Dream 623 – God’s Great Plan for His Remnant

Received on Sunday, July 24, 2022


Dear Father,

You are wonderful, amazing, brilliant and beyond all descriptive words.  You are strong and mighty.  You are over the air, the water and the land.  We are here because You have allowed us to live and breathe for and by Your honor.  We have done absolutely nothing to come into being here.  We are not our own creators.  We are guests here for Your delight and pleasure.  You determine a man’s days.  You even map his way.

All You do in our lives from the beginning to the end is created by You.  I look around us though and everywhere now the world is filled with unruly guests at Your party.  They are treading on Your land and treating Your Holy Word with no regards.  They are trampling on Your great deeds.  You are our one true Father, our Creator and Giver of Great Gifts.  Even so, You are no longer revered for it.

All over the world, other religions have decided to break apart Your omnipresence by piecing You up into idols of clay and metal.  Some even overlay these in gold and set them in precious stones.  They worship statues.  Still, You remind me by Your Word in Haggai 2:8: ‘The silver is Mine and the gold is Mine’ (declares the Lord almighty).  See, You created even the materials used in the making of false idols.

It is all Yours, all of it.  Father, one thing is certain… we do nothing on our own without You.  Not one step, not one breath, not one beat of our hearts, is beyond Your plans.  You even came down here as a baby, then a child, and lived amongst us so You could instruct us, witness to us and show Your love for us.  What is amazing about You is that You created us even though You knew we would rebel against You.

You created a new way.  You left us with the free gift of salvation.  If we accept this, we then receive the most incredible technological advancement, one far beyond any on the Earth… the Holy Spirit, Your Divine Communique Device in us.  For over 2000 years, You have been preparing our Eternal Home with You.  Heaven is a place full of life, color and abundance.  It is a place of pure air, pure water and the very best of foods.

More than this, it is a place of being in wonder of all that is You.  This is the place that You roam amongst us freely.  You walk with us and delight in us.  You are so glad to see each of us.  We are overcome there by Your Great Goodness.  In fact, we are so fulfilled with Heaven and its completeness, we cannot even imagine it.

Think of it this way… God knows us from the time He called us into being in our mother’s womb.  He knew everything we would find delightful.  He knows all of the textures and colors you love.  He offers perfect safety and peace.  God remembers every little thing we love, each one, each delightful moment.  He knows which stuffed animals to put on our children’s hearts that will be the ones that will delight them.

Father, You care about things that brings us joy.  You care about our place for eternity with You.  This will be made up of things both small and great to delight our hearts.  All will be reconciled in Heaven.  There will be unity, not animosity, between brethren.  All questions of relevance will be answered in God’s perfect timing.  All that was lost will be found.  All mysteries will be solved.

Yet in the brilliance of You, You can create new ways, new mysteries to uncover and new exciting adventures.  Just think of the most perfect day in your life that you can recall.  Then multiply this many fold.  This will be your worst day in Heaven.  That is how awesome being in His presence will be.  The blindfolds will be taken off and we will see Him in His true glory!  Oh, what a day this will be!

How many wonderful moments have we had with those we love that we wish we could have somehow preserved?  How can these be recreated on Earth after loved ones have passed away?  Parents, a child, a sibling or a best friend.  A grandmother or a grandfather.  A cherished pet.  When life is removed here on Earth, deep heart pain replaces our loss.

While the nearness of that person is slowly removed year after year, the etched memory that is the essence of that person is forever with us.  This remains with us until we are finally reunited with them again in Heaven.  God cares about every detail.  God loves us.  He is God and He is our God.  You are also the God of miracles.  Lord, You gave us a miracle on Monday night heading into Tuesday morning (July 18-19, 2022).

My daughter injured her foot during a young adults sporting event on Monday night.  There were a couple of paramedics participating in the event and they looked over her foot.  When we arrived to pick her up as she could no longer drive with the injury, one of the paramedics pointed out a protruding bone indicating her ankle had broken.  While the ER was too packed on Monday night, we went to a different ER first thing Tuesday.

