Dream 622 – On Earth as it is in Heaven

Received on Sunday, July 17, 2022


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day here!  You are incredible, amazing, brilliant, powerful and marvelous. When I spend time in communion and prayers with You, I grow even closer to You.  The Holy Spirit then floods my inner most being with healing rain.  My soul becomes like a fountain of Living Water and my heart like a wellspring.

Bless You, Father.  There is no greater joy than Your Spirit welling up inside me.  I am overcome by Your goodness.  Thank You for all You do for me and my household, my children, our friends and their children.  We are all with You.  Our hope is forever upon You.  Even when we don’t understand Your Clock and Calendar, we can be certain that You are in control of all things.

We can stand with confidence and assurance that You are here in the midst of us.  Without You, nothing is possible.  With You, nothing is impossible.  With that in mind, we continue to press on and into You.  My three dreams last night were profound…

Sub-Dream 1 “My Expensive Trip to Costco” begins…

Whole armies all over the world worked together undercover in the darkness of night to destroy all life as we know it.  I saw farming fields and processing facilities set ablaze while it was still dark.  I saw edicts going out declaring certain foods we use as staples daily as being poisoned as all the food that God declared good to eat was, in fact, methodically being poisoned.

Evil people sent out diseases to destroy animals, dairy products and the associated meat.  However, they were not just stopping at meats and dairy. In my dream, I went grocery shopping at a Costco on a Monday afternoon.  There was a sign in the meat department stating that all meat was bad due to some pathogen and would not be available until further notice.

Since this included all beef, pork, lamb and chicken products, I then saw a massive sell off of fish and seafood products.  I then went to the dairy cooler area.  This time there was a door closing this area off.  I had never seen this door before.  The sign read…

“We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Until further notice, because of Pathogen B-2030, all dairy and products containing dairy have been removed from shelves.”

There were still vegetables and fruits.  However, the prices had skyrocketed.  A package of corn was $29.99 for five ears of corn.  A small package of berries was $25.  All lettuce and leaf type salad products were completely sold out.  I proceeded back to bread.  There were still some tortillas.  The bread available were the brands filled with additives.  I took some muffins and they were $21 for a pack of six.

I went to the frozen area, but it was completely emptied.  I then went to the dry goods area.  There were security people there rationing all canned goods.  The flour was gone.  So too was the sugar.  There was cooking oil, but it was $399.99 for three gallons.  I decided to get the oil as it would be necessary for cooking and other things.  I would share some with my neighbors as this was too much for our household.

Clerk 1:  While helping me with the oil.  “Now, you need to be really careful when going out to your car alone.  Robbers are following people home.”

Me:  “Okay.  I forgot how dangerous this can be when there are people starving.”

Clerk 1:  “It is all part of the plan, all part of the plan.”

Me:  “What plan?”

Clerk 1:  “We all know there is no Pathogen B-2030.  2030 is their goal date.  This is their estimation of when Operation Ark will be implemented.”

Me:  “What is Operation Ark?”

Clerk 2:  Hitting clerk 2.  “Quiet.  You will get us fired.”

Clerk 1:  “What?  It is not like anyone is believing us anyway.”

Me:  “Wow, is all of this strictly classified?”

Clerk 1:  “Operation Ark is to ensure the survival of the fittest, their ‘chosen’, and removing the rest.  They want to remove farmed food, remove food and remove life.  Even so, the liquor stores are fully stocked and so are the cannabis shops.”

I walked over to the pharmacy department.  There were people angry and crying.  A barred gate was over the pharmacy window.  There was a sign…

“Due to shortages, we are unable to fill your prescription.  Sorry for the inconvenience.”

There were people fighting and yelling.  I began to proceed to check out.  I walked by the candies and sugar snack area.  People were buying up these items.  The lines were long.  People kept eyeing the vegetable cooking oil in my cart.  I was watching them.  The woman in front of me had cereal, paper towels, gummies, some snack bars and other things.  I watched her being rung through and it amounted to $500!

