Dream 516 – Spy Report: The Great Giants are about to fall

Finished on Saturday, September 18, 2021

Background on Dream 516:  Based on the Lord’s instructions, my husband and I went on a journey to Oregon starting on Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets (Tuesday, September 7, 2021) and finishing on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement (Thursday, September 16, 2021).  We spent three days of these ‘Ten Days of Awe’ in Portland OR and seven days in Bend OR.  For me (personally), Bend OR is my ‘Promised Land’ and we arrived there in the early afternoon of Friday, September 10, 2021.  The below consists of 5 separate visits with Jesus encompassing a whopping 55 journal pages.  We now proudly present our ‘Spy Report’…

Received on Sunday, September 12, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for this journey.  My husband and I spent the last few days spying the land.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I didn’t know if our journey here to the place of my heart was a journey of dismissal or a journey of embrace.

The landscape has changed.  Very little is owned by people who live here.  Most of the homeowners are from California.  We went to an open house yesterday.  I knew immediately by the material selection and the floor layout that this was done by a builder I had worked with for five years.  I even recognized my designs for tile layouts.

The amount they were asking was ridiculous, primarily because I know how little it actually cost to build.  They were giving themselves a profit based on prices they could get based on a California market.  It didn’t matter either way as I had no desire to live in a house like this even if we were in a position to buy it.

I was very happy because we ran into people I knew (in Bend OR) and not one recognized me (note that this would continue for our entire time in Bend OR).  I knew it was at least partially due to the wearing of masks.  Oddly enough, when we were in Portland OR, there were several people who recognized me.  It was uncomfortable.

Our experience in Portland was not the best.  There was a darkness over the city that wasn’t there before and it made me so sad.  While I used to feel so safe in this city, I now have no interest in living there.  It has been given over to the spirit of Portlandia.  The spirit of Antifa was prevalent.

The hotel we stayed at for three nights in Portland OR used to be fancier.  There were now no amenities at all.  Zero!  We then realized why our cost to stay there was reasonable compared to other hotels in the area.  They told us there was basically no room service for a short stay and to take care of ourselves.  The restaurant had closed and the hotel was in disrepair.

The clerk told us they had to let go of 80 employees and were now running on a very small crew of five.  I became leery when I noticed a strange young man with crazy hair walking around.  We later found out he was maintenance.  When he moved his arm, I saw a tattoo of an A inside a circle.  This is the symbol for Anarchy.

The entire crew were in their twenties.  We acted cordial and clueless.  When we got up to our room, I could tell that it hadn’t been cleaned properly.  The sheets were pilled and there were fresh pop rings on the nightstand.  We were very careful not to leave anything of value in our car.

On the last day, we mentioned the problems after we asked for a copy of the bill.  The woman, aged around 25, seemed internally furious with our request.  She claimed she could do nothing about it now.  We then asked her why we had been charged $40 a night for valet parking when we did our own parking in an unsecured lot.  To her credit, though not happy about it, she then removed these charges.

I told her that I wasn’t asking her for a discount.  I said that the whole place was now run down and not even close to the way it was before.  While she then blamed it on Covid, I didn’t believe her.  She then said it was just purchased by a big chain and was in transition.  She was clearly being unfriendly with my husband.  Out of nowhere, her drink suddenly spilled all over her working area.  She pretended it didn’t happen.

Well, I would never stay there again unless God led us there again.  He always has a purpose for everything.  Still, I didn’t like these people.  They were all so angry, godless and entitled.  It was disgusting, really.  While the suburbs of the area surrounding Portland OR still seemed nice, they too had changed.  I warned my daughter not to venture out alone anywhere near the downtown of Portland OR.

I spent our first full day in Portland OR taking photos of all the places which had meaning to me there.  These were all of the milestones in my Christian walk.  The next full day was spent helping my daughter move from one dorm room to the next.  Her original roommate fulfilled a dream I had six weeks ago as a warning.  Removing her from her previous roommate was therefore very important.

We then attended the Prayer Service at my old church in Portland OR on Wednesday night.  I was recognized by quite a few people there.  Attendance was now so small compared to the crowds they used to get.  One woman who recognized me looked extremely agitated at me being there.  While I talked to some of the women from my past that night, this one completely avoided me.

On Friday morning (September 10, 2021), it was time to switch over to Bend.  We traveled there via 22, Santiam Pass, the Southern Route.  This was a bit disappointing as most of the area had been burned by a large forest fire.  The once beautiful route was now just charred remains in many sections.  I was speechless and so sad.  The fire was wide spread.  Even the Suttle Lake area was blackened.

Well, Father, we are now here in Bend OR.  Everyone we have met here has been friendly and welcoming.  We have had a fun time exploring the area.  We were even upgraded at no charge to a beautiful room overlooking the mountains.  Since we didn’t request this from the hotel, we both thought it was You upgrading us after having the mediocre place in Portland OR.  Thank You, Father!

Last night, we went to a Christian movie titled ‘Show me the Father’.  While we were surprised at first that it was more of a documentary, the amazing stories more than made up for it.  We left the movie better than when we came in.  We highly recommend this movie to all, especially for those who may have not had a strong father figure in their lives.

