Dream 620 – Shallow Church, Deep Bride

Received on Wednesday, July 13, 2022


Dear Father,

I must be honest with You first.  I must confess that I have been so worried, so stressed and so distraught over all that is coming.  I am so sorry.  Please forgive me.  I clearly am not placing my full trust in You when I worry about so many things.  Please forgive me.  I am broken, Lord.  I love You  Our hearts are contrite before You.  Please do not forget us.  I had a vivid dream last night…

Sub-Dream 1 “A Delivery of Pure Living Water from God” begins…

We were attending a special event with very few tickets available.  Our entire family was to attend.  Early in the day before the event started, we were offered a special VIP upgrade to our ticket status.  It cost us nothing.  While of course we agreed to the upgrade, we were not sure what exactly this meant.

A few hours before the event was to begin, we received a delivery.  The delivery consisted of an entire cart of water.  However, this was no ordinary water.  This was the purest of water, extremely rare and valuable.  There was more than enough to last us a very long time.  The delivery driver then cautioned us…

Delivery driver:  “Do not give this water to just anyone who claims they are thirsty.  Not all are thirsty, even with the shortages.  They would instead prefer to steal this.  These people have no interest in Living Water.  It is for you, your family and your Nest friends to enjoy.”

Me:  “Thank you so much.  Could you wait a second while I go get you a tip?”

Delivery driver:  “No.  I will not accept a tip.  However, here is a tip from He who I am in service to… this is life-giving water, Living Water from God.  Drink and be fully satisfied.”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Thank You, Father, for good things.  There is no God like You in all the Universe.  You are God above all in both Heaven and Earth.  I read something profound at a Christian site.  This was so fascinating to me that I wrote the list down.  This helped to give me some comprehension on just how huge a miracle healing is, especially given that God created humans from the dust of the Earth (Genesis 2:7):

  • The human body has 11 systems and over 37 billion cells.
  • In a lifetime, the heart beats over 2 billion times.
  • 60,000 miles of blood vessels pump blood through our body.
  • There are 240 trillion connections to 100 billion brain cells.

This is just the human body that God created (Psalm 139).  The writer of this article then goes on to state…

“God created all things in Heaven and our Earth, both visible and invisible, thrones or powers, rulers or authorities.  This is unlimited by natural law.  Jesus’ divine authority calmed the raging storm, healed the sick, cast out demons and raised the dead.”

So, Father, who is like You?  No one!  You are so intricate, so amazing and so magnificent that I can’t even quantify You.  You have knowledge over all things.  You know our inner most workings, every part, even those which are sick or need repair.  Since You built us, then too You can repair all that is broken.  I am sorry for my attitude lately.  I hunger and thirst for more of You.  I had a dream two nights ago…

Sub-Dream 2 “The Angels will come back in Three Days” begins…

I was given a field.  I didn’t even know I owned it until I received a knock on my door.  When I answered, there was a laborer standing there.  He had his crew with him.

Laborer:  “We noticed you have not prepared the field we passed by enroute to another.  We know there is still time to prepare and plant prior to harvest if you decide to prepare this field.  We will check back with you in three days if you would like assistance.”

Me:  “I am sorry, but I wasn’t even aware I had a new field.  Yes, please check back with me.  However, I have a feeling the Lord needs me to prepare it.”

Laborer:  Smiling.  “We work for the Lord.  We were called to check on you and remind you it is there.”

Me:  “Oh, you are angels!  Okay, I will go out and see what this is about.  Could you direct me to where this is?”

The angel brought me out to an overgrown hillside that I had never seen before.

Me:  “Where did this come from?  How can it be planted?”

Angel:  “It looks ready for a vineyard.”

Me:  “Really?  Not for harvest though, right?”

Angel:  “We will clear the brush off.  You walk the field and pray.  We will be back your way in three days to assist.”

Within a matter of a few minutes, the beautiful hillside was cleared.

Me:  “Thank you.  I will see you in three days.”

I then began to walk around on this new field.  What a pleasant surprise!  It was divided by a wide path of stone.  Nothing could grow on the path.  To the left of the path, the soil was perfect.  On the upper right side, the ground was rocky.  The lower right side consisted of low briars and thorns.  I realized this was from the Parable of the Sower (see Matthew 13 for the details, a great read suggested for now).  This was God’s Living Word right there before my eyes.  I prayed…

Me:  “Father, this is a surprise field that I didn’t even know existed.  I have one patch of no soil (the path), one of rock or very little soil, one is filled with sharp thorns and the other is good soil for planting.  I can’t physically manage such a field in my current condition.  While it is perfect for a vineyard, it is impossible for me to prepare without Your help.  I need supernatural help from You.  I can do nothing on my own.”

Important Note on “in three days”:  The above sub-dream mentions ‘in three days’ three separate times.  While the day referred to above could represent a literal day, it could also represent 360 days.  We already know we are to go out for a time and times, which is 360 x (1 + 2) = 1080 days.  Three days could be this same time period of 1080 days (equal to a ‘week’ consisting of 2520 days / 7 days in a week x 3 days).

