Dream 602 – God’s Great Move is Now Upon Us

Received on Saturday, April 30, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for sending angels to guard us in all we do.  Thank You for protecting my daughter and my stepson as they travel.  Please continue to send angels to guard them.

Note:  As it currently stands, my daughter is booked to arrive back here with us in early June.  As for my stepson, he anticipates coming back here in mid to late August.  Only God knows their true schedules though.  We should all know by now that God seems to love ‘surprises’ (even though He Himself is NEVER surprised)!

Please also protect my oldest son.  Grant him divine revelation and something special from You.  Send him a sign that Your favor is upon him.  Please also protect my youngest son and my stepdaughter.  My youngest son begins his new job on Monday.  Please show him that this was the perfect place for him.  Also, please heal my stepdaughter.  She could use something from You as well.

Please heal all of our children… in Jesus’ Mighty Name!  Father, please heal my husband.  For that matter, please heal me too.  I struggle daily.  My fingers are becoming worse.  I long for Your promises to be fulfilled.  The day that I can let go of all the strongholds of this world and rely solely on You will be such a joyous day.  Thank You for all that You do for me.

Even though so many of my dreams and desires over the years have come and gone, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I have gained something so special through You.  It is incredibly priceless and more valuable than any earthly thing.  I gained You, Father.  I captured the heart of my true Father.  You somehow saw something in Me that was useful to You.

You showed me what You required to gain more of the things of Heaven here.  You required the death of my ‘self’.  This included the death of my personal ambitions and my vanity.  This included the death of my pride, bitterness and regrets of anything I had to give up.  Even though I still have work to do around me, You have completed the work in me to be of use to You.  While I still don’t see it all, You do.

The last few weeks have been brutal.  I was drained of all the residue that remained.  Still, these troubles took a lot from me and I had very few words.  This is rare for me.  I have spent this last week asking even more questions.  In return, I have received divine revelation about what is coming to the world IF the enemy gets his way.

Me:  “Lord, please help me make sense of all of this.  One could become so discouraged at the power of the enemy.  Instead of wrapping myself up in news stories, locally, nationally and globally, You called me to look at all of these events from Your vantage point.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, what did you see?”

Me:  “I saw strength in numbers.  The enemy is flooding the nations with foreign invaders who do not all come with good intentions.  More than this, it is the gathering up of peoples.  This is symbolic of tearing down all of the borders, unifying all under one governance, one currency, one religion and one healthcare system.  It is bad.

“I then saw that the sin was becoming so great that it was permeating everything.  There is an evil so great that plagues are being purposefully sent out across the globe.  There are now mass killings of migratory birds, horses, chickens used for meat, chickens used for eggs, beef and even pigs.  Father, I then saw respiratory illnesses coming in waves and killing off our food proteins.”

Jesus:  “I am here, Erin.  I am with you.  These prophecies in My Word are unfolding now.  However, the enemy is clever and conceals the signs and covers the evidence of this so that the people are unaware.  If you are not a farmer, rancher or around animals, you would not know these things.  This is because the news hides this information.  You must understand the times you are now in.

“These are like birth pains or contractions of a greater event.  There is a reason the whole Earth will need to be burned and reshaped.  The entire Creation of God will be unclean and uninhabitable for so many reasons.  However, you can go to the Word for common laws on uncleanliness.  These are still used as measures.  For instance, if a white cloth is soiled, how can it be made clean?”

Me:  “Depending on the garment, I would wash it with soap and stain remover.”

Jesus:  “What happens if the stain is too great?”

Me:  “Oh Lord, You are so smart.  I see.  The remnant of sin is like mold on a surface.  Wait!  Lord, You are instructing me on why You must burn the Earth to start anew.  However, there is something else… You are instructing me on the aftermath of the flooded area in our home.  This is in Leviticus 14.  The basement area has been cleared out of all items.  The area has now been clear for several days.

