Dream 538 – God will now interrupt the Plans of the Enemy

Received on Sunday, November 28, 2021


Dear Father,

You are amazing!  I am so thankful for You in all things.  You are a blessing.  The world is becoming worse and worse every day.  The coldness in the hearts of people are as I never could have imagined.

My husband and I had quite an adventure yesterday.  We went and had our winter tires installed.  This was good timing as our summer tires were now in poor condition.  They were unsalvageable.  As for our winter tires, we ordered these six weeks ago in another city.  This is the best we could do because of supply and service shortages.

This was the latest we have had winter tires installed since I have been here.  We knew that the snow was coming in the forecast, so we prayed You would hold off any snowfall until we had them safely installed.  We drove a few hours yesterday to get to our appointment.  There were some other things that needed fixing.  This was unexpected and unplanned, but they were willing to fix them, so we said yes.

We now knew that we would be around five hours or so until the repairs and installation were finished.  We went to the downtown area and found a skywalk with indoor shops and a museum.  It had just begun to rain, so we were happy to be inside.  While we had wanted to first check out the museum, we were disappointed to find out that it was closed.  We then walked by the food court.

While there were many food outlets, there were only two still open.  Since the food court area was so crowded, we decided to go to the shopping area.  Even though there were three floors of retail space, only a few stores remained open.  All the rest were vacant.  It was so depressing.  The following stores remained open…

  • A used furniture / antique store.
  • A lottery kiosk.
  • A Thai restaurant.
  • A small snack vendor.
  • A tiny farmer’s market display.
  • A travel item shop.

We went over to the farmer’s market display.  The display had four oranges, a head of cabbage and a cooler containing milk products and other beverages.  The clerk had a look of desperation in his eyes.  He stayed alert in case we wanted what he was selling.  I then noticed that he also had a small folding table with random items.  I could tell they were his personal items.  I felt bad for him.

We then went over to the travel items shop.  They had small handbags, raincoats, boots and umbrellas.  When we asked the owner of the shop what happened to all of the other stores, her answer made us realize that she was in denial.  She then named the few remaining stores open and made it seem like the place was full of open stores.  She seemed stuck on ignoring the over 30 stores that were now abandoned.  I was sad.  When we were about to leave this store, the owner completely ignored us.

Oh Father, I cannot believe how this once thriving port city is now so depressed.  When we finally received the call that our car was ready at 3:30pm, we were relieved to exit this city.  I feel that one more wave of lockdowns will be enough to finish off this town.  It was shocking really.  The abandoned stores are straight from my dreams.  I then remembered back to the 1990s when a well-known preacher predicted the following…

“Even though the little stores and shops are thriving now, this will not last that long.  A day will come when these now emerging massive stores will devour the little ones.  The little shops will disappear as the larger ones grow ever bigger and wealthier.  The only little stores that will exist will then be tattoo parlors, sex shops, pubs, pharmacies, beauty spas and fitness gyms.  The rest will sit empty.  Malls will no longer be filled with shops.  They will sit mostly vacant.  All that will remain in the malls will be medical clinics, government offices and consignment shops.”

While I tried to find out who spoke this in the 1990s, I have been unsuccessful.  I really wanted to name my references.  This was fascinating at the time as the small shops were doing so well back then.  Oh Father, we are seeing this now.  Quaint seems to be gone.  Any shops that still exist in any remaining quaint areas are almost treated like museums.  People often take photos of what is available, but then buy it on Amazon.  The list of once great stores that no longer exist here are numerous.  Here are some…

  • JCPenney, Sears and Macy’s
  • Sprouse-Reitz, Rexall and Albertsons.
  • Thom McAn, Marshall-Fields and Tower Records.
  • Mervyns, The Limited and Circuit City.
  • Filene’s, B. Dalton Books and Blockbuster.
  • Montgomery Ward, Radio Shack and Woolworth’s.
  • Fotomat, Weinstocks and I. Magnin.

I remember how beautiful the displays were.  I remember the smells of perfume.  The women waiting on my mom were very elegant.  I remembered her being treated like royalty.  This was such a contrast from our 500 square foot home that we were living in.  We lived very poorly, so watching her being treated like a princess was a fantastic memory.  I smile as I remembered it.

I also remember my grandparents taking me and my brothers to pick out Easter outfits and other clothing.  One day, I asked her if we could walk through Weinstocks.  Well, things had changed.  While the staff were still friendly, I could tell they were judging us as people who could not afford anything.

