on this, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I know and I am with you.  Oh yes… the crane was a great sign!  Begin to observe closely things around you.  Be fully present where you are.  This means do not travel ahead of Me three steps to your final destination.  If you do, then you will not allow Me to lead.  You will miss important things along the way.  Stay with Me.  Allow Me to carry your Vessel to the river.  There I will fill you with Living Water.  You will overflow with goodness.  Does a vessel walk or roll itself to the river and then fill itself without sinking to the bottom?”

Me:  Laughing.  “No, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I am here.  Let Me carry you.  Allow Me.”

Me:  “Take all that I am, Lord.  I love You.  Please fill my empty vessel with Living Water to pour out to those who thirst.  This lesson was good.”

Received on Sunday, August 29, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for every blessing.  Even the unexpected event, once unveiled, becomes an even greater blessing.  Thank You for my husband, our children, our home and our Nest family.  What a wonderful miracle all of this is.  More importantly, thank You, Lord, for this new way You have made in me.  While I am not fully used to this, I am learning.  Please forgive me as I stumble through.

Through miracles and answered prayers, my husband’s temperature of 103 finally left.  For three days, I battled to help him fight this illness.  It came on suddenly to our home and now appears to be gone completely.  Thank You, Father, as I have never seen him as sick as this.  I was just one more sign away of things degrading more to having an ambulance take him in.  Before doing this, You then spoke to me in a clear voice…

Jesus:  “Stop, Erin.  This will not overcome your household.  Ask Me to go before you to remove the foreign adversary from his system.  It is not the fever which needs removal.  Fever is a sign of an internal war against the body.  You fluctuated back and forth because this adversary, this illness, was still present.  You used remedies to bring down temperatures.  While this is good, what is causing this.

“It is not the root, but only a sign of something greater.  Removing a sign is only prolonging the fight.  You should instead ask Me to go before you to remove that which causes harm.  It is an unwelcome house guest or tent dweller.  The fever is a symptom of your body’s reaction to unwanted change.  Once it enters or arrives, the body fights to remove it.  The battle then becomes ‘heated’, hence the rise in temperature.”

After this, I changed my strategy.  I used fluids and asked the Lord to pour in my husband’s beaten body all of Your glory.  Father, please turn these fluids into Living Water from Heaven, Your River of Life.  Well, within just a few short minutes, his temperature dropped to 98 from 103!  This was a miracle.  I kept checking through the night, but it never came back.  My husband’s son also was feeling better.  Thank You, Father, for miracles.

Yesterday was a tough day as well.  It was my daughter’s first day in her dorm room.  She felt alone for the first time and wondered if she would make friends.  I told her not to worry as God will send friends.  My heart was heavy as I just love being in Oregon at this time of year.  Well, we will be soon.  When speaking on the phone, she told me that she forgot how wonderful fall felt in Oregon.

Later on, I looked outside and saw a sparrowhawk.  I reached for my camera and took a few shots.  After it flew away, I saw something very odd.  There was a small racoon in our yard and he was behaving in distress.  I watched for a while and realized that this racoon appeared to be showing signs of rabies.  This means this poor animal was suffering greatly as they are not able to swallow.

Well, today was my mom’s 80th birthday and I wrote a note on her memorial wall.  She also died because she was not able to swallow.  Obviously, it wasn’t rabies and this is a simplification, but it is still similar.  I know that the Lord loves my mom and she is well taken care of.  Thank You, Father, for my mom.  I miss her, but I also know I will see her again.  I am so glad she breathes easy and can swallow without difficulty.

I immediately phoned fish and game and they were out in about an hour or so.  Using a rifle, the officer shot the racoon out of the tree.  It took two shots and it was hard to hear the sounds this poor animal made.  Thankfully, the officer did not take long to put him out of his misery.  My older son and I watched all of this take place and we were both choking back the tears.  I then sat to visit with You this morning…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Again, even though I was in the same spot, I could hear Jesus speaking to me loudly and clearly.  I was happy as my husband and his son were much better today.

Jesus:  “Man takes care of himself.  The world neglects their own children and cares even less about an unborn baby.  Instead of taking care of this baby as a gift of God, they curse them with a painful death.  They are lovers of self and seekers of vanity.  They kill for the sake of convenience.  So, you ask, why does no one care for these little injured animals?