After the movie, we went to Chick-fil-A for the very first time.  We really enjoyed it.  The food was delicious and the staff friendly and funny.  After this, we went back to our hotel.  As it was close to the 20th Anniversary of 9/11, we watched some documentaries on this horrific event (Isaiah 30:25b: “…in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall”).  I went to bed with these disturbing stories on my mind.

Lord, the world has completely changed.  The powers that be have tried their best to downplay the seriousness of the towers falling.  They have also tried their best to downplay the seriousness of the events since these tragic events.  So much has happened to try and take away our Constitutional Rights.  They are being stripped right in front of our eyes.  I then had a vivid dream last night…

Sub-dream 1 “An Indian Boy decides to believe” begins…

I was sitting at a picnic table with an American Indian boy who was about nine years old.  He was sobbing.  A woman was sitting next to the boy and she was taking notes.  The boy looked over at me and began to share his personal story…

Boy:  “My mother was killed suddenly by some very bad men.  They had wanted things from my mom that she could not give.  Why would God take my mom and leave me all alone in this world?”

Me:  “Your mother is now a warrior in God’s Kingdom.”  The boy perked up when I said this.  The woman taking notes started to sniffle in reaction.  I continued…  “God has appointed your mom for a time such as this.  She knew you would also be a warrior as your heart is good and strong.”

Boy:  “But I don’t want to be alone.”

Me:  “You are never alone.  God is with you.”

Boy:  “But I am Indian.  No one likes us.”

Me:  Smiling to comfort him.  “Well, no one likes God either.  They would rather divide God up into many gods so they are not accountable to just the One True God.”

Several other Indians in the area heard me say this and looked insulted.

Boy:  “So, we are no longer to look to the eagle, the bear or the adder?”

Me:  “No.  You are to look to the one and only true God, the God Who created them all.  I am Osage and Ottowan, as well as white.  I am half Indian and half white.  God made me perfectly for His purposes under the heavens and Heaven too.  So too did He create you, your mother and your family.  However, the enemy has sought to separate you and destroy you bit by bit.  This is done by ways that are not of God.”

Boy:  “I want to be where my mother has gone.”

Me:  “It is a beautiful place, a place of tall trees like giants and waters that heal.  It is a place of peace and abundance, a place of joy and laughter.  It is a place where there is no stealing, drunkenness, poverty or sorrow.  It is a place of youth everlasting, a place prepared for the children of God.

“It is void of evil men.  You will not see them in Heaven as they were birthed of evil and will return to their rightful place in the depths of the Earth.  This is a place of no Living Water to quench the hot flames.  This is a place in the Belly of the Deep.”

Boy:  “I don’t want to go there.”

Me:  “You won’t.  God has come to save you.  He will carry you.”

The boy reached over and hugged me.  When I looked up, there was an eagle soaring right above us.

Boy:  “My Ama says you are telling me the truth.  Because of this, and based on all you have told me, I will follow my mother’s God.”

Me:  “Then this is a great day for God’s Kingdom and His warriors here.”

The woman taking notes then turned towards me and smiled.

Woman:  “I am the mother of Ama.  I too will follow the same God as my daughter and my grandson.”

Many others that were sitting there also gave their hearts to Jesus.  Many of them were healed.  A man soon approached me.

Man:  “My ancestors spoke of a prophecy of two reeds broken and burned by fire.  Then 13 gone would mark the great times of healing and harvest.”

Me:  “While I am not sure about the ’13 gone’, the two reeds remind me of the twin towers destroyed on 9/11.  Isaiah 30 speaks of the towers falling and the sun being seven-fold hotter.  Thank you for sharing this with me.”

Man:  “You’re welcome.  I just thought you should know.”

After the man left, the boy came back up to me and hugged me.

Sub-dream 1 over…

After I woke up from this dream, I felt compelled by the Lord to revisit Isaiah 30.  Father, this is a difficult Scripture to read.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “Erin, it is simple when at face value and this is for this generation.  The land is now in the hands of the rebellious.  While they carry out their plans, these plans are not Mine.  They make alliances apart from Me.  There is no God in them.  In fact, the only voice calling them in the wilderness is from the Negev Desert.  They then decide to embrace those who hate them.  They then decide to load up their donkeys and camels with riches.

“They then say ‘we will take riches with us and seek shelter with those who hate us.’  The rebellious then say ‘we will invest in the desert land and build up their cities and armies even though there are no profits there.  We will even send our best fighting men and women and sacrifice them there to those who hate them.’  Because the rebellious nation is not under My protection, but that of Pharoah’s, then shame and disgrace will be their mantle.

“Now their shame and disgrace are before the entire world for all to witness.  The elders of wisdom say ‘do they no longer remember the great slaughter when the towers fell?’  They do not!  These are rebellious people, lying children, children unwilling to hear the instructions of the Lord.  They do not care to bend an ear to My Voice or even a glance at My Words.

“They then make alliances with those who hate Me, those who say to seers ‘do not see’ and to the prophets ‘do not prophesy to us what is right.’  They then say ‘we listen to only smooth words and things which embrace our sinful desires.  We trust in illusions, so let us no longer hear about the Holy One of Israel.’