Then came my cart.  I had some tortillas, some fruit, some beans and the cooking oil.  Mine was also $500!  I then noticed that the woman in front of me was stalling after her checkout.  I was suspicious of her.  I could then hear fighting breaking out in various places.  It was spooky and quite concerning!

Checker:  “The only affordable items are the sugar sweetened foods.  I have diabetes.  Most people will also get diabetes if this sugar centered dietary restriction continues.  Death by sugar.”  She then tried to lighten the mood.  “Well, I can think of worse things to die from than by sugar.”  I paid the $500 and was about to leave when the checker called out to me.  “I will have someone assist you to load your car, okay?”

Me:  “Okay.”

The suspicious woman stayed near us.  The parking lot was virtually empty now.  An attendant helped me with my cart.

Me:  “What is happening?”

Attendant:  “We closed the store for the day.  We are almost sold out.  It is for safety purposes.”  He helped me load the car.  “Now, be careful about people following you home.”

I nodded in agreement.  I then saw the suspicious woman.  She had loaded her car and seemed to be waiting for me.  As I exited, the woman from the checkout pulled up in the lane next to me.  When we came to a stop sign, she motioned for me to roll down my window.  I was about to do so when I realized that she was holding a gun.  Before she could point the gun at me, I accelerated.  She began to chase me.

Thankfully, I knew of a shortcut where she would not find me.  I took it and pulled off into an area behind a dumpster.  I watched as she sped by.  I then went a whole different route home, adding 30 minutes to my trip.  It was worth the extra time as I then arrived home safely.

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Sub-Dream 2 “God foils the Enemy’s Plans” begins…

Over a period of 21 days, our local landscape had begun to change, all as we were sleeping at night.  My daughter was the first to notice when she left early in the morning.  She came back into the house and woke me up.

Daughter:  “Mom, come out and look.”

I went out with her.  Some heavy equipment had been tearing down trees on the lot above us.  Were they making way for more residents?  I wasn’t sure.  There was a torrential downpour and the water began to flood our property.  It was near dawn and the waters had receded.  I realized that our home would often be flooded because of the removal of the trees.  I saw a man with a clipboard…

Me:  “Who is moving in here?  Why did you remove all the trees?”

Man:  “Solar panels.”

Me:  “But this will flood our home and our neighbors’ homes.”

Man:  “You need to move.  The laws in effect state it is now illegal to have private ownership.”

Me:  “Who voted for that?  Not the people!”

Man:  “It is an emergency order.  I would suggest you move before your next residence is behind bars.  They gave a 30-day notice to vacate.  You now only have 9 days left.”

Me:  “Are there any exceptions?”

Man:  “Only if your family is considered essential.  Even then, you would live in the urban zones.”

Me:  “Where are we to go?”

Man:  “You have few options.  Sorry you didn’t get the memo sooner.  You are one of the last ones out this way.”

Me:  “So, do you only work at night?”

Man:  “All of us do.  It is less messy.  There are less questions.”

I then turned back to our property and noticed the water line that had receded.  I then noticed a massive water truck.

Me:  “Hey, wait a minute.  That wasn’t a natural downpour.  You tried to flood our home on purpose, didn’t you?”

Man:  Laughing.  “It is time for you to go now.  The war is here and it is global.  You can do nothing to fight it.  You have no power.”

Instead of replying, I walked away.  It was daytime and all was clear again.  All the evil workers were gone.  We went out together and prayed for God to heal and restore the land.  At 11:45am, an angel of the Lord came to our door and knocked.

Angel:  “God will be deconstructing the area for the next four hours or so.  No matter how loud or strange it seems, remain indoors.  Darkness will fall whereby no man can see as God works.  Do not fear as God is with you.”

