Dream 518 – The Enemy’s Plans will not succeed

Received on Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Your love.  Thank You for my family and friends.  We are blessed.  Father, as I drove into town this morning, our kids had questions for me that I wasn’t fully certain how to handle.  One of the questions were whether Christian schools will be closed soon due to their belief system.  While my youngest daughter didn’t think it would happen here, I told her it could happen anywhere as things are changing so fast.  This would be so sad.

We are experiencing a rise in a new reimagined government run by the elites.  I just read this morning that women aged 18 to 24 can now be drafted into the armed services.  It seems so contrary to America’s past practices.  My older daughter is about to turn 20, meaning this could already affect her.  I sat at my devotional chair and asked the Lord about this disturbing possibility.

Me:  “Lord, why enlist young women via the draft?  Could my older daughter be going to war soon?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “You must look at the root.  You must look beyond the surface of what you see.  A root is below ground, a place you cannot see.  As for a sprout, a shoot or a sapling coming from the root, this you can see.  Evil intentions have taken root and these are deep and wide, producing many new shoots.

“Let us look at one scenario, but remembering that these are from the same evil root and have multiple evil outcomes.  The idea is to plant so many roots they cannot remove them fast enough.  Once one sprout is removed, another three spring up.  It is designed to confuse and overwhelm.  It is effective.  As for the question you ask of why would they enlist women, I will give you a three-pronged answer…

  • This will cut back on child birth numbers and traditional family culture
  • This will increase the size of the military
  • Most importantly, this will allow them to remove and replace fighting men opposed to the current leadership

Me:  “Why now?”

Jesus:  “The governing body is evil and not just a little evil.  Even those who are making these decisions do not fully understand what the future holds for these evil plans.  This is about reshaping government, removing anyone opposed and solidifying a different future, a future that will exclude millions of people.  The people in control were allowed to take control.  This is not what the majority of people desired.  What is happening has happened before.  Here are the main objectives of the enemy…

  • Remove God as the Savior, along with any reference to forgiveness, redemption and eternity. Remove any reference to Me and My Power.  Remove hope.
  • Remove God as the Creator of all things under Heaven and give this over to science and the antichrist.
  • Hurt and destroy God’s children by graphic persecution and death.
  • Erase God’s Word, Church and any gospel of peace. Remove worship music and prayer.

“These are the main objectives of the enemy to destroy mankind.  However, several things need to take place in order for them to achieve their goals…

  • Remove and denounce the church as hateful. Force churches to close.  Burn some of them down.  Close Christian bookstores.  Do not allow the publishing of any ‘controversial’ Christian content.  Strike out against Christian homeschooling.
  • Remove guns from the innocent and give them to the criminals. Allow the criminals to use the guns to kill without any consequences.  Anyone who dares try to defend their own home will be put into prison.
  • Vilify law enforcement officers. Take their badges and guns away.  Put them to shame.  Removing law enforcement gives criminals more control of the streets.

“Some of this has already taken place.  These things are noticeable, but not to those that do not have My discernment…

  • A plague was sent out over the land. The leaders enjoyed the control this gave them.  They used the fear of death to keep people shuttered inside their homes.  They closed schools, businesses and overwhelmed medical facilities.  The main reason for doing this was to destroy the economic gains and growing popularity of the last leader.
  • Also because of their fear of the last leader, they used a false narrative to start a war to divide the population according to color.
  • In order for them to do all of this, they paid all the right people and made big promises. They gained control over big business in areas such as technology, oil & gas, social media and most all other media.
  • They then paid judges, attorneys and courts to fend off lawsuits of opposition and remove justice in favor of means to a mutual end.
  • They also paid off actors and popular figure heads in return for public endorsements. When a celebrity lost favor or exhausted their usefulness, they were removed.
  • The silent takeover of places of learning started many years ago. This slowly changed what is taught at an early age.  They bullied anyone with opposing ideas even if they had solid historical references.  They taught with less and less facts of truth with evidence and substituted this with opinions and imaginations of an evil future landscape.

Me:  “This sounds dystopian!”

Jesus:  “Yes.  This is the world ‘reimagined’.  So, what do you think their reimagined world would look like?”

Me:  “Well, I have a list of things, but I don’t know how accurate it is…

  • Everyone would be ages 20 to 35
  • All would be dressed in white clothing
  • Homes would be clean and white and made of glass and concrete
  • There would be no emissions from exhaust
  • Everyone would be ‘happy’, but not too happy
  • They would all eat the same food and have the same income
  • No one would get sick
  • Everyone would believe that their leader is ‘god’
  • Anyone questioning authority would quietly disappear

Jesus:  “Hmm, you understand the end goal here.  The antichrist is setting up his own version of Heaven on Earth.  However, you are not to worry as he will not get there while you all are still there (that is, he will not get there before the Rapture).  His methods are evil.  A lot of cleansing has to occur for his army to achieve this.”