“So, here then is My promise to those who are against My children, those who disregard wise instruction, those who say ‘this is not a good path for my tender feet’.  My promise to them is that I will not listen.  These are the children of perdition.  They now despise My Word and trust instead in oppression and perverseness.  Because they rely on these, their high positions will come crashing down suddenly and in an instant.

“It will be as a breaking of a potter’s vessel not of My making, smashed so ruthlessly that, amongst its many fragments, not one shard is found which is to be useful for fire or for water to drink.  In returning and rest, they will be saved.  In quietness and in trust, this will be their strength.  However, they were unwilling.

“They instead say ‘no, we will flee upon horses and we will ride upon swift steeds.’  Therefore, they shall flee away.  However, their pursuers shall be swift.  A thousand shall flee at the threat of one… at the threat of five, they shall flee… until they are left like a flagstaff on the top of a mountain, like a signal beacon on a hill.”

Me:  “Lord, this is horrible.  So many of Your people pray.  What about the saints and martyrs who plead day and night?  Please don’t forget those who love You.  There are so many.  Please don’t be silent, Lord.”

Jesus:  “Then, Erin, you understand the times you are in.  I am the God of Justice.  You have waited for Me and therefore you shall weep no more, understand?  Erin, as soon as you speak, I hear this and I answer you.  And as it is written, though I gave you the bread of adversity and the water of affliction, I will no longer hide Myself from you.  You shall see Me.  You will hear My Voice saying ‘this is the way, walk in it.’  When you turn to the right or the left, you will remove and destroy the idols.  You will say to them ‘begone!’

Me:  “Lord, what idols do You speak of?”

Jesus:  “Things My followers once thought important will no longer be.  The gold overlay images will have tarnish and no luster.”

Me:  “This has been especially occurring this last year.  I am not the same.”

Jesus:  “I placed this upon My people while they were shut in their homes.  Those with wisdom have seen the things of this world lose their appeal.  This is good.  Erin, the times of great blessings, healing and rest is here.  I am about to make great changes to the landscape.

“There will be great fear and trembling, but also a great new song of healing will be sung.  My outpouring of love, mercy and grace will be upon the lands.  Now do not worry about how I will do this or what will happen.  I am with you.  I will call you to where I desire you to go and miracles will follow.”

Me:  “When, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Because you have continued to wait on My instruction, I will bless you.  Now rejoice and let Me work through you.  Erin, embrace today.  Enjoy what is around you.  I will send great gifts in many forms.  Rejoice for I love you.  Have fun and worry for nothing.  I am with you!”

Received on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 (morning)


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for my husband, our children and our Nest.  We are blessed beyond measure!  My dreams last night…

Sub-dream 2 “A void needing to be filled” begins…

I was traveling in a distant city.  I was missing something.  No matter how hard I tried, I could not capture my true love.  There was something missing in my heart.  I finally told my mother I was going to have to leave.  She strongly disagreed.  However, there was a void in my heart and I just had to leave.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Sub-dream 3 “Defending my new baby” begins…

I had a brand-new baby.  This baby was now a part of me.  Since the times had now changed, I couldn’t leave the baby with anyone.  I couldn’t even push it in a stroller as thieves were now so aggressive that they would steal the stroller even with a baby in it.  Some thieves would do this because of the baby in it.  As such, I kept my baby close to my chest.  I knew that as long as I did this, my baby would not be harmed.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Father, please help me with these dreams.  These seem to represent something obvious.  We are nearing our last few days here.  The Promised Land in front of us is beautiful.  We love it here.  Father, there are obvious giants here, but You are bigger than all of these giants.  I woke up to the song ‘Bigger’ this morning and to the song ‘Hall of Fame’ yesterday morning.  Since these are not songs I normally listen to, waking up to them is surely a sign.

When I lived here in Bend OR from 2003 to 2009, it was a place of enslavement.  While this is the place my heart loved, the enemy worked overtime to destroy me here.  I was a renter until I could no longer afford rent.  I struggled to meet the demands of a broken system.  My heart was broken beyond repair here.  My heart stopped on record twice.

I went financially bankrupt here.  We lost everything here and the enemy hatched a plot here.  Sigh… had I just stayed put, we might of… well, it doesn’t matter as I didn’t stay put.  I fled.  My Christian counselor gave me Isaiah 30 in 2009.  She had awoken from a dream of warning for me.  However, I had very little to no understanding back then.

Now that I am back, I notice a few things.  I sleep better here.  I breathe better here.  I have more energy here.  Barring a miracle, Father, and only a miracle, we must return home soon.  However, we will have a wonderful Spy Report to report!  Regardless, we give absolutely everything to You and You alone.

I have continued to see people here that I know, but not one has recognized me.  This must be supernatural as I really haven’t changed that much.  Well, today is Tuesday, meaning that we leave in two days from today.  It has been such a wonderful trip.

A song keeps coming to me… ‘Who is this King of Glory Who holds the world in His hand.  He’s there, He’s there for me.  The King of Glory… He’s there.’  Thank You for this!  Lord, I am Your child and I love You.  Show me what You would have for us.  I am disabled and my husband is out of work.  No doors have opened for him.  I am not cured.  I feel even worse physically today.  The foot I injured is aching.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here with you.  I didn’t bring you here to trick you or make you feel less than worthy.  So, what have you learned here?”