When driving into the ER, the bone was still protruding.  We prayed over the broken bone and trusted God as she was wheeled away in a wheelchair.  While I remained close by and to our amazement, the doctor came back with a positive prognosis.  The protruding bone was no longer protruding.  It had been healed and the X-Rays they had taken proved it.  It was an incredible miracle.

No, this was a breath-taking, awe-inspiring miracle straight from the Lord who created us.  Instead of a broken ankle taking several weeks to heal, it was a sprain expected to only take a couple of weeks or so to heal.  This was an unexpected victory worthy of our praises to Him who heals.  I then had a couple of dreams that were bittersweet…

Sub-Dream 1 “Skyrocketing Food Prices” begins…

I was with my family at a local restaurant.  I was excited as this place serves barbeque beef ribs.  When we sat down, the waitress told us that the menu had to be updated to reflect the changes in prices and availability.  We were in shock to see that the ribs were now $75 with no sides.  While I don’t know the chef in real life, I did in this dream, so I walked over to the area where he was cooking.

Me:  “Hey, what is going on?”

Chef:  “Hey, Erin, great to see you.  I just want you to know that what is on the menu will be the last we have.  If you want to have one last rack, you will need to pay.  My cost on the meat alone is $65.  Add the labor and the sauce and $75 is actually reasonable.”

Me:  “How are you even making money with such slim margins?”

Chef:  “We still have some margins on our sides.  Hey, between you and me… there will not even be a business here in four weeks.  Who knows… perhaps we will turn into a breakfast place and serve eggs!  The cost of bacon and sausage will be too high to have on the menu though.  Even the eggs are now $1 apiece.  While I am not sure about this, we have been told that eggs are set to skyrocket in price to $5 apiece.”

Me:  “Why is this happening?”

Chef:  “They are killing off all livestock.  Whatever you order tonight will likely be the last of it.  Look, don’t worry… I will hook you up with some great ribs tonight.”

I smiled and gave him a thumb’s up.  I then walked back to our table.  I whispered the bad news to my husband.

Me:  “Well, this will be our last beef meal, so I suggest we enjoy it.  Eggs will soon be $60 for a dozen.  This is almost an entire day’s wages if you are making minimum wage.  The struggling won’t survive.”

Sub-Dream 1 over…

Sub-Dream 2 “Weaponizing DNA for Mass Destruction” begins…

I was forced to take a PCR Molecular Covid Test in order to travel into town.  I showed no symptoms.  I phoned my doctor’s office.  The Practitioner Nurse Assistant answered.

Nurse:  “Erin, there were some problems with the results of your previous DNA test.  Can I phone you back in about five minutes?”

Me:  “No problem.”

Around five minutes later, the phone rang.  I looked and it was the nurse calling.

Me:  “Hello, Erin speaking.”

Nurse:  “Erin, this is completely off the record.  The Chinese own the lab and are harvesting DNA.  The initial virus was sent to force a mass harvest of DNA collection to form weapons and remove whole populations of people they see as inferior.”

Me:  “Who are they targeting?”

Nurse:  “While we don’t know everything, we do know that the vaccines are meant to sterilize boys, men and young women.  We have the data proving this.  Despite this empirical proof, there is no outrage as this fits in with the globalists’ agenda of world-wide population reduction.  Quite simply, they have no opposition.”

Me:  “Is there anything we can do to stop them?”

Nurse:  “Well, you and your children are fortunate.  For some reason, your DNA cannot be harvested.  They cannot retrieve accurate data to weaponize against you.  While small in number, there are a few others just like you.”

Me:  “What will happen to us?”

Nurse:  “We don’t know.”

Me:  “Well, God won’t allow this to continue.”

Nurse:  “Well, your God has allowed all of this so far.  Is there no end?”

Me:  “Yes, there is an end…”

While I knew our conversation was continuing, the dream faded away as we spoke.

