Dream 565 – The Left Behind will be in Shock

Received on Friday, January 28, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for my family.  Thank You for my Nest friends and their great words of encouragement.  Above all else, You love us.  I am so grateful for every breath.  Each man’s days are numbered from the time of birth, but really even in our mother’s womb.  The best we can hope for during life is love, peace, good health, joy and a relationship with You, our Creator.  Many are also blessed with a quiver full of children and grandchildren who all know You are their Savior.  Thank You, Father!

This week has been a tumultuous one.  Jeff was turned down for another job.  He also went before a panel of interviewers for a different job.  They are like judges and we do not know the outcome of this.  It seems as if employers are no longer hiring on merit and experience.  It is degrading and shallow for those who were born in a ‘politically incorrect way’ through no fault of their own.

This week, I received a copy of the adoption records my mom received back in 1993 from one of her siblings.  While I have photos that show my grandmother to have dark skin, this paper claimed that she had light skin and freckles.  Wow, how could something so obvious as evidence like a photo not stand up against written records.  These papers were typed by hand from an old-fashioned typewriter.  While I had many more questions, the Lord spoke to me…

Voice of the Lord:  “Do not worry.  These people were once in the business of finding homes for orphans.  Two of the children had lighter skin.  They could be adopted as a result and then had a chance.  There were others not as fortuitous.  You are seeing the same type of evil today.  All will be reconciled.  I will explain all to you at the appropriate time.  My light will bring forth things hidden in the darkness, things long forgotten.”

I received my case closures for my disability and the notice of appeal.  I also received a consideration letter for my disability, but no other information.  I contacted an attorney for a consultation and was informed that most cases are funneled out to foreigners that don’t understand the system or the laws.  While the good news is that these cases go to hearings, the bad news is that there is a backlog that is years long.

Well, with God there are no accidents.  However, no income is scary.  While I know God has us, I am still concerned.  I then received a phone call from my doctor.  I am now waiting for two biopsies.  I go back into the surgeon’s office on Tuesday for him to make a game plan.  My doctor is also checking into why my pacemaker doctor turned off the reading of the upper chamber of my heart.

Right now, my reports on my heart are void of activity.  It just reads as all good and normal even though I know I have had events.  For one year, it has been reading just a normal rhythm.  No high or low activities are showing at all.  When I asked them if that means it can now be removed, they laughed uncomfortably.  I just know that they know that something suspicious is going on in the healthcare system right now.  So, Lord, I put all of this into Your hands.

My breathing has been very poor recently.  So many of my friends have been encountering the same issues.  I have been having swallowing troubles.  This is panicking as this is how my mom died.  Father, please fill us with Your breath.  Let us have at least airflow.  Oxygen is life-saving to our bodies.  Chasing after air is not easy and very discomforting.  What makes matters worse is that my dreams are so dark right now…

Sub-dream 1 “The Left Behind will be in shock” begins…

I saw people who once claimed to be Christian.  They claimed this even though they seemed very lukewarm and not at all interested in a relationship with Jesus.  One person was in the ministry.  I saw him and he looked in shock and so despondent.  He looked like someone who realized they made the worst mistake of their life and they are not getting a re-do.

I saw many like this.  There were so many people going through the five stages of grief in ‘hyper-visible mode’.  One woman had kept putting Jesus on a shelf for appearance’s sake.  She never went further and never tried to understand.  This woman was alone in her kitchen.  She was talking to herself…

Woman:  “I need to bake some cookies for my church retreat.  My cookies have to be the best.  I just hate Dorothy so much.  She thinks her cookies are better than mine.  I know that God must hate her and people like her.  Well, I better start dinner.  My husband and my son will soon be home.”

Voice of the Lord:  “This woman is in denial.  Her husband and son are gone and they are not coming back.  While a part of her knows this to be true, she just can’t face it.”

The Lord then showed me more of those who had been left behind, those who had missed the Rapture.  I saw people in a small-town walking around like zombies.  While they were aware of what had happened, they were at a loss.  I did not see even one child.  I was then directed to some very disturbing activities.