Me:  “Well, the craftsmanship is better in the older homes.  However, no one seems to be interested in the older homes.  While the new ones are beautiful on the surface, this is superficial and based on appearances.  So many are second homes and are often vacant.  I have no desire to go back to interior design here.  The population has likely increased by 40%.  It is a place of great recreation, great food and very low crime.

“In my heart, there is a sense of loss.  These people have fled areas of dying conditions (many parts of California) to be in a place of great beauty (Oregon).  This means that many of ‘the dead’ are now here.  There is less of You here and more of them.  However, when Your revival comes, Lord… wow, will this be incredible!  Your mountains are beautiful and the landscapes are lush.  It is incredible.  My husband loves it here.  I love it here.  I just know that my children will love it here.

“Well, I have now established this place’s beauty, so, now what?  Well, we are faced with a problem.  We do not want to waste a realtor’s time showing us homes when we are still unable to purchase here.  It would be like the spies entering the Promised Land and saying to the giant’s representatives ‘Hey, show us more places so we can pick out a particular parcel of land owned by the giants’ when they clearly had no ability to purchase the land or fight for it at that moment.  We would feel deceptive doing this.”

Jesus:  “Hmm, you make a good argument.  Erin, years ago and in your dreams, I reminded you that your heart broke when you left the place of your heart (Bend OR).  You cried and cried while the enemy was chipping away at you.  You then still asked Me for a home there, but you were so broken, alone and discouraged, you only saw a vision of Me clearing off the landscape with My arm.

“I was establishing to you that I owned it all and I could remove it in seconds.  I was also requiring patience from you and for you to trust in Me to provide good things.  Instead, I watched as you accidentally allowed the enemy to pigeon-hole you, cornering you, then taking all that was left.  I watched your brokenness before Me.  I then saw other Christians avoid you completely because they liked the comfort of their surroundings.

“While some pitied you, even these removed any more thoughts of you.  The church you once loved (in Bend OR) then went through changes and this new generation is not welcoming Me as the last did.  It is one thing to preach from the pulpit and enjoy the comforts this brings from open wallets, preserving your position and shielding it from the world… but it is another thing to believe for the impossible and stand on My promises.

“Erin, I took you through the fiery furnace.  I am your Potter.  I did all of this so that you would lack no good thing.  Let Me just say that, if I were to even give you no home here, you have more substance to you as I am in you, and better craftmanship, than those Christian preachers who now mostly perform for their wages.

“While you were once a dead man walking, I brought you back.  Erin, I love you.  You now walk in My light.  Very few if any here would believe it unless you served multiple gods or believed in many pathways.  While I had you go to church last week (on Wednesday night, September 8, 2021 in Portland OR), I did not have you go to church this week (in Bend OR) because it is on life-support.  Well, in reality, most churches are now on life-support.

“Erin, you now trust in Me for all things.  I am the God, Your Father, Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills.  There is nothing impossible for Me… nothing!  Now dedicate this day to Me.  It has been seven years since I took you from the desert (Tri-Cities WA) to a foreign land where you could raise your children and grow deeper in faith with them.  It has been 12 years since you left this place (Bend OR).”

Me:  I looked this up on a Date Calculator site.  “Yes, it has been just over 4400 days.  Lord, it has taken all this time to even think about returning.  I will now stop asking how You will do this and will instead sit and wait at the base of the beautiful tree in Heaven.  On Earth, the Tree of Life is the Cross.  I will wait for You there.  Lord, I give this day to You in all things.  I love You!”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.  My promises are true.  I am about to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.  Now, you and your husband… write down a list of areas you like here.  What would a home look like here that you would like?”

Me:  “Oh Lord, only You truly know what You have planned for us here.  Your ideas are better than all of our ideas combined.  Lord, how about You create the way and we will follow.  Since we are already here by Your leading, please show us where You would have us.  My husband and I both now see the great wisdom of all that You have done for us since we have been together in the Land of the Trees.”

Jesus:  “Very well said.  Then release Me to make a way.”

Me:  “Well, in reality, we really have no ability to make our own way in any way at all.  Only You, Lord… only You!”

Jesus:  “Well then, give Me your day.  Continue to spy out the land.  Rejoice as all of it is all Mine!”

Received on Tuesday, September 14, 2021 (starting just before midnight)


Dear Father,

Thank You for this great day with my husband!  Thank You for memories spent with my partner in life.  Thank You for the High Desert Museum.  My husband and I were really impressed.  Thank You for good memories.  I had such great times with my children here.  This place is a place of peace.  It is a place of great love and so much promise.  It was a place in which I felt so close to Heaven.

You are such a Good Father.  You are the best Father a daughter could ever hope for.  My heart broke into a million tiny pieces here.  My hopes and dreams were shattered here.  I faced death here.  People I loved and trusted abandoned me here.  They had become tired of me.  I kept believing in Your miracles.  While I knew You wanted the best for me, there was a problem.  I wasn’t ready.

