Dream 624 – The Pharisees will hate these Dreams

Received on Monday, July 25, 2022


Dear Father,

Bless You!  You are kind and amazing, abundant in love and mercy.  Who is like You, Father?  You are gracious, compassionate, slow to anger and patient above all else.  I love You, Father.  I give my life to You and I pray I make You proud.  I long to live for You in all that I do.  You are my Best Friend.

Me:  “Today when I was doing my morning chores, I was stressed about someone from my past who I now cross paths with again.  Father, I need to hear from You!”

Jesus:  “Erin, come up!”

He once again spoke to me while I sat in my devotional chair.  His Voice was very clear.

Jesus:  “Erin, the person you are stressed about has only heard one side all these years and there were others who added fuel to the fire.  They have no interest in truth.  One of your old friends has researched you and found the dreams.  She turned on you and shared this with others.  She is a writer and feels called by God to expose the errors of others.  However, I didn’t call her to do this.

“She will one day apologize, as will others.  They will seek you to correct their wrongs against you.  Wisdom is proved right by your actions.  Those I have called you to, many Christians, will hate you with extreme hate.  This is because they will prefer to see you as a false teacher.  However, I did not call you Rabbi or teacher.  I did not call you to minister to them.

“In the beginning of these dreams, if you had listened to the unwise council of Christians on what they expected of you, you would then have lived under their self-righteous condemnation.  This would have been a prison sentence  They would have believed you unfit to parent, marry or even attend any leadership group.  As it was, these were the same people who had nothing to do with you for many years.

“This won’t improve anytime soon as your relationship with Me will continue to be controversial.  Why is this?  It is because you rely 100% on Me for your understanding.  Over the course of many years of trials, you have proved yourself to Me.  You have shown that you will not bend an ear to the proud or the haughty.  They have no understanding and certainly no relationship with Me.

“In jealousy, they say ‘Jesus would never do that.  Jesus would never speak like that to anyone.’  Really?  Well, I am the Living God, the God of all Creation, the God who determines a man’s days.  I spoke to countless people in the Bible.  Some of them were holy and others were considered unholy.  I sent angels to represent the armies of Heaven.  I displayed miracles.

“I chose David, an unassuming shepherd boy, and raised him up to be king.  The very Word of God, My Word, is My history and is evidence and proof of God’s work in the world.  It also proves that I have a personal relationship with My Creation.  I am not constrained by anyone.  Where is it then written that I would never choose you?  You went through the great affliction and great humiliation to remain steadfast after Me.

“Do I not reward those who go through the refiner’s fire and still seek me with their whole heart?  So, Erin, let Me be God over them.  I am convinced that, even if I appeared before them directly, they might not even recognize Me.  As a result, they are not given more.  This is because they can be trusted with very little.  As for you, because you have done well with very little, I can now trust you with much.

“One other point… when My Words, My History, was written by scribes, I want you to understand how difficult writing was.  Papyrus was difficult to obtain, as was ink and quill.  It took much longer to write.  As a result, less was written.  As for today, paper is readily available, as is ink inside of your pen.  This is good as I have had much to say and you have had much to write.  You have been My Scribe.

“Now, these are difficult times.  This is a time of great hypocrisy in the church.  Where are they at in their journals as they scribe?  I give them one word and they run with it.  They expand upon it and brag to their friends.  As for you, you often write as much as 30 journal pages, all in ink and all without scratch outs.  This will cause outrage.  They will then say something like…

Christian Pharisee:  “Wait, I am a superior educated Christian Scholar.  If it didn’t happen to me, it would be impossible for someone like her to be chosen.  I am the perfect choice for God, someone who lets my words be few.  How can this woman of low position, a former sinner, divorced and stained, be used by God?  Not possible.  God would never choose such a woman.  All of this must be written by demons.”

“So, Erin, these will not be your friends.  They find you detestable.  I have declared you Mine.  Let them have one word while I grant you a million.  Rejoice!”

Me:  “Lord, my arms and hands are in great pain.  Could You heal me soon?  My sleep is broken and I hurt so much.  My left hand is losing grip.  I drop things a lot.  Everything is becoming more difficult.”

Jesus:  “There is a reason I have allowed this right now.  You will understand why very soon.  Remember that it is often through great physical trials when I can be found by you.  It is also through your difficulties in which I create a new landscape and new opportunities.  This is Me delivering you from the fowler’s snare.  Snares are allowed by Me or appointed by Me for various reasons.

“Sometimes it is to stop a direction you are going in and, through no ability by you to deliver or cure yourself, you then had no choice but to allow this snare, a snare that allowed Me to appoint you to another land.  The enemy thought he finally had destroyed your life.  I instead delivered you far away where the enemy couldn’t hurt your family.

“You did nothing on your own to deliver yourself.  Neither did your family or friends.  It was I who delivered you.  I also made it uncomfortable for you where you were so that it would be very clear to you that you had no option to stay where you were.  You, your children and even your pets were all under attack.

“Now, I realize it has been over eight years since your accident and you now long to be healed.  However, there is still an order of business left, so allow Me to go before you here.  Erin, you live your life for Me.  You love Me and I delight in you.  You look for Me throughout your days.  You pray for miracles and dreams while you sleep.

“You pray for your husband and your children.  You pray for your friends and their children.  You pray that I would cover them and keep them from the snares the enemy sets for each of them.  However, you are not to worry as I will deliver you safely from all of this.  You will delight in the places I will be taking you.  I will honor you and your husband’s fasts by giving great blessings to both you and your husband.

“I know you worry, but please do not.  I have such great things planned for those who love Me.  Although the enemy seems to be winning, rest assuredly it is only because reports favor evil and reporters enjoy bad news.  However, there is good news and soon the news will be very good.  You, your family and your Nest friends must continue to prepare their fields and keep their heart upon Me.

“They must not allow the enemy to gain a foothold.  They must run a good race.  This means being ‘all-in’ and continuing to build upon their strengths.  They must continue to work on their strengths and confidence.  They are not to fold and weaken, but instead remain warriors.  Give all your cares to Me.

“Continue on your course even though you are scared at times.  Remember that I am the one who goes before you and works through you in all you do.  It is I who guides your pen in the way you should go.  You are greatly loved, Erin.”

Dream over…

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