Sub-Dream 2 over…

Me:  “Father, please help us.  There must be a Great Harvest soon, the Harvest of Miracles.  Please don’t forget us!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, I am here and I am with you.  Do not worry.  Remember that I know the plans of the wicked and there are many.  There is a great war unlike anything the world has ever seen before.  Please understand that the war is against Me.  If only their hearts would be rendered back to Me, I would then turn and heal the land.  However, the leaders over the nations are wicked.  They are your enemies and they lay in wait for great opportunities.  Now, why would a leader want all the people gathered into cities instead of spread throughout the lands?”

Me:  “So that we are easier to control?”

Jesus:  “Yes.  This is meant for harm as people can then be easily cut off from the world.  When people are spread out, there is a threat of retaliation and a threat of defending their properties.  When they are pulled into the cities instead, they will disarm them.  They can then control them using food, water and other necessities.  Even so, their plans are even broader than this.  Their true wish is for the widescale torturous dehumanization of entire populations.”

Me:  “Lord, they will eliminate by any means anyone standing in their desired way to invade full territories.”

Jesus:  “All you must do is look at a global map and their movements.  Which countries are purchasing whole properties?  Which governments are allowing this and why?  They have been given a guarantee of money and family security to whoever gives them what they need in order to rob, kill and destroy anyone and anything standing in the way of their invasion.

“The leaders are given the choice of death or riches, but no choice on whether they comply or not.  They must comply ‘or else’.  Faced with this, the leaders sell out their countries in return for their promises.  However, many don’t understand that, when their usefulness is finished, so are their lives.  This will not go well for them in the long-term no matter the scenario.”

Me:  “What will then happen?”

Jesus:  “Well, let us use Africa as an example.  The enemy is experimenting with plagues there.  He has no regard for those whose skin is darker.  They are as a laboratory rodent to them and they stand in the way of valuable resources.  After they have collected enough samples, they will form weapons and kill off all humans whose genetics they do not find beneficial to their own or are inferior.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please stop this.  This is genocide.”

Jesus:  “While they have sent weapons of mass destruction against My Creation, their plans will be turned around.”

Me:  “Oh Lord, please don’t allow things to get too bad.”

Jesus:  “Now, tell Me what I have shown you.”

Me:  “Your prophets from around the world are now preparing for miraculous events.  Some believe that the people must stand against and chase down the wicked.  However, they are not fully understanding the magnitude of Your Remnant Army or the timing of Your Great Move…

  • At first, You will spring forth and well up in us, filling us with Living Water from Heaven. Our Vessels will be filled from the River of Life in Heaven.
  • Then, in a mighty move of Your Power and Spirit, You will heal us on high, on Earth as we are in Heaven.
  • While we will not be as angels, angels will also be visible.
  • The enemy will be terrified at Your presence.
  • The presence of the Courts of Heaven will also be in operation.
  • The wicked will flee because they will not want to confess to their lies, lies that swayed the nations to evil and lead the innocent into great despair.
  • Children will be healed and their parents found and healed.
  • Confusion will be removed and the solid foundation of who we were born to be under Heaven will be visible. No one will be able to dispute this.
  • Evidence will be gathered and the wicked will be forced to confess publicly.
  • All over the world, the nations will be healed and wanderers returned to the place of their birth.
  • Invaders will flee as their intentions will be exposed.
  • Criminals will read out and confess to all records of their criminal behavior.
  • The wicked will be returned to their places, their birth lands, and they will hide in caves and move in darkness. They will live in great fear of God’s judgment and will avoid the presence of the Remnant of God at all costs.
  • Those who took bribes and purchased their positions by corruption and false testimonies will be forced to confess and pay retribution.
  • At this, the victim of these crimes will receive back the equivalent of the estate of the wicked and all the money they amassed and the wicked will experience a public settlement.
  • The wicked who confess prior to God administering justice and voluntarily make restitution will state their admission publicly and turn to God for mercy. They will then be granted peace, but only after great humility.
  • They will then publicly confess to the greatness of God.
  • The cities and lands destroyed or properties seized will all be returned.
  • Cities will be built back and restored.
  • Churches will be open and great miracles, singing of praise to God and divine healing will spread throughout the nations.

Jesus:  “Very good, Erin.  However, there is also something you are unsure of, something that will be fully revealed, but only at the appropriate time.”