We all cheered!  We then heard a rumble like thunder.  We saw what looked like a scroll on the horizon.  While it looked somewhat like a derecho (a massive dust storm), it was instead a wall of sheer blackness.  After only a couple of minutes, we could not see anything outside.  It was void.  We heard so many sounds.  We were terrified at the immense power of God.  At one point, we felt our home lift off its foundation and turn.

For four hours, we huddled together.  Then when the clock struck 4:00pm, we saw the sun appear again as a faded light.  We then saw the sun appear as a faded light through black.  It became brighter and brighter in series of red shades.  Then the light returned.  We went outside.  God had restored everything, including our neighbors’ properties.  Our home had been lifted up and now sat higher.

The hillside was covered with trees again.  Our road was now paved.  All the landscaping had matured.  We drove up the hill and our neighbors were back.  Their homes were repaired.  The farmers were also back.  God removed the insane laws that were plaguing the farmers with unfair and punishing rules.  We went home and turned on the news channel…

Newscaster:  “It appears some anti-environmentalists with pro-population growth views had hired aliens to take back power.  The global leaders have declared war.  The power grids will be shut down at 6:00pm tonight and left off indefinitely by order of the United Global Initiative.”

We then heard a knock on our door.  It was an angel of the Lord.

Angel:  “Do not worry.  God will provide power for you.  Do not be afraid.  Tell your neighbors.”

We did as the angel had instructed.  That evening at 6:00pm, the power was cut off to the people.  However, God provided light and power to cook and heat our homes.  We went to watch the news again the next morning.

Newscaster:  “Food will now be removed and well water will be made undrinkable.  This will all happen at 6:00pm tonight.”

At 6:00pm, a chemical truck came to pump chemicals into the water table below to destroy it.  However, the Lord purified the water, making it even better than before.  We then went back to watch the news the following morning.

Newscaster:  “While you slept last night, all suppliers and farmers were forbidden to supply food to the residents in the rural areas.”

We looked around the house.  The pantry was fully stocked with the best food, produce, meat and breads.  We asked the neighbors and they said the same had happened at their households.  The government had been foiled, but they were unaware of it yet.

The government waited seven days for people to surrender in starvation from bad water and no food.  What happened was the opposite.  The government became furious when they discovered that God had frustrated their evil plans.  The government then decided to forcibly seize their properties and their money.  They announced at 6:00pm that the government would seize their holdings.  An angel knocked on our door.

Angel:  “God is angry.  He will send illness upon each government house, including their leaders, associates, lawmakers and judges.  They will have painful wounds and open sores until they relent.  God will bring darkness over their houses and senates, their capitals and palaces.”

At 12 noon the next day, darkness fell over these designated areas.  The officials screamed out in pain from their wounds and yelled in fear of the darkness.  The angel then appeared to them.

Angel:  To the corrupt leaders.  “Stop what you are doing or God will remove you.”

Despite the warning, they did not stop.  God healed the people and showed them the truth.  When the people saw this, they overthrew the crooked government and the land received peace.  It did not go well for the government officials.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Sub-Dream 3 “A Black Storm vs An Airplane” begins…

Several people were boarding an airplane.  The engines were on and the door had been shut.  As people sat there, darkness rolled in quickly.  It was a storm so dark that planes could not fly.

Pilot:  Over the intercom.  “I am so sorry, folks, but this storm is unlike any that I have ever seen before.  Our entire fleet is grounded until it passes.  Our instrument panels cannot fly us through this kind of storm.”

There was moaning as the engines were turned off.  The cabin door then opened.  The pilot came back on the intercom.

Pilot:  “Please hurry to the exit and take your belongings with you quickly.”

The massive dark thick cloud had loud claps of thunder and bolts of lightning.  It was as black out as anyone had ever seen.  It was scary and people were confused as to what had just happened.

