Dream 537 – Refuse to Listen to the Enemy

Finished on Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Received on Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for a mild season of weather, especially with our recent troubles.  Father, I have to be honest with You as I obviously cannot hide from You.  The world is growing so dark so quickly.  It is hard for my brain to catchup.  A man plowed into a Christmas Parade in Wisconsin.  Several people were killed.  It was horrible.  Father, the country is sleeping.  They do not see what is happening.  I had a dream last night.

Sub-dream 1 “The Promised Land to the Black Dragon is the USA” begins…

I saw the nation of the Black Dragon rise out of Chicago.  I saw a man giving orders remotely from a distant location.  To hasten the planting, I saw three large crows.  Each crow had a branch in their beaks.  One flew East, one flew West and one flew right over the Mississippi River.  All three waited quietly for their commands.

I then saw several transport ships coming from the other parts of the Middle East and Africa.  However, I was surprised to see that some were also coming from the Caribbean Islands.  The transport ships came up to the Gulf of Mexico and docked at several locations.  Once there, large buses transported thousands of men to the border of the USA.

Once there, they received instructions.  They were then ordered to crossover and intermingle with others seeking asylum.  Guides were then sent to take them to several airports.  Each one was given an assignment, necessary papers and money.  They then disbursed to various small communities in several states.  Their goal was ‘Continental USA Disbursement’.

Woman and children were provided with payments.  In turn, they were to appear like they were families.  After a while, this directive stopped.  I then saw every tributary, river and stream rise.  They soon flowed over their banks.  This occurred for many days.  The water was thick and black like crude oil.  I then saw the three crows in the air circling with their branches over the area now covered in black water.

When the black water receded, I was able to see their evil plans in full view.  The crows landed and planted their branches into the ground in the East, the West and the South.  There was now a new controlling militia sent by the leader in Chicago to every small town and community.  They had been terrorizing each town, killing, pillaging and raping their citizens.  This was the plans of the new order of fear.

From a large pulpit in Chicago, the leader declared that the land’s leadership had now stepped aside for them.  He declared that ‘god’ had found favor in ‘his people’ to confuse and confound the inhabitants.  They thanked all orders of brotherhoods who sought for the advancement of the Black Dragon.

They then promoted the Great Migration of the people to their ‘Promised Land’ (the USA).  From a remote location, the leader said it was time to cleanse the land of all abominations, idols and anything deemed unclean.  The burning of small towns then began on a great scale.  There was no one left that were able to stop them.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Me:  “Lord, this was a very disturbing dream.  I always remind myself that this is their plans, not Your plans.  I also felt like there was a before and after component.  There was also an event in between that changed the landscape.  However, this event was clearly an act of God.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, the plans of the wicked are in the works now.  It started first as a humanitarian effort by many nations to help.  However, the problem with human migrations is the rabble.  This is what comes alongside.  This is why I gave each man to their own home and each to their own tongue.  This is so they bloom where they are planted.  While the nations were established this way, the enemy hated this.

“The ‘god of this world’ then began to rise in power.  God granted permission as these events were required to be fulfilled as per My Prophecies.  The New Order of the world has five visible pillars.  However, they have a sixth pillar, a hidden one.  This hidden pillar is the method the enemy uses to deceive the nations and their people.  This hidden pillar is used to advance their kingdom of lies and deception.

“They then shift, move and spread out.  This then causes great troubles in each nation.  They follow only one law, their own law, and not the laws of the nations they have migrated to.  Once they disperse and invade, they dismantle and destroy all good.  They consider good to be bad and bad to be good.  They consider it this way to advance their kingdom of evil.

“There is a reason that I have said you are to have the same law for the foreigner and the native born (Leviticus 24:22).  I am the Lord, Your God.  For you were once foreigners in this land I gave you.  This means a foreigner should respect the laws and customs of the land and not impose their own laws.

“However, this ‘nation of evil’ does not respect the land’s laws.  They instead commit crimes in the name of their laws.  They do so to their own people, but also to the natives in the land.  They have imposed their idol worship and the building of their temple.  This is subsidized by the governments.  The governments are now too afraid to fight back.  The Black Dragon has now spread great fear.”

Me:  “Are You saying that those who came to North America are guilty?”

Jesus:  “While I know this is hard to understand, I sent them to the land.  This is to fulfill prophecy.  Many of the people coming here are evil, but this was as allowed by God.  However, God sees all things and they will still be held account for the crimes they commit.  The new government over the nations has been completing a quiet invasion.  Very few can see it is happening.

“Erin, I sent several to sound the alarm a few years ago, but very few can even recall this now.  The Towers falling in the Great City was a response to the towers falling in Beirut after Israel attacked.  The children that survived the strike grew up to be men and remembered these attacks.  Their anger and bitterness make their recruitment easy.”