If it is 1080 days, this could be the harvest period leading up to the Rapture.  However, I am already pretty sure that it is most, if not all, of the Nest’s hope that it is a literal three days from this morning of Wednesday, July 13, 2022.  If so, this lands on the dawn of Saturday, July 16, 2022.  This is NOT a ‘Lord Sayeth’, just a personal observation on what this could possibly mean.  Here is a summary of the three quotes:

  • Quote 1: Laborer (really an angel):  “… We will check back with you in three days if you would like assistance.”
  • Quote 2: Angel:  “…We will be back your way in three days to assist.”
  • Quote 3: Me:  “…I will see you in three days.”

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “Oh Lord, please help me with this.  The field is huge, but we are small.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here.  I am with you.  You are not alone.  I know you are tired and weary.  I know that it seems your miracles are few and far between.  However, I am now here and soon, very soon, My promises will be fulfilled.  Now, you have been given an additional field.  Parts of this field are difficult to farm.  However, I sent help in advance to tend to this field.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, I am so sorry.  I had no idea that I was neglecting a field.”

Jesus:  “How can you be guilty of neglecting a field when you were unaware of this until I sent angels disguised as laborers to show you?  Now, I will help you to understand this difficult field as this is a bit different than what you have come to understand.  While you believe you have an impossible task, this is not your task.  Give all of this to Me.  This time is unlike any other.  It is like the parable of this field and the sowing of My Word.  This time is different because this represents My Church.  I want you to look now at this parable and understand what has happened to My Church.”

I prayed and then looked at God’s Word in relationship to the Church.  Matthew 13:18-23, Mark 4:13-20 and Luke 8:11-15 came to my mind.

Me:  “Lord, the good soil is the journey of the Bride, the Bride You have selected from the Remnant of the field, Your Church.  In reality, Lord, it is like my journey year after year, season after season, to finally take root in good soil and grow.  Truth be told, I am like the seed in various conditions.  The churches I belonged to were instrumental in my planting, but were also used by the enemy so many times to turn me away.  Despite this, I finally took root and flourished.”

Jesus:  “Your analogy is good and there is truth.  More than this though… My Church, My Word and My Character have all been profaned.  The churches who claim to love Me now partition My Word and remove truth like trash, discarding this like waste.  My churches fornicate with the world’s gospel, not by My Word.  So, the lost go from church to church, searching on the path for truth, but never taking root.  They wander off to shallow soil.

“Then there are the churches with great marketing, greeters, music and coffee shops.  Those who attend are quickly lost with no place to root in My Word.  They are ‘planted’ in the midst of shallow dirt.  Then there are the briars, the churches which choke the seeds and tender shoots.  These churches claim to love sinners, but enjoy gossip and strife even more.

“It is an exhausting ordeal to attend the service as each parishioner continues to check their clocks during the sermon and upon exiting the building.  The entire household longs to go home to sleep as they are exhausted and choked up for lack of the rarified air of Heaven.  Erin, your field is a difficult one because three of the soils are difficult to harvest from.  As such, I have sent you help in advance of what is about to come.

“What My Remnant will face will be difficult as you will understand what they have endured, but you will need to remain fully trusting in Me for the harvest.  Those you believe you can help will often refuse you.  Those you believe impossible to help will often run through flames to find Me.  I will meet them there, understand?  You won’t find those I call you to in the pews of churches, but instead fleeing out from their front steps.”

Me:  “I understand, Lord.  I have been there.”

Jesus:  “You will be attacked from the pulpits in the same way I was attacked from the altars.  My Words were put through a sieve and only what worked for their purposes remained.  Whole segments of truth were thrown away as if it were sludge, the sludge of uncomfortable laws and lessons from God on high.

“For these, holiness is optional.  Abominations to ‘the gods’ are now deemed acceptable and made clean in their minds.  Sinful practices are deemed holy by a doctrine of demons.  It will not go well for those who were entrusted to My Fields and My Church.  It will not go well for those who have made My churches a den of inequity.”

Me:  “Lord, please help me.  I am not healed.  The doctrines now being taught are not the Gospel of Truth.  Please help us.”

Jesus:  “My Laws are not suggestions.  My Word is not fiction.  For many, My Word is not even worthy of the coffee table.  This is because My Cover is no longer appealing to them.  My Church has been soiled as this is a field that now only houses worms.  Their roots are now sown in sin.”

Me:  “Lord, this is horribly sad.  The world has been given over to sin.”

Jesus:  “Erin, I have a Great Plan.  This field I have shown you will yield a record harvest unlike any before it.  Now rejoice as there is much to do.”

Me:  “Lord, please don’t allow the wicked leaders to destroy the planting and harvesting.  They now want to eliminate most of the population.”

Jesus:  “I won’t.  Do not worry.  I have you, Erin.  I will bless the works of your hands.  I will bless your way in all things.  Rejoice.  I have you and I will provide for you.  I love you!”

Me:  “I love You, Lord!”

Dream over…

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