Sub-Dream 3 over…

The Lord has placed a portion of the story of Jonah upon my heart.  I am certain it is not as often discussed as the book of Jonah is mostly known for Jonah being in the dark belly of the whale / fish for three days.  I am instead going to focus on Jonah’s love for the shade plant (starting in Jonah 4).  This is my rendition and is not meant to be a word for word replication…

“Now the Lord God appointed a plant and made it come up over Jonah that it might be a shade over his head to save him from his discomfort.  Jonah was exceedingly glad because of this plant.  Still, Jonah did not have a change of heart.  While he was glad for the plant to shade him, he was still bitter and angry at the Lord.  God, at dawn the next day, appointed a worm that attacked the plant, so it withered.

When the sun rose, God appointed a scorching east wind and the sun beat down on the head of Jonah so that he was faint.  And he asked that he might die and said ‘it is better for me to die than to live.’  But God said to Jonah ‘Do you do well to be angry for the plant?’  Jonah replied ‘Yes, I do well to be angry, angry enough to die.’

The Lord then said ‘You pity the plant, for which you did not labor, nor did you make it grow.  Instead, it came into being in a night and perished in a night.  And should not I pity Nineveh, that great city, in which there are more than 120,000 persons, who do not know their right hand from their left and also much cattle?’”

This was quite the message.  The power of God is incredible, as is His Great Mercy.

Now, since yesterday’s Word (Dream 621), I have been concerned and have desired revelation on the upcoming Three Days of Darkness as discussed.  The Lord then led me back to a little book from 1907.  It outlined an actual event that occurred on May 19, 1780.  This is a little-known document on how darkness covered most of the eastern seaboard of the USA.  There are also other sources documenting this event.

Yes, this darkness really happened.  Many thought the day of judgment had come.  It brought great dismay to both humans and animals.  All the people dropped their secular pursuits and dropped to their knees before God.  The darkness began between the hours of 10am and 11am on a Friday morning.  It continued until the middle of the following night.  According to witnesses, you couldn’t read anything without a candle.

Rev. Elam Potter:  “But especially I mention the wonderful darkness on the 19th of May 1780.  Then, as in our text, the sun was darkened, such a darkness as was probably ever known before since the crucifixion of our Lord.  People left their work in the house and in the field.  Travelers stopped.  Schools broke up at 11am.  People lighted candles at noonday.”

Then there was the case of the Connecticut legislature being in session when this darkness came.  While a motion to adjourn was made, Mr. Davenport arose and said…

“Mr. Speaker, it is either the day of judgment or it is not.  If it is not, there is no need for adjournment.  If it is, I desire to be found doing my duty under God.  I move for candles to be brought in and we proceed to business.”

Records show the Connecticut house of representatives were adjourned for 3 hours (11am to 2pm) to check on their households.  However, even with the darkness, they reassembled at 2pm as per Mr. Davenport’s wishes.

At 8pm in the evening, the darkness was so thick that travelling was impossible.  The moon rose nearly full at 9pm, but gave no light to distinguish between the Heavens and the Earth.  The next evening, though the moon was full, also gave no light – May 20, 1780.  Mr. Tenney, in Stone’s history of Beverly Massachusetts, quoted by Mr. Gauge of the Historical Society, wrote this…

“The darkness of the following evening or night was probably as gross as it has ever been observed since the Almighty gave birth to light.  A sheet of white paper held within a few inches of the eyes was equally invisible than the blackest of velvets.”

He then spoke historically on this account…

“The latter part of the second night into the third day – following the dark days – about midnight, the darkness dispersed and the moon and the stars appeared with unimpaired brilliance.”

Milo Beswick:  “My father and mother, who were pious, thought the day of judgment was near.  They had stayed up all night and told us the darkness had all disappeared, but that the moon was full and had the appearance of blood.”

As recorded today:  “There was never any known cause of this event – no volcanoes, no phenomena – which could cause such an event.  The modern-day explanation claims it was a fire.  However, not one account spoke of smelling smoke anywhere.  The darkness was so thick that, if it had been smoke, then people would have died.”