Me:  “Was this a battle of Towers falling?”

Jesus:  “Well, yes, but this was a useful tool to exact change.  Hatred spread and the time to invade under a new strategy began.  Corrupt leaders provided the gateway for the rise of the deceiver using the sixth pillar of his kingdom.  Even though he calls himself a Christian, he did not change his name.  To anyone with knowledge, understand with wisdom what is right before them…

“Once in power, anyone coming against the deceiver is labeled a liar in return.  With a popular agenda, he can quickly put laws in place that will change the course of a nation.  Even though this nation was under God, they are now removing all truth in every form.  They are labeling truth as lies and lies as truth.  He is now more active behind the scenes than ever.  His power in the world is now greater than ever.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, it is too late for America, isn’t it?”

Jesus:  “I am God over all things.  This means I still control events for My Glory, not his ‘convenience’.  He is growing frustrated so he is now moving forward with great speed.  There Is so much advancing against the people that not one person could possibly keep up with his deceptive ways.”

Me:  “What will happen next?”

Jesus:  “Ah, now is the time for the Good News.  I have a greater plan, a plan that is soon to happen.”

Me:  “But what has occurred is so awful.  I hate it so much, Lord.  It is so discouraging to see them succeed.”

Jesus:  “Their plans are even worse than you can conceive.  However, you are not to worry.  Continue to pray instead.”

Me:  “They stole power.  They are stealing from the citizens who love America.  They hate us.  They hate all Christians.  They hate women.  They hate LGBTQ communities.  All of this is so utterly shocking.”

Jesus:  “Erin, he put laws in place to draw them out for persecution.  Churches are closing.  Hopes are fading.  He is weaponizing all media.  The entire story is now meant for his glory.  However, he is also angry because more are not calling for his leader status to be invoked and he be reinstated.

“He also expects to rule over all entertainment.  He calls for the banning of all who are opposed to him.  He is the one who is gathering an army by using others by proxy.  Because he knows I am about to rise up in My people, he is trying to rise up in his people first.  He wants to become the ‘savior’.”

Me:  “What will happen to people’s homes and goods?”

Jesus:  “While the new order religion does not believe in debt for their followers, it is encouraged for all others.  He knows that if he controls the banks, he controls the people.  He wants to then transfer the wealth to those he has empowered.  They want to enslave all who are against them.  Large homes will be overtaken.  The owners will then be forced to be gardeners and housekeepers.  Heirlooms deemed idols or symbols of oppression will be destroyed.  He will eventually want all in power to be of his race.”

Me:  “Lord, this is happening now!”

Jesus:  “It is the same pattern as before (Nazism).  However, I have heard the cries of My people.  I will not delay, Erin. Do not worry.  To begin, the enemy seeks to divide, separate and destroy.  You know this as isolation and division.  Using this, he can then sew the seeds of hate.  His platform is that of hate, not love.

“Once his plans are complete, there will be no opposition left.  However, I must now say this yet again… you are to remember that this is his plans, NOT My plans.  I am here.  Do not worry.  I will rise up in My people.  Nothing will come against you.”

Received on Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Yesterday was a troubling day.  I was physically exhausted.  I felt me heart speed up and slow down so many times.  None of this was because of physical activity.  I found out at the hospital not too long ago that they have the ability to make my heart race or plummet remotely.  They can communicate with my pacemaker from thousands of miles away.  It seemed as if the test started at around 3:00pm and ended at 4:00pm yesterday.

Oh Father, You brought me back to life twice on record before this pacemaker was installed.  You allowed this so I must believe You will continue to protect me.  It is humbling to know that someone has the power of life and death in human form by just switching a dial to kill my heart.  I am just thankful that You hold the keys to everything.  My husband and I prayed last night that I would have a great dream.  It worked…

Sub-dream 2 “The Banks call in their Notes” begins…

I was in a mountainous area.  There were low hills and high peaks.  The peaks had snow on them.  The hills consisted of brown grass.  There were also some muddy forested backroads.  I was confused as this area seemed reminiscent of something.  I then remembered that it was similar to an area in a past dream where I witnessed the bombing of a major USA city from a mountainous landscape.

I was young again.  I somehow looked the same age as my children.  Very odd.  Works for me though.  In this dream, who I was with varied from my youngest son to both my youngest son and my oldest son.  My youngest son and I had pulled up to home where I was to help a client with the design of his home.  One thing became immediately clear… all construction appeared to have ground to an abrupt halt.

Expensive furnishings were being left outside to rot in the elements.  There were high-end appliances rusting.  There were pallets of indoor hardwood exposed to rain.  The entire town was like a ghost town.  We then came upon a finished home.  It stood out as being unusual as the other homes were not finished.  We got out of our car and proceeded up to the front door of the home.  Upon approach, the door opened.