Me:  ““Yes.  I am not sure if our great healing occurs before, during or after the great shakings, storms and other events that signal to Your glorious power.  Some I know (including my husband) believe that we are healed and taken to a safe place just before, perhaps even just seconds before, these great shakings start to occur.  I am also unsure of just how ‘great’ the magnitude of these ‘great’ shakings will be.”

Jesus:  “Yes, these mysteries will soon unfold.  There is much more to this as well.  There is a great lead in to when the wicked confess and flee.  Think of this when you were a child when forced to confess to something wrong.  What did you do?”

Me:  “I was scared of my dad.  He was big.  When he was angry, he had crazy eyes.  I knew when I would get a spanking and I ran for cover.  However, he would find me and spank me in front of everyone.  I know some people stand and voluntarily admit to what they did, but I didn’t.  I am sorry to admit that I would blurt out my confession and then run and hide from my dad.  I guess one could say that the guilty flee.”

Jesus:  “I think you would stand now.”

Me:  “Yes, but it would be scary.  Lord, please strengthen all of us.  I am sick in my heart.  My children are tired of me saying ‘soon’ and I worry that they will give up.  I always have to put on a brave face because I know You will do all You promise.  Every day seems like a good day.  In the meantime, we need Your help.  Lord, all of Your people are facing great troubles.  We need You.”

Jesus:  “I know that this is difficult on the youth.  They struggle now with their futures based on the plans of the wicked.  Your country was sold out and, as it has been with all great nations who have fallen away, their borders and walls are breached and leaders allow this as a matter of a greater extremely evil plan.

“Many of those wo have invaded the border have been strategically placed all around the areas where the government has opposition.  The invaders’ job will then be to remove all those opposed to the current government.  Another country sent trojan horses containing weapons lethal enough to kill the population without destruction of properties.  Their plans are to invade from all directions.

“Any opposition will come under fire by an army of what looks like locusts.  However, these instead are machines and weapons of war.  They have the capability to remove whole armies in seconds and air this so that the rest of the nations turn and surrender.  In Israel, the same scenario will unfold from nine of her greatest enemies and no one will stop this… no one but God!”

Me:  “Oh Lord, this is very scary!  When?”

Jesus:  “Very soon.  Now, you have prepared your Vessel.  You have readied your house.  You are greatly loved by Me.  However, you are becoming a bit impatient.”

Me:  “True, Lord, I am.  I can’t imagine a $5 egg or the end of beef.”

Jesus:  “The war is here and unlike any war before it.  They are using things that men cannot see, but they can feel the effects of… plagues and diseases.  They have secretly purchased good land and long to control all means to live and survive.”

Me:  “This must include all electricity, food, water and medicine.”

Jesus:  “Their plans are extremely lofty and evil.  However, I will turn all of this back upon them.  Their own plague.  Their own famine.  Their own bat-infested cave.  It will not go well for them.  All those who mocked God will be mocked.  All those who declare themselves leader over all nations will not have one in the end.  It will not go well.

“Now, there is one other who sits in wait and will remain silent.  He is a great deceiver.  He will soon rise and speak against the Kingdom of God and declare himself the savior.  This is because he will have the history of God’s Courts and knowledge of the things of Heaven.  Using smooth speech, he will say great blasphemies against God and His people.  He will wage war with great knowledge and speak truth sprinkled in a platform of lies.  Many will believe him.

“After My Bride is removed, many will fall into great deception.  Pray, Erin, as this will be times unlike any in history.  However, I also want you to take heart as I have overcome the world.  I reign, not the deceiver, not the invaders, not the cave dwellers, not the fallen and not the great planner of climate emergencies.  There is only one God and I am He.  I am who I say I am and I reign.  Now rejoice as I have already overcome.  Do not worry though you do.”

Me:  “I love You, Lord.  I am so sorry that I still worry at times.”

Jesus:  “I love you, Erin.  You are forgiven.  Do not worry as I will cover you and take care of you.  The enemy will not prevail against you.”

Dream over…

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