“Erin, it is because the world has grown cold.  They claim to love animals so much that they advocate for the removal of meat and dairy.  They enjoy their pets because they are able to parade them on social media.  They are hypocrites and lovers of themselves.

“Their dogs eat better than most humans.  Their dog’s clothing is better and their dog’s bed is softer than most humans.  Who is capable of mending a broken wing or repairing a broken leg if there is no opportunity for self-edification?  Would they help for the sake of the victim if they didn’t think they would get a positive review from the person bringing the animal in?”

Me:  I was quiet.  “I am sorry, Lord.  I photograph these little ones.”

Jesus:  “Yes, but you also bless them.  In turn, they have become a blessing to you.  I know it is difficult to understand the event of this little one and his painful death.  However, I have him and great is his joy and peace.  His life mattered to Me and to you.  Now his life is written down in words and remembered if even for a short little life.  Erin, life matters to Me.  My Creation matters to Me.

“Sometimes there is a miracle of great healing and, at other times, there is the passing of life.  You ask why.  It is because sometimes the loss is of great benefit to the living, to those who grieve them.  This can mean eternal life.  I died a brutal death only to be raised again.  I passed over from one state to another.  The little one has passed.  He is no longer abandoned, sick and scared.  He is free.  Erin, do not worry.”

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, I am thankful that You have kept us safe here.”

Jesus:  “You are welcome.  Remember to come to Me and I will answer you.  Now, I have sent a great storm to a familiar place.  This is a sign.  The name comes from a child of God who mourned and grieved for the loss of her husband.  While she was blessed, she was concerned for all of those women who were broken-hearted, the widows, those pregnant, orphans, the sick and the poor.  She would pray and provide for the broken each day.  While she had lost much, she dedicated her life to Me.

“The storm is named for her and she resided in Erin.  What this means is that she was with Me in peace.  The storm comes as a reminder that I do not forget the little ones who were sacrificed for the sake of convenience.  These were sacrificed on the altars of Baal to the evil Molech and I will have no mercy.  Is there no god in the land who can rise up and save them during the storm?  Where there is no justice, there is no peace.”

Me:  “Oh no, You are speaking about Hurricane Ida about to hit New Orleans!”

I was suddenly shown a vision.  This was based on the son of perdition.  The Great Lakes represented ovaries.  Chicago represented the seed, or seat, of evil.  This is where he first rose in power.  The Mississippi represented the birth canal.  The City of New Orleans represented the crowning head of the baby about to be birthed.  Hurricane Ida is hitting New Orleans on the 16th anniversary to the day of Hurricane Katrina.

Note:  While current path projections do not show the hurricane going up the Mississippi, they do show it roughly going towards Martha’s Vineyard / New York / etc.  This vision did not show me where Hurricane Ida’s path was going to go.

Jesus:  “I showed you this time many years ago.  Erin, My anger burns against the wicked and the corrupt.  I will do something in their days that they would not believe even if they were told.  However, this will not be for their good.  While they say ‘there is no God’, their own ‘father’, the king of perdition, knows that this is untrue.  He knows that God is King over Heaven and Earth.  This is why he strikes out against My children in advance.

“This way the evil can say, ‘Where is their ‘god’ and who will save them?’  Well, I will now raise up My springs of Living Water to pour out both My breath and healing across the flooded and burning land.  They will then say ‘these are not of God’s Kingdom!  These are aliens from a distant star.  It can’t be God’s children as God is weak and His children are weaker still.  These are from another place.’

“Well, Erin, they are not.  The enemy will know and his army will know that God has come as Heaven will once again be visible and will walk on Earth.  Rejoice, Erin, as there is a great ticker-tape like celebration in Heaven now as the saints are ushered in, the heroes of this time.  These are those who placed the Kingdom of God first and won a Great Victory.  Now rejoice, rejoice, as the Kingdom of Heaven is here.”

Me:  “Praise You, Lord, in all things.”

Jesus:  “Finish your tasks!  Tie up loose ends!  Then wait on Me.  I have you.  I will provide for you.  When you call out, I will immediately answer.  I am with you.  You are loved by the King above all kings!”

Dream over…

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