Father, please help me to understand why You have placed all of this upon my heart.  I am so troubled at the way the world is now and how drastically things have changed in a very short period of time.  Would people even think to turn to You, Father?  I know that our family would within a few minutes… well, seconds really.

Father, it has been 2000 years since You walked the Earth physically.  You are so wise and Your ways so much higher than ours.  Our country, really countries and nations, have turned away from You and diminished Your Holy Name.

Me:  “Oh Lord, they have tried to make you seem like a hateful non-caring myth.  Anytime we see the headline of ‘climate change’, we know that it really means the war on God and Your people.  Oh Father, may Your Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  We love You!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “I am here.  I am with you.  Erin, I know you are disappointed when dates come and go, but do not be.  I am over all things.  Now, you have questions about what is to occur.  I can grant you something to consider.  The history in My Word foretells events and keeps records of history.  The prophets tell of things to come as given by divine revelation, dreams and visions.

“My Word was partially fulfilled when I was born of a virgin and raised up as a man to walk the Earth and testify that I was there to fulfill the Words of the prophets and set the captives free from sin.  I also came to proclaim that I carried the keys to death and hell and Satan could not keep Me as I had risen from the snares of death and rose again.

“However, and more than this, I prepared a place for those who love Me, a place so wonderful that nothing is like this as you have seen.  To mark a sign is to evidence it in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  As I have explained, what has been will be again and what has been done will be done again.  Erin, there is nothing new under the sun.

“But what am I referencing?  Because I can do a new thing, who can conceive it?  Now it springs forth (Isaiah 43:18-19).  Instead, remember this… the enemy and his armies originated rom Heaven, but they fell.  God gave certain parameters and conditions for them here on Earth.  The enemy lost all his abilities to do anything new and innovative on Earth as in Heaven because God’s inspiration and favor was removed from him.

“Those who fell taught man the knowledge they already had carried with them from Heaven.  However, because they were no longer of Heaven, they taught in bitterness and great hate for man.  So, you see throughout history that evil and the patterns, the way of the course of evil, is wide, welcoming and takes the same route, all leading to darkness.  Concerning evil, there is nothing new.  All they are able to do is done by God’s timing and My Authority.”

Me:  “Well, Lord, since You are God over all things, won’t You please do a new thing today?  Oh please, Lord, we are just so excited about Your Great Plans.”

Jesus:  “Yes, I have Great Plans.  All is for My Glory.  I see what the enemy is doing and his plans are lofty.  However, I am God over all the Earth and My Glory will be as light breaking through the darkness.”

Me:  “Lord, I am reminded of the three choices You gave David (2 Samuel 24:12-13).  It seems like we are currently under all three.”

Jesus:  “Look, Erin, the enemy is brazen.  He has shown you who he is and it has been foretold in My Word where he comes from, what he does and where he is going.  He knows this, so he mocks God.  He paints portraits of himself.  He quotes Scriptures.  He begins wars.  He causes strife.

“He is arrogant and boastful and uses My Words as his own.  So many are deceived.  However, remove light and even the animals and the birds of the air know God is testing all of the Earth.  The enemy is going to call whatever I do, whatever storm I appoint, ‘Climate Change’.  Well, for once, he speaks truth.  I am changing the current climate to expose evil.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please Transform us!  Heal us and fill us with Your Living Water!”

Jesus:  “I am here.  Do not worry.  I am about to do something in your days you would not believe even if you were told.  Now rejoice, Erin.  Remember what I have promised.  When the disciples asked Me how to pray, I told them.  This has not changed.  On Earth as it is in Heaven.  What does this mean?”

Me:  “No evil near us.  We are healed and strengthened.  We are set free from the enemy’s grips.  Our debts are paid.  We are subject only to You.  We can breathe.  Because You are in us.  We can display mighty deeds.  You can heal through us… grow limbs, blind eyes to see, things lost will be found and raise the dead.  You are so amazing in all You do!”

Jesus:  “Then continue on your course knowing that all of this will be visible on Earth.”

Dream over…

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