Dream 621 – The Three Days of Darkness

Received on Saturday, July 16, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  I am no one really.  There are days I feel ill-equipped for all You have shown me.  All I do know is this… with You, I can scale a wall or leap up a mountain.  Apart from You, I am but a worm in dirt.  I am nothing without You.  My spirit is not joyful at what must be as so many do not see the incredible love You have for Your Creation.  I have steadily grown from hearing about You to now chasing after You.

If people only knew how great You are and how full of love, grace and mercy You are.  Well, there would be a lot of tears.  Whole generations were taught to revere You first and above all things.  However, these last few generations are instead being taught that You are nothing and have no power.  They are taught self-worship.  Father, there are still thousands of us who love You and live for You.

Although You would be justified in wiping off all the people from the face of the Earth, it isn’t in Your model.  You have a higher way to love, an unconditional way of loving, that we simply can’t fully comprehend.  As such, we wait on You as patiently as we can… which, at times, really isn’t that patient at all.  It is just that we are so looking forward to Your magnificent promises being fulfilled, Your Great Event, Your Grand Display.

We pray that this Great Day comes quickly.  There are days when I struggle to find anything good as people have truly grown cold and aggressive.  The demonic realm is manifesting in evil displays as even the enemy now knows You are near and ever at the door.  I also now realize at this moment that I must repent for all the condescending comments I have made over the years about Your prophet Jonah.

I thought Jonah was a disobedient fool.  I know, harsh… ouch!  I never quite understood his defiance to do Your Will.  Please forgive me for I now understand.  Time after time, You called Jonah for this great task.  However, it didn’t go as Jonah had planned it was to go.  He didn’t agree with You on saving Nineveh.  Well, even though You loved Jonah in a mighty way, You still had him in darkness in the belly of the whale for 3 days.

Jonah then repented and You quickly saved him.  However, he still didn’t agree with Your Will once he carried out Your instructions.  He pouted because he didn’t like the people.  He became upset when the people of Nineveh turned to You.  Just like Jonah and based on my dreams from last night, You will be sending us to some undesirable places and to people who have done horrible things.

Oh Lord, please strengthen us for this difficult task.  Without You, we are nothing.  At one point, when Jonah’s shade plant died (Jonah 4), he proclaimed he would have been better off dead because he loved the plant so much.  The Lord then reprimanded him by saying he should have more sympathy for the population of Nineveh than for a plant he did nothing to grow.

Quite simply, God wanted Jonah to have more sympathy for the 120,000 people!  The Lord then pointed out something I hadn’t noticed before.  The shade plant for Jonah had come into being in a night and had perished in a night.  How brilliant are You, Father!  How You love us!  Please make our vessels ready and yielding to Your great plans.

Me:  “I pray with all my heart that I will not resist You when You ready me.  I am empty of myself.  I am as dust before You now.  Please ready also my house, my children, those You have called and their children.”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Be strong as I am with you.  To My Remnant of the people… who is left amongst you that saw this House, My Temple, in its former glory?”

Me:  “No one, Lord.  There is no one on Earth who has seen the former glory of Your House.  We only know of it from Your Word.  There is no Holy House of the Lord physically standing today.  Your Spirit is housed in our hearts instead.”

Jesus:  “Do not be afraid for, once more, in a little while, I will shake the heavens and the Earth and the sea and the dry lands.  I will shake all nations so the treasures of all the nations shall be rendered and will fill My House.  I will fill My House with glory.  The silver is Mine.  The gold is Mine.  The latter glory of My House shall be greater than the former and in this place is peace.”

Me:  “Lord, this is Haggai that You are quoting.”

Jesus:  “No, Erin, Haggai was quoting Me.  I am laying the foundation of My House and, through you, I will establish that you are My Workers.”

Me:  “Lord, help me to understand all of this.”

Jesus:  “What have I placed upon your heart for this time?”

Me:  “Joel 2, Lord.  You have placed Joel 2 on my heart.  I saw darkness for three days.  There was great fear that gripped the lands.  There was mourning, even by the animals.  Wild animals cried out in the darkness.  Even those who were assigned to evil were in fear.  However, an Army then came, an Army of Your Remnant in ranks.  This was a Great Army, an Army that displayed awesome deeds.

“These awesome deeds were not from weapons made of steel, but by their hands.  It was by their hands because You were working through each one.  The nations were terrified as no weapons formed against them could stop them.  This Great Army established that You were here with Your Great Glory.  A Great Upheaval took place, like turning a field and preparing the soil for planting.

“Evil confessed.  Evidence hidden was unearthed and exposed.  They were unable to lie and their exposure was made public for all to see.  Then after days of Great Upheaval came days of healing and rebuilding as a great number of the defiled and distressed came into God’s care as Lost Sheep to their Shepherd.  There was a great celebration with peace, joy, singing and praise amongst the nations.

“This was because God brought healing rains and great miracles.  God made Heaven visible upon the Earth.  Oh Father, I pray that I am not delusional.  I pray that my pain and my brokenness has not caused me to hallucinate such a wonderful move of God.  If I am hallucinating, then this too was allowed by You to comfort me.

“Father, my Lord, please allow these great and wonderful promises to unfold.  Let them unfold just as Haggai and Joel were given.  Let Your Bride, Your Remnant, be given Your Signet Ring as a mark of Your Authority to carry out Your Will in us.  Let no evil stand against us!”

Jesus:  “Your prayer is good.  Your request is also good.  I have a Great Plan.  Do not be afraid.  Always remember that I am completely in control of all things all the time.”

A Note on Erin’s previous statement of “I saw darkness for three days” (within the underlined part above):  Analogous to the ninth plague that occurred during God’s people’s Exodus from Egypt, the world is soon to be plunged into total darkness for three days.  This will obviously be horrifying to an unsuspecting world.  As for us, Dream 88 strongly hints that we will instead be trained during these three days and that we are not to be worried about the darkness as we will be taken from it for such training.  Since God knows best, even something as terrifying as this will have a great Kingdom Purpose!  Yes, He is in absolute control ALWAYS!!

Dream over…

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