I wasn’t ready for the magnitude of this Great Gift.  I was thinking WAYYY too small.  I was in stunned shock that my now ex-husband was really my enemy.  I had trusted him to be the father of my children.  When everything he did was revealed, I was angry and somehow also relieved at the same time.  I kept questioning why this had fallen on me and my children.

I felt so humiliated.  I kept asking ‘how could my Father allow my great humiliation?’  I was so humiliated.  I wasn’t believed.  Our story sounded sensational and my Christian friends didn’t believe me.  My family didn’t believe me.  At times and after a while, even those that were the closest to me would doubt me.

The smells in the air today brought me back.  My children are now grown.  Father, we never got back here.  I remember the homes we would tour.  I remember how the children would call out certain bedrooms as their own.  I spoke of You and Heaven to them often during this time.  We looked for signs and wonders.  We still had dreams.

Well, Father, we have now taken this trip to survey the land as spies.  We did this at Your instruction.  We are happy to report that the land is good.  It is wonderful, peaceful and beautiful.  So, what do I do now, Father?  Many of the Nest Sparrows are waiting on good news to happen here.  To be honest, so are my husband and I.  Help me, Father, as Your daughter and son have come to say this Promised Land is beautiful.

Tomorrow is our last full day here.  We then drive to see my daughter again before flying out.  While here, we didn’t rent a place.  We didn’t purchase a place.  My daughter will now be out here alone.  I don’t want her alone.  Father, my husband and I are getting old.  Are You planning a last-minute turnaround as You did for us way back on Saturday, August 23, 2014, the day my ex unexpectantly signed a paper allowing all of the children to go with us to the Land of the Trees?

That being said, You have never failed me, not once.  It has only been me who has failed.  Father, nothing is impossible when it come to You.  If nothing happens tomorrow, that is okay.  We will be sad, but You know what You are doing and we trust You.  Still, please help us.  I am trusting You to carry my husband and me.  Carry our children, our Nest and even our animals too.  I can’t carry anything without Your help.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “Erin, I am with you.  I have not forgotten you.  I am proud of you.  You have stepped out in great faith so I could bring you here again.  I am sorry you were hurt here.  I am sorry you were abandoned here.  I am sorry you lost all here.  However, in order for you to experience even more of My plans for you, I had to allow this affliction.  You and your children were also a great measure for others.

“Their treatment of you was a plumbline for their own calamity.  I fought against your enemies here.  I didn’t stop.  Not one succeeded against you.  However, your error in 2006 to 2007 did cost you.  Your enemy then struck.  While I sent wise counsel in advance, you did not hear it.  While your losses were great, I still remained with you.  Your daughter always remained with you.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, my heart is broken.”

Jesus:  “I know, Erin, I know.”

Me:  “Will You not activate us now?  Please, Lord.  Our reports of the land are good.  I don’t even see the giants as I know You are so much bigger than them.  I believe.  My husband believes.  We are ready when You are or at least we feel this way.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin, for I am not your earthly father who promised you a home and then turned his back on you.  I am not the father of your children, a man who continuously devises wicked schemes.  Instead, I am the Father who loves you.  Your refining fire has been completed.  No longer will you be in the furnace.  I have you.  I have your husband.  I have your children.  I have the Nest.  I even have your animals.

“Erin, I am with you.  Your vessel is ready.  It is ready for My Living Water to fill you.  You are not an imposter.  You are not.  While I understand that all of this appears to be unorthodox, it is actually 100% orthodox because I have created all of this.  Some now ask ‘where are the dreamers of dreams and visions and where are the healers?’  Well, I know.  Even though they search, few see them.  However, even this is by My design.

“You are tucked away under My wing.  Here you are safe.  Your gift of these dreams to the world is hidden until the day it is not.  You continue to scribe.  Well, it is now time to study spies in My Word.  You will then understand more about your role.  More than this, you will understand the great impact you will soon have.

“This great impact will happen because I will work through you on this.  I am about to bless you beyond your imagination with gifts from Heaven.  Now rest tonight, My dove (It was now over an hour past midnight).  Rest in Me.  You will soon soar.  Rejoice, Erin, for I am with you.  With you, I am well pleased.  Do not worry.  When it is time, all will unfold before your very eyes.  Remember that I am always with you.”

Received on Thursday, September 16, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for this beautiful day!  Thank You for being my Father.  Today is Yom Kippur, Your most holy day of the year.  Since we are traveling on this Sabbath, we are unable to observe this properly.  I pray You will forgive us for this.  Even more, please also bless our travels today.  We came in as spies and we exit with a wonderful report.

It has been a difficult journey as traveling with a disability is challenging.  My sleep last night was broken.  I woke up every two hours.  My Spirit was unsettled.  My dreams involved a different me, a woman I didn’t recognize.  I then woke up to the song ‘We are Golden’.  I quickly acknowledged that we are not golden without You shining in us.  You own it all, including all of the gold in the universe.

Sadly, we will need some of that gold if we wish to purchase here (in Bend OR).  Right now, purchasing is primarily done by wealthy Californians.  A person must expect a bidding war and then have the cash for the purchase price.  This is something most normal people cannot afford, including us without You.  The rents have also more than doubled and are so ridiculously high.