“There doesn’t appear to be any mildew.  Incidentally, a small sparrow flew into the window right above the area of the flood in the basement and died on impact.  Then just yesterday, a mourning dove seemed to have been killed at the same area.  This seems to point to Leviticus 14:49… To purify the house, take two birds and some cedar wood (which ‘just happens’ to be the siding of our house), scarlet yarn and hyssop.  Are there any coincidences in Your Kingdom, Lord?”

Jesus:  “Well, I see the correlation you are speaking of.  However, what about the second bird?  There was no body.  Only feathers remained.”

Me:  “So, Lord, then is our house now clean?”

Jesus:  “It is I who makes your house clean.  It is clean.  I honor the heart of a child of God who seeks an upright position.  What I mean is that you care about that which God has given you here.  You steward over all that I have given you here.  You do this even though you know that nothing here on Earth is permanent.  You do right in taking care of all that I have given you, treating it as holy and good.  In obedience to My Father’s calling to your household, you take diligent care of the following…

  • Your body
  • Your temple vessel
  • Your house
  • Your garments
  • Your ‘horses’ (living things both in and around our house)
  • Your ‘chariots’ (our vehicles)
  • Your property
  • Your food
  • Your water
  • Your sanitation

“You honor Me by caring for all that I have given you.  Why?  Because it shows Me you are faithful and grateful when given a little.  This lets Me know that you will be even more faithful and grateful when given even more.  You are My Priests.  Honor Me.”

Me:  “Thank You for this instruction.”

Jesus:  “Always remember that I did not come to abolish the laws and commandments.  Erin, I came to fulfill the Words of the prophets.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, You came for much more than this.  You came for our hearts.”

Jesus:  “Yes.  This is in the Words of the prophets.  Now, the enemy of God and man is striking out as he knows the times that were written are now coming to pass.  He knows they are here and even at the doorstep.  This is why he has sent wave after wave of plagues and pestilence.

“He has also created troubles through giant-winged hornets, diseased beetles and other penetrating pests who carry diseases to all of My Creation.  War and death are the enemy’s promises.  He flourishes in lies, deception and destruction of all that is good.

“Now, there are events coming that will soon put his evil in suspension.  This will be like a still birth from his pregnancy of evil.  I have a Great Plan, a plan the world has never seen.  Do not worry.  Pray.  I have sent angels to guard over the Great Birth of My Bride.  Though you are in Great Travail and it has been a painful journey, soon you will deliver.  Great will be your joy as you will remember the pain of this labor no more.

“You will instead say ‘who gave birth to these?’ when you see your sons and daughters.  Erin, understand that the fruit of your womb is good.  Through your troubles, I have made it so.  When you really think about it, a pregnant woman is also a vessel.  Mary gave birth to the Savior, God in flesh.  So then, is My Bride also now pregnant?”

Me:  “You are so mysterious, Lord.  Your ways are wise and far above us.  I do not know the answer to this question.  I only know what I experienced as a pregnant mother.  However, because my main enemy poisoned me during my pregnancies, nothing was ever normal for me in that department.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin, as I was there.  I am with you now.  While this is a former thing, I will now do a new thing as you are today.  Since you are unable to conceive as you no longer have a womb, you understand that I instead speak a mystery about something else.  You were robbed of both your safety and your security.  You were robbed of innocence and great joy at giving birth to new life because of the evil acts of your enemy.

“Erin, I see.  I saw all of it.  I saw all that he did.  I am the God who sees.  Do not worry.  A Great Move of God will soon come upon the land.  Those who invaded the nations will, in an instant, be supernaturally returned to the lands of their birth.  While others will try to run and hide from Me, they will still be found by Me.  The adversary who labored in vain did not deliver his evil at the appointed time he desired.

“Now, I am God.  I created men and I created women.  They are to be in union together as this is Holy.  I do not compromise.  However, I will do more than remove evil.  Great joy will be manifested in all those who are contrite in heart, those who are downtrodden.  There will be great healing and joy.  Now rejoice, Erin.  Complete your tasks and rest.  You are loved by Me, the King!”

Me:  “I love You, Lord!”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin!   Remember that I loved you first.”

Dream over…

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