Dream 519 – It is called The Verge, The Precipice

Received on Saturday, September 25, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for our children and home.  Thank You for our Nest friends!  Father, I am extremely sad over the state of the world, but especially the USA.  We can do nothing without You.  Everywhere we look, there is horrible news.  Churches are shutting down.  While some churches are allowed to stay open, they can only do so if they do not have worship music.

This world is sunk.  If You do nothing to show that You are wonderful, kind, smart and in control, how will anyone know anymore?  Please, Father!  If we were talking one or two cities, I would understand.  However, we are talking entire nations.  Governments are starting to monitor their citizens in unhealthy ways.  It is getting worse.  Father, please have mercy on us.  Please do all that You have promised.  I am scared.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

I heard the Lord’s Voice…

Jesus:  “I know, Erin, I know.  You are restless in your sleep again.  No matter what you do, you are uncomfortable… your feet when you walk… your food when you eat… your head when you lay down to sleep… your place of devotions in your chair.”

Me:  “While I went to find shoes, there is really none.  While I went to find a new pillow, it doesn’t work the best.  While I try to eat better and with less, I remain the same.  While I have tried new coverings and pillows on my devotional chair, nothing works.  Even my technology is striking out against me.”

Jesus:  “It is called ‘The Verge’.  It is called ‘The Precipice’.  You are restless.  Your spirit and body are as one and have no relief.  You are in sync.”

Note:  I was not overly familiar with the words ‘verge’ or ‘precipice’, so I looked up their definition.  Definition of ‘verge’:  To approach something closely.  Definition of ‘precipice’:  A very steep rock face or cliff.

Me:  “I don’t like it.”

Jesus:  “This is a sign and marker.  Erin, I am with you.  Let Me tell you this… when an army is about to go to war, and even though they have been guaranteed a victory, uncertainty still looms.  Will there be casualties?  Will I become injured?  What will be the cost?  Either way, the battle, the great event, is about to shake history and change the dynamic.

“Erin, this is what great changes bring.  A shift in the regular order of things.  People become downcast.  Right now is a prime example because the news delivered is all bad.  It causes people to look back and wish for what was once good.  They now look to the future with horror.  They see no hope.

“Very few even know they are in the ‘Fall Feast Season’.  I AM THE SHELTER!  I protect those who run to Me in the midst of troubles.  I am their Iron Dome.  I will protect My children as I have promised.  So too are you protected.  Wherever My children are, I am the God over all things.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please rise up and show Your glory.  Two young children just died here recently.  One was being raised by a single mom.  She is heartbroken.  Raise them up from the grave.  Will You not raise these little ones?  My heart literally hurts.  Oh, how these parents must be in shock!”

Jesus:  “Yes, Erin, I know.  Those little ones are with Me and, as you know by now, they are delighted here.”

Me:  “While I do know this, I just want it to be ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’.  Please!  As it looks right now, it is ‘on Earth as it is in Hell’.  The enemy appears to be winning.  It hurts.”

Jesus:  “Well then, it is a good time for My miracles!”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but please don’t delay.”

Jesus:  “Erin, in My Words, I have promised you that I will raise the dead, release the prisoners, heal the sick and pay your debts.  My promises are true.  However, and even more, there will be a display of splendor.  The splendor of My Glory will be like a flag upon the hill for all to see.  It will be more prominent than a pillar of fire or a cloud.  Erin, you are to be like a banner for all to see.

“Evil will be terrified because I am in you.  Your body is My Vessel, like a tabernacle or ark.  However, not just you… an army of those whose lives reflect My glory even in the midst of adversity.  You will all display awesome deeds, deeds impossible for man, but possible for God… Me in you…

  • You will understand many languages and speak them.
  • You will know the thoughts of a wicked man and declare them as they run away from you in fear.
  • You will raise the dead and they will testify of Heaven.
  • Those who mourn will rejoice with dancing and singing.
  • You will restore what the enemy has stolen.
  • You will return what is lost.
  • You will restore joy to those in grief.
  • Evil will run and hide. However, you will still locate them and call the evil out.
  • Obstacles in your way will immediately be removed.
  • Wicked mouths will be unable to murmur a sound, let alone a curse.
  • Since I am in you, your presence will cause the wicked to confess openly day and night to their evil deeds.
  • People will be transformed by truth.
  • Cities burned to the ground will be raised up and rebuilt in a day better than before.
  • Forests and other places of beauty will be restored to their former state.
  • Music will be heard in the streets as neighbors will celebrate with each other.
  • Peoples of all color will celebrate to gather the great restorative love of God Who has healed the broken places and released their debts.
  • Those with addictions will be set free and restored.
  • There will be peace and joy.

Me:  Crying.  “Lord, thank You.  Will we be here to see it?”

Jesus:  “I am in you.  I declared you will participate as I am looking forward to seeing you celebrate.  I am looking forward to seeing you set free.”

Me:  Still crying, but now happy tears.  “Thank You, Lord.  I love You so much.”

Jesus:  “Then trust Me to carry you.  I am with you.  I have never forgotten you.  This is the greatest love story, Erin, and you are in this story… My story.”

Me:  “History!  His… story!”

Jesus:  “Yes.  Now rejoice.  Have a great day.  Take Me with you today.  I will go before you.  A gift for you is waiting as you go out in faith.  Now rejoice!  I love you!”

Dream over…

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