Still, this is such a beautiful place.  While there are giants here, I have no fear as I know You are so much bigger… immeasurably so.  Lord, please consider this my formal report to You that we love this land and trust in You to deliver us here in Your timing.

We travel back to Portland OR today to fly back to the Land of the Trees.  We will also have about six hours there to spend with my daughter before saying goodbye.  Father, I can’t tell You how much I don’t want to leave her.  I just want to be near to her.  I love my children, Lord.  I have sacrificed many personal dreams so that they would know You.  I would do this again at any cost.  Well, they now do and I am so thankful.

Our children are at home.  They are managing well together and I believe that this too is supernatural.  Thank You, Lord.  As for today, it is the most bittersweet of all the days.  I don’t want to leave here.  My allergies don’t affect me here.  I breathe easier.  My sleep is better.  I have more energy.  I have less physical pain here.

In reality though, this was the place of my furnace.  I had many extremely humiliating experiences here.  I went from being in the forefront and visible to avoiding all attention.  It was a place where I went from being ‘one of them’ to then being their slave.  I was forced to work for others.  I built their dreams and all credit was given to them.  I then became a nobody here.

I was abased and reduced to oblivion.  I lost all that I had built up.  The dreams I had were eroding here day by day and I no longer worried about myself.  I went from a self-focused lifestyle to a God focused lifestyle.  I let go here.  However, I was also isolated and easy prey for the enemy.  We exhausted all hopes of home ownership here and had to let go of our dreams for this.

My heart also had medical issues.  The medical bills were more than I could handle.  I barely hung on to what we had.  Since I had to switch rentals on occasion, my enemy then tried to portray me as an unstable parent.  Still, I met You here, Father.  This is the place where I experienced Heaven and Your miracles.

We leave to start our journey back to the Land of the Trees today.  However, my heart remains here.  This place is so special to me.  I have no words to describe it, just that You were here with me in the furnace of affliction.  I am thankful, Lord.  The smells and beauty here is so special.  Barring a miracle from You, a place like You have shown me here would be absolutely unreachable.

This is the place of my change from being a rebellious, sinful child to one who was broken in spirit.  You spoke to me here, saying ‘though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow’ (Isaiah 1:18).  My guilt and shame were magnified before You here.  While I said that I could not hear Your Voice here, it was really because I failed to recognize Your still small voice here.

Father, I learned to love You here.  I am sorry for all that I didn’t do.  I am so sorry.  As the wolves closed in, You sent me to the desert.  You then turned up the heat in the furnace there.  You then spoke to me in the desert.  You then removed all of us to a foreign wilderness.  There, I went from hearing You to also seeing You.  Miracles were common there.

Despite all that You have done for me, here I am… breaking Your most Holy Day… Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement).  Please forgive me and my husband.  All of our children either must work today or have to go to school.  Please forgive us.  Please forgive all of those who love You that might have done what we just did.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “You are forgiven.  Erin, I am here.  I have heard your cries.  I know the pain of your heart here.  I was there when you and your children had big dreams.  While you loved Me in your heart, you were disappointed in Me.”

Me:  Thinking for a moment.  “You are right, Lord.  I thought You had rejected me and my children.  Wolves surrounded us and took my sons.  However, it didn’t stop there.  I gave You my heart and it was Your Will to crush it.  Others then said to me… ‘You are cursed of God’… ‘You can’t preach about the Good News when clearly God’s favor is not upon you’… ‘Why doesn’t God do something to help you?’

“Scriptures were thrown at me without any of them knowing my full story.  Yes, I made bad decisions, but I did so with good intentions.  I was hit with a series of tidal waves.  I could not escape.  I could barely tread water.  I felt abandoned by You, Lord.  I am so sorry.  Looking back, I now know that all of this was good and a matter of the heart.  I love You, Lord.  You are a Good Father.  Thank You for not giving up on me.  I am sorry that I was so angry at You.”

Jesus:  “It was not easy watching all of this.  Many, many times, your prayers and tears tugged at My heart to change the course of your walk.  Instead, I knew the plans I had for you and they were better.  You experienced the injustice of a broken system.  However, in order for others to relate to your walk, I needed to take you down these roads.  Remember that I am the Good Shepherd.

“I am also the stranger in the fire.  I am the One calling in the desert.  I am the Just Judge and the Prince of Peace.  Erin, I know that you are unable to fully observe My Holy Day today.  However, you are to take comfort because, if I had demanded this of you, I would have then redirected everything for you travels.  Erin, I did not.  You are under My care.”

Me:  “Help me to understand, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I am now in you and very soon I will be visible to others outside of you.  Now, what is better… to follow ceremonies and hope I bless those who follow or to actually be blessed by Me now?”

Me:  “That’s easy.  To be blessed now!  To be blessed today!”

Jesus:  “I am pleased with the outward significance of My laws.  However, just because someone wears white linen doesn’t mean their inward appearance is pure and their heart contrite, understand?  A white gown does not signify that the bride is a virgin.  When the goat was sent out into the desert, it had cloth that was stained crimson.  Every time the goat returned, the red was gone and the cloth was white as snow.  I then came as the Holy One of Israel, a living sacrifice to atone for sin.  Still, who was there then that truly recognized Me?”