Man:  “Are you a designer?”

Me:  Confused for a second that he would think of asking this of me.  “Uh… yes.”

Man:  “Good.  My house is finished with the exception of one room.”

He motioned us to come in.  It was clear that his home had been completed long before all the troubles came.  He even had power and gas.

Me:  “What happened to the neighborhood?”

Man:  “I paid cash in advance of all the troubles.  Nothing was borrowed.”

Me:  “I am confused as to what happened to all of the rest of these homes.”

Man:  “You don’t know?  Once the banks were taken over, all notes of debt were called in.  With everyone’s assets frozen because of the ‘audits’, no one had access to funds to finish their homes.  Even those who had paid off their house, but subsequently borrowed against it, were caught up in the trouble.

“The wood flooring you saw had been paid in full with cash, as were the appliances.  Even if you are well off, if someone takes all you have… well, you are left with nothing.  No one can afford the labor.  No one can find the cash necessary to finish these homes or even keep them as they are.”

Me:  “Oh, that is awful.”

As we walked into the house, something seemed terribly wrong.  I looked over at my youngest son and could tell by the way he looked back at me that he did too.

Son:  Whispering to me.  “I looked at a family photo and the man in it doesn’t look at all like this man.  There was also a dog in the photo, yet there is no evidence that one is here.  Are you thinking what I am thinking?”

Me:  Whispering back.  “Yes.  This man is a squatter.  He took over this home.”

Man:  Oblivious to our discussion.  “Hey, here is the room I need help with.  As you can see, I have boxes and boxes of high-end designer purses.  I need better lighting to help me photograph these items better for sale.  My wife collects handbags and we thought we should sell them while the market is in demand for them.  As you can see, this one bag alone is priced at $98,000.”

Me:  “When will your wife be back?  I usually like feedback from both of you.  Now, I need you to take us to your garage.”

I could now see his demons manifesting.  He had many demons.  He started acting extremely nervous.

Man:  “How dare you!  You don’t tell me what to do, I tell you what to do.”

Me:  ‘These purses are not yours.  They have been stolen.  There are no certificates attached to them.  They all have price tags on them.  This means that they have never been used.  This house is not yours either.  Where is the family?  We are going to the garage now to have a closer look.”

Man:  Shouting.  “But this was supposed to be my home, my lot and my project.”

We walked to the garage door.  I could tell he wanted to stop me, but was being supernaturally held back.  I opened the door without the need of a key even though the door was securely locked.

Man:  “You can’t do that.”

Me:  “Well, I just did.”

When we walked in, we could not believe what we saw.  There was a cage with a man, a woman and a dog in it.  All three of their mouths were taped up.  The amount of tape used was extreme and wrapped several times around each of their heads.  While their noses were uncovered for breathing, there was no way they could eat or drink.  It was sadistic.  They looked scared, emaciated and dehydrated.

Me:  In a loud voice.  “Jesus, please help!”

The cage was instantly gone, as were the restraints and the tape around their mouths.  They were then strengthened and completely healed.  The man turned around and ran away from us as fast as he could.  My youngest son, now with my oldest son, quickly caught up to him and tied him to a pallet.  A box van then pulled up and two men placed the man in the van.  I could tell that where he was being taken would not be pleasant.

Homeowner:  “Thank you.  You saved our lives.”

Me:  “No, the Lord God saved you.”

We then turned and left.  We soon came to a town nearby that had very high-end stores.  Many were boarded up.  While some stores were still open, they had signs stating that visiting was still being offered, but by appointment only.  As we continued to walk towards the edge of town, we realized we were being followed.

We got out of our car and ran up a slippery slope with ease.  The men following behind us were unable to climb the slope and kept falling backwards.  I was not sure if we were in late fall or early spring, but the road was as icy as is typical for either of these seasons.

We then noticed that we were now being hunted by both mountain lions and a pack of wolves.  At the rate they were traveling, they would reach us in minutes.  I joined hands with my two sons and we were instantly taken to our next destination in a far away city.  This would have taken many hours in an airplane, but instead it took just seconds (if that).  We laughed and thanked the Lord Jesus for our supernatural travel.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Me:  “Thank You, Father, for Good News.  Please bring healing and change over the nations.  Please help us.  Please heal us.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I delight in you.  I am with you.  You worry about many things.  However, I will deliver you from them all.  The Courts in Heaven are fair and just.  The Altars of God are filled with the pleading of those slain for their faith and their testimonies of goodness.  They press on and call out for God’s judgments against the wicked day and night.  I see their deeds against the children of God and I will not stop My pursuit of justice.  The plans of the wicked are many.