In some cities, the military were taking people from their homes and placing them in single-room apartments.  They had to share with others.  I then saw this invading army going door to door.  They were looking for people who were not there as they had been Raptured.  They set many homes on fire ‘just in case’ these people ever returned.

There was a darkness that had fallen over the land.  There was no electricity.  This darkness was over entire areas.  There was also some sort of cloud cover that mostly blocked the brightness of the sun.  The sun now looked an eerie red color.  I saw two farmers speaking.  I went over to listen to what they had to say to each other…

Farmer 1:  “I am not going to make it.  The crops have no sun.  The crop is going to be tiny.  I am done.”

Farmer 2:  “Forget your yields.  We have bigger problems.  There won’t be any food left at all.  My silos are already half empty.  Are they planning to produce food from air?”

Farmer 1:  “Well, they were able to produce fake meat.  Now they need fake grains and fake dairy.”

Farmer 2:  “Man can’t live off of kale and mushrooms alone, can they?”

Farmer 1:  “They will soon begin to eat almost anything.”

Farmer 2:  “This is going to get downright disgusting.  Where is God right now?”

Farmer 1:  “He left the building long ago.”

I then saw whole cities contained with barbed-wire fencing.  The entire landscape was very dark and foreboding.  I saw people deranged from either demonic possession or from some plague.  I saw horrible things.  I saw a leader give the command for the entire population of one of the cities to be destroyed.

Me:  “Father, I don’t want to experience any of this.  This is awful.  This is so horrible.  Nothing can be trusted from man at this point.  Please help.  At least let us breathe in the Glory of God, not the constricted way things are now.”

Sub-dream 1 over…

Father, we are Your Vessels.  You shaped us.  You prepared us by Your own hands.  You allowed us to be fired in the furnace of affliction.  You then inspected us and put our Vessels back through the furnace a few more times.  You then found our Vessels useful for Your purposes.  You deemed us worthy of holding Living Water.  You found our Vessels free from cracks and prepared for Your outpouring.  Lord, I asked You for something after a difficult night of breathing…

Me:  “I had trouble breathing last night and this has been a humbling experience.  My right lung hurts in my back and I am wondering why.  Lord, You are one with me now as You are in me.  Does this mean Your breathing is labored too?  No oxygen leads to panic.  This is a natural response as the body reacts to lack.”

Psalm 33:6 tells us that Your Word made the Heavens and that Your Breath made all of their hosts.  You created Adam and breathed into him the breath of life.  Men then came to live.  When death comes, our breath is gone.  Father, so many of Your people are experiencing labored breathing right now.  We are lacking air.  Oxygen is required to bring life to our bodies.  I am asking You for many things right now when it comes to air and our need to breathe, but also to thrive in general…

  • The rarified breath of Heaven. Your pure oxygen fills our dying bodies and revives us afresh.
  • The pure life-giving water of the River of Life flowing through our Vessels. When combined with Your oxygen, it is the Living Water from Heaven.
  • The truth of God. Let Your Word be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.  May Your truth be with us wherever You take us.
  • The Light of You lighting us up so that all who sees us know that we are Yours.
  • The hearts of those who are lost being revived and renewed by Your power flowing through us, Your Army.
  • That Your Army works seamlessly, working as one, with Your Mighty Hands guiding us every step of the way.
  • That we will know many secrets never before revealed and that You will give us knowledge to work in foreign lands speaking foreign tongues.
  • That we be not confined by time and space, but instead under the Rule of the Heavenly Order of Time and Space. In other words, that we not be confined by the laws of realms.

Me:  “Lord, I do not even fully understand all of this.  However, You have placed it on my heart to pray.  Lord, will You please breathe into our lungs and make our breathing easier, if not effortless?”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  There is a reason I have allowed such things.  The enemy fights against the children of God.  All you wrote and requested are inspired by Me.  These things you ask will be granted to those I have called into My service.  Nothing will come against you or My Army.  Heaven will be visible upon you because I will be working through you.”