Me:  “Your disciples?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  However, no one truly understood until I had risen and all that remained in the tomb was My white linen burial clothes.  Do you understand?  Who was I?”

Me:  “The atonement for sins?  Our Savior?”

Jesus:  “There is more also.  Now, you are a royal priesthood, a chosen people, My special possession.  You are a testimony of goodness as I have called you from a place of darkness and affliction into the light of My presence.  When I died on the tree, tell Me what occurred after I offered up My Spirit to Heaven.”

Me:  “Darkness came over all of the land from noon to 3:00pm (Matthew 27:25).  When You breathed Your last breath, the entrance veil to the Holy of Holies was torn in two (Matthew 27:51).  According to historical records, this veil was 50 to 60 feet high and 4 inches thick.  This was torn in two pieces, impossible for man to do.  There was a great earthquake at the moment You died (Matthew 27:51).  The graves then opened and the dead rose and appeared to many (Matthew 27:52-53).  After witnessing this, many who didn’t believe did believe… at least at that moment.  Overall, people were terrified.”

Jesus:  “So, Erin, what will happen next?”

Me:  “I truly have no idea except that You will do amazing things.”

Jesus:  “So, when will I return?”

Me:  “I was hoping for now.”

Jesus:  “I am here with you now, but when will I appear?”

Me:  “Lord, there are so many predictions.  Well, I guess we could look at the last time the Azazel goat came back with a white cloth tied to it.  According to Jewish historical records, this was 30 AD.  Perhaps this is the year You became the atonement for our sins?  This would mean 1991 years to now.  This is a bit over 700,000 days.”

Jesus:  “Well, this seems significant and a clear marker.  Now, how will you then know?”

Me:  “I guess if the same signs occur.”

Jesus:  “Yes, true… but you still do not know how I will do this.”

Me:  “You are a perfect mystery!”

Jesus:  “What stands out for you?”

Me:  “Well, the Temple’s veil splitting in two was huge.  This means our relationship with You is now intimate and direct.  There is no Ark and no Holy of Holes.  The dead were raised and new life was breathed into them.  The great earthquake and eclipse were significant.  Hmm, I really can’t name just one.”

Jesus:  “Very good.  I sent multiple signs.  Erin, five stones were used.”

Me:  “Like David’s stones?  Yet he only needed one stone to take down the giant.”

Jesus:  “Perhaps a mystery for now.  No one is expecting what I am about to do, not even you, Erin.”

Me:  “Lord, You are mysterious.  Speaking of mysteries, why did You have me return with my husband to the place I long for (Bend OR)?”

Jesus:  “To show you that My promises are true.  Erin, I promised to return you to the place of your heart.”

Me:  “While I love this place, it is You who is now the place of my heart.  I am now a foreigner here.  My home is with you.”

Jesus:  “Yes, you speak truthfully.  However, I have a great plan for you here.  This is good.  Now enjoy this great day.  I am in you.  Your report is good.  Do not mourn as I am about to do a great thing here.  Now rejoice!”

Me:  “We still have to leave here (Bend OR) later this morning, right?”

Jesus:  “Do as you planned.  Erin, I have you and I am with you.”

Received on Saturday, September 18, 2021 (now back in the Land of the Trees)


Dear Father,

Thank You for the beautiful fall day here.  I am glad to be safely home.  All is safe and as we left it.  Our kids were very glad to have us home again.  Our dogs were too.  However, I also have some sad news.  Our little joyful fish, Heaven, died on Yom Kippur.  This followed a long battle.  While we knew this was coming, we were still saddened.

We buried him by the bridge in my dreams in the exact spot where Jesus has met me at the rock which is not there.  Five stones mark his little grave.  Four small stones and a large stone.  The large stone has an inscription that reads ‘After Difficulties Miracles Grow’.  Sigh… it is never easy to say goodbye… yes, even to a beloved fish.

Thank You, Father.  Thank You for Your love and continued care over our house.  We are grateful.  I personally had a wonderful time visiting the place of my heart.  I could sleep easier and my breathing was wonderful.  The atmosphere was beautiful.  The scenery was lovely.  The people were very kind.  This was a harsh difference from the reality of where we currently live.  It is colder here in almost all ways.  Father, I had some disturbing dreams…

Sub-dream 4 “All of the goods are gone” begins…

While I wanted to shop, all of the shelves were emptied.  The date was now close to Thanksgiving (late November), but I couldn’t tell which year.  The produce was all very old and expensive.  There was no meat.  When I went to another store (like a Walmart), practical clothing was gone.  All that remained were summer clothes.  They had no shoes other than $8 a pair flipflops.

There were virtually no cleaning supplies.  Toys were gone.  When I walked down the aisle of toys, there was a grouping of Star Wars figurines.  They were all of one character, a character that isn’t even popular.  They were now $2 each, regularly $35 each.  It was the only thing on the shelf.  There was only one clerk on duty.

Me:  “Where is everything?  Are you going out of business?”

Clerk:  “Where have you been?  There is nothing to sell.  Nothing has come.  No shipments have arrived.  The people have stopped coming due to the shortages.  When we do get a shipment, it is gone in seconds.  However, many of the shipments are robbed prior to delivery.”