Me:  “Is there anything we can do to stop this?”

Jesus:  “Understand that God gave the nation 20 years to repent (since 9/11, September 11, 2001).  The plague was allowed in the 19th year (where early 2020 is within the 19th year of September 11, 2019 to September 11, 2020) so that the nation would be in repentance.  However, they did not turn from their wickedness and repent before Me.  If only they had.  If they had, I would have bound up their brokenness.  In mercy, I would have given them back that which was stolen.  However, they did not.”

Me:  “But what of Your people who have prayed and interceded for Your miracles, signs and wonders and revival?  There are at least a few million of us, right?  Do we account for nothing?  Please help us!”

Jesus:  “Erin, I know that this seems harsh.  However, you must place all of this into an eternal perspective.  In order for God to shed His greatest glory, He will shine His light on the darkest of circumstances.”

Me:  “As it looks now, we are heading right into the Tribulation.  Lord, people are being killed in foreign nations for simply having a Bible app on their device.  Since we are now so technology driven, the evil government can have full access remotely to any device.  They probably already do right now.  They are probably monitoring our accounts.    What is next… taking over our homes?”

Jesus:  “Erin, this is a good time to trust in God.  I will not fail you.  All of what you see and even that you cannot see is Mine.  You can participate with providing less information.  I have spoken to you about your digital footprint.  The enemy has used incentives, discounts and gifts in exchange for information many times.  Since all of this seems innocent, many share information with complete strangers they normally wouldn’t.  This can be stopped.”

Me:  “Should I drop my discount cards and customer loyalty incentives?”

Jesus:  “It is a method of judgment and power by the wicked.  However, you are not to be afraid.  I have you.  I tell you all of this so you are unafraid.  I also tell you all of this so you understand what wisdom can do to prevent troubles.  I am in you.  I am with you.  Hear My Voice and do as I instruct you and you will have no trouble.”

Me:  “Thank You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “The enemy of the land is raising up an army of youths.  These youths obey the enemy’s commands because they have been taught to hate the morality of their parents.  Many of these youths live at home, silently watching what their parents are doing, and then secretly despising them.  The enemy has fueled their hate through technology and schools.

“They have also been taught that anyone that follows the One True God are evil.  They will soon be incentivized to report activities for the greater good of the new order of things.  You can tell these youth by the looks on their faces.  Their faces will look blank and emotionless.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I have seen this many times out here.”

Jesus:  “This is because they have been taught to hate the parents and grandparents that love them.  They are taught that they are better off on drugs or other addictions.  They are shown the path of rebelliousness.  They are taught to love what is bad and to detest and resist what is good.  They have been taught to ‘hate all things God’.”

Me:  “Is this what You meant when You said that the world will grow cold?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  They are anxious, depressed, angry, hateful, impatient and haters of good things.  These people have a spirit of bitterness.  It is a chip on their shoulders.”

Me:  “Hmm, a chip?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  Those who have a chip on their shoulders are constantly offended and want what others have.  They have already received an extra demon for every opposite trait of the fruits of the spirit.  They also come with a lying tongue and feet that run quickly into evil.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this is so awful.”

Jesus:  “Yes.  The enemy has taken principled men of courage and destroyed them, shamed them and disheartened them.”

Me:  “They have made many believe that males should be females and females should be males.  They also believe some should be neither.  There are other stereotypes the enemy is trying to widely disseminate…

  • All white Christians are evil
  • All black men should be feared
  • All moms are not valid as moms
  • Dads are absent
  • Families should be dissolved
  • Children are now taught it is better to be alone and to find self-worth through ‘others’ like them

“These are all blatant lies!”

Jesus:  “Yes, they are.

Me:  “And what about the Seven Tenets of Satanism widely distributed to the military just yesterday?  It was on Fox News and sent out to all military as a call for the mandatory vaccine.”

Jesus:  “Erin, the enemy is visibly at work lining up his arguments and protecting his strongholds.  This was done to expose the Christians in the military and remove them.  All opposed must leave.”

Me:  “I would oppose it.”

Jesus:  “Many go along.  Now you understand that the time is now here… the times written about by the prophets.  Now rejoice as I am with you.  Do not be afraid.”

Me:  “Lord, help us!  Please hurry!”

Jesus:  “I am with you.  Do not worry.  Do not be surprised when you see these events take place.  These are necessary for My Great Plan.  Rejoice, Erin, as all is about to change.”

Dream over…

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