While they then followed us under the guise of being there to help us, I just knew that they were doing this because they thought we would be stealing from them.  This made me feel uncomfortable.  I was quiet.  I went from great excitement to severe sadness and disappointment.

Me:  “Grandma?”

Grandma:  “Yes, Erin.”

Me:  “I never want to go back there.  It is pretty and smells nice, but they don’t like us there.”

Grandma:  “They sized us up and decided we were dreamers.”

Me:  “I like being a dreamer.”

Grandma:  “Well, don’t dream too much, especially those daydreams.  They are nonsense.”

My grandma was stoic.  The years had been very hard on her.  They had lost a great deal in the depression.  My grandma was weathered from her storms.  There were so many of them for her.  I realized that day that I was part of a unique caste system and that there were certain places I was unwelcome to go.

Still, my grandma and grandpa had great accomplishments.  However, no one really knew it.  They didn’t brag nor did they wear flashy things.  She would have been aghast at my Wedding Shoes that I purchased used at $40.  This would be too much to her for second hand things, even knowing it was worth $1500.  As for my mom, she was a minimalist for a time and would have never worn something with a glitzy decorative buckle.  Well, I smile now whenever I look at these shoes as I know they’re from God.

Well, things are different in our landscape now.  Very different.  There are some very obvious elites running the government.  It seems possible that a revolt may eventually come into being.  After eating a bit of lunch with my husband, I came back to my journal.  I read an old book on the Coming King written by James Edson White in 1907.  I was reading about the pestilences and plagues when I drifted off to sleep into a daydream…

Sub-dream 1 “The Voice of God in My Daydream” begins…

In front of me was a very bright light.  There was the Voice of God in the light.  As He spoke, the light moved as if the Voice of God was the light itself.  This is impossible to describe as it was awe-inspiring and comforting at the same time.

God:  “Erin, I am with you.  While you worry about many things, do not.  I am the Light of the world and I will shine through you.  I have not forgotten you.  You are about to endure great changes.  Erin, I am greater than all of your troubles.  I am with you and I will provide for you in all you do.  Rejoice, Erin, as a change… a Great Change… is soon to come.”

Just then, the light became very bright.  Inside of the light was a beautiful color of blue.  As the blue slowly turned into purple, I awoke suddenly.

Sub-dream 1 over…

Me:  With tears now streaming down my cheeks.  “Lord, thank You.  I am so thankful for all the ways You speak to me.  You are My Light and My Salvation.  With You on my side, whom shall I fear?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Another wave of evil is sweeping across the nations.  The evil is not in the illness, it is in the fear that will grip man.  All manner of deception and evil will rise quickly.  Christians will turn against Christians, Jews against Jews and races against their own race, all jockeying for control and righteousness.  Many will be forced to do things that they do not want to do, things they know are wrong.  Erin, do not be afraid as I will shelter you under My Wings.  You have taken refuge under My Wings, so do not worry.

“Now, the enemy has more evil to send.  Anyone who participates in this evil against the righteous will live to regret their decision.  Each man should stay where I have planted them.  You are witnessing a new type of caste system.  This has already been put into place.  Some call it by another term, but it is the same.  While just a few have done this, they have weaponized the flow of information to make all who listen believe that this evil army is bigger than it is.  However, this is a lie.

“Now, this is not a house evenly divided.  It is not half and half.  The house is divided 30% evil and 70% ethical.  Those with little knowledge are being deceived.  Those with little knowledge are being led into the army of Satan and into the pit.  Be very careful as to what you hear as much lies are now sprinkled with some truths.  The man who currently leads does not have his faculties.  The decisions are now being made for him by his wife and former leaders.

“Now, what is coming after he is gone will be much worse that what is here now.  Both the Red Dragon and the Black Dragon are weakening the foundation of all the nations.  Many leaders are now working for at least one dragon.  Some do not even know they are doing this.  This new wave comes to further lockdown countries and dishearten the people.  This will lead into further corruption even as the people begin to standup against it.

“Erin, the dragons continue to battle for position right now.  While they continue to do this, I will rise up My Army.  My Army will come from where they were concealed.  People will be in shock and awe.  The plots of the enemy will then be exposed.  Men will then be forced to correct all of their wrongs.

“Now, ready your house.  Get all things in order.  Plan for everything, acting as if you expect nothing.  Continue to winterize and ready your house as I call you.  This is wisdom.  Continue on your course.  Look forward to being in My Army.  This will come quickly.  Do not stop in your excitement for what is soon to come.”

Dream over…

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