Me:  “Stolen?”

Clerk:  “Yes.  The trucks are stolen and the goods redistributed to others.  Not us.  Things are still available via the black market though.”  He seemed so sad.

Me:  “I am so sorry.”

Clerk:  “I hate disappointing people 100% of the time.  Not one person is nice to me.”

Me:  “Listen, it is not your fault at all.  What can you possible do?”

Clerk:  Smiling for the first time.  “Hey, wait… you are being nice to me!”

Me:  “While I am sad about everything, I know that you can’t possibly do anything.”

Clerk:  “Because you are kind, I have something for you.  Please follow me.”  I followed him to the back of the store.  “Were you coming for groceries?”

Me:  “Yes, but also dog treats.”

Clerk:  “Awesome!  Are you paying by cash or credit?”

Me:  “Cash.”

Clerk:  “This is good.  Cash is better overall right now.  Wait here.  I will be back.”

He came back after about five minutes with a cardboard box.

Clerk:  “Do you have $40?”

Me:  “Yes.”

I handed him two $20 bills.  He opened the box and there were fruits, veggies, meat and bread.  There were also some dog bones and dog food.  He quickly closed the box.

Clerk:  “So, what do you think?”

Me:  “I am happy.  Thank you.”

Clerk:  “You are now to leave using the front door.  However, you can’t be seen with anything.  You are to instead drive to the back of the store.”

I did as he instructed and drove to the back.  When I pulled up, I popped the trunk and he put the box in.  I then surprised him by handing him a $10 tip.

Clerk:  “What is this for?  You have given me $50 for something I was only charging you $40 for.  Are you mistaken?”

Me:  “No, I am not mistaken.  This is a tip for you as you have been so kind.”

The man was overwhelmed.  I saw tears in his eyes.

Clerk:  “Go quickly and don’t stop.”

Me:  Nodding yes.  “Thank you.”

He then went inside and locked the door.  As I drove out, there were some scary looking people staring at me.

Sub-dream 4 over…

Sub-dream 5 “Wildlife dropping dead” begins…

Animals, birds and fish were dropping dead for no apparent reason.  Carcasses littered the ground everywhere.

Sub-dream 5 over…

Father, these dreams were so disturbing.  The world is in trouble.  Father, please do something.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  I am pleased with your report.  You remain hopeful in impossible circumstances.  I have prepared a place for you.”

Me:  “Lord, something is wrong.  In my heart, I just know that something is really wrong.  Is my daughter still okay?  What is it?”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, she is okay.  She is learning about the world.  She longs for good, butt not all is good.  Now, you worry about many things because you understand the magnitude of what is occurring.  Do not worry, Erin, as I am with you.  A dark covering has blown across the land.  The spirit of confusion has gripped many.  You are experiencing the peace and quiet prior to the storm.

“My people are on alert because the Spirit of the Living God is in them sounding the alarm.  Erin, it is time to take shelter under My wings.  My wings are mighty, broad and strong.  Nothing can remove them.  Nothing can harm what I shelter.  Take comfort in this.  The place of your heart is about to experience some trauma.  Many will be in need of a Savior as they are far from Me.  The mountains will be leveled.”

Me:  “By an earthquake?  By an eruption?  What, Lord?  What?”

Jesus:  “Yes to both, but not in the way you are thinking.  Now relax as the Great Giants are about to fall.  My people will enter into the places I will call them.  Remember that fear and confusion cry out for answers in the form of more fear and more confusion.”

Me:  “Seems like history repeating itself.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I realize that it is difficult for you to understand.  I know you grow tired and weary of doing good when it is not reciprocated.  However, what were you expecting?  The world has been given over to its lusts.  Very few will see My miracles until they desire them and look for them.  So, is anyone looking now?”

Me:  “I am.”

I was suddenly distracted by the memory of an article I had read earlier in the morning.

Jesus:  “Tell Me what is bothering you.”

Me:  “I read this morning that around 300 or more songbirds crashed into the World Trade Center during the Ten Days of Awe.  Only 77 were treatable.  Of these, only 30 actually survived.  Only 10% made it.  Lord, is this symbolic of a crash soon to come?  The economy?  The stock markets?  Were any of the songbirds that died ones that would visit us here at our house?”

Jesus:  “Well, even if some of them were, count this as a blessing as they are now here with Me in heavenly forests and fields.  They now have no fear and no need to ever migrate again.”

Me:  “So, some were, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Oh Erin, let Me be God.  While only 10% of the birds survived, perhaps only 10% of the people in this world truly believe in Me.  If this is the case, I am okay with it as I am never shocked, unaware or uninformed of anything, understand?  Erin, please let your heart be untroubled by what you see.  Instead, be joyful that I am who I say I am and that I am over all things.  My churches are closing.  My blessings are now given to only those who earnestly seek Me.”

Me:  “Lord, please help us!”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin, as all is about to change.  Today is a marker for you… a very good, good day.  Now rejoice.  Rejoice for I am with you.  Rejoice for I have you.  I love you.  Your ‘Spy Report’ is very good!”

Dream over…

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