Me:  “Lord, there is so much more I have been hoping for.  Time keeps going by.”

Jesus:  “Yes, I know.  I know all you have stated.  You have made a reasonable case.  I find your case to be good.  Now, it is difficult to understand why I did not move sooner.  It is also difficult to understand why I haven’t acted as you had hoped for.  It is not because I am unable to.  It is not because I have turned away from your situations.  Instead, it is so that all will be completed on Earth as it is in Heaven.

“In order for the time to be right, it has to meet the criteria of My Father in Heaven.  This means all matters must be in place and ready at the perfect moment so not one matter is left undone.  What you are now witnessing in the world is as it has been foretold by the prophets.  There are now so many occurrences in the news daily that very few even notice the fulfillment of prophecies.

“While I know it has been difficult, how can My people understand the divine nature of God without first experiencing what the world offers.  The opposite of the breath of God is bad air.  The opposite of pure living water is polluted water, unclean and unfit.  The opposite of a healthy body is a diseased one.  The list goes on and on, understand?

“You are now seeing many a depraved man.  Many are mentally unstable and double-minded in their ways.  You are seeing demons manifesting in people.  The wicked are rising.  This is being caused by My allowing them to become more visible.  Remember that, as of right now, Earth has become the opposite of Heaven as hell has risen.”

Me:  “Lord, please stop this.  Show Your power to the enemy.  You are greater than all of this.  Please rise up in majesty and glory.  Please stop the wicked plans of the enemy.  So many of my dreams right now are hard to watch.”

Jesus:  “There are many who have placed Me on a shelf with their idols.  I am not sure you can even purchase My likeness in those stores so many now go to.”

Me:  Laughing.  “Oh Lord, You are talking about TJ Maxx, Home Goods and the likes.  Yes, the shelves are filled with various heads of idols.  However, there is no You.  There are no crosses.  There are more idols in the image of Easter Island than You there.  There are also more easter bunnies than You there.”

Jesus:  “Are you saying that I don’t even make it to the shelves like the other idols anymore?  Are you saying few talk of Me unless it is by using My name in curses?”

Me:  “Yes, Lord.  This is so hard to watch.”

Jesus:  “There are people who talk about things related to Me, but don’t care to know Me.  While they proclaim a desire for Me to search their hearts, they then sit embittered in the pews, jealous of this or that.  Since they never sought Me, I never knew them.”

Me:  “While I am sure I know people like this, only You truly know the heart.”

Jesus:  “Some will have heart attacks when all is made visible.  Even though some were told of this as they sat in the pews, they did not hear.  They did not believe.  They refused to believe all that was written.  They refused to pray or see My miracles.  They instead declared that all of this was untrue.”

Me:  “Oh my, what a wakeup call this will be.”

Jesus:  “You will know people, Erin.  Surprisingly, the ones you least expect will be those who believe and remain believing in Me even during the darkest points.  Do not worry as I will have compassion on them.  Now, tell Me about your breathing.”

Me:  “I am struggling to breathe right now, Lord.  Please help me.”

Jesus:  “Even though it is cold outside, go outside and breathe deeply in and out seven times.  I will remove the particles causing affliction.”

Me:  “What are the particles from?”

Jesus:  “The mouth coverings are not pure.  None of what the enemy does right now is for your good.  Many have stopped breathing fully.  The enemy enjoys this.  A hungry man, a thirsty man, a powerless man, a poor man and a sick man are all men the enemy enjoys.  However, I delight in doing good.  All things I do are the opposite of what the enemy does.  He is the great divider.  All that is good is being removed.  However, his time is running short.  Do not worry as My Spirit is in you.”

Me:  “You are right, Lord, as You always are.  No one is breathing freely anymore.  When we breathe, we are restricted, sick or unable.  Please heal us, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I will do much more than this.  Now rejoice, Erin.  I haven’t forgotten you.  I am your Savior, your Provider, the Giver of Good Gifts and the Keeper of your heart.  I am in you and I work through you.  Rejoice as nothing will come against you.  You are Mine.”

Dream over…

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