“Who can keep up with their schemes against the righteous other than God?  There is nothing that you or your friends can do to stop this.  However, be joyful… for what is impossible for man is possible for God.  With each bad report, I hear you say ‘Surely, Lord, this can’t be okay with you!’ or ‘Oh Lord, are you witnessing this?’  However, for now, this is the way it is to be.  It has been written about in My Word.  Erin, how many times is it written that, in the last days, evil will be called good and good will be called evil?”

Me:  “At least three times.  Perhaps more?”

Jesus:  “Peter said when life becomes difficult with many tests, do not be bewildered as if something odd has occurred.  You are to instead rejoice that you have now endured the same measure of suffering as the Anointed One, Me.  This then entitles you to be My declaration in the revelation of My Glory.  You will then celebrate with even greater joy.  If you are insulted because you bare My Name, you are then greatly blessed because the Spirit of God rests upon you and in you.  Do you understand?  Take a moment to take this in and receive it.”

Me:  “Lord, I am glad that my troubles have kept me as I am.  I just long for the day when You call me off the bench.  I am on the sideline right now and want to be called into the Game.  I want so much to be used by You.  I become weaker each day.  Without a miracle from You, I won’t make it here.  It is the first time I have truly felt like this.  I have obviously thought about this before, but I know something is now wrong.”

Jesus:  “Erin, even this is good.  While I resist you when you are proud, I multiply grace and My favor upon you when you are humble.  Many, many years have come and gone since the testimonies of My friends were written.  Even then, they did not understand that they would be writing words from Me that would be for this generation of saints.

“Now, who is closest to Me?  It is those of long suffering who know troubles, tests and trials of many kinds.  It is those who surrender all of this as they understand and begin to know that they are set apart from their neighbor.  They do this even though they witness that their neighbor has great sin, yet never seems to endure troubles.

“Once you then understand you were being called for a supernatural life of God as His child, then your sails are put up and you set sail for the peaceful comfort of knowing your life is now God’s.  He also owns your sail, your rudder, your hull and your anchor.  At times, this means you will endure storms on difficult seas.  However, even the oceans are Gods, as too are the waves, currents and gales.

“Well, here you are now in very tumultuous times.  By My love and grace, I will retore you personally.  You will then have great powers.  You will be made stronger than ever before.  Do not be discouraged by what you see around you.  Just as one season quickly flows into the next, so too does the temperatures grow colder.  Remember that one of the signs of the times of the end are that hearts will grow colder.

“You are encountering this now.  Anyone who held bitterness were then given an even greater increase of bitterness.  This then led to envy, jealousy, hatred, theft and murder.  Those who were habitual liars are now increasing their lies.  To these liars, they no longer believe these are lies.  They instead believe them to now be the truth.  These lies have then led to false testimony and the wickedness of slander and blasphemy.

“Those who strike out against the weak in secret now strike out in the open in plain view.  How great is their evil?  However, there is more.  The enemy makes his plan known.  Whatever they accuse the law abiding of doing, the righteous and the Christian amongst you, it is they who are actually guilty of the accusations.

“Many years ago, I showed you the burning cauldron of water.  There is a frog in the water.  The frog is swimming without a care, oblivious to the fires below.  The fires are then stoked and the water slowly becomes warmer.  While the temperature rises slowly at first, it then quickly simmers then boils.  The frog is then caught unaware, perishing in what he thought was a safe swimming area.

“Well, Erin, the water is boiling and many of God’s people are unaware.  They will soon be caught up in the schemes of the wicked before taking a leap of faith and choosing not to be supper.  The world has increased in evil because Satan has been removed from God’s Courts.  What you are witnessing and experiencing now is just a sample of the increase in demons.”

Me:  “What do we do, Lord?  This is bad.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry.  If the enemy was in control, you and your house would have been dead a long time ago.  You would have no Nest.  There would be no victories in Court.  The Bull would be dead, along with anyone who supported him.  Erin, I think you should look at the magnitude of My power around you.  Look at My Grace and Mercy and refuse to listen to the enemy.  They are loud now as they are stoking fear out of their own fear… the fear of My soon coming Army.

“Yes, Erin, this is because they fear what God will now soon do.  They know that a reckoning from Heaven is coming.  While they move faster now, with speed comes sloppiness.  The demons possessing humans are struggling to maintain 100% power.  This is why the demonized people are now so easy to spot.

“My people must understand that they should not be afraid.  They are not to worry about the enemy’s wicked schemes.  Their schemes are too numerous to count and designed to bend you to their will and away from the Will of God.  Remember that I am with you and I am with My people.  My glory is upon you.  Nothing will prevail against you.  Now rejoice and do not be afraid